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RoidsMall.To Review

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Is Reliable? is an online steroids store that contains a large catalogue of anabolic steroids for sale and other muscle building related products manufactured by various European and Asian pharmaceutical companies. Through years of activity the company proved to be a trustworthy source on steroids market and nowadays it continues to offer high quality, potent and legit steroids for bodybuilding and athletes’ community.

The large anabolics online catalogue offered by contains products of high quality. This is due to the facts that company already has chosen the best steroids providers on the market. Without taking any chance by working with new and inexperienced drugs manufacturers, managed to establish a constant, reliable range of legit steroids, appreciated by bodybuilders worldwide.

Another assets of this online anabolic store is the establishment of a secure and quality delivery process. By learning from past mistakes and inconveniences that emerged through the time, nowadays managed to establish a good and trustworthy shipping and delivery procedure to the US territory.

There is no doubt that is legit supplier of famous manufacturers like Kalpa, Balkan, Dragon Phrama and many more. This fact can be easily checked on manufacturer’s official pages. The cooperation between and these manufacturers have a long history and the ties are established based on a professional and healthy business approach.

RoidsMaLL Reviews by Customers

Good products, proper shipping and nice packaging. Communication and support are also top notch. I’ve always been responded to within 1phours. This store has always worked with me in a friendly manner, and been not been lazy in letting me know that the money have been collected or package has been shipped.
This store was recommended to me by a member of my gym and this was my first time using these guys. Actually I’m glad I did it. I ordered on a Friday and sent payment that evening and my order was shipped in a record amount of time (at least according to my previous experiences). Products were also kick-ass! I definitely recommend ordering here!
I ordered test prop from Kalpa and Dbol from Dragon pharma. Both products are on fire. Super strength and amazing intensity at workouts. Severe acne and oily skin, aggression was also there, as it should be with genuine roids. Both products were powerful and strong and the shipping was ok as well.

150 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. Please contact me soon as possible.i am jay i want test Cypionate 250 fast an only if its 100% pure

  2. I bought in total 2 vials of EQ 500 dragon pharma, an eternuss vial of test 450 and 2 box of free anadroxyl.

    The testosterone eternuss is good because give me great libido and energy, plus logically strenght and energy. I judged the total stack that I used and not the single product, it is quite impossible.

  3. 3d time using Roidsmall as a source and as usual service was excellent. I am in the EU but not the US. Orders received in a matter of days. I have finished the cycle that I bought that this review relates to. I am not going to review the gear here as this is a supplier review. I bought 3X 10ml Vials of Test E

    D/Bol tabs


    Arimidex, Tamoxifen. I had other items for my cycle already. I am very happy with URoidsmall.

    The easy of dealing with them, their communication, their prices and packaging and shipping were all without fault imo. I made one main order and one follow up small order and there was no complaining from Roidsmall about my small order – thats not the case with other sources who run minimum orders. Roidsmall prices are also excellent imo. Overall I am very happy with this source and with their service all around. Highly recommended.

    Packaging was very effective and completely discreet

    HCG was excellent. D/Bol was excellent. I have written a different review of the Test E – any issue there is not imo the fault of Roidsmnall and has no place here.

  4. i ordered test e, sus , deca few hundret dbols it all looks legit

    and got it for a good price too

    packed very descretley for geting into aus and geting past the customs who are very strict

    i am geting extream back pumps from the dbols i have blown up a massive amount

    and i am geting the usal results from the test and deca

    my strength is going up very fast

    i have put 6 kg on so far

  5. Very good source for pharma grade Primobolan for female use. Its not easy to find good womens gear these days.

    5x Balkan Primobolan Depot and some T3 of kalpa pharma

    Good quality, like to run primo next to anavar (is from other source) at a low amount of 25mg a week an then bump it up every couple of weeks got some good gains will add a profile picture shortly so you can see my bicep or my back Results where good, with clean diet i did get dryer look and more deffenition. Good steady gains. T3 i just used at a low dose, just to speed up my metabolism and keep the fat away.

    My Bf likes to skip to different sources for promo`s or when he reads some bad stuff on boards about a brand he usses. But for a female its not that easy, anavar is often winstrol and primo is EQ. This is not so bad for male users but women get realy bad side from this. I had this couple of times and gladly my voice did go back to normal when i stoped using that gear. Nowdays i only use pharma grade or a lab tested ug. So my advice to women gear users, do your homework or else you get in trouble! This source got female friendly gear, you never go wrong with pharma grade gear, Reliable fast delivery, and trustworthy source

  6. This review is long overdue. I made a order from roidsmall:

    Test propianate, masteron propianate

    Masteron really hardened me up during my prep. Had currently been using another brand of propianate and felt no drop in performance when I switched to Kalpa.

  7. I have been using roidsmall for a while now and have had a lot of help from these boys and have helped me over the year with my cycles.

    As a mma fighter I wanted something that would put lean mass on me but no waters, I was advised about the KP var & as I love var I took the leap of faith & ordered them with some KP clen which I ain’t seen before anywhere else.

    Always brilliant at messaging and gives the best advice possible

    Packaging is always double wrapped and delivery took 3 days to Dublin so pretty fast

    Quality was excellent but some nice gains on with the var was running 100mg for 6 weeks and Kalpa clen was to foooooking strong just about got to 80mcg but was shaking like junkie but had to keep dropping back to 40mcg.

    Very good quake products and will always be my source

  8. Against my better judgement I’m guna write a review. I don’t want RMALL to get overrun like some other top sources and turn into a circus. But id like to be fair and say af is the best source I’ve found. I got kalpa dbol and that shit is f’ing nuts. I’m blowing up in a week and just feel incredible. I’m guna stock up cuz I’ve never experienced anything like it. Also the kalpa test is excellent. Hope he doesn’t get bombarded like my old fav source. My last RMALL order came in 5 days to east coast. Everything was packed tight ans secure….he gave m a tracker the next day and 5 days later I had it in my hands.

  9. Holy shit balls guys received my goods in 8 days!!! And thats overseas shipping. Gear looks gtg as well. He diff has the correct website name. I am going to use him to order for my bulking cycle next week. thanks man

  10. Roidsmall has always done good business with me, ive ordered from him a few times and have never been disappointed, my gear has always gtg. Noone tops his fast communication and delivery, Kalpa is the shit. Has anyone tried the Maha Anavar??

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