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Trinaxyl Reviews $95.00

Trinaxyl Reviews

  • Strength
  • Weight Gain
  • Weight Loss/Fat Burn
  • Side Effects
  • Saved Gained Weight

Trinaxyl Profile

Trinaxyl General Overview

Trinaxyl from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals is a blend of 3 esters of Trenbolone, providing a constant dose of trenbolone for the use in the cycle, as well as a high-quality lean body mass.

Trinaxyl vial contains:

  • 50mg/mL Trenbolone Acetate, which will provide you with an instant effect.
  • 50mg/mL Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate for medium-term effect.
  • 50mg/mL Trenbolone Enanthate for action over time.

Trinaxyl Dosage: 200-600mg/week.


Trinaxyl by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

If you have your own user experience with Trinaxyl – such as effectiveness, dosage, results, side effects, then feel free to share it bellow.

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