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GrowXXLGear is a website that specializes in delivering inexpensive anabolics for a great valued price. These are some of the cheapest vials of steroids around as they cost under the amount of a pack and a half. There is a variety of brands including but not limited to:

With the high quality steroids on the market for the cheapest price possible, GrowXXLGear is an extremely reputable company with reliable shipping services. Shipping done specifically through Fed Ex, UPS, EMS, USPS or a registered airmail, you can keep track of your gear and make it easier for you to handle.

Customer Reviews

With daily contests, customers rave about the winnings they receive. On top of this, they also rave about how quick shipping is. The prices of steroids are extremely reasonable and inexpensive as well as the price of the ancillaries package.

Customer service is quick with responses but is barely ever needed. Customers talk about the inexpensive prices of the testosterones as you can receive for under $60 with many brands such as:

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals’ gear for a package are also spoken highly of. This company offers customer favorite such as Anadroxyl, Dianoxyl, Stanoxyl and Sustaxyl to name a few.

These premium steroids come super fresh as told by customers themselves. There is no reason not to buy from this great and inexpensive company with how fast they are. For the best prices, you can get the best steroids. Never shop at overpriced stores again with these anabolic steroid products.

Customers have dealt with stale products in the back from other companies but not with GrowXXLGear. The quality, most inexpensive and 100% working steroids you can imagine. High quality anabolic steroids that are building muscle mass with great results are also highly talked about with this company.


Overall, this company would be rated a strong 5 rating. While not all brands are there, beggars can’t be choosers. There are plenty of brands to choose from starting at an extremely low price. This company also supplies low shipping prices and very quickly. Steroids are not the only product they sell as they specialize in everything that has to do with steroids. AIs, SERMs, r-hGHs and hCGs are all the types of products they have. You can continue juicing with quality gear from your favorite brands. This company is truly worth it.

8 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. I am using Kalpa Products from, Kalpa Cypionate and Deca ,I have had great results with recent blood tests to prove it,At 1 ml each a week I have already have strength and size gains and blood test to prove product quality .I have gone from T-levels from 825 using Watson Cypo from CVS to 1030 with Kalpa’s Test. Products.I have have ten years of low T levels and doctors have been inconsistent with keeping my levels even. I just get regular blood tests and adjust myself, Thanks Mack52

  2. Growxxlgear is a company that delivers results! I have been dealing with GXXLG for about a month now. I flood the dude with questions and he always gets back to me-GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. They let you know whats going on with your order from the moment you place it to the time it arrives. I bought their DP brand of TREN E 200 and CYP 250. Strength is through the roof. When i work out i catch myself challenging my body-stacking more weight and doing more reps. Awesome pumps. Small example i do legs on sometimes, the other day i started squatting with a plate by the fifth set i did 2 plates of 45lbs on each side, 10 low deep reps. NEVER have done that before! Highest squat weight was 1plate and a quarter and that was way back when i was in my 20’s. In my 30’s now. I also got some Tren A and Cyp E for my cousin. He is shoulder pressing a plate of 45lbs and 35lbs. He was only doing one plate of 45 before. GXXLG his stuff works. I will not use another source GXXLG is definitely a trust worthy supplier. He has my business now!! I am from NYC so I have a tendency to be skeptical, but with GXXLG there is no reason to be. His goods are 100%!!

  3. First time dealing with this source. After seeing positive comments from many vet members I decided to give them a try during their promo and I’m glad I did.

    Excellent communication and support. All my questions were always answered quickly and in detail.

    T/a was around a week and product was packed very discreetly and safely. Nothing damaged or making suspicious sounds.

    I used hgh in my pct at 3iu a day, 7 days a werk with an occasional day off here and there. Main reason to use it was pct support and general anti aging. After about a week my hands and feet started to swell and hands go numb from time to time. Sleep greatly improved. Pretty soon I noticed that bf is going down, while my weight moved up a little bit. I also received some positive comments from gym buddies that I lost weight and look great. They didn’t want to believe that I actually gained few pounds. Around week 3 I noticed some water weight and awesome pumps at the gym. I actually felt like I was on a low dose cycle. Awesome feeling when you are on PCT. I run this hgh for month and a half and it is my second favorite hgh generic product out of 5 different brands that I tried and for the price he offered, it was a huge score. No red welts or any signs of dirty product. I had some elbow and forearm pain that went away during my hgh run without using anything else. I will def buy again from this guy.

    Legit product and grest service. I highly recommend Growxxlgear to anyone looking for quality products and stress free process.

  4. I have brought from growxxlgear on 5 different occasions and they have always come through, the communication seems to be automated replies, but I was kept informed.

    packaging was good no problems, im a us customer order came in 7 days ,

    I have used their products previously on 4 different occasions, and the results have always been good. no problem pinning and smooth oils, I have always used KP I find it works for me they have been around for years so must be good

  5. I have ordered multiple times from growxxlgear. Always fast response and shipping times. I will be keeping these guys as a source for A VERY long time. I have ordered hcg multiple times, and just recently I have ordered the 7lab pharm line of test-c. Cheers to my friends at

  6. Great all around

    As always, he replied promptly and answered all my questions.

    Everything arrived obsessively wrapped in bubble wrap, in perfect condition. This was the same as my previous 3 orders and in discreet outer packaging

    My training partner and I are using 2.5 cc of EQ 500 and 1.5 cc of Cut Long 300. We’re starting week 3 today, We’ve blasted through all our personal bests, and putting on lean mass at 2-3 lbs/week. We both are eating everything in site.

    A friend is ordering having seen my progress in 2 weeks.

  7. responsive and helpful

    around 10 days

    Was able to test out the anadrol and give the t3 to a friend. Anadrol is gtg and my friend is liking the t3 effects. Not sure of his dosing mine was 50 mg ED. Solid pumps and weight/water gain quick! Best of all everything was free! Sorry for the long overdue review! Your generosity is greatly appreciated! Solid source here.

  8. Found this site when re upping to complete EQ + Dbol cycle. Kalpa EQ and Dragon Pharma Dbol were paid for + injection equip. and some Nolva (great prices + pharma grade). Gear at the door in 6 days with a free Nolva 10 mg 25 tabs. Great prices and customere service. Good gear. Will go again.

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