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  • Quality
  • Pricing
  • Delivery
  • Customer Service is among the top online steroid stores. The site so far serves more than 1 million clients from all around the world. The online store highlights an extensive variety of muscle building gear like: oral steroids, injectable steroids, stealth steroids in sachets, post cycle therapy, injectable growth hormones, sexual health, weight loss pills, liver protection, diuretics supplements, skin care, syringes and needles.

Also BodyPharm claims to be legit supplier of such well known brands like: British Dragon, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Sciroxx, Singani Pharma.

With regards to costs, BodyPharm is the least expensive you can discover on the web. The costs are absolute bottom with incredibly low costs for their popular steroids. The normal cost of specific Dianabol on the web is $65 to $70, however is offering a similar product for just $50 per 100 tablets. Remark that Testosterone Enanthate is offered for just $40 per 10 mL vial, while the normal cost is practically $51 per vial.

Is Legit?

Built up in 2009, BodyPharm is evaluated among the most established online steroid stores. Clients can achieve their support through ticket contacts and email. Payment choices incorporate BitCoin and International Money Transfers. Shipping is offered worldwide. The site is additionally easy to use, with costs accessible in more than 3 monetary standards, to take into account the requirements of their worldwide clients.

Conclusion is a very much composed site with an easy to use interface. The medications are additionally divided under various classes which make it less demanding for clients to search for bodybuilding gear. As far as costs, there is actually no other match for BodyPharm. It is additionally authorized by various steroid manufacturers. Regarding client support, the online steroid store is as yet doing incredible with better than expected criticism from clients. Because of all the recorded truths about this store, there is no motivation to give this site under 5 out of 5 star rating review.

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74 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. This is my review for Balkan clen

    Communication without any problem. all emails answered fast.

    total arrival time was 5 days with in EU. very good shipping package. tight and discreet

    this is the best clen i ever used. so much sweating and cramps. i started taking 40 mcg for 3 days then increased to 2 tabs and then to 3. when i reached 3, i was sweating everywhere and my muscles were cramped at night. i took my magnesium, amino acids and taurine. this helped me good but still there was some cramping. the workout was long and intense. i was drinking lot of water. i will buy more for sure

    best and strongest clenbuterol

  2. I have been using nothing but Bodypharm products, and I am positively blown away by the results I have received from from my first cycle of Bodypharm Test E and Bodypharm Deca. I have never used steroids before and was a little apprehensive at first. But Bodypharm walked me through it and I and I gained 22 pounds and a TON of strength. I LOVE these guys, and trust them 100%.

  3. Overall great customer service and great quality of products. I will be ordering from them again.

    They helped me through every step of the way. Someone earlier mentioned that it was nice to not feel like I was “bothering” them when I asked questions. That is exactly how I felt, like they really wanted to help,which was very appreciated.

    Everything came in a timely manner, and everything was accounted for.

    The clenbuterol is the strongest clen I have ever taken. I’ve taken a few different brands, but I have never gotten such strong side affects from this clen. Like the shakes, sweats, and occasional head aches, which means I know it’s legit stuff. My first 2 week cycle I slowly ramped up to 120 mcg a day, I lost nearly 10 pounds of fat that first two weeks. Which is impressive considering I was already at 13% body fay. The Testosterona-E was good testosterone. Nothing ground breaking, but ti did help with gains.

    I ordered BodyPharm, and this isn’t my first time using that company. I don’t know why they get such a bad reputation on the internet, but their gear seems legit. Does anyone know they they get such a bad reputation? Their clen is amazing!

  4. I had an order that arrived well packed and better…

    Always answered to my liking and polite

    Just about 14 days from shipment day

    Geriostim 36IU and prgnyl 5000iu amps

    I’ve only used the hcg as of now….the hgh willbe used within the next month.

    I used the hcg in conjunction with my testosterone cycle .

    I used the hcg 2x weeks along side some harsh compounds known to really shut down your own natty production of hormones.

    Within two shots of 500 ius each (cruise after with 250ius 2x week) my boys felt full again. My brain fog was lifted and to me that means communication between the boys and my brain is happening again haha so hneedles to say it’s LEGIT!

    I’m getting more products from this source thanks again

  5. Very satisfied by bodypharm,really professional source!

    Communication and support are fast ad accurate!

    The shipping time is fast,the price fair and the package well done.

    KP Boldenone Undecylenate 300mg/ml

    KP Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/ml

    KP Masteron-E

    I used these products inserting in my last cycle (cutting) during the last spring.

    The quality of products is good,the oil clear and smooth with pratically no PIP.

    I obtained moderate but lean mass gains (during my 12 weeks cycle),hardness,vascularity and dropped about 4 percentage points of BF.

    I think the products are correctly dosed.

    Thanks MR,keep up the good work! 😉

  6. Bodypharm, hmm where to begin; maybe the stellar customer service? The fast turn around? The quality gear? Bodypharm has impressed me more than any site ive shopped at before. I will NEVER go anyehere else. I have found my diamond in the rough.

    Communication was great, all my emails were recieved in a timely manner, very professional

    2 bottles of test p, 3 bottles of test e, 3 bottles of EQ, 1 bottle of tren a

    Been on the test p/e about 3-4 weeks now. Can definitely feel it in the gym. Stuff is fire. Have not used the EQ or tren yet. Will post an update on those after ive tried them.

    Bodypharm is the place to go. I cannot imagine going anywhere else from now on. I highly recommend it to anyone, newbies or vets. You will not be disappointed.

  7. I Placed My First order and I’m seriously impressed with the customer service at BODYPHARM. My emails were almost always responded to immediately, withen 10 minutes. The products I ordered, were delivered to my door in TWO WEEKS, The Tbol is next to none, I’ve used Tbol many times, BUT NONE AS AMAZING AS THIS TBOL FROM BODYPHARM,I SWEAR ITS OVERDOSED, IT IS EXCEPTIONAL AS IS THERE HGH AND OTHER PRODUCTS, I highly recommend them as they’re products and customer service are superior. PRICES ARE AMAZING !!!!! LOYAL AND REPEAT CUSTOMER

  8. I have ordered from Bodypharm numerous times over the years. I find them to be extremely reliable, with quality products (especially the KALPA products). They have always responded to my concerns within 24 hours.

    Very minimal packaging, I’ve personally never had an issue – no broken glass, or damaged merchandise in any way.

    Full Cycle: CUT STACK CYCLE

    Bodypharm – Winny

    Balkan – Arimidex

    KALPA: Cutaxyl

    KALPA: Tren A.


    KALPA: Test C.

    KALPA: Primo-S







    I have found that my body likes the KALPA brand, I have nothing bad to say about the other brands that Bodypharm carries – I just prefer KALPA products, especially the Tren A. is crazy strong – shredded in no time!

    Great Company, great customer service – can you ask for anything more?

  9. Used this source multiple times always quick turnaround.

    Testosteron P – used for 6 weeks some of the best test property I have used. Crazy sex drive good strength and size gains. Aromasin- was using another sources ‘pharma’ Aromasin but was having gyno issues so swapped to this and gyno went away. Used for rest of cycle and into put. Pharma nolva and clomid – used for a 4 week pct and did exactly as I would expect and helped get things working again Pregnyl: used throughout cycle kept the goods nice and large and recovered fine from the cycle so g2g.

  10. Outstanding supplier that carries some damn good labs. I ordered mast p and test p to end my fall cut cycle and was very pleased with the delivery and products!

    About two weeks from across the pond packed in a small parcel and padded properly with bubble wrap and tape. Arrived discreet and within TA. Very happy with these guys shipping methods

  11. This is one of the best dudes i have the pleasure enough to deal with. Stand up dude working with all kinds of spiritual principles. Bodypharm products are fantastic also. The combination of both equals a great store to deal with.

    T/a was always about 11 days to my door. Packaging is fantastic. He has a certain way he does it as to blend in and not stand out.

  12. got in on last months promo.

    communication is great always answers my tickets with in 5 min. always very polite and helpful.

    packaging was tight. it would of been very hard to break these vials. I would say that is an extremely fast T/A. I cant explain how professional he is stand up guy

    Tren Ace 200

    EQ 300

    I have all the typical side effects of tren, night sweats crazy dreams and i have gained five pounds within a month. I am deff getting stronger!!!! Cant really say too much about the EQ yet because i have only been on it 4 weeks but i will leave a solid review one the time comes. Injections are very smooth and pip is minimal if any at all.

    Just placed another order tonight testE and tren ace every thing went very smooth like before. If more guys give the bodypharm a try I think he will be in top top ten very soon.

  13. Been ordering from my boy bodypharm for a while now (2 years?) Everything from shipping times, communication, and most importantly quality of product has been top notch. Dude has his shit on point. Every product from tren, mast, test, var, cialis, pct’s, have been the cleanest smoothest most potent products I have ever used. Trusted and reliable source right here. Since starting his products I went from 185lbs at approx 10-11% bf. Am now at a solid 205 @ 7-8% bf. Thanks for everything homie.

  14. Good source

    Very easy communication via email.

    Decent T/A..was about 12 days for an international pack to the states.

    Heard their provirion were top botch from a mod and they were right. Very good provi, well mad pressed tabs in 50mg per pill, just as strong as the bayers I had been using for 3 months prior. Good stuff sex drive has been through the roof on them along with a nother buddy that is usuing them as well on a deca cycle.

    There was a slight mix up in the shipping and I paid a little extra for domestic shipping which I did not get. So to compensate they sent me 100 clen tabs. Nice gesture.

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