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Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is one of the most well known steroid brands all over the world. People from different places and different countries take Kalpa steroids regularly. The number of anabolics which are available from Kalpa is quite big. is an online steroid store which delivers only Kalpa steroids to their customers.


In this online steroid store, you will find all the types of Kalpa drugs. Kalpa has already brought a lot of types of steroids in the market and they are brining more new types too. All these are available in

  • Dianoxyl 10: It is an oral anabolic and androgenic steroid. Those who like to get bulk can take this. In every sachet, there are 100 pills. In every Dianoxyl pill there is 10 mg of Methandienone. The price of one sachet is $40.00.
  • Oxandroxyl 10: this is general Anavar. One sachet of this steroid contains 50 pills. Every pill contains 10 mg of Oxandrolone. The price is $55.00 per sachet.
  • Stanoxyl 10: This is the lighter version of Stanozolol. Those who can not take Dianoxyl, can try this. Everything else is similar and the price also $40.00 for each sachet, except the active substance – 10 mg of Stanozolol.
  • Testoxyl Cypionate 250: It is an injectable anabolic and androgenic steroid, which contains 250 mg of Testosterone Cypionate per each mL. One 10 mL Vial will cost $47.00.
  • Testoxyl Enanthate 250: It is an injectable anabolic and androgenic steroid, which contains 250 mg of Testosterone Enanthate per each mL. One 10 mL Vial will cost $47.00.
  • Sustaxyl 350: This is the most unique version of Testosterone. They are 3 Testosterone esters. One vial contains 350 mg per mL. Each 10 mL Vial will cost $55.00.

Customer Satisfaction

The customers of are mainly the athletes of different bodybuilders who knows the true quality of Kalpa. KalpaPharm is a favorite online store to the Kalpa steroid users. They love this online store because they can get any type of Kalpa steroid according to their needs. The prices are quite reasonable as well. KalpaPharm has been delivering Kalpa anbolics to their customers for only 2 years. But in this shorter period of time, they have already gained the faith of Kalpa steroid users all over the world. The thing which amazed the customers most is their hospitality. There is no company which is 100% perfect. KalpaPharm is not as well. Though KalpaPharm makes very few faults, they response to their mistake in a positive manner. That is an admirable thing. This online steroid store is getting better gradually and is hoped to gain a lot of success in near future. The customers are satisfied and wanting to make a long term relationship with KalpaPharm. This is exactly the thing which any sort of business company wants.


Because of great customer service, cheaper prices and product quality, KalpaPharm has become one of the favorites among the Kalpa steroid users. They praised highly of this company. Their product delivery service was also very good. So, I will give them full marks 5 out of 5. Review – 5 out of 5 stars by

6 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. Im in the 8th week so far of their Kalpa Primo 800mg along with 250mg Kalpa Test per week and 100mg of the Kalpa var (coming to end of the 6th wk on the Var) and I can say this….its the real deal. I was skeptical because the kalpa primo is highly faked but this is the genuine stuff. My goal was to lean up with some subtle gains and get the mid section tuned up (I dont want to get too big) and at 14st and 11% bf at the start of my cycle I figured I didnt need to expand too much. Id say the primo is just starting to shine around now and look forward to the next 17wks of my cycle but so far im happy with the results im getting. Not had a bad pip yet and feel great. My diet is on check and cleaning up around 225 – 300g of protein a day (depending on which particular meals I have on the day). Defo good to go and will continue to use again. Aint had no issues at all and a pleasure to deal with.

    Will recommend them to anyone I know.

  2. long overdue review for an incredible source… when i originally broke free from the HRT doc and started running gear, the very first lab i ran was Kalpa. my issues were chronically low energy levels, diminished libido and sex drive, weight gain, and depression. HRT was entirely too expensive for lack of insurance, so i hit the ugls. the only thing i had to compare with was the cyp gotten from the doc, and i honestly couldn’t tell the difference – both allieviated my issues and transitioning from one to the other went without issue. as a newb at the time, that didn’t really mean much. i just assumed gear was gear, so they are all comparably the same. as i ventured out beyond just therapeutic doses, i began to see the varying degrees of quality with the many labs i ran. one thing i can say with certainty is that Kalpa gear has been the consistent and accurately dosed gear i’ve ran yet! i’ve ran several of there compounds, loved all of them, and have recently placed and received my 4th order

    mine have been about 2 weeks +/- with international and about 1 week with domestic





    off and on for 2 years. each time was 12+ weeks

  3. Few bumps in the road but that’s expected here and there, but Kalpa took care of me and came through as always. Great guy, great gear, great customer service. Already mapping out my next order with these guys.

    These guys are on top of their game and quick to respond to emails. Very easy to interact with.

    Packaging is very discreet and professional!

    1-clomixyl, 3-nolva, 2 stanoxyl, 2-clen, 1- Anadroxyl

    Used the nolva my last time around and worked exactly how it should, excited to try this clen and stan

  4. Very easy and friendly business with !!!

    It is always easy to contact the guy. I received replies not more than 10 hours.

    The parcel was protected very good. There was plenty of stuff and i was worried. The border guys here are very notorious but my parcel came on time without any problem. From USA it took 10 days to arrive here.

    Thank you very much for wonderful support, help and quality.

  5. very good and speedy source, i like a lot of the gear on here, i have ordered a few times, always easy to deal with…easy payment transaction.

    quick with answers to all questions, very helpful…will give you any update on your package , no games.

    arrives very fast anbd discreet, no problems

    Dianoxyl 50

    great pumps, strength increase…real deal

  6. This review is for Kalpa Tren A.

    Communication was great I sent close to 10 emails and every one I sent was answer with in 24 hours.

    The T/A on my order was about 5 days. Everything was wrap good and my whole order was there.

    I used the Tren A for a 12 week cut cycle. I took one and a half eod and by the second week my body started changing. As the weeks went by I became harder, leaner, veins where popping out every where. I can say the side effects where almost to must no sleep at all with crazy night sweats.

    I will be ordering from them again there service was great and so was the Tren. I do t get how they can’t be ranked in the top 10.

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