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1Steroids.Net Review

1Steroids.Net Review

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1Steroids.Net – Legit or Scam ?

1Steroids.Net – online anabolic store was set as an online resource that offers products and medications for building muscular mass, losing fat and improving sexual activity among men. They have a standard comfortable ordering and payment procedure that allow bodybuilders to find in fast and secure the gear they requite for an anabolic cycle or for post-cycle therapy.

One of the particularities of the store is the facts that 1Steroids.Net are the prices which are many times less expensive than other online suppliers. At first it may seem like a risk and a suspicion regarding the genuine character and the quality of their products. Well, this is not the case!

First of all the company is:

and other popular manufacturers, well known to bodybuilders worldwide for their quality gear.

Secondly, they managed to established a professional and reliable delivery process and as statistics shows their anabolic steroids reach their destination in most of the cases. The company has proper experience in how to pack and prepare the products for shipping.

In case of any problems the customer service is always available to clarify any problems related to ordering, payment or delivery.

And as any honest company they always have complete reshipping policies and will reship for you if the packages will be seized, so you will not lose anything if you buy from them. The catalogue of products is quite large and contains probably everything an athlete may require for a cycle or for PCT.

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1Steroids.Net Customer Reviews

I’ve used dragon pharma from this site, and at first it seemed to me that the new products were a little underdosed. Surprisingly after a few days I discovered that I obtained very good gains and ripped as well. What I really liked was the packaging and the fast delivery, because as my previous experiences show, in many cases this is a major problem for US buyers. But not in this case. Good Job
Good prices and fast shipping. May be not so sure about Test Prop I ordered. I expected something batter, or maybe I just got used with my Test from another company. You never know about the gear..But the Tren from Kalpa was amazing. When it kicked in I felt it in my blood and all the usual effects of tren were there! I was getting sweaty and strength gains were spectacular!
I’m running my simple Test / EQ / Tren cycle at the moment from all the 3 products bought for these guys. Very potent and efficient. After two and a half weeks, it’s too early to comment on the test, but the tren a is certainly very good. Strength is up, everything’s cool, just my sleep is a little disturbed. But this is normal… I think. Good package and shipping. Now I just wait what their Test will bring me.

139 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. I love this site & highly recommend it.

    EQ 300 and Tren 200

    Very good quality

  2. I base the quality of any business by the integrity of the owner. In this case I hold 1steroids in the highest standard.

    Test c was a high quality product. All the usual signs. I was looking on putting about 12-15 quality lbs but ended up with putting on 22lbs. I stacked it with deca from another source and had zero problems with the little guy if you know what I mean and my Lobito was through the roof. Definitely legit. In the process of using the pct products and will update accordingly.

    Very professional with quality oils.

  3. Highly recommend 1steroids

    Great communication fast replies

    Very well packed and discrete

    All the authentic codes worked on the kalpa website and the quality was good did exactly what it should. I ran primoxyl 100 for around 14 weeks at 1000mg a week and felt the full effect of it by around the 8th week,. veins looked thicker and body fat started to drop whilst holding muscle with a low carb diet. Over all i would recommend this product to anyone looking to lean up whilst holding muscle mass.

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. True professionalism at its best!!!

    Communication was excellent. This was my first run ever and he has set the bar very high with honesty and integrity.

    Timeframe was quicker than expected and deliverey very discrete!

    10 Test E, 10 EQ, 100 50g Var, 6 Test P

    Being new to this world, 1Steroids made this very simple for me and was a pleasure to deal with. I can’t say enough about their service, it was more than I expected.

  5. Really enjoyed dealing with this company. Good people and very helpful. Always willing to answer questions and give advice.

    Packaging was very discreet. My wife actually received the package and I bugged out when she called me and said I had a package. I figured she may “shake the box” to take a crack at what was inside, because our anniversary is right around the corner and she knows I got her something offline. T/A time was 8 days, I believe 5 or 6 business days, so pretty damn quick.

    Test P, Test E and Tren E

    Been running KP gear for a few weeks now, about 3. Started with another brand of Test E 2 weeks prior to receiving the KP gear and immediately switched over. Strength has stayed the same and I have not gained much weight. Although, my libido is out of freking control. It is literally almost getting me in trouble. I have never experienced anything like this, I feel like I am 15. Skin is starting to break out a bit, but nothing serious. The PIP from the Test P is sort of sucks, but nothing unbearable, although absolutely no PIP from the TEST E. Waiting patiently for some gains, as I know they are right around the corner.

  6. Excellent service, product, delivery, pricing, communication. Will use again and recommended

    Communication and support was spot on and quick

    Dragon Pharma :- test 400, Tren E, masteron e, Boldenone, tamoxifen and SP supertest.

    Nearly 2 weeks in and everyone who knows me in the gym has already commented on improvements. people who don’t know I’m on it are definitely noticing before people that do know, so it’s definitely not in my head. Sweaty nights have started now and appetite increase on the way, feeling better all round in gym.

    1Steroids is reliable and has very good and quick customer service. Definitely using again

  7. I cannot rate this source highly enough. The prices are extremely competitive, postage is free, and best of all the customer service is second to none.

    Packaging is faultless. 1Steroids even goes that extra way to prevent rattling of pills, packaging is neat and tidy and everything arrives in one piece every time.

    Have ordered many products in the past including

    Kalpa sustanon

    Kalpa test prop

    DP boldenone

    DP deca

    DP aromasin

    Kalpa test enanthate

    7Lab Test enanthate

    Began using this product for 12 weeks. By week 3 i felt the full effects of skyrocketing libido, increases in strength and endurance. Well being was increased hugely. The pip was minimal and the oils were smooth, a very pleasent first experience with this lab. Used aromasin to prevent gyno and E2 levels getting high, and DP aromasin did the trick at 12.5mg per day. Towards the end of this cycle i used Kalpa Test prop.

    This was incredibly good test, increase in well being, motivation, drive in the gym and absoloutely killed my workouts on this stuff. DP deca Used in conjunction with kalpa sustanon for 14 weeks

    I have heard good things about DP and decided to try their deca as a trial for this lab. At present they are hugely legit, and their products are top notch.

    Deca gave me the usual side effects associated with increased prolactin, insomnia and a little aggressiveness

    The gains were very good, gained 15lbs during this time, however i believe this was mostly water weight, but the gains came solidly and is the best deca i have used so far in terms of non existant PIP, more strength and mass gain.

    Am very glad this source has just been back up and running. This is a long awaited review that i keep forgetting to post. Am looking forward to having 1Steroids as a supplier in the future.

  8. TA was fantastic especially for a non-domestic source. 1 week after receiving ship conformation i got my pack.

    1 x Kalpa Test prop 100

    Kalpa is a great lab. The prop was used to start my current cycle. Product is very smooth zero pip whatsoever. Had all the great sides of good prop after a few days… anabolic well being feeling, great libido, fantastic refreshing sleep. Good stuff.

    Kalpa is a great lab and 1steroids is a great supplier, perfect.

  9. Ordered oxandrolone from 1steroids, my first cycle and first order online so a bit sceptical, but the delivery was quick. Wroted a lot of emails through out, responded quickly, always had a good Customer focused approach

    7Lab Anavar is a good quality product had some good muscle hardness on these and good strength gains

  10. Hello

  11. 4th order with these guys and no problems . Great supplier!

    Responded same day good communication

    First time pinning kalpa gear. Looks real nice stuff.

    Good service will buy from again!

  12. I have used 1Steroids on two occasions. I will say I was very pleased with their customer service. Every email was answer withing 12 hrs and they did what they said they would do. Delivery was well packaged and arrived with in 13 days from ordering date. I even received a little extra gear for getting my tracking information a day later than what they originally said. The Balkan products are competitively prices and are pharmaceutical grade gear.

    Testoterone Euthanate 250

    Anadrol 50

    Deca 250




    Products are pharmaceutical grade. I was very please with all the products.

    1Steroids is a great company. I recommend them highly.

  13. The most consistent team that I have ever dealt with. They always return my messages and received everything discreetly and fast.

    Packages were discrete and came in multiple days. Delivery time is the best for me from a European source coming to east coast USA from payment to hand 5-10 days

    Kalpa anadrol

    Dragon pharma DECA

    7Lab Test Cyp



    The quality was great and the price was great. I’ve been using team 1Steroids lets just say multiple years.

    Every person that I no that’s tryed 1Steroids has never went back anywhere else including myself. They are bigger and better than ever I won’t shop anywhere else

  14. Packaging was top notch the same as all the top US sources I have dealt with.

    1 vial of kalpa sus 1 vial of there enanthate.THIS REVIEW IS FOR THE SUS ONLY HAVEN’T USED THERE ENANTHATE YET.

    Been on the sus for 4 weeks.I came off of some decent prop another lab and headed straight to this been running 2 ml a week and I know it’s gtg oily skin sex drive up lifts on point and a great sense of well being ( that is how I know decent test all of a sudden everything is good with the world) so all I can say is yeah kalpa looks promising.

  15. Ordered 4 sachets of anavar, super fast shipping and discretely packaged! Running 75mg ed by taking a 50 mg tab and splitting another tablet in half. Starting to feel the results. Getting great pumps, strength is up and muscles are hardening! Very happy so far! Order with confidence from 1steroids. Thanks!

  16. Used 1Steroids for the first time and will use them again!

    Quick and good Responses.

    Good packaging. Delivery was quick

    KP is a really good lab. Use them for years now. The other stuff is pharma grade.

  17. I ordered and tried many different products from 1steroids. This is the best gear. Zero PIP and my levels are perfect. )

    This is the only company to buy from. I have had lots of problems with other sources. Super fast shipping. Thanks 1Steroids!

  18. Ive been ordering my gear from 1Steroids for a while now and i would say they kick ass and awesome stuff but what blow my mind is i got my order after one week cuz i requested so, they took my request with respect and as promised.. WOW u guys are the real deal..

  19. About my 4th order now. This one came through even without his site being up. Got kalpa sust/dragon tri-tren and 7lab dbol. First week sex drive was way up but leveled out now. Im up around 4-5 lbs 2 weeks in and it might be too early to tell how well the sust works. My strength is def going up. Tren has me sleeping worse and sweating, which are usual sides. Dbol is also giving some decent pumps. Oh and both products are very clear high quality/clarity oils with very little pip if any. So far so good. Thanks 1Steroids.

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