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There are a lot of offers on anabolic/androgenic steroids on the web drug stores, and is one of them. offers great drug brands and the shop has a wide range of anabolic steroids, aromatase inhibitors, peptides, SERMs, fat burners and many more.

As indicated by, its operations started in 2008 and the site has now took into account a million clients. offers its products directly from manufacturers like Balkan Pharmaceuticals, SP Laboratories, Dragon Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Sciroxx, 7Lab Pharm, BodyPharm, Eternuss Pharma and others, so purchasers are guaranteed of the high gear quality for the products of

Kalpa’s Dianoxyl here costs just $32.00 per 100 pills when purchased, Dragon Pharma’s Deca 300 here costs just $57.00 per 10 mL Vial, Kalpa’s Oxandroxyl here costs just $55.00 per 50 pills, Dragon Pharma’s Winstrol costs just $70.00 per 100 pills, Dragon Pharma’s Sustanon here costs just $59.00 per 10 mL Vial, Kalpa’s Testoxyl Cypionate here costs just $40.00 per 10 mL Vial, SP Laboratories Enanthate here costs just $45.00 per 10 mL Vial, Dragon Pharma’s Propionate here costs just $39.00 per 10 mL Vial and SP Laboratories Trenbolone Enanthate here costs just $75.00 per 10 mL Vial.

Concerning shipping, charges $30.00 for regular shipping. has discounts and reshipments if you got broken vials/amps. For questions, you may contact through their website.

I would seldom be able to discover online steroid stores with great products for their customers, so for you, is a decent find. It offers a wide range of anabolic steroids and does not request prescriptions from its clients.

Beside the on-time conveyance, great costs, and great client benefit, the gears likewise work. In this way, I am giving 5 out of 5 stars for its great administration. Real Reviews



44 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. Good quality orals

    very discreet no problems !

    T3 balkan

    100 anadrols

    200 winny tabs

    i had their stuff for over a year sitting around and I only regret not trying it as soon as getting it. I ran the t3 with another sources eph. It was dosed at 50mg so one was only needed. Fat melted off in 2 weeks.

    The anadrol was taken before the t3 started and at 150mg a day with a combo of mix tren and low test my size was incredible. Extreme strength gains throughout the whole duration.

    The winny was ran at 30mg everyday whole on anadrol transitioning into the cytomel for a duration of 7 weeks. That lean bulk dry phase was kicking in and it only got better as my waist shrunk but I only managed to get heavier

    very good source will try again

  2. Dbol n var promo

    I didn’t need any contact, it showed up in a very timely fashion

    The t/a was a week or so from when it was sent which is always great for international. Packaging was very discreet, nice and inconspicuous.

    The dbols are great, there is nothing better for quick strength and pumps then dbol, and KP is as good as any I have ever run, even got more afterwords. The var my wife is using ten days in so far at ten mg a day, she added 10lbs to each side of the bar on her squats and a 25 lb on each side for her leg press, she’s getting stronger and she’s very happy with results thus far. is a solid supplier w a nice line up…order away!

  3. Anxiety quickly changed to confidence over this new source! Trouble free experience! Communication and product is first class. Will put this one at the top of my list now. Kinda new to the game so look fwd to stacking concidering im only running test c right now. Accepting suggestions from the seasoned veterans?

    Was using 200ml Kalpa test c weekly and now the 1st injection of this 250 7labs test c.. all the early signs of good gains to come!!!.

  4. The best there is. Quality products. has helped me countless times.

    Cannot say enough positive things about the communication.

    packaging is discreet and the shipping time is quick.


    ANASTROZOLE /arimidex

    I am on HRT/TRT so I get blood tests through my DR. I have used Kalpa’s gear only and saved the prescribed TEST C and the blood tests come back exactly the same as if I were using pharma. I have been using the TEST E and C 250mg a week over the last year and my BF% has come down about 6% but my weight has stayed the same. Replacing fat with muscle. No PIP or any other negative issues. If you are on the fence about who to choose to order from you will not be disappointed with the

    No reason to go anywhere else…. Cannot recommend enough.

  5. Easy to deal with answered all questions prompt.

    Sent a email asking about a nolvadex they answered prompt gave me more info than I needed was very well pleased

    Pack was secure no issues there nicely wrapped

    Had some gyno started to flare contacted them they hooked me up expressed shipped it to me. I had lumps starting under my nips but 40 mg a day cleared it up in 5 days no issues now.

    I like how they did buisness and took customer service to a all new level thank U for your help will order again!!!

  6. I ordered gear on June 27, 2018. After I sent money, they sent an email confirming that they had gotten the money. I’ve sent several emails requesting updates As of July 11, 2018 still no response. I’m very concerned $450 later. Can anyone give me some feedback?

  7. I have not yet used The dbol yet but have used the var. like all Kalpa orals the products are good to go. Very happy with how smooth and easy this company was to work it. Literally one email. Few weeks later not even thinking about it I received product.

  8. Fist time ordering from BUYSTEROIDS. This is a review for HCG PREGNYL 5000 I.U X3 (organon)

    Ordering process was easy and very quick, replies were within 30 minutes or less. I also had some queries that were answered within 24 hours.

    Arrived safely, securely and discreet. Items received 9 days after payment.

    My first time using HCG, I have previously had issues with nuts shrinking and recovery so decided to try some. I used the HCG for 15 weeks at 1000 I.U per week, 500 I.U Monday and 500 I.U Thursday alongside a test deca cycle. It did what it it was supposed to do, nuts stayed full throughout my cycle. Recovery went much better than previous cycles.

    I will definitely use BUYSTEROIDS.WS again and recommend them highly.

  9. received my order much faster then expected. the dude is very easy to deal with and willing to go out of his way.

    packaging was good and the products were good.

    very happy over all 🙂

    ordered two 10 ml vials of 7labs testosterone entanthate, and a bottle each of 7labs oxyd and dianabol

    cycle length is 12 weeks.

    using test e as a base.

    first 4 weeks were of dianabol at 30 mgs a day.

    and finishing cycle off with 100mgs of anadrol a day for the last 6 weeks leading into pct.

    the quality is good.very smooth and no pain what so ever with the injections. i have gained 10 kgs in 12 week and strength went up alot,especially when i was on d-bol.

    anadrol has’t given me too much results but thats probably due to my diet as of late.

    over all im very happy with my results and definitely will use this lab again

    i will definitely be placing all my future orders from these guys. highly recommended

  10. Excellent customer service. Had a few questions and answered quickly and politely

    Had item in my hands two weeks after promo finished and was packaged very well

    7Lab sustanon

    I pinned 0.5ml EOD , oil drew into the syringe easily and was very easy to pin with a 25g , a little bit of pip the next day but it didn’t bother me and was able to train through it , I felt the strength increase around the 2 week mark and libido went through the roof , week by week all lifts and weight went up , noticed some bloat so took aromasin eod and that kept it under control , I’m now at week seven and pleasantly surprised by 7lab , I wasn’t expecting much because I’ve never heard of this brand but I will use 7lab pharm again in the future

  11. Great site with plenty of useful meds and gear on offer. Prices are some of the most reasonable you will find too

    Great lad/s. Helpful and obviously do their jobs properly as is evident in the quality of goods and delivery time. Dont use many sources as I like to keep a good rapport to ensure I dont get shafted. Have been stung before and learnt my lesson. Im sure any problem with these guys would be fixed

    Was dubious about the Super Test, but for some reason supertest was hard to get hold at the time so took a punt. Glad I did its good stuff, if a little pippy, but then it is 450mg/ml and Im all man so can take it.

    Everything else is also just as spot on. Kalpa have treated me well before with Test P and E

    Will continue to use as very happy so far. Just placing a good word in as Im ordering now in fact

  12. My sixth order from this site. They have the best range at the cheapest prices I know of. Follow the order process closely!

    Packaging was discreet and secure.

    I ordered my full PCT here. I have used all of these compounds before so know what to expect. The HCG and clomid were used to get my balls up and running again after last cycle. HCG was used at 500IU per shot for 3 weeks. The clomid was used at 100mg for 2 weeks followed by 50mg for 2 weeks. This did the trick and balls back to normal size by about week 3. Cialis, Proviron and T3 were used at one tab of each per day, starting on day 1 of PCT. Cialis I use to maintain pumps when training, retain vascularity and also helps dick out when libido is lower. Proviron I use to maintain muscle hardness and libido. I use the T3 to maintain appetite and help keep unwanted bodyfat away. All products worked as expected. Lost 1kg of bodyweight and no post cycle “crash”.

  13. Wow. First order and I’m seriously impressed with the customer service at My emails were almost always responded to within 10 minutes. Shipping only took 4 days to get to my door. Discreet, professional packaging. I’ll be making a 2nd order for sure. Highly recommended. Keep it up.

  14. First order with these guys since my usual source is closed. Order paid and dispatched same day and received the following! Talking about fast!

    Can’t really comment on communication as I didnt have any issues and I didnt need to contact them at all

    Packaged very good and discreet. I was a bit sceptical about the vials but they were inside their original packaging.

    Eternuss Tren Hex

    Kalpa Anavar

    Kalpa Turinabol

    7Lab Sustanon

    Can’t comment on the the oils since are long acting.

    Will definitely make a bigger order next time. Their prices are good, especially with the discount code

  15. Supplier is a stand-up righteous lad, friendly and responsive

    communication is good, all questions are answered promptly

    packed very well, does a great job with delivery too

    Kalpa Test C 250 x2

    DP Anavar 50 x4

    Kalpa Winstrol 50 x2

    I’ve used Kalpa and Dragon Pharma brands before, solid gains, regardless whether it was injections or Tabs, great product. Kalpa Winny 50 is something I just order, heard good things about this lab so I’ll give it a whirl.

    nothing else to add, he reviews are all positive

  16. Three orders so far from Faultless.

    Kalpa Test-E

    7Lab Dbol

    Running the same test again as results last time were amazing. No pip, sex drive went up (which is why the mrs let me order again!), feeling a million dollars after the first lot of test E by week 3. Decided dbol on last cycle to give me the kicker and it did it’s job.

    I don’t write reviews often but as a very nervous internet buyer I like to do my research so i’m hoping someone in the same boat I was gives them a, you won’t be disappointed.

  17. Excellent as far as ordering, question being answered and shipping. I ordered last monday and I received everything 1 week later. Stay tuned for the product reviews.

  18. im always looking for domestic sources. i decided to give a run

    dude seemed cool and professional

    i think it was 3 days from the time i ordered. it was the best t/a ive ever experienced.

    3 hexadex (sus)

    1 methanodex (dbol)

    i took 50mg dbol preworkout, and OMG! that shit blew me up soo much. im already a monster, so if i blow up to the point other people comment. u know im running fire gear. the dbol was incredible! as for the hexadex…im a sustanon slut, and it is by far the best sus ive ever tried. i started the sus after a 6 months cycle without taking a cycle off(whihch was a mistake, i know) so i didnt have too much weight gain or strength gains. but my buddy i got the other 2 bottles for has literally put on 20lbs and he doesnt even look bloated. thats one thing i can say about the sus, is that it didnt really cause much bloated like most sustanons do. it only de veloped lean hard muscle…which is a plus in my book. i finished one bottle, and im going to take a month or two off. best believe when i start back, im going with sciroxx’s sustanon

  19. This is my first time ordering with this company and I was very nervous, so I placed a single item order. Despite how small my first order was, they got right on it and I received it within 8 days. I am very pleased with the overall transaction, the communication process, product, everything! Thank you!

    Since this was my first order, I was very nervous since it is difficult for me to have faith in a new company. With this being said, I contacted sales mid-way through my order and received a response quickly. I was glad to see the communication despite how small my order was. This shows me that their company cares to maintain long term customers

    The package was secure and arrived safely

    1 x testoxyl enanthate

    I just started the product and the first pin was smooth with almost no pip.

    Thank you for the great service!!

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