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Methanabol Tablets Reviews

Methanabol Tablets Reviews

  • Oral Anabolic Steroid
  • Methandienone
  • British Dragon

Methanabol Tablets Profile

  • Drug class: Oral Anabolic Steroid
  • Active substance: Methandienone 10mg
  • Method of administration: Oral
  • Tablet count: 100
  • Manufacturer: British Dragon Pharmaceuticals

Methanabol Tablets General Overview

We recommend taking Methanabol Tablets 50 mg per day (5 tablets) for 6 weeks. This is 200 tablets. The daily dose should be divided into 3 doses, for example 2 tablets in the morning, 2 at lunch and 1 overnight. Women may take from 10-15 mg per day (0.5 tab 2-3 times daily).

The dosage of less than 50 mg/day is ineffective, and the hormonal system also suffers. Savings on the cycle, you get less muscle. For the most fearful ones – therapeutic doses of drug are from 10 mg to 50 mg per day.

Methanabol Tablets (Dianabol) – this is a very popular drug. Perfect not only for beginners but also for experienced bodybuilders who usually combine it with a Deca or Testosterone.

Side effects of Methanabol Tablets are as for all usual strong anabolics. For the sensible ones to Methandienone (active ingredient of the drug) can occur:

  • an increase in blood pressure (related headache);
  • acne (pimples);
  • for prolonged use – decrease in the impact of the drug and decreased libido (desire for the opposite sex).

In the case of “sides” dosage of the drug is recommended to reduce, or move on to another.

With good nutrition and regular training, the cycle of Methandienone (Methanabol Tablets) can gain 10-15 kg of muscle, depending on your starting weight and body type. Half of this weight is water, which is required to merge after the cycle, but the rest is pure muscle, which will remain. Moreover, all the observed increase strength.

methanabol tablets

Methanabol Tablets by British Dragon Pharmaceuticals

If you have your own user experience with Methanabol Tablets – such as effectiveness, dosage, results, side effects, then feel free to share it bellow.

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