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BuyTestosterone.Net Reviews

BuyTestosterone.Net Reviews

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This company is providing hundreds of different steroids brands at a single place. They purchase steroids for the customers from the original manufacturer and send them to their worldwide customers. Customers place an order through their website and can receive their order anywhere in the world. BuyTestosterone.Net is offering EU/US made steroid brands with affordable prices.

Customers can order any brand of steroid like Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, BodyPharm, SP Labs, Dragon Pharma, 7Lab Pharma and much more. Their steroid range includes Methandienone, Oxandrolone, Stanozolol, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Propionate, Sustanon etc…

BuyTestosterone.Net Reviews

Customers are talking positively about BuyTestosterone.Net. They like the quality of the steroids provided by this company. Placing an order is quite simple. Customers just need to visit their website and place an order, and they provide required steroid brand in the form of a parcel. They are offering 30 days re-shipping guarantee.

Customers also appreciate the low cost of shipping that is $26 worldwide. People like the high quality products, as this company is providing only those products that are manufactured by other original manufacturer. Online purchasing of the products is hassle free and customers also receive a confirmation email that the order is received by the company.

Sales support by this company is very effective. They are always online for their customers. Staff is very cooperative and friendly. This company also provides the products that are not listed on their website. Customer can place an order of large amounts of steroids.  Customers say that this company is reliable and trustworthy. This company usually ships their steroid with standard mail. Customer can collect their parcel on their postal address or local post office. reviews

BuyTestosterone.Net Website


People are satisfied with this company. They are providing quality steroids at cheap prices. A large number of steroids brands are available on this website. Customers can easily place the order of his/her choice product. Different details related to the products are also available like brand, dosage, active substance and price. As far as the rating is concerned, I give them 5 out of 5.

21 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. This is for KP Test E

    I have used KP from another source but only the cyp ester. Thought I would give this a try and it did not disappoint. When oil was received it was clear, packaged well and looked professional. Oil was smooth to pin @ 2ml 2x a week. I ran 1g for 12 weeks to see how I would respond to high test. With in 3 weeks I had all the signs of extra test. My normal dose of .25adex e3d was no longer sufficient (usually I dose .25e3d for 750mg or less of test and have no issues). I actually got some shoulder acne this time, which I never get. Face and shoulders got greasy more than usual. Sex drive was the biggest change. we all know how horny we get when adding test but man I went from wanting it 2-3 times per day to wanting 2-3 trips to poon town per session, 2-3 times per day. Ended up putting a baby in Mrs.Beastmode we were doing it so much! Great product, no pip. I gained 13lbs of lean mass and was able to take BF down 1% while still eating normally. I enjoyed the boost but I think 1g is too much for me. 500-750 when taking alone is perfect

    will use KP again. Very good product. comes through and I will use again

  2. Was fortunate to get in on a 25% off promo

    Packing was tight received item in about 15 days

    100 Esculap

    Been using product since I received which is about 4 weeks now. I’m very happy with the results as this product does work great.. Item dosed at 20mg which I take about 45 minutes prior to the intimate times with the wife. I’m very satisfied with the results which provides me a stronger tool and increased sensation when I’m about to finish my duties. Great price, reliable product and reliable source. I’m now looking to purchase more on my next order, thank you

    Great product and reliable source

  3. Review for kalpa winstrol received

    Not needed was a promo

    Used at 50mg ed was very impressed with it one of best I’ve used matched pharma grade gear. When I used it all went on to another lab and felt it was nowhere near as good as kalpa. Was also running test prop and tren a

    Very impressed with kalpa and and would definitely use again

  4. First order was a first time with this source and went off without a hitch! When I make a purchase quality, communication, delivery and price are paramount and I got all of those with these guys! Followed instruction from the community by ” just order what you can afford to lose” and wasnt let down so second order is larger and when delivered my confidence will increase . This is my experience and have no complaints and recommend them!!!

    They are quick and courteous on responses

    6-kalpa test cyp

    Oils for months and quality is good !!!MUSCLE GAIN AND MORNING WOOD!!!

  5. Top notch, perhaps my best transaction. Everything went through with minimal effort. It truly doesn’t get better than this.

    I followed instructions, and all the info needed including tracking was provided promptly.

    I placed two orders on the same day, one with buytestosterone and another with a domestic source. I received my order from buytestosterone and I’m still waiting on my domestic order. Yes, they beat a domestic source, their professionalism and level of service truly is great.

    I’m currently running a heavy dose of testosterone with proviron and wasn’t running an AI. I had all the symptoms of high estrogen. 5 days later and 2 mgs of Anastrazole, and I can feel the bloat going away and the moon face disappearing. I’m saving the Stanozolol for the future but I have no doubt about its quality given that it’s made by a top European Lab.

    These guys are awesome, and if you ever decide to go international, you should give them a try.

  6. I made a bulk order of test enanthate and received my order in 10 days. That’s fast for an international order. Communication was outstanding from beginning to end. Product was VERY discreetly wrapped. One of the best I’ve seen. Immediately began using the test enanthate in place of another sources I’ve been using that has been great. I have noticed no difference from Kalpa’s enanthate compared to other highly regarded sources. It is definitely high quality. I’m very happy with the quality and service I received and will continue placing orders with in the future. He’s a great guy to deal with! 5/5 in every category.

  7. Top notch source.. quality products.

    Communication is excellent. Had lots of questions for this source & he answered everyone within a timely manner.

    T/A was 12 days to east coast when packed was shipped.

    Test e, dbol, & Clen.

    quality is good. Gained 13 lbs after 12 weeks of being on test e @ 600mg a week. Kick started with 40mg of dbol for 4 weeks. Usual sides I get with dbol, headaches for the 1st couple days from bp rising. Subsides after a couple days. Water retention with test and sex drive through the roof. Very good gear.

    great source. I will continue to use for as long as they’re in biz.

  8. 1st time with HGH ~{where have u been all my life}~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Truth be said no issues !!!

    Only issue was extremely fast for intnl!!!yaehhh buddy!!

    Kalpa –

    1). Oxandroxyl 10 mg

    2). Kalpatropin 200 IU’s

    4 IU’s of hgh upped to 6 a day this Is the real deal -I am a veteran on a major forum and still never ventured into the gh domain !!

    No bloods(did test on pregnancy test to assure I was not given HCG~NEG)!!!!

    Being the 1st time I tried gh I am very sure of authenticity sleep ,sex drive,energy,power,memory all up!

    Overall feeling of well being ++++++++++++

    ANAVAR WAS FOR MY WIFE(Kalpa AAS can’t go wrong)never bought bunk gear by Kalpa from a certified seller!

    It’s the best thing that ever happened to -ME- hahahaahahaa we’ve been f**king n sucking since day 3 of her taking 10 mgs a day,wt down more tone,slight bloat in beginning changed immed after curbing her diet,(definitely recommend this for your girl)!!!

    Thanks owe ya bro!

  9. I have made a couple of orders with these guys. I have so far only used the test prop but feels to me like the best i have used yet. Theirs is a little pip but nothing that makes life uncomfortable.

    It does make me sweat like a bitch at night though.

    I can feel the test doing what it is meant to. I have only ever used Kalpa labs before but in my humble opinion this is a far better product. Communication is excellent, if you have a question you do not feel like you are bothering him. Replies are prompt and delivery has been fast on one occasion and outrageously fast the next.

    Simple fact is if he has what i need i would use nobody else

  10. After a small test order, I’ve decided to use them for my next low test high tren cycle.

    T/A is ok, a bit faster than usual for the countries involved. Packaging is good.

    1x 7Labs Trenbolone Acetate

    1x 7Labs Trenbolone Enanthate

    So far quality appears great, especially on the tren a (because it’s faster to notice mostly). Otherwise the gear is quite thin and has almost no pip.

    Can’t wait for the 7Labs Trenbolone Enanthate to be back in stock so I can order some more.

  11. Amazing guy to deal with!

    I can’t complain when asking any question as I had quick response from them. They had also updated me on when the goods got shipped out. When using their website it is very easy and reliable to use.

    I have to say delivery service has been great especially when it was from UK. It had taken somewhere between 3-4 days for the goods to arrive and they were packed very well.

    DP Sustanon

    raging erections and gave me much happier moods. I get moderate to little intensity pip which subsided gradually. The gear is working great. legit stuff””. Lil acne on the back, weight up gradually.

    Definitely worth your money

  12. definitely recommend this source.

    replies to emails within a few hours.

    ordered hucog hcg and dp test400

    next day after using hcg balls were more or less back to normal size. currently using 1000iu a week and its doing its job. using the DP test400 at 1ml per week and this stuff is gtg increased libido and strength. also noticed lower body fat around mid section and muscles look fuller.

  13. review for kalpa test e and the services of

    t/a was about 3 weeks. packaging was excellent, and was put to the test. my pack had a few scuffs so i could tell it got a little beat up during shipping but nothing broke, and everything arrived intact.

    i ran the kalpa test e for 14 weeks, pinning 1.2ml (600mg) on every monday and thursday. gear had zero pip but for me it did have a little bite going in, nothing major at all though it was noticable. i was very pleased with my experience and the gains i achieved running the kalpa. some of the benefits i got were: improved sense of well being – i noticed while on my mood was more upbeat, and i was genuinely happy. i suffer from depression and im normally miserable most of the time, and i get iiratated quite easy at the littlest things. the gear seemed to really help me in this area, and according to others i was more pleasant to be around. increased energy – my energy levels improved significantly. usually when i start getting towards the end of my workout im exhausted and on most occasions i pass right out as soon as i get home. during my cycle i still felt pretty fresh at the end of my workout, to the point i felt like i could probably go another round. improved focus – the improved focus was a big help, probably outside of the gym more so than anything. normally when im reading whether its something im interested in or not my mind will drift. ill start skiping 2-3 lines at a time trying to rush thru because i cant focus. half the time i have to go back and read it all again. on cycle i felt more relaxed and it was easier for me to concentrate, and focus on tasks. the improvement in well being also helped in this area because i was happier and more motivated to do things, which made me focusing on things better. increased libido – off cycle i was in a bit of a slump for a while due to my depression and didnt even care about sex. 2-3 weeks into cycle that started to change. i went from barely caring about sex to it being on my mind practicality all day long. improved strength – for some reason, no matter what aas ive taken, i never get a dramatic spike in strength like alot of guys do. i guess thats not how my body responds, i add more size than anything. i do notice a very slow and gradual increase throughout the cycle, but like i said i never had my strength spike. i probably added 10-15 lbs to my bench. weight gain – i didnt gain too much size on this cycle, i had more of a recomp effect. i probably gained 5lbs, but i was alot leaner looking and more vascular. i definitely lost a few pounds of body fat because by the end of cycle my full 6 pack was showing without flexing and i had veins bulging from my abs, quads, lats, something i never had before. improved confidence – because of all the positives i just listed my confidence was sky high. i wanted to go out more and i started feeling better about myself which led me to be confident enough to approach any female i was attracted to, and i just felt like i could conquer the world. negative side effects – i always take my ai which kept all the unwanted sides at bay. i did struggle with acne for a bit but i got it under control. other than that everything was great, it was an enjoyable cycle,

    i was definitely pleased with the products i received, as well as the services provided. perfect 5 experience, i will definitely be back for more.

  14. I order test prop, test acetate, liquid cytomel, and they threw in some liquid dbol as a tester. Been dosing for a couple weeks now the gear is great. Fast shipping, Good service, and best prices.

  15. Im leaving a reviewe based on two items I ordered from about 2 weeks back.The review left will be for a good friend of mine which I decided to let start off his cycle with the kalpa test here it goes enjoy.

    Alright heres my review for guys deff.a pleasure dealing with from the beginning of my order all the way till it reached my door step. turn around time to the west coast was excellent especially for an international source.less than a week to the door step.The packaging was nice neat and both items were sealed well and in place nothing broken quik half ass pack job, thanks

    Items ordered

    1.kalpa 100 count stanoxyl 10mg.tabs

    1.kalpa test prop.

    Alrite heres what u all been waiting to here both items ordered were for myself, but do to one of my boys who just started his 10week cut cycle I decided to let him go ahead and use my test get feedback, which i was hoping was good cause as far as im concerned u can never have enough test.especially prop.cause like i told him if this shit good im gonna order a hand full, instead of starting off with his brand name lab, I let him run the 1 vial of kalpa prop I ordered.

    He started last monday.1.25ccs.eod.hes running a simple 10 week cut cycle.which includes

    Test prop.


    Tren ace and

    Mast p.with some clen.and t3. His physique has deff.increased dude knows how to eat, lift snd and is familiar with the compounds hes using and most important the test p.(kalpa) s.Once again thanks .cant wait to get more prop.and deff.cant wait to run my winny labs later on.thanks

  16. Overdue review for BUYTESTOSTERONE

    Ordered Cabaser 1 mg

    Experienced severe problems with prolactin while running nandrolone. Ordered Caber from previous source but got seized. The guy rehsipped but again seized. Strength was going down dramatically. Dizzziness all day long. Nausea followed afterwards. Libido was non existent. In a despair I ordered Cabaser from BUYTESTOSTERONE. It was a dream come true when it arrived before things could get worse. With in a week Libido went boom and sexual performance was at peak again. Strength came back too.

    Better to be on the safe side. Ordered 4 more later. Now I’m always stocking on Caber and arimidex.

  17. Very fast shipping. It only took 13 working days. Given the amount of business this guy does I’m impressed.

    Supertest 450

    Prior to starting this product I was running another src gear with same compounds so I rolled right into this halfway through cycle. Very clean and very smooth to pin absolutely no pip. I was happy given the high dosage. I could definitely tell this was accurately dose if not overdosed. Libido stayed through the roof. My veins started to pop out in places I haven’t seen before. I was getting the occasional night sweats but nothing too bad. My workout at the gym were intensified I felt like I could stay for days lifting. I increased weight in all workouts which I was very pleased with. The pump was also very good and would last all day! By the end of it I put on 15 lbs of solid mass with no bloat which was a huge plus! Even the wife said whatever your on get more of it because it’s doing your body good!

    I will definitely be buying more of this line. I have absolutely no complaints. You really can beat it. This guy was great to deal with plus amazing gear that’s a win win! If you haven’t tried this src your missing out!

  18. This review is for Kalpa’s tren ace 100mg an Kalpa’s test prop 100mg . I got a great deal from his last promo ! An it was so worth every penny! is on point with his customer serves . Every question I had he answered in a very timely manner.

    T/A was ten days ! Considering how busy he was on the last promo . He managed to get the packs out in a timely manner! That in itself is fantastic!!

    I ordered three test prop 100mg an got a tren ace 100mg for free from his blue light special part of the last promo. Both were Kalpa brand 10ml vials

    The tren was great I used it an the prop as a kick start to my current cycle I’m running .first off that Kalpa tren ace is our of this world!! I had all the sides I norm get from good tren ! Night sweats to the point were I had to sleep on a towel every night. An strength gains were threw the roof. As for the prop . That had me horny as a mofo! I loved it!! Also had a great sense of well being. An just all around love the quality of this Kalpa line! An can’t wait to try the others !! is one of my top five pics as far as gear an orals ! He’s friendly an will go out of his way to help ! That says a lot about how he feels about his company ! I’d recommend anyone looking for top self product at a great price . To shop with!

  19. This source is great for support and service. “QUALITY” however, is decent if not the best. Placed two orders and were good to go.

    Never took long to get back to me.

    Packaging was perfect. T/A on both orders was fast and more than reasonable.




    “THE PIP” First thing to be noticed. In case of KP, it was horrible at first but then suprisingly, after couple of weeks pinning seemed like it never existed. Got used to it (I GUESS). Oil is smooth and goes in easily. Ran trenbolone number of times prior to this cycle and am well aware about the awful sides and effectiveness of it. Within 4 weeks could feel Test and Tren kick in. I would wake up in the middle of night and once i woke up it was hard to sleep. Aggression and strength were through the roof so was libido and mood. Tren doesn’t affect my mood or libido but always keeping anti prolactin on hand in case I decide to increase the dose.

    Ran Anapolon for three weeks mostly before workouts. Instantly felt the energy and aggression. Amazing how fast and super strong it was. Dropped it due to heavy bloat, headaches, high blood pressure and nausea. Think it was too strong for me. I did achieve what I was looking for. More than 10 lbs in 3 weeks. That was definitely something to cheer for.

    I RECOMMEND this source to anyone

  20. GOOD company with very fast service

    I stopped communication after two emails because they said everything you can find on your account so checked all online without asking them any more question.

    Good brown envelope package

    sustanon organon

    sustanon dp

    primo kalpa

    Primo is expensive. I use it before. works for me so again this time with sustanon. Like before i see good recovery and fast energy pace from primo. Organon sustanon looked professional like the one from pharmacy. easy to break and no pain. My sex drive very good. i changed to dp sustanon and the same feelings like organon. fast recovery and good sex drive. In this products no needed arimidex or anastrozole. pump was good. primo did not make very flat or very big just something in the middle. that i wanted.

    GOOD company

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