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  • Reliability
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  • Speed of delivery is a trusted online steroid pharmacy specializing in anabolic steroids.‘s products are from reputed pharmaceuticals from renowned companies in China, India, Spain, Europe and Thailand. New products include Somatropin (growth hormone), Stanozolol (for lean physique) and Sustanon (for strength and muscle size gain). Be careful that these substances are not controlled in your country before buying.

Good reliable shop for sports medicines.

This steroid pharmacy offers discounts on generic and pharma grade medications. Big sellers apparently include: Cypionat 250, Enantat 250, Deca 300, Dianabol, Anavar, Nolvaxyl, Fertigyn, Jintropin. legit Website

37 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. Hi everyone! After I lost my contact at my local gym I anxiously ventured online in search of an alternative supplier. After reading many positive reviews I decided that would be the best bet. I have completed three cycles prior to this but this is the first time I have ordered from the team. I have been extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and quality of customer service. Emails are answered promptly and with a high level of detail. Packaging is extremely discrete and great for strict borders or for peace of mind. The team will walk you through the payment process if you are unsure and are always happy to answer questions. As far as the product goes the Test E that I ordered was very effective. I put on a lot of mass, some of which was water. Prior to the cycle I was at 87kg (at 6ft 2inches) and a bf 7- 8%. My initial weight gain was substantial and I continued to gain to a peak of 96kg (10-12%BF). At the conclusion of my 12-week cycle I have been on a calorific deficit and have lost 5kg. I suspect this to be a mixture of muscle fat and water. For reference it has been 2 months since the last day of my PCT and I am around 7-8% (91kg). I recommend this site to others and I will be ordering from them again.

  2. Dbol, Nolva, Viagra from GoAnabolics.

    Communication was excellent.

    T/A was 10 days. Packaging was adequate and discreet. Nothing damaged.

    Dbol was used for the first five weeks of a Test E cycle and was pleased with the results. Had the normal Dbol pumps, bloating and jitters. Weight went up about 20 lbs. Strength and endurance increased as well. Been taking the Nolva for three weeks into PCT and the gains seem to be holding pretty good for now. As for the Viagra, one pill gets me through the night and I’m still good for a morning session if needed.

    Pleased with the way GoAnabolics handles things and the products he carries. Will do business again in the future for sure.

  3. I’ve used this site many times and have been impressed with the service and the on point product of this supplier. I have never had a bad experience with this supplier ever…after making my donation I received my package within a week. I highly recommend to try this site out.

    Always prompt with any questions asked via email

    Discreet and fast delivery always

    Just try this site

  4. How are you guys getting gear 7 to 10 days? They got my money Aug 18th and today still no gear and still pending. Giving them a chance but wouldn’t not think it would take this long looking at these reviews. Any input would be greatly appreciated..

  5. Everything packaged nice and discreetly, order was recieved promptly.

    The Test E from Kalpa has been great, I have been using almost 7 weeks now and I haven’t had any pip what so ever, strength and weight have increased loads. I feel great generally and my mood is constantly a positive one in and out of the gym. I haven’t used the Dianoxyl yet as I will be saving that for my next cycle. I have been taking the Arimidex at (0.25mg) EOD and haven’t come across any sides so I feel that this is working great as well.

    This is the only place I would get my resources from as I feel it’s a great source that is extremely efficient in what it does. Thank you very much GoAnabolics!

  6. I had a great experience with goanabolics. I was hesitant at first with it being international, but could not pass up on the promo they had going on. I would recommend Dragon Pharma!

    Communication is awesome.

    T/A Fast was just over 2 weeks I used the preferred payment method and T/A was way faster then I excepted. I had packs split up which had me concerned for a minute but I contacted their customer support and received the undated tracking number for other pack and it arrived the next day. These guys are on top of their game for sure. The packaging was top notch, was very impressed. Took my 5 min just to get to my goodies

    Items oredered

    Primo 100

    EQ 200

    Test 300

    Mast 100


    I have been using the gear for a good amount of time and can tell a huge different between Dragon Pharma and other UGL’s. I didnt know what I was missing out on tell I started running their Test. Ive Been making solid gains every week libido is through the rough. The T3 has me sweating like a pig but sheeding fat like crazy. The EQ has not yet had time to take full effect but my BP is rising so that is a good indicator. The Tbol I will save for later, but from what I have heard I cant wait to incorporate it to polish off the cycle.

    Highly recommend, will be placing another order shortly, promo or no promo the prices are very fair for the quality you get! A++++

  7. Great source, very secure and incredibly helpful

    Always responds quickly, although with goanabolics not much is needed. Spot on and very profesional.

    Tightly packed and very discreet.

    Hands down a great, underrated source. I have ordered from goanabolics 3 times.. Never had to worry about getting my package and the quality of the product is top notch. As long as as he is in business i will be a customer!

  8. Couldnt be happier with this source. Awesome service, order and recieve usually in less them 10 days.Can’t say enough good things about these guys, quality prices, great service, low prices, would def recommend goanabolics to anyone of my friends.

    I have been taking 1cc sust 2× weekly , dbol 25mgs daily, adrol 50mg daily for aprox 8 weeks. Strength and body wgt up 20lbs, bench reping 365 for 5reps on bench up like 50lbs, feel great, some water retention to be expected, no gyno issues which i rarely have issue with. Sust pins like butter, no pip at all.

    Its a pleasure doing business with these guys, just place your order, pay and relax. Great quality products, low prices, great service what else can you ask for in a source!

  9. I am glad I discovered this source. All the products have a professional feel and look to them. I also got the best gains from this particular product and I have done 3 other cycles in the past with other sources.

    Communication was solid and seamless.

    T/A was decent considering it was international. Everything was wrapped well and secure.

    Test Cyp and Anavar

    Saw great results with both products. Also for the first time I had no breakouts. I have always broken out from other labs products but this one was all good. No Pip whatsoever as well. I used the test for about 12 weeks @ 300MG a week and the Var for 6 weeks dosed at 60mg ED. I looked pretty natty and solid so I was happy.

  10. This is one of my top 3 go to SRC’s. Great Product, prices, and customer service!

    1 HGH Kit

    Just by looking at it, i had a good feeling. I’m already sleeping better and my hair is becoming thicker.

  11. First time I have used GoAnabolics and was leary at first, order arrived within 13 days of payment, Dbol, Test Prop 100 and Cialis and is by far the best and most potent I’ve ever used! I was surprised on how clean and professional the shipment package was and very discreet typed label. I’ve seen some sloppy handwritten ones in the past and I’ve quit using them for this reason. I was in the gym lifting hard as ever on day 3 after recieving my gear. I am just into the cycle and will update as soon as I’m finished!

  12. First time using GOanabolics. I was in need of tren in a hurry as my dog broke my last bottle. My usual go to was out and his shipping was not fast so I started searching and reviewing. Found Goanabolics trending up, which is always a good sign. I also saw that shipping was fast. I ordered and was not disappointed. Got gear in less than a week and the Tren is fire. I have two fans in my room with the windows open and I am still sweating. My girlfriend will not lay next to me! I can’t wait for my next order. Keep on doing what your doing Goanabolics and you will be at the Top quickly. Thank you

    Communication was not needed. I made donation and it was picked up two hours latter. I was emailed through the whole process. Took me a day to realize that the emails were going to spam but that was my problem.

    Quality is top notch. Liquids are so clear with no particles floating around. Tops are well sealed and makes you feel reassured when opening. Only thing is the label for my test came of when it got here, not a big deal since I know what I am using. No PIP at all and I am pinning every day.

    I had to get the tren quickly becuase my dog broke my last vile! Quick response and shipping and prices are great. have already told my boys in the gym to look at Goanabolics’ goods. I will be coming back for more.

  13. I ordered eq. Test e 400 and test prop. I can tell you I switched at the tail end of a long cycle and I actually felt a jump with this gear the eq which I had already been taking from somewhere else had not given me the increase in appetite. The test 400 is smooth. I have been hearing about pip but its smooth for me.

    Communication is great.

    TA is as promised and packaging is AWESOME

    Products are legit, Dragon Pharma’s eq is better than the rest..the test e is awesome

  14. I ordered from goanabolics few weeks ago. Ordered 2 npp’s 2 test props and I received a free mast due to not receiving the npp. Changed to deca received in a couple of days. Kalpa is g2g prop has a bite but I ordered some grape seed oil and waalaa!!pip to a minimum. I have really felt the meds kick in this past week. Feeling very strong.

    I have been on for three weeks 2 pops a week of deca 500 mgs a week three pops of prop and three pops of mast a week!

  15. First time i used these guys. Quick response with a question and sent me tracking info right away. Everything showed up early and correct. Will definitely be using again.

  16. Great source to deal with. I got lucky to get in on the 50dbol 10mg and 10 50mg anapolon.

    Great communication and was very quick to give me my tracking #. No issues at all with customer service.

    International to the states was 10 days. Was very pleased with that.

    Products worked great. Massive pumps and some nice water weight. Strength went up a lot. I am very impressed with balkan orals.

    Overall i would order from this source in the future. Customer service and quality was great. The products did exactly what their suppose to do. Had some great pumps.

  17. This is my first order from goanabolics and it won’t be the last.

    Communication was straight forward and fast.

    Parcel came to me with very good stealth and was wrapped very well.

    I ordered Arimidex after another suppiler had provided me with fake Aromasin. I didn’t have the money to replace the Aromasin so went for Adex.

    Due to Arimidex working differently from Aromasin it took a few days to really get going. I am very happy with the results and wont go back to Aromasin.

    I will use goanabolics again and would be happy to recommend them to anyone.

  18. These guys are the real deal!

    Communication is awesome. All my emails are responded to within 24 hours which is outstanding IMO.

    Packaging is top notch and shipped very discretely and recieved my order in 9 days.

    Tren E



    Everything I received is top notch and works wonders. Had a small issue with a broken seal on my tren, emailed them about it and withing 48 hours they shipped out my replacement. Received my tracking number for it so should be here in about a week!

    These guys are awesome. Will be top 10 in no time with how well their communication is. They stand behind their products and will do everything in their power to make it right. I highly recommend this source to anyone who wants great communication, quality gear, and just an awesome source all around.

  19. Not much that I can say that has not already been said, I have been in this game since about 96 and have seen about everything imaginable. Nice source to deal with to say the least.

    I had a small hiccup with trying to update my info so I emailed them and they had it taken care of pretty quickly.

    7 tren-a

    4 test prop

    3 test enan.

    I just recently received but I use tren very often, I knew the tren was good quality after the first pin and I normally brew my own so I know exactly what I should be feeling, 3 days in and some light acne starting already so I am very confident in the prop as well. Gear is very clean with no pip even on 3cc’s in delts

  20. Decided to give goanabolics a try after reading good reviews and hearing good things.

    Communication is on point, gets back to you within a couple hours and answers any questions asked.

    Packaging was good and discreet. Everything arrived as it should.

    I have been running the prop for 4 weeks now. Libido increased within the first week, no pip whatsoever no matter where I have taken it.

    Bottles and labels looked good, I know it doesn’t effect quality of product, but something I always pay attention to. I’ll be using this source again in the future.

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