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Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Review

Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Review

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Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Products Review

Anabolic-Steroids.Biz is a modern online store containing a large catalogue of genuine and legit oral and injectable steroids, fat burning pills, sexual enhancers and anti-estrogen compounds for people that care about their appearance and want to look stronger and healthier. The range of products offered by this online anabolic store is distinguished by a high quality and a powerful mechanism of action. Being the distributor of famous European and Asian manufacturers, Anabolic-Steroids.Biz chooses only high quality gear that will allow them to gain trust and reliability among bodybuilding fellowship.

Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Delivery Review

The shipping and delivery services of the company seem to work at the highest level. Despite difficulties that emerge while shipping to the American territory, all the packages offered by Anabolic-Steroids.Biz are discrete and, the gear is protected from any unnecessary accidents that may occur during transportation. At the same time, people at customer service are always available and can give clients useful information regarding their purchase and timing of shipping.

Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Prices Review

One of the particularities of Anabolic-Steroids.Biz is the range of prices that is quite affordable, comparing to many other online steroids stores. The availability of products on stock is also one of the strong points of the company, regardless of the demand and other factors on international steroids market. As to the genuine character of the gear, it can be easily checked by imputing the name of the store on the official sites of manufacturers and to check the validity of Anabolic-Steroids.Biz online store as their official supplier.

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Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Customer Reviews

Good packaging, there was absolutely no damage or missing products. I was really afraid of customs (US), but thanks to great packaging nothing happened. These guys know how to pack and avoid unnecessary problems. There was no pill sound when shaking the package and sometimes this is quite important. The gear is also top quality. Thank guys!
I have ordered first time and I like the communication. It was very good. The girls at customers service were very helpful and shipping was right on time, Their Deca and Clen also is working great. They seem to be an honest and serious company, very respectful and pleasant. I liked that!
At first I wasn’t sure about the quality or even if the website was real so I made a small order to see if I will get my gear. However after 2 weeks I did receive my gear and it was a top quality, It made me place another order and I am currently waiting on my third one to come in. Their customers service is very serious and helpful. I think this source is good and I finally have nothing to worry about.

Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Legit | Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Scam or Fake

163 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. The labs they sell are top notch quality and never have to worry. i would recommend this supplier to anyone.

    Very fast to answer any and all questions.

    This time i ordered Kalpa Arimixyl. i needed it fast and boy… i got it fast.

    quality is great. Its doing exactly what its for.

  2. package came very quickly securely and expertly sealed, with no damage or indication of contents

    only used the dbol, very good product,used to continue a run of thai pinks,pinks were very good and the kalpas were on par, no change ,kept that dbol fullness and strength,very good product, also continued the 10mg dbol 5 tabs ed with 50mg kalpa dbol also very good and must say the kalpa brand from what i have used is on point,i will review the var when i get a chance to use it

    will not hesitate to order from a-s or any of the kalpa range,very good customer orientated company,that is creeping up the rankings,

    good outfit

  3. Took part in last promo and received bp Anadrol and t3. Used both for my contest prep and had excellent results. Shipping was fast and communication was excellent I really like the quality and consistency of the bp gear.

    Shipping was fast for promo. Items were well packed and all tabs received.

    I love bp gear. They are a quality lab that seems to be dosed correctly with true ingredients. I’ve been using them for several years with excellent results.

    Used 50mg per day Anadrol and expected results: excellent pumps, lowered hunger, lots of water retention and strength. T3 used with clen last few weeks of prep. I’ve used other labs Anadrol and feel that Balkan seems to give best results.

    Def recommend due to quick turnaround and shipping. Quality products.

  4. I’ve went through numerous times now. Everything always arrives in a timely fashion considering where it comes from and the products are never damaged. I always read good quality reviews about Balkan products so I tried them and I won’t try any other now that I have the first hand experience. This is the first review I’ve written so hopefully it’s covered everything it’s supposed to.

    They always send an email after the order was placed to let you know they’ve received payment and then they send another email to let you know when the package’s were shipped. Anytime I’ve emailed them about something it’s usually within a day or so I’ll get a reply (spam folder in case some people think they don’t respond, check there first)

    Within a couple weeks or so and its in the mailbox. No complaints here.

    Balkan Dbol, Balkan Test E, Balkan Tbol, & Balkan Anastrozol

    Test E and Dbol I’ve used both before, both by Balkan and love them. Dbol @40mg/day works quick and the pumps are crazy, its a nice boost to the beginning of a cycle and I started seeing gains within a week. The Test E @500mg/week is great, no pip at all. I’ve made incredible strength gains and lean muscle mass. The Anastrozol by Balkan is the only one I trust, taking @.25/ed .. I tried a liquid form of this Ai from a “peptide” site since it was cheaper but it didn’t work at all so luckily I had extra ANA from last cycle. Definitely worth the extra money. As for the Tbol i haven’t started it yet since that’s planned for the last 5 weeks of cycle. Tbol will be @40mg/day.

    Highly recommended

  5. After reading through all of the reviews I finally decided to order from A-S. Sure glad I made them my first choice. Since this was my first time ordering any AAS I didn’t know what to expect. My mind was really set at ease with their very prompt responses to any questions I had and the ease of the ordering process. I was kept in the loop the whole way. 10 days later my package arrived. Didn’t even know what it was until I opened it. Very discrete and well packed. After getting advice for my first cycle I was now ready to go. I ordered 3 bottles of test e and some deca but I am only using the test e at 500mg/wk since this is my first cycle. Now time for my first pin. Was nervous as hell but pretty confident in how to do it after reading up and watching videos. Put 1ml into my quad and I guess I was no longer a virgin. Didn’t seem to hurt at all which I was really pleased about. Woke up the next morning and it felt like a mule kicked me in the leg and I walked with a peg leg for 3 days. Time to do it to the other quad now. Now I had two peg legs. By the third week I was no longer having pip, so I have to attribute the original pip to virgin muscle. Now starting my 10th week and there is ZERO pip. Actually look forward to my injections now. Since this was my first time using AAS, I didn’t know what to expect for gains or sides. The sides seem to be almost nothing. Little bit of acne on my shoulders every once in a while but that seems to be about it. I think I am retaining almost zero water. My muscles are rock hard, full, cut up and veins popping out of my arms like pipes – not smooth like they would be if I would be retaining much water. I am now 15 pounds heavier than when I started and should be able to pack on some more quality weight in the next couple of weeks. The test e is definitely the real deal. I don’t even take any preworkout stimulants anymore. After my first couple sets my muscles are so pumped and I never seem to run out of energy. I think I have tried just everything there is out there and I have never had gains anywhere near what I have experienced so far. Another definite plus is that I now feel like I am 20 years old again. Non-stop in the bed room and energy all day long. No need to go anywhere else for your gear. I have found a great source with their quality customer service and outstanding quality gear.

  6. Ordered test p, test e, and deca. Quick TA, good packing, and great communication. After using the product gains were good, pip minimal. Would order again from them.

  7. Ordered last week and received order today. Insanely fast shipping. Very discreet. Very clear and concise with information that is needed and when product is being shipped.

    Very smooth process from someone I have never dealt with before.

    Couldn’t be more discreet. AWESOME!

    Test E 250


    Will update when the Test E decides to do its thing since it’s a long ester.

    Will definitely be back for more.

  8. Love the Kalpa pharmaceuticals products

    Never had to communicate with them everything has always gone smoothly

    Usually a week to two weeks very thin discret packs

    Kp dbol



    Pretty much the best you can buy. The clen just didn’t sit well with me to shakey. The dbol is great painful pumps I even get back pump with these on low dose. KP var is the first var I ever tried and I measure all others based on it

    A-S is a great company

  9. Just curious are you in US area? I’m not sure if I should check them out because I have a lot of bad reviews about people not receiving their order and not getting a tracking #. As well as customer service is extremely rude when contacted about the issues. These all seem to me like huge red flags. How do I know that you all on here are not being paid to write a good review about this company 🤔

  10. I have ordered and used Tren, NNP, Test & Mast from The quality was as expected and had great results with them. The product was well packaged and was received on time. I’m getting ready to order again

    Communication was quick and helpful.

    The packaging was great no chance of damage.

  11. This supplier goes on top of my list. Without any doubt one of the best suppliers around. I highly recommend and will continue to purchase.

    The communication was fantastic every time. No hesitation in placing the order. Everything went smoothly. Order process was fast and simple.

    The packaging spoke for itself. I am sure guys who have dealt with him, are aware of the quality and discreet packaging he provides. He knows his game very well. Parcel arrived merely in 10 days straight to my mail box.

    1 vial Sustaxyl, Kalpa

    1 vial Trenolab-A, 7Lab

    100 Tabs Clenbutaxyl, Kalpa

    Kalpa has always been in my radar after the first experience :). Excellent testosterone product. Strength and mood high with unbelievable libido. Used 350 mg a week and had to order more few weeks later. The clen was given to my friend for testing as i was on off days from clen. He described it as stronger and highly effective as it helped him sweating a lot at gym. Trenolab was also very powerful. Very bad shoulder and back acne from tren with increased aggression at gym.

    Overall this supplier has always been amazing for me. All of the orders arrived fast and safe and the quality of compounds are amazing. I will keep buying from him and highly recommend.

  12. Anabolic steroids biz has been great doing business with. Ive ordered from this company four times and I have yet to be let down.I couldnt ask for better service or products.

    Products have been awesome. No pip to speak of.. All Kalpa oils ordered have met my expectations..Vascularity, libido and weight went up by third week…

  13. is the Bomb! I have nothing but great things to say about this site. I will never order from anywhere else from now on, is hands down the best. I’m pretty new to the scene and the customer service, advice, and overall experience I had couldn’t have been better. I’m going on my 3rd order now.

    They have excellent communication!!! I’m talking minutes after you send them a question or order they respond. They helped me find the right mix and told me some other suggestions. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

    The shipping was totally discreet.

    This was my second bulking cycle. I ordered a TEST(SUST), D-BOL, Deca, with Masteron and Proviron.

    On my first cycle with 7Lab gear I was able to put on 16 lbs in 3 months with just DECA & D-BOL. Now I ready to go full force on my second cycle knowing that there GEAR is straight up LEGIT!

    With there Guidance and great Gear plus excellent prices and shipping why would you go to any other site. I’ve let my people know by word of mouth already that if they need anything this is the place to go period. There just great people….if you haven’t yet you need to check them out.

  14. This is my first ever review so excuse me if I make any mistakes or leave things out (which I’m sure ye’ll have no problem pointing out to me haha) This was my first order from A-S, ordered back in January when he was going through his troubles

    Communication was good up until he hit trouble then it was a little difficult to get answers from him but I understand that everything had to be done cloak and dagger and he had a huge backlog to look after, where most would have just bailed he took responsiblity and made sure his customers were looked after so from that alone my trust in this fella has gone up hugely

    There was a bit of a wait obviously due to his trouble (exactly a month from date of payment to delivery) but when the product arrived it was all packaged well

    I was on an anavar only cycle of 100mg a day for 12 weeks, started with the Kalpa Anavar, took about 2 weeks and I noticed good strength gains, increased vascularity, appetite was majorly suppressed aswell and was getting bad headaches which I was told is a sign if proper stuff, after 25days the Kalpa ran out and I was onto the Dragon Pharma which I didn’t really like at first because I hadn’t seen any reviews about it online and was very skeptical of it, my strength kept steadily improving while on it but I got my appetite back which kinda worried me a little, vascularity remained aswell, when I finished my cycle I noticed a major loss of strength so that leads me to believe the stuff must have been legit, all in all I preferred the Kalpa but the Dragon Pharma definitely done the job aswell. Throughout the cycle my weight has remained the same at 80kg but my bf has gone from 15% to 11% so with that my muscle mass has increased

    Would recommend shopping here, was my first order of AAS and I’m happy enough with the service provided by A-S, have gotten my second order in already and will continue to shop here, big props to the guy for how he handled things after being caught like I said before my trust in him is secured now after it, highly recommended

  15. Ordered a few months back. I wanted to wait until i’d used the products for a while before just reviewing the delivery.

    All in all, excellent. responds quickly, the package was received the next week (great shipping) and i am also pleased with the products. on top of all of this the prices are excellent!

    Kalpa test e 250/ml — 2 bottles




    the kalpa stuff has been great, the arimidex has done its job too since im pretty gyno prone. havent used the clomid yet, still have a few weeks ’til pct.

    cheap, quick, reliable with good products. will be using again!

  16. I have dealt with on several occasions,getting kalpa labs,every product has been totally legit and produced the desired effects.i will not ever look any where else as long as A-S is around

    packaging is always discreet with hand written label,very good,I always get it on the other side of the world within the time frame given and expected

    tren a by kalpa labs,r test c and deca

    have run a complete tren a cycle and doing test c and deca cycle, will be planing my next big cycle with tren,test p masteron .using kalpa

  17. Fast Shipping, great costumer service and great gear is all I can say! This is my first cycle with 500mg of test E and 100mg of test P EOD. I’ve read everywhere that the pain from test P is unbearable but even me being my first cycle and all didn’t have much pain at all. 6 weeks in and im 8 pounds bigger of lean muscle and loving it. Will be using A-S till the end of time !

  18. This review is for the products I received a couple of months back that I recently finished. A-S has been my go to source for about a year now. He always comes thru no matter the circumstances. I know I can always count on his A+ customer service aside from his SICK gear! I will stick with him from now on.

    Packaging is always perfect and never have to worry about his T/A. Even if there is an issue he always compensates!

    Anadrol 50mgx50

    Test Enathate

    Tren Acetate


    I used these products for my cutting cycle.

    Anadrol – Awesome products, strength and pumps were incredible no matter what upper body part I was training. I also liked the fact that it was a 50 count so I was able to use half and the other half in another cycle for down the road.

    Test E- Ran 600mg a week for 10 weeks, helped add a lot of good size and strength to my 220lbs frame. No pip which is always a plus. So pinning was nothing.

    Tren A – ran at 150mg EOD and was some of the best Ive ever used, night sweats were crazy and strength was a big help and added nothing but lean size for me in addition to running the test E and anadrol.

    TNE- Pinned 100mg Preworkout and made my aggression spot on for the training every time. Love this stuff.

    Highly recommend to any user or someone looking to get some good gear! GREAT SOURCE!!

  19. Great customer service, prompt replies to questions, NO issues with ordering just follow the directions given, and shouldn’t have any issues. .

    Great support and communication, received my email replies and notifications promptly,

    Shipping was quick, I received my package within a week of sending my funds, It came sealed and protected, in discrete packaging.

    Anavar, Sustanon, Test prop.

    Quality gear! I’m into my third week, and can see and feel the difference. No pip at all. Definitely made the right choice

  20. I placed a small order and I got my items.

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