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  • Speed of delivery is a trusted online steroid pharmacy specializing in anabolic steroids.‘s products are from reputed pharmaceuticals from renowned companies in China, India, Spain, Europe and Thailand. New products include Somatropin (growth hormone), Stanozolol (for lean physique) and Sustanon (for strength and muscle size gain). Be careful that these substances are not controlled in your country before buying.

Good reliable shop for sports medicines.

This steroid pharmacy offers discounts on generic and pharma grade medications. Big sellers apparently include: Cypionat 250, Enantat 250, Deca 300, Dianabol, Anavar, Nolvaxyl, Fertigyn, Jintropin. legit Website

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  1. this rewiev is for dbol and clomid promo. I used the dbol by kalpa at 50 mg /die for the first 10 days of my last kick start cycle…after I prosegued with another good dbol…the kalpa dbol was good, in 10 days I gained 2 kg, the classic dbol water weight gain. After I continued with another dbol and after 4 weeks I was up of 6 kg…not bad.

    A side that I get from kalpa dbol was gastric reflux and stomach acidity. Clomid by kalpa was used by a friend of mine for 3 week in pct with hcg and proviron.

    The product was effective with a significan gain in sperm production…He can’t say about test level because had not done the specific analisys.

    communication and support was not necessary so I can’t say about it.

    10 days to western europe…the package was well done and very very little

    good source, I will rebuy here in the future.

  2. If you are looking for a A+ supplier then look no further because Goanabolics is the shit!

    Answered all my questions and I had a lot of them lol.

    Pack was discreet and safe. Arrived in about 13 days

    Kalpa Test e. Test P. Npp

    The oil is fire. Running npp, prop, and enth eod. Gained 8 pounds in less then 3 weeks. My shoulder has been fucked for months. One week on Kalpas npp and its 100% better. Strength is up. Libido is thru the roof so is my aggression. Road rage like a mother fucker lol. No pip what so ever. I have ran pharma grade gear and this is just as good if not better.

    This is my new go to source. Great prices and great service with clean quality gear.

  3. I was not disapointed, quality is top notch, communication is great.

    I have not used the prop yet, but have been running the test e 250, and in the past few weeks have put on a solid 5 pounds of muscle. will order from them again.

  4. My third source ive tried here and so far I have nothing but a higher standard for the rest of to try to match due to goanabolics’ whole operation. Thank you for running your business the way you do; great product, good t/a, above and beyond customer service, and great/competitive prices.

    Packages arrived vacuum sealed with bubble wrap, securely, and discreet. 5-7 days after order (not fund pick up)

    Test e, test p, deca.

    Been on for 6 weeks now. No pip, great pumps, strong as fuck and gaining great lean muscle while losing body fat.

    Out of 6 previous cycles, this is my favorite for so many reasons. If my review isnt enough ive been tracking my cycle w a pic each week. I did stray for one week off my program for my dirty 30 celebration but you can see consistant improvement in each pic. I have no doubt I will finish at 215 around 10% bf. I cant stress enough how great goanabolics is as a source reliability wise, gear quality wise, communication wise, and over all trust worthiness. Those traits alone will be why goanabolics will be in the top sooner than later.

  5. Ordered. Tren A, Prop,Cyp,Tren base,Sust

    Communication is on point support is second to none

    T/A was 13 days packed tight like a virgin lol

    I’m on 400mg cyp a week split in 2

    300mg tren ace divided 3x a week 300mg prop divided 3x a week tren base 300mg divided. 3x a week prank .25 everyday nova every other day rimidex every 2 days .25mg Clomid every 3 days hug 2x a week 300out per.I got like 6 weeks in gonna do six more and wrap it up .

    lost a lot of body fat shredding up fast strength is intensely rising was creating water until I split cyp in 2 now it’s all good take that tren base wit TNE before workout

    Everybody been complimenting me the las 2 weeks head getting full of helium lol nah I stay composed .

  6. Been to this guy loads of times and the products have always been good. Probably used this guy for the past 2 or so years and have never had a single issue with anything.

    Responds quick… within a couple of hours

    Always packed discreet and with padding to prevent breaking vials etc

    To many to count lol

  7. My review for my completed cycle. Ordered before all of the problems and still use them to this day..

    Site was friendly and easy, update and tracking number was provided immediately, I had questions on effectiveness of products and they responded within an hour each time.

    Arrived within 5 working days and tracking was provided when asked for. Pack was secure, and packed safely with bubblewrap around original boxes.

    I opted to use Kalpa Test P and DP Anavar (50mg of each) every other day. I noticed considerable strength gains and loss of water around my stomach and neck after approx 2 weeks or so and continued to add lean muscle for the 14 week cycle. The var was used 4 weeks in for 10 weeks at 50mg per day, nothing initially other than bad moods but noticed some new rips and drier looking arms after about 6 weeks of use. I used half an adex tab every other day for from week 2 onwards and as a result I’ve had no raised nipples or any other negative side effects other than some acne on the top of my back. I heard mixed reviews about Kalpa but I for one think they are a bargain and a great product.

    I recommend shopping here, seems like the guy who will tell you how it is, ask a stupid question and get a stupid answer. I’ve made small orders continuously and never been let down. Highly recommended

  8. This is a review for Kalpa Kalpatropin

    Communication was amazing. Just recently I purchased some more kalpatropins and had a couple of questions regarding shipping. GoA responds fast.

    Great packaging and T/A. Discreet and fast.

    I take 3 IU X 6 days/week. I started feeling great in the first couple of weeks as my sleep improved. Then noticed increased hair and nail growth with slight numbness in feet and hands. It gives me a strong urge to take a nap in the afternoon. So i decided to take it post workout in the evenings. By the second month I started noticing solid muscle mass. Vascularity and mood is drastically better. I can definitely vouch for the quality of HGH especially Kalpatropin.

    Eagerly waiting for 6 more Kalpatropin vials ordered in the ongoing Christmas 25% off promo.

  9. This was my ninth order from GoAnabolics and all the good vibes they have been creating are well deserved in my opinion. This was a blast cycle and fuck it was a blast. I need to cut for so my next cycle I’ll be running some Balkan pharma grade cypionate at a trt dose and stacking it with tren a for the cuts. But that review will be done when it’s done! So…

    Scirox hexadex 450mg x2

    I ran this cycle for 6 weeks at 1200mg per week. Standard quad rotation for pinning as I’ve still got an aversion to pinning my glutes. Pinned once a week, some pip but nothing to wet your knickers over. As this was a multidose containing approx

    20 mg of Testosterone Acetate
    30 mg of Testosterone Propionate
    50 mg of Testosterone Phenylpropionate
    90 mg of Testosterone Enanthate
    95 mg of Testosterone Cypionate

    You do feel the benefit from week 1 my strength took a jump almost immediately (thanks prop) but it evened out over the course of the six weeks. Week six – 8 pounds which I’d say 70/30 muscle to fat ratio and the big three lifts squat, bench, dead all went up by 5-10kg which was nice 🙂 I found my endurance in the gym to be off the chart eg. Go to gym, wife phones three hours later asking where the f@ck am I. So pair that with the self evident mental focus and I’d say this is a quality product. I’ve always been a bit old school (find the test you like, always swear by that one) so it was an interesting experiment. Regarding sides, I never experienced any but Test has always been kind to me, I always advise to run an AI along with it especially if you start dabbling in the grams.

    Used alot of sciroxx products in the past but I’d say this is probably the best one especially bang for your buck. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners obviously (you gotta know what compound is doing what) but it’s a great one to throw in if you are looking to sex your cycle up a bit. Great product and always a pleasure dealing with goanabolics.

  10. A little while back I recieved a gift from goanabolics which included tren a and EQ. I handed these over to a friend to try as he was running tren and EQ at the time. Unfortunatly he is not anmember here.

    My friend switched over to both products from a well known local ugl he had been using. He had an increase in night sweats and slight increase in strength which he attributes to the tren so he feels that was slightly better than what he was using prior and his appetite stayed sky high and his vascularity remained insane which he attributes to he EQ and said t was on par with any EQ he has used before, and this guy loves his EQ.

    Thanks again goanabolics keep up the good work!

  11. Popped 7 balkan clen tabs this morning (140mcg) got the shakes. SHIT this clen is POTENT! 120bpm, sweating like mad, shaking like a coke head! g2g!

    Goanabolics and balkan have my loyalty!

  12. Great source, easy to deal with

    No communication really needed, he emailed me a couple times asking if I received my order, you can tell he cares about his business and T/A

    Discreetly packaged and arrived on doorstep less than 14 days

    Have not used the EQ yet Started using the test for my TRT and all benefits are there.

    Very easy to use source, fast shipping

  13. Excellent Quality gear. First time using Kalpa and wasn’t disappointed.

    Always got an answer to my questions. Very friendly and helpful

    Item arrived securely and quickly and safely. Cant get any better than that.

    Sustaxyl 350 was great. Used 1ml per week which was sufficient for my needs. Sex drive was high during cycle and put on about 15-20 lbs of muscle. I knew was legit by the acne I had gotten on my chest (this occurred one other time with Test Cyp as well @1ml/week). Other than the acne that was the only side I had. No pain when injecting. Very smooth and painless.

    Was very impressed with this source and would defiantly order again from them.

  14. This is my first review . I think we are always looking for the best place to order from and fastest place to get are stuff and good people to deal with and the best price . I think goanabolics hit a home run ! on almost every one of those. but the price is a little high I think that’s the only down part .. But they say you get what you pay for . And that this place 🙂

    Delivered in one week !

    Packed very nice and no damage to my package 🙂

    Kalpa Mast prop 100mg

    It was my first time with mast. and it was crazy I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone . But my sex drive was off the wall and my strath was insane everything felt light at the gym my muscle felt hard like a rock vains where poping out .. I’m in love with mast .. :-0 Thank you Goanabolics!!!!!!!!

  15. This is a review for Test 400

    Comms was spot on no issues

    Ta was like 7 day’s fast.for international pack was tight and very discrete.

    Been using Test 400 for 5 weeks for my cruise.

    I have been pinning 200mg once per week no pip.

    oil is very clear,clear and thin. Been feeling the gear for about a week now it is low dose but I can tell it’s is lightly oily and getting a few pimples here and there. Going to run for 3 more week’s then start my blast again 1cc of.this gear.

    Seems t be good quality and dose is on point I feel.

  16. I have been ordering from goanabolics since about 2014 and I have never ever had a problem. I only had one order where wrong items were sent, they posted them straight away after I provided pics. Other than that it’s been top class sevice

    Great communication and support . If they are online which they are all of the time, you will get a respond in within a hour

    Very fast shipping. Ive ordered from goanabolics many times and sometimes it would take around 2-3 weeks for delivery which isn’t that bad.

    All products are great quality, the tren I started at 100 mg a day which is my normal dose and I had to decrease it on the Kalpa tren. I got very hot and sweaty and my mood was swinging to much so I lowered my dose. The results were good, got leaner and bigger at the same time. Got vascular. The halo was great preworkout to boost aggression, kalpa test E I wasnt keen but after speaking to goanabolics the assured me it’s as good as alpha Pharma and they were true to there word no pip libdo was sky high kalpa was great, will be stocking more in the future. Runner this cycle for 12 wks with 4 weeks dianabol to kick start the gains and which I did gain muscle and loose fat.

    Thanks guys keep up the work

  17. One word. EXCELLENT. From ordering to receiving only took 9 days

    Quick to answer every single time no matter how stupid my question may be.

    100% tapped up and bubbled wrapped

    Klapatropin 200iu and test prop and tren

    Very good quality


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