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Anavar Reviews $110.00

Anavar Reviews

  • Anabolic Steroid
  • Oxandrolone
  • Dragon Pharma

Anavar Profile

  • Drug class: Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid
  • Active substance: Oxandrolone 50mg
  • Method of administration: Oral
  • Tablet count: 100
  • Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma

Anavar General Overview

Anavar is practically the only steroid that can be taken for women to build muscle mass, strength and with virtually no side effects.

Men are taking it between cycles at 30-80 mg/day, or as the first steroid (the first cycle in life). Women take it from 10-15 mg/day.

Despite its softness, power rates are growing very significantly.


Anavar by Dragon Pharma

If you have your own user experience with Anavar – such as effectiveness, dosage, results, side effects, then feel free to share it bellow.

3 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. Anavar was awesome… Ran at 50/day split into ~25 am/~25 pm for 8 weeks. The recomp effect even at this dose was just what I was searching for, great vascularity… didn’t notice a lot of strength, but I dosed low.

  2. Been using the Anavar for 6 weeks and its potent stuff, no sides at all and big strength gains, great lab.

  3. Anavar is working GREAT!!!!..@60mg/day and I loved the strength it gives me

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