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RXSteroids.Net Review

RXSteroids.Net Review

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RxSteroids.Net Products Reviews

For muscle building and fat loss purposes there was established a trustworthy and reliable online anabolic pharmacy RxSteroids.Net, containing a large database of gear suitable for increasing muscular mass, increasing testosterone or burning the unnecessary fat. By cooperating with best anabolic steroids manufacturers in the world, the pharmacy offers athletes and bodybuilders only genuine, verified products for muscle building cycles and post cycle therapy.

RxSteroids.Net Delivery Reviews

The company also works a great deal to establish a perfectly functioning and secure delivery process. By emphasizing the importance of packaging, while transporting such sensible goods like injectable anabolic steroids or human growth hormone products, RxSteroids.Net have the goal to make a reliable climate of relations with eventual customers, who take anabolic for muscular growth.

RxSteroids.Net Prices Reviews

Online steroids pharmacy established competitive prices for the gear presented for sale so that athletes and bodybuilders would always be sure to trust for the best solutions in the muscle building process. With occasional discounts and special offers RxSteroids.Net is looking to grow closer to its clients, through a respectful and efficient customer support service.

Anabolic steroid and other products from Dragon Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Organon, Bristish Dispensary are all gathered into a large catalogue of drugs, containing popular injectable testosterone supplements, oral Danabol, Oxandrolone, and Stanozol, Deca and Tren in various forms and many other essential products for bodybuilding.

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RxSteroids.Net Customer Reviews

Good services and fast delivery by this store. Ordered several Tren packages and was completely satisfied with the result.
There are so many online steroids stores that make difficult for us, steroids users to make a steady and sure decision regarding our next purchase. Many anabolic pharmacies disappeared and in search for a new source I recently discovered Rxsteroids. Well…I got my first order and everything seems ok. Gear is powerful shipping was good, I just hope everything it’ll be the same in the future.
It’s been a long time since I haven’t used such a powerful and solid Deca product like Deca from organon sold by these guys. Large and intense muscle gains and less side effects from this product. Perhaps this is one of most compatible Deca I ever used. No negative action on my body.

94 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. This review for RxStr is from gear I ran this time last year, isn’t so cell phone friendly anymore and I din have a computer or tablet so it’s harder to write reviews but regardless here it is I used zydex. Test e and winstrol

    The few tines I’ve done business with RxSteroids I’ve never waited over a day fir a reply which is normal for half a world away

    Ta was the average 2 weeks from Order to door evrrythibt well packaged abd intact free from damage the courier employees seem to cause at times, I swear they play baseball with some packages

    the test e to start with was good test e, ran it at 750 a week and by week 4 I was bringing alcohol stridex pads to work to keep wiping the oils off my forehead trying to jeep acne down. I always breaj out bad on my shoulders and delts. Its my sign the gear is good even with ai dialed in I break out I have to take antibiotics. Libido abd vascularity increased as the cycle progressed the winstrol I used the last four weeks to cut up and harden up it worked as it should have

    these guys has been in business for awhile now it seems like they are here for the long haul

  2. It’s rare you find a source that will do whatever it takes to get the gear you want in your hands like I found here. And I don’t like to order overseas…

    packaging is great. product very secure and so comfortably discreet.

    Its def some decent dbol…but its nothing exceptionally different than other dbol I’ve tried before…IMO. I have also had a problem in the past year reacting to orals tho. Being a powerlifter, I tend to eat a shitton of orals several times a year for meets. I feel as tho I’ve burnt out some receptors and I need to refresh my system. So in maybe a few months, I’ll give the blue hearts another run…as I have plenty left. I ran them for several weeks…def at 40-60mg/day…got some good pumps and gained several pounds while on them. I guess maybe I should try eating like 100mg/day for several weeks and see what I feel from that LOL. Def had a very positive upbeat feeling and attitude while running them. I guess its that “yay dbol syndrome” that everyone talks about. Got a good ol case of heartburn again too. Good ol orals and heartburn. The real kicker to my review here is the Lilly humatrope. I ordered several pens over the course of a few orders. Cuz of the prices I can get during those 50% promos…I finally got a chance to try some pharma growth. And….WOW WOW WOW…is all I can say and think. Over the course of maybe 6 weeks tops running 3-4IU’s of that stuff per day, I am shell shocked…stunned…flabbergasted by what simply happened with the way I felt, the way I literally transformed and how well I recovered. And how bout that smell?!? That sterile hospital smell….whatever that odor is from REAL pharmaceutical products…makes me salivate now lmao

    On such a little dose I was so surprised..1.5-2IU AM/PM or AM/pre workout. And hush hush…I know how to run that “something else” with growth too…so that helped as well πŸ™‚

    I’ve ran several different brands of generic growth, and I can say as of right now…there is only one I know of, out of at least 5 brands that have stacked close to the humatrope. So I’ve used probably 4 garbage brands of growth before and lost some money.

    I started running growth again..I worked a way to AFFORD it!!!…cuz I needed something to help with my recurring injuries due to my powerlifting training. I don’t even really want to use growth for any reason but that. Everything else is simply a side benefit πŸ˜‰ In particular…recently…and a good circumstance…but right after I started running the huma…I strained my AC joint. A type 1 strain…THANK GOD…and right in the beginning of my peaking cycle for a meet. The absolute worst of possible injuries IMO at the wrong time.

    Got all crazy doing heavy side lateral raises as part of my assisitance work and put just the wrong amount of stress on my system. For weeks, I couldn’t do certain excercises…raise my hand above my shoulder level at different angles or even sleep on the left side of my body cuz it hurt that bad. If anyone knows of that “pinch” feeling then that’s it. I did the same thing to myself years ago…same shoulder and it took over a year for it to naturally go away. This time with some assistance from the huma…my injury dramatically repaired to about 85-90% in the course of just about a month. I swear it worked like that. I just had my meet…and trust me…the feeling is still there…its still got a slight strain…BUT at least there is remarkable improvement and I could compete. I literally feel as tho I would’ve had to throw in the towel if it hadn’t been for that shit. It was nice continuing on with my other quality generics after running the huma to help aid in the tail end of this training run too. Been running growth since August 3rd and sandwiched the pharma in right at the end of Sept till beginning of Nov….and still running some other growth. I cut weight for my meet, weighed in at 216-217…started at 236+ HAHAHA. So like about 20lbs in the course of 4 weeks…and I can say the tren I was running, the growth here and the slin…and my diet left me completely diced. A fine combo of preservative. Leave the muscle and cut the fat and water. I have no idea what my BF is/was…but veins running all over myself is proof enough that its awfully fuggin low. Do it right and you can save the strength too. For those of you who care about being shredded. I used to…not anymore. I do enjoy the stares and comments tho…I’m a lil vain too. Egos and powerlifting are there as well lol

    I will….no doubt…be ordering some more huma from RxStr in some time soon. If anyone has never gave pharma growth a try out…order some from RxSteroids. Nice strong REAL gear here

    One of the few places I can actually say…”I trust”

  3. First time with RxSteroids

    Very quick and professional!

    Within a week, package was very discreet.

    I have been using this Winny for almost 4 weeks at 30MG a day. This dosage works just fine for me, my joints get extremely dry. I am leaning out, strength gains are amazing. Staying nice and dry. I have used Winny from other sources before and this stuff here is bad ass. Amazing quality.

    I will definitely be using their products again very soon! Highly recommend RxSteroids!

  4. ordered several times from there guys I cant compliment them enough always great communication and service A++

    packaged well and very discreet

    dragon pharma sus 350 x 6

    made some good gains with the sust 350 body weight up a good stone. in the last 6 week..

    have used RxSteroids for over a year now never had any trouble with them or there gear top site in my view ..

  5. This review is for anavar i received a few months back.

    Great never needed to contact but i had updates throughout the time.

    Really good, kinda suprised it was so fast. 10 days

    Anavar by Dragon Pharma

    Quality was great. Im a very big fan of anavar and this stuff was great. Ran it for 6 weeks. Amazing pumps in the gym. I can always tell when im on anavar by the end of week one due to the way it makes me feel. Looking forward to getting more.

  6. This is a review for kalpa d/bol

    Very good communication answered all my questions in a timely manner.

    T/a was about 10 days

    I was using 50mg ed pre workout gave me excellent pumps and strength gains.

    I do recommend RxSteroids store to anyone.

  7. I was lucky enough to get into RxSteroids’ Promo he had a couple months back an I figured it was about time to post a review .

    Communication was spot on for being I was only getting mail a promo 100 dbol. Every answer was answered promptly.

    The pack took about one week. Which is great for of seas SRC’s . The pack it self was wrapped safe an sound! An the fact that that much protection was put into just a free promo. Says a lot about how they roll. They take pride in there product.

    100x 10mg d-Bol

    I started taken the product at 80mg two weeks then two weeks off. An in just two weeks I gained 10 pounds! I was simply amazed!! My appetite was threw the roof ! Aye like it was going out of style! Strength was crazy! I added 15-20 pounds on my max! All around! I’d say there dbol is by far one of my TOP three D-bol’s of all time!!

  8. This review is for Kalpa Tren A.

    Communication was great I sent close to 10 emails and every one I sent was answer with in 24 hours.

    The T/A on my order was about 8 days. Everything was wrap good.

    I used the Tren A for a 12 week cut cycle. I took one and a half eod and by the second week my body started changing. As the weeks went by I became harder, leaner, vains where popping out every where. I can say the side effects where almost to must no sleep at all with crazy night sweats.

    I will be ordering from them again there service was great and so was the Tren.

  9. This is for the dragon pharma dbol. Very good quality and overall experience with this source has been great.

    Ta for this pack was 8 days and packaging was perfection for safety issues…All good here!! Securely wrapped and items were not shaking around.

    50 mg of dbol 2 hour’s preworkout was perfect. Used these for 3 weeks. Pumps were amazing, and I gained 10 pounds. Bench, squats, deads all went up a significant amount. Diff loved the dbol.

    Overall, experience with this source has been fantastic. Products very potent and customer service with the source was good 2 go. No complaints. Will be getting more dbol and trying out some anavar. Thanks RxSteroids!

  10. Dragon pharma tbol, great for kick starting your cycle/

    these guys are grade A. always polite and helpful. Great communication

    im never concerned with the shipping here. always discrete and nicely packaged.

    Dragon pharma tbol, 10mg

    great for a kick start to your cycle. 30mg is all I needed to get a good kick start to hardness, pumps and strength gains.

  11. RxSteroids is the man and his products are fire. He answers all emails in a timely manner, even when in a different time zone. I get very anxious and worked up but RxSteroids is always there to talk you through it.

    Communication is top notch. Emails always answered in a timely manner, even when he’s in another country.

    T/A is the best. Every order has been within 3 days from time of collection of funds to my doorstep. Package looks like it came from your grandmother.

    This review is for Kalpa HGH but I’ve tried alot of his products and have never been disappointed.

    I’m 52 years old and I’ve been running 4 IU’s for about 2 months now and have lost 15 pounds and feel like I did in my 30’s.

    I am baffled that RxSteroids is not ranked higher up on listings. His prices may not be the cheapest, but you get what you pay for and his products and customer service are both top notch.

  12. This review is for Kalpa x 10mg Winstrol pills

    Communication was really fast & Professional !

    Packaging was very good you could not tell what it was i was upraised when i opened it to see the goodies πŸ™‚

    100 x 10mg Kalpa Winstrol

    My wife actually used them and she is one of those people who can eat anything and never gain she had a 6 pack right after we had our daughter 5 years ago within 30 days so for her this cycle she is on only taking one pill per day split taken morning and evening she has gained 4 pounds but for me the best thing was he sex drive was back the stupid doctor gave her birth control that raised her prolactin / progesterone i forget the name of that its early don’t want to wake her to ask anyhow that killed her sex drive this Winstrol brought it back and then some !!! πŸ™‚ Her strength started after the 2 week ! we are very happy she looks and feels fantastic her energy level is way up . muscles look fuller her triceps and delts look bad ass now she looks like a fitness model to me πŸ™‚ she is a freak of nature always ripped with see through skin i just knew this stuff would do the trick to give her a fuller look it was her first time doing anything/gear .

    This source was fast & professional gear quality is very good thank you !!

  13. Had many orders from RxSteroids and I’ve been very pleased with the service I’ve received. Replys promptly to all coms and products seem to be GTG from the results I’ve been getting. Would def recommend!!!

    Packing very discreet and products always arrive undamaged and as per ordered.

    All of the Kalpa products are of good quality and I’ve gained some serious strength on these products. Getting some major morning wood which is always a good sign πŸ™‚

  14. Have placed about 6 orders with RxStr. Everything’s been great from tracking to communication to quality of products. Kalpa pharm is by far best stuff I have ever used and I’m getting great results with the norditropin pens.

    Been on everything besides the GH for about 3 months lean and vascular . great gear

    RxStr my only source I will use.

  15. Been using the gear I purchased from rxsteroids long enough to write a review. Very happy with the gear. The lightening fast shipping and discrete packaging made this transaction even better! The gear was at my door before I knew it! Order with confidence from these guys A+++. Thanks RXSTEROIDS!

  16. Ordered Tuesday and got it today….it looks just like their website pics….with authentication seal. Great source !!

  17. I wasn’t going to write a review for these guys until my cycle had finished, but at half way through I can happily share my thoughts.

    I’ve placed two small orders for kalpa tren a 4 vials in total. All were shipped super fast and received the following week. Tracking number provided too if needed.

    I’m using the tren a with test and I’m loving the cycle. It’s almost like I can see changes daily. Not really had any sides. I am hot all the time, having a few probs catching breath in the gym a few crampy pumps but nothing major. Positives is I’m feeling good strength is through the roof and I’m leaning out nicely and getting veins that I didn’t know I had.

    Discreet and secure packaging. I’m liking the new boxed Renvex too.

    As always I wasn’t too sure when purchasing initially but proof is in the pudding and these guys have good legit products. I will defo be using RxSteroids again and trying some of their other products.

  18. Got my clen quick and works very well

    Went up to 120mcgs a day, best taken before you go to sleep to avoid being kept awake all night. Faster heartbeat jittery hands

  19. I was on the hunt for some HCG, at a time when there was so much bunk HCG running around I was referred to Rxsteroids by a trusted friend and it was my first order with him but I was very pleased with the response time of my questions and the assurance that I received.

    The T/A on this product was as advertised.

    HCG Kit x 2 which consisted of 10,000iu of HCG each with 10 slin pins, 30ml of Bac water and some bigger pins…..but not sure what those were for……transfer maybe.

    I can’t lie…….fuck I have big balls now! I am super happy, they went from raisins to plums in a week. All the bunk HCG flying around and Rxsteroids came through with flying colors.

    Thank you Rxsteroids!

  20. I just received my second order from RxSteroids. It was like 1 week or so. They do give you a tracking number.

  21. Lost count of how many orders I’ve placed with RxSteroids now, plenty!

    Fast, friendly, effective and does exactly what he says he’s going to do.

    Well packages, no damage or breakages.

    Was used as one of my test esters in a bulker of sust / test / deca / drol. My first time using Kalpa gear and I have to say I was impressed and would definitely buy again. Very successful cycle as a whole, gained 8lbs and dropped 1%BF which at my stage is some of the best progress I’ve seen in a long time. No PIP, very clean oil, injected into glutes, quads, delts and pecs without issue.

    RxStr is a solid source that I order from without concern and a nice guy to deal with.

  22. RxSteroids is legit! My go to guy for the last couple of orders. Ships real fast, usually will recieve products in 5 days. One order wasn’t shipped due to a missunderstanding, but seller is very responsive and was able to clear things up immediately. I recieved my package in a couple of days with no problem. Very pleased. A+ Source.

  23. Good supplier, quality products and quick discreet delivery

    Easy payment

    Discreet packaging

    i’ve ordered Dragon Pharma T-400, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Tren e 250

    These are good quality products i have used Kalpa Pharmaceuticals before they are always good quality and having just finished the Dragon Pharma T-400 i can say there just as good.

  24. Just to confirm. I received gear today. Rxsteroids is 1000% GTG!! Buy with confidence!!

  25. Ordered Winstrol (Orals).

    Very discrete packaging, sealed properly.

    I have not used yet as I start cut on Monday. But 100% I would reccomend as great communication, fast service, reasonable price, and legit product.

  26. Ordered HCG, tren a. Have used all.

    RxSteroids Customer service was outstanding !!! They even got me set up with bitcoin.

    I was using Kalpa Pharma tren ace 100. I purchased tren a 100 from rxsteroids and my aggression went through the roof.

    I placed my order, and got a tracking number. Got my gear in 8 buisness days and the packing was outstanding.

    Granted, RxSteroids prices are a little high, but the quality of the of the gear is really worth the cost. The service is worth the prices and the shipping rocked.

    I will not order from anywhere besides RXSTEROIDS again as long as they are around.

  27. I like Rxsteroids’ ancillaries. I’ve made two orders from Rxsteroids and I’m extremely happy with the whole experience.

    Great communication, very helpful and very easy to talk to. Never been more than 24h without a reply.

    First order was well packaged, but not as great as you’d expect. It was very discrete, though. Second order was better, and again, very discrete.

    I have ordered Nolvadex, Colimd, hCG, Arimidex and Aromasin, Rxsteroids will always be me #1 source for ancillaries. Great people.

  28. Ok, I may not be well known on, but I’m EXTREMELY well known in the 4th largest city in the states. I have used Var, and I feel Var working within 3-4 days max. RxSteroids service is great, but I will have to question his gear. After reading all the hype about his Var, I am extremely disappointed. I even bumped it up to 100mg/day from the usual 50mg, and I have yet to get any kind of pump. And I’ve used REAL PHARMA GRADE VAR MADE BY SEARLE…. if you don’t know who Searle is, please do a search. Too bad I can’t get it anymore, cause my doctor got busted.

  29. Yet another super quick delivery from RxSteroids, always true to form…..

    Letro is 2.5mg so ive cut them in half to do 1.25mg every 3 days which has worked a treat at bringing down estrogen levels….no more crying at girly films….lol

    Nice PIP from the Sust test mix and the Prop within the blend is starting to take effect, a bit of Prop flu but nothing major and again thats to expected with good gear.

  30. After placing my first order with Rxsteroids their communication was good, ordering was easy and smooth. It arrived about 4 working days after, very quick and discreet. I mostly ordered PCT items so tried it all yet, but it looks good. I will definitely be using them from now on. Cheers guys.

  31. I ordered Ansomone from RxSteroids a couple of months ago now.

    Firstly, I’ve dealt with RxStr may times now. Not only is the interaction and service first class, it’s consistent.

    Always nice when you can deal with a source and not even worry about being scammed or sent bunk gear. I switched over from using another highly rated GH product, and immediately found these Ansomones to be more potent and had to reduce the dose 25% as a result. I’ve recently been cutting some flab, not as easy as it used to be at my age now! The fat loss effect has been huge, I’m not down at my lowest BF% in 10 years. Better sleep patterns, (which is great for me, I work long hours and need my “beauty sleep”), and most importantly for me personally I’m also getting some additional pain relief from a spinal injury.

    Thanks RxStr, I’ll be back for more!

  32. This is a long overdue review for a few orders I have made with him.

    Replies very quickly and keeps you at ease.

    Packaging is great and T/A is fast!

    His products are great. They might be slight higher priced but they are worth it. I will buy from him again.

  33. First order online and first order with Rxstr so initially I was a bit skeptical, but my doubts were quickly diminished by the level of service I received. I highly recommend Rxstr and will definitely be ordering from them in the near future. Thank you Rxstr!

    I have only just started using Anapolon today but its pharmaceutical grade so I expect good results.

  34. Greatest Source on here period!!

    Excellent communication everything is always perfect!

    Fast and reliable

    Clen is the best I’ve ever had took 80mcg week 1 and week 2 took 120, I was sweating like crazy and burned hella fat!!

    Var 100mg for 3 months had me hard as f$$k

    Win 100 mg last 4 weeks dried me out great

    Dbol 50 mg to jump start cycle gained 10lbs in 3 days love it

    Rxsteroids is the best source. I would highly recommend shopping here,, great gear, great prices and Freaky Fast Delivery

  35. It was a bit of a gamble, but the service was very good. Package arrive very vast.

    products are human grade and are real. blout is gone and typical letro sides!

  36. first time buyer and have to say very impressed with their service and products

    results as expecting, good quality

  37. VERY fast customer service. Emails replied to within minutes. Was shipped in 2 days and received in 2 weeks.

  38. Received order within two weeks of paying. Ordered EQ only as this was my first time using this source. Chose the source for quick delivery as I needed the EQ to add to a cycle I already had. Ordered Kalpa Pharma Bold 300. Packaged very good. Nice thick bubble wrap which is good when ordering mutlidose vials. Was running 900mg / Week Felt I kick in about week 2-3 by just looking alot more vascular 24/7.

    Currently on week 5 and the hunger has now started to take effect on me. Eating more and feeling hard with a good pump.

    Currently also running Sust 350 and Deca 600mg.

    Very quick response for payment details but to be honest no communication needed.

    Very thick bubble wrap around the amps for a safe delivery.

    Would recommend supplier to anyone in the UK. Very quick and easy. Harry

  39. Rxsteroids was everything these reviews say it is. They shipped all my gear the day after I paid. Great communication, Great packaging, great service. Very impressed. I see no reason to shop elsewhere as long as they’re here.

  40. Have used these guys a couple of times now and am really impressed with the level of service.

    Fast, safe, discreet and secure delivery every time.

    Second order. Been using for six weeks now. Have gained 20lb. Say no more !

    As far as I’m concerned this is the best source out there. If you want legitimate gear and outstanding service then look no further.

  41. 3rd order with rxsteroids and service cannot be faulted.

    From order to receive items is within a few days.

    Always reply to queries fast.

    I needed to change some items before order was processed.They did that immediately upon request

    Discrete and well packaged. All items intact.

    Kalpa Pharma Test Cyp 10 mls vials * 2




    Been using the Kalpa P Test Cyp for 3 weeks now and results are far better than those i was getting with another product from different supplier for 4 weeks before.

    Adex certainly keeping the estro in check as no bloat or issues with BP.

    Both vials of Kalpa P codes checked out on the Kalpa P website.

    Why bother looking elsewhere when Rxsteroids has all i need.

  42. this was my first order with rxsteroids but it want be the last everything was simple and fast

    t/a was really fast ….6 days from funds pick up to usa

    the dbol is awesome seem like my arms grew half inch after 4th day from staying pumped all time.ok here it is the test e dragon pharma that rxsteroids has is g2g I know because when I use good test after bout 3rd week I get itchy nipples

    only sad thing was that I havnt use the products in time to get in on promo free goodies lol but thanks rxsteroids I will be back

  43. I ordered back in September, and the prices at the time were stupid amazing… I nabbed two of the 29ML NPP jugs for a TOTAL of $120. Outrageous. When I ordered there was a promo on orals… he forgot to discount the anavar I’d gotten, and when I mentioned this, he immediately sent out another bottle of it on the house (worked out much better than if there wasn’t the original discount mishap). Kind of saddened that the prices are back to what I’d consider to be pretty reasonable, but that’s a small gripe considering my overall experience

    His response times to messages would have you thinking that he just sits and stares at his computer screen waiting for questions… Excellent.

    It was within advertised T/A. Packaging is GTG, nothing to cause concern

    It was my first time using NPP and his shit was insane. 450/week for 10 weeks. You blow up, which is no doubt helped by massive strength gains. All of this was on top of a base of 250 test c/week which I ran for 14 weeks.

  44. First time using the guys. Ordered for both myself and my homie. Easy ordering, good prices, and good quality. This is roughly my tenth cycle and I prefer mild, shorter cycles.

    Ordering is clear, just follow the instructions and chill.

    T/A 7 days. Sealed, tightly wrapped, solid. Exactly as I like for my valuables.

    I have bought Sustanon and Anavar.

    I run short, 8 week, cycles with moderate doses. Ran this cycle as follows: Week 1-4 50mg Var, 600mg sust

    Week 5-8 600mg sust

    Starting weight: 168, circa 8% bf

    Ending weight: 178, circa 9-10% bf I eat relatively clean and always keep my cardio up, so these were pretty solid gains, especially for an old timer of 38, The Var kept me pretty solid, with intense bicep/delt/gastroc pumps. My chica friends couldn’t get over how pumped I looked and felt to touch…….isn’t this the reason we’re all in this anyway, lol. The Sust kicked in relatively quickly, around week 2-3, and I could truly tell a difference. At my weight, admittedly low, I was able to hit my max bench pr, > than double my weight. Sust had all the side effects I’d expect, oily skin, multi-boners throughout the day, lil water retention, and overall euphoria and a nice pump. Overall, this was a solid cycle with quality gear. I’ll be using them again.

    Don’t sweat your order. He’s a man of few words, but delivers as stated.

  45. Absolutely great are the words that should be spoken about Rxsteroids!! I’ve been ordering on and off from them for 2 years now and never had a problem or any regrets. They deliver and ship in a amazing time frame and far most important you don’t have to worry about if maybe your gear may not be good or will your gear show up. They are on point on all those things, Top Notch all the way, Gear and service. I ordered their Balkan Labs Line of Test P & Test E, and it is very potent!! There is a little pip but I could care less about that shit, No pain No gain. My body is physically feeling great,and pumped, good sence of well being, strong sex drive, My weight is gaining rapidly, so much so that I can see a good difference, and as a nice surprise to me I’ve had other people say that I’m looking jacked. I sure would love for Rxsteroids to get in some Test suspension. So his gear came in 6 days to my mail box, Fast shipping. The gear is clean and potent, and there was no need for communication because he is so fast and damn good, but if you do need to communicate with him he gets back to you very fast. It just feels good not to worry about getting your gear and when u get it,is it good. With Rxsteroids u can wipe your mind clean of those things.

    He answers very fast and knows a lot about bodybuilding and gear just incase u don’t. But there was no need to communicate cause u can go on his site and see your process in real time.

    6 days to my door in the USA , very fast. Package was wrapped so good that if it was thrown across the room it would have been safe and unbroken. He double bubble wraps pretty tightly. He gets your gear to u safely and protected

    This was my first time ordering his Line of Balkan Pharma but with no worries. I’m pinning the Test P eod at 100mg and pinning the Test E once a week at 600mg. I’ve been on his gear for a few weeks and can definitely feel a difference over the other gear from someone else I was using. No real sides but back acne, the other side effects are good sex drive, good work out, energy, bigger muscle size, lol. His pins are also good 3 ml luer lock,23g is what I ordered. His gear is working great for my body.

    I said all I had to say up above, but I wanna thank and Rxsteroids for being available for us all. Both get a big fucking thumbs up!!

  46. Made several orders with rxsteroids and always a pleasure doing so

    Order placed and sat back and waited so support was not needed

    Ta was just under a week and a half and the packaging was good with no broken orals or oils

    This review is for the anadrol as the other products were for someone else.

    I used the anadrol 50mgs daily for 50 days along side sust.

    Shit is strong and love the full look I get while on anadrol. Pumps are outrageous. I don’t hold alot of water so anadrol is good for me to use every once in awhile.

    I put on 15 pounds and felt great. It’s some good anadrol from Kalpa

    Great source.

  47. Received the test e from them in as little as 7 days, and thats because I ordered on the weekend, would probably arrive sooner if its on a weekday. The fastest turnaround time ive seen yet. Definitely the best domestic source if your from the US.

  48. I ordered what they said was generic test prop, and there was nothing generic about it in three weeks have gained 10 lbs and there hcg is great been running on cycle 250 iu twice a week balls still the same. All product came fast and discreet, couldn’t ask for a better source. When you goin to have more of that generic Prop lovin it and wantin it lol

  49. Excellent product and service! Order came very fast considering it was an overseas purchase and the quality was indeed generic pharmaceutical grade Arimidex. Prices for the pharma grade Arimidex were the best online that I have found so far and I have no reason to go elsewhere.

    Product was definitely pharma grade. Was previously trying to other ug lab brands of arimidex and one didn’t do anything while the other made me feel depressed. Needless to say I now know thanks to these guys I wasn’t taking Arimidex! if theres anything potentially more important then the quality of your gear its the quality of your AI’s and your pct meds. I experienced increased libido, water weight being sucked dry and an overall sense of well being knowing my natural test was coming back. All while keeping estrogen safely at bay. πŸ™‚ Used only one slip of 14 tabs for 2 weeks as that was all I needed and it did exactly what I needed it to do..

    The best quality source for cheap pharmaceutical grade Aromatase Inhibitors and PCT meds. i have found on the net so far.

  50. Received my goods last week, very happy once again. I don’t think i’ve used a source so many times. I’m definitely going to buy from them always. =)

  51. Just checked the authenticity on Kalpa Test Cyp and all the codes are gtg. Product was in the original box with all seals intact. Delivery box and packaging was pro, TOPNOTCH RXSTEROIDS!

  52. Top website and service replys fast to emails and my parcel was posted the same day and arrived the next week,will use this site again

  53. Rxsteroids has always been good to me, prob close to 10 orders with no problems. I’m writing today because this last order we had some shipping problems. At no fault of the source but they were very responsive and helped in every way. I will always shop with Rxsteroids.

    Communication and support from this source is above what I expect. Very quick response to question even during the weekend.

    Packing is wrapped tightly and discreetly.

    The quality of Kalpa brand I feel is very good, I have used all kalpa products with great results. Last cycle was 800 test blend, 500 Deca per week for 16 weeks. Used Dbol for first 5 weeks. Aromasin EOD with Nolva/ Aromasin PCT. Never ever had any estrogen problems and gained approx 20ish lbs. Bloodwork showed test maxed out on there scale. According to a skeletal muscle test I took I gained 14lbs of lean body mass.

    No complaints at all for this source. 10 or so orders and I have no reason to go anywhere else.

  54. I have ordered first time there.

    Real fast and friendly answers.

    Everything has to be like it.

    Received packing within 8 days. Whow!

    Ordered Kalpa Pharma Sustaxyl 350mg/ml

    I ‘m in the middle of a cure. Take now for three weeks and the kalpa effect on me is very good.

    Just low side effects.

    For me it seems to be a good source.

  55. Used many good sources on here, and rxsteroids is the best on here. This my orders over last few months.

    Top service very fast.

    all dragon pharma was well dosed with normal sides u would expect, test prop was rocket fuel. Love this stuff.Does everything good test should do.

  56. Ordered twice off this site now, first delivery came within 1 week second delivery came within 9 days (weekend in between)

    Communication was spot on, I think they had a problem receiving my emails at first.

    Packaging was fine, no problems at all.

    Ordered Sustaxyl and Dragon Pharma Anavar.

    Sustaxyl is good to go. With it being the cheapest gear on the site I wasn’t sure what it would be like, but it’s bang on. Been on 2 and a half weeks now, Libido is through the roof, workouts are going great, strength is up, and I’ve just got that general good feeling you get from being on test. You can’t go wrong with the Kalpa’s Sustaxyl for the price.

    I’ll be using this site again.

  57. Been running Gen Shi sustanon 250 (3 pins a week) and kalpa dianoxyl (dbol) (30 mg/day) for 10 days and have gained 8 lbs. Looking forward to when the test kicks in and the big gains come. Libido is noticeably increased. Turn-around time was incredible.

  58. First order with Rxsteroids. Took alittle longer then id like however i got what i ordered. havnt tried the product yet i will write a review later on the products.

  59. I had ordered from another supplier but after 3 weeks of receiving nothing I decided to order from Rxsteroids to continue my cycle,the guy was very helpful and always answered immediately to my questions

    It was a wonderful experience stress-free and full of confidence in the supplier

    The package was discreet…Arrived in less than 7 days to my country(EU)

    Just used the Masteron for a while now, but I can say that drostanolone is very good quality and properly dosed because I was allready on tha same substance of another lab…


  60. Excellent, If you have a problem, He replies quickly, and works to resolve the issue.

    But if you did your part of the process correctly, it is Usually unnecessary.

    I have always received my packs within the given time frame, usually they are received faster than stated T/A. Always packed securely and discretely.

    I am currently writing this review because I feel really GOOD!!!

    I began cruising on .4ml e4d, 1 week after a 10 week tren-a/test-p blast.

    As always with tren, weeks 2-4 After stopping, I felt sluggish, and strength and endurance began to lag a bit.

    But as the test-e 250 began to work it’s magic and my body adjusted to being off the tren, I started getting the PEP, back into my step. I have been on the Test-E250 for 6 weeks now, and I feel incredible. My libido is up, I feel good and strong while lifting and at work. My appetite has picked back up,((i can not seem to eat as much on tren, just never really HUNGRY???) Now I am voracious at times. And i know it is a Cliche’ but I have a very good sense of overall well being. Maybe it is due to the quality of sleep I am getting since, but i REALLY FEEL GOOD! YOUTHFUL EVEN! I am gonna stick to this dose and schedule for the foreseeable future.

    I almost forgot, MY SWEAT!! It smells just as pungent and Musky as my 20 year old sons. And the females i encounter seem to really, REALLY, Like that smell. This has been my go-to source for a couple of years and I have never had a reason to shop anywhere else. I have and do recommend him to Family, friends, and neighbors!!

  61. Second time ordering from these guys and went smooth as usual!! I didn’t even email back and forth this time. PCT products are G2G!!

  62. This is my first ever review. Ordered First time from Rxsteroids. Everything went smoothly.

    Communication was only needed had one question because of first time ordering and they responded promptly

    Packaging was perfect, tightly wrapped, no chance of any breakage.

    And very discreet . Im in USA and I did send funds on a Friday evening, so with that said, Package was in hand with in a week…week and a half.

    Testosterona E is liquid gold. I front loaded the first week. I was not aware at first that testosterone e was 2ml/250mg. I have never pinned more then 2ml at one time. So first week I pinned a total of 1500mg. Every pin was smooth as silk. 2ml in delt with out an issue.

    Edit: taking 750mg per week. Pinned mon/wed/frid By 2 weeks in I already noticed a dramatic increase in strength. I am eating slightly over maintance cals. I gained size and lost BF at same time. Wanted to get bloods, but have not had time. Will be placing another order very soon, and will get blood work with this next batch.

    Defintely will continue to use Rxsteroids for my needs. Love the pharm grade Balkan selection.

  63. Where do I start, this is my first time ordering gear off the internet, was a worrying first time but I put my faith into Rxsteroids and they came through for me. Found the site easy to navigate through, and ordering was a breeze. I brought some products in the January sales (25% off Kalpa labs) which made the price extremely decent but looking at other sellers prices Rxsteroids’ prices are competitive so I got an absolute bargin really!

    The package arrived and all the bottles were wrapped up nice and tight so no worries about them being damaged.

    Been using the products for over a month now and I’m getting the results it says on the tin, and a few of the sides too. I’ve uped my dosage from 1ml EOD to 1.5 EOD so I’ll be making another order with Rxsteroids really soon to continue the cycle at this dose.

    All in all I was very happy using Rxsteroids and to be honest I wouldn’t go anywhere else since he’s proved himself as a top seller in my eyes. I hope this review will help the internet skeptics (as I was).

  64. Amazing services first time I’ve ordered from this service, and will continue to use them in future.

    Packaging was perfect and shipping was fast excellent all round services

    Ordered Kalpa Test Prop and pct

  65. Put in a small order with rxsteroids to test that waters like i would with any new supplier. Not a full review as havn’t cycled yet, but i ordered a different variety of orals, pct & injectables and all looks good to go. Definetly my new supplier from now on, 5 stars all the way, and will be leaving more detailed feedback with the next couple months when i start seeing results. Thanks a lot guys

  66. I reported about the timely delivery now after a few days I can report on the quality of the gear. The Prop and Tren no doubt are g2g, and I have to say with the mild doses I take I am really feeling it. Exactly what I wanted out of this gear.

  67. I went down for shoulder surgery and didn’t get to try all the gear. I have been doing a little deca with test C trying to recover a little quicker. Ive been looking at these 2 vials of kalpa masteron prop for months and thought what the hell. Sorry to say, I have been missing out. The results are fast. I have never used masteron before so I don’t know if the gear is really high quality or if my body just really likes the compound. You turned me on to it Rxsteroids and I appreciate it.

  68. Third order from rxsteroids arrived in 10 days, 3 vials of kalpa tren ace to finish out my tren run. I’m on my 6th week of tren ace from kalpa and this stuff is changing my body (and my personality and behavior a little, but that’s another story) like I never thought possible. Five stars all the way for rxsteroids’ service, products and professionalism!

  69. Overall great service both times i have used this site. First time round i ordered some var and nolva to run alongside my test and the var really hardend up my muscles with great strength gains, vascularity was ridiculous, think cobwebs of veins climbing across delts and onto the chest. Nolva was pharma and did the job second order there was a slight hiccup in delivery due to unavoidable error but they soon corrected it with constant communication all the way and i was comped for my delay, these guys are top tier and i have no hesitation when ordering

    didnt need to contact them first time as parcel arrived so quick, second time there was slight delay but i had constant communication and support, no issues getting hold of these guys

    discreet packaging, just looks like any other parcel youd receive, VERY fast delivery

    As above i ran the var and had great solid keepable gains, strength shot up and the vascularity was crazy and pumps like arnold describes, adex got rid of itchy nips on cycle and nolva did its job just started the test p as a kickstart to my current cycle so cant give full review on that but what i can say is its got very little pip and my libido is up

    Will be ordering again soon, thanks rxsteroids and team

  70. I’ve ordered about 10 times and have never been disappointed if you are looking for on point dosage and best quality product then this is your Source you will never be disappointed and he is quick fast and professional along with top-notch product which is hard to find

    Test E…..along with almost every product they have…all have been the best I’ve ever tried.

    I’ve ordered everything he has to offer and I wanted to try the test and it is what I would expect it to be along with all of his other tests. Strength gain weight gain High libido and roundness in muscles

    These guys are the best I’ve ever dealt with you will not be disappointed and I will be a customer for years and years thank you rxsteroids for everything

  71. used his dragon pharma d bol to kick start a cycle very good product and a very great source

    communacation was awsome he always got back to me within a couple of hour even during the weekend def a standout guy

    very quick for across the pond recieved the product in 10 day and it was packaged very discreet and very secure

    product was dosed very good by the second week insane pump and i am a dbol guy im old school it has always been a favorite kicker for me and his dragon pharma dbol was def one of my favorites

    tried the pills next order im gonna try the oils he is verified seller so im sure there gonna be great

  72. By far the best supplier i have ever used. The Quality of products is 2nd to none.

    Excellent communication always follows up on orders and confirms receipt. Best communication out of any supplier I have used.

    Excellent vacuum sealed packages tight and protected. this has been probably my 4th or 5th order from Rxsteroids. 7-10 days was the longest i ever waited which is more the acceptable, this delivery was exceptional.

    11 week cycle of tren E and Test Cyp. finishing off with 4 weeks of deca. Tren was amazing sides kicked in pretty quickly, Strength up dramatically body fat dropped by 4% over the course of the cycle, leg extensions from 140 to 240 X 8. been off for 4 weeks and holding gains. Veins are amazing, arms legs, side in midsection down to groin all popping and holding. Quality of all products is top not. Currently using sustanon for TRT. Viagra is for real does its job to say the least.

  73. RxSteroids is very professional. that says it all.

    Great communication. support was not needed.

    T/A was 8 days (after shipping) on international which was GREAT.

    packaging was so discreet i didnt even know it was my order.

    Test – E -> Quality is good, gain as expected.

  74. Hi guys. As background, this is my second cycle in two years. I have never order AAS online before. I would recommend these guys to everyone! They are open and honest with you about everything and actively ask what type of results you are looking for ans provide a lot of advise to assist. Payment was easier than I thought but I still managed to mess it up. The guys were super helpful with correcting this and got the order out almost immediately after payment was confirmed. Especially recommend to people in Australia or NZ where customs difficult to get through. I am over the moon with their service and products and will be ordering from them in the future.

    Communication honestly couldn’t be any better.

    The product was packaged extremely discretely. It took me a good hour or more to work out where everything was. My package had been searched by customs but nothing was found. The packaging really is amazing, I’ll leave the surprise for you to find out though.

    I am in week 7 of a 10 week cycle. My breakdown is: 1-4: D-bol 30mg ED

    1-10: Sustanon 500mg

    13-15: Nolvadex 60mg down to 20mg ED

    My weight right before my cycle was a very lean 73kg (160lbs) at around 7% body fat. In the first two weeks I noticed very little weight gain of 1.5kg. In weeks 3 to 5 things changed drastically. I noticed massive strength gains and increase my body weight to 84kgs. I am now into week 7 of the cycle and I have ballooned out to 89kg. Donce going off the D-Bol I have lost a lot of the bloating and started to notice a lot more definition. I did experience some sides, mainly overheating throughout the night and a severe case of heart burn that resulted in my throwing up (ironically after I took my last D-Bol). Since then I have experienced nothing at all.

    I will definitely use these guys again. They are highly professional and their products are very high quality.

  75. Recieved a order 4 weeks ago, clean gear no pip. And just placed a second order this week, yet again delivery was lightning speed.

    Great communication, responds to emails fast.

    Well packaged, quick delivery.

    Tri test, tren e, mast e.

    Good quality product, been off for 6 months and already my strength is going up, gaining muscle fast, low sides from tren, but eating like a horse and losing fat, solid gains.

    Good communication, quality product and very fast delivery, I’d call that first class service.

  76. I have recently received my second order from these guys and am well impressed. On both occasions goods arrived next week in discreet packaging which is especially important if like me you get your gear delivered to work so the Mrs doesn’t find out πŸ˜‰ I am in my 40’s and I am currently running a low dose long time cycle 1.5ml test cyp weekly and have just recently added 1ml Deca weekly to aid strength and to help with my joints I will run the Deca for 10 weeks but will continue the Test Cyp as long as I can. Just to mention sex drive is well up much to the Mrs dismay, haha, no sign of Deca dick yet but still early may need to get some Kamagra just in case πŸ˜‰ I am seven weeks in a have put on about 12lbs and a fair bit of strength, so I can tell this gear is good quality and will certainly buy from rxsteroids again, thanks guys πŸ™‚

  77. just got delivery of order of orals in south australia. excellent communication, delivery took 10 days. this guy is goood!

  78. Rxsteroids…my number 1, best source, good advice when need it, no issues at all!

    Quick replies for any questions and fast delivery

    Safe packaging with a lot of bubble wrap

    I’ve been on test prop e2d with masteron for 10 weeks, plus in 3rd week I started clen for 2weeks then take a break from clen for 2weeks and start again. My weight not change much but I lose fat and that was my main point I gain muscles mass which are more visible. Perfect for me.

    Good source, good quality, good co-operative, cheers Rx !!

  79. Iv ordered from Rxstr 4 times, only can say good things. Ordered with no problems everytime.

    Communication from the first email was fast, Rxstr makes you feel welcome and replies to everything asked, doesn’t ignore or reply being funny, tells the truth which not many people do. Can’t say anything bad about him

    Every order is well well wrapped, very discreet packaging everytime never any damage to the goodies. And delivery what can I say always wake up to a email. Very Good Packaging.

    Ran the tren a was very strong quality product would use again, strength went up, put on lean mass, bad sweats, crazy out of breath, body burning up, strong good product.

  80. This is a a review for the 4x 36iu Genotropin pens and Aromasin I had purchased.

    Replies to e-mails within hours (sometimes less) and will help assist you through the entire process. Any questions you may have will get answered in a timely and professional manner.

    Product arrived in 14 days after it was shipping and was well protected.

    Started the product a little over two weeks ago and notice a difference in my sleep. My nails and hair are already starting to grow at a faster rate.

    Overall this was a great experience and I will continue to order from this source! Some of the best pricing and availablitiy for Pharma grade HGH and sups you can find!

  81. just found this source, as its new i was not too sure at first so emailed and contacted them, they replied quick and very professional…so i decided to put only a small order in to see how it goes.

    quick replies, very good, professional, polite and gave me good confidence about this source.

    very discreet, you could never tell what was inside the package, no damage to product.

    oh boy do they work when on cycle when you need them lol could go all night and not even sweat..or get tired, my D just didnt want to stay soft after usage..very good and potent for what it is..enjoyed it for its usage to say the least, legit and very good..used all 7 jelly packs. will be back for more πŸ˜‰

    very good communication only for a small sample order,very happy with order and packaging.

    will be back again for sure πŸ™‚

  82. Long overdue review here. Have used this source a couple times now and I can say that I have felt better on these products than any others I have tried. Excellent results all around. My new go-to. Definitely recommend!

    Never had a problem warranting support but communication was always prompt and friendly

    Carefully and discretely packaged. T/A was under a week every time

  83. This is an overdue review for Test-E, NPP, Dbol, and Anadrol.

    He always replied quickly and was personable; actually felt like I was speaking to a real person, which was a nice change from some of the other suppliers I’ve dealt with.

    Shipping took 5 days to the UK, which is pretty good as it came from outside of Europe! Packaging was the best I’ve seen, in terms of how discrete it was.

    Thought the quality was spot on. I ran two cycles with the gear I bought and I was happy with the the results both times. I ran the Test-E @ 900mg per week, and the NPP @ 400mg per week for 11 weeks. Dbol kickstart, 25mg taken twice daily for 4 weeks. First cycle I kept 20 lbs after PCT, second cycle 14 lbs after PCT. I’ve yet to try the Anadrol but I’m going to try it in place of Dbol in my next cycle.

    I will be making another order tomorrow for myself and a buddy of mine. Think that says it all really :).

  84. 3rd time ordering from these guys and its never a problem, always smooth and get my shipment within 7-10days.

    (6) 5000 of hgc, ordered plenty in the past.

    ran their hcg my entire cycle, i kept mostly all of my gains and pct was a breeze with the help of this

    Very reasonable pricing and they answer any question you may have.

  85. 3rd review for rxsteroids. Service has been first class and no issues to date. Didn’t buy any gear this time around just ancillaries but the experience has been just as good.

    Only needed to confirm a few details which as always went fine.

    Had bloods done 3 days ago and received results today. My e2 is significantly lower since starting 1mg anastrozole ed 2 weeks ago, compared to 0.5mg pharma I was on before. Id be led to believe the DRAGON PHARMA anastrozole are adequately dosed and I’ll admit I was hesitant to try a ugl AI, but for the price I couldn’t resist. The Pregnyl seems to be keeping the twins alive and full!

  86. this is a review of the schering bayer proviron! I got this because I had run out of UGL proviron and was seeing more and more negative feedback, so fort id try a source ive not used before and get some pharma stuff.. the proviron by bayer is deffo legit, felt more well being and stupidly horny!

    fast t/a … about 8 days all in all

    good products . good source GTG

  87. Extraordinary service – Rxstr went out of the way to help out as quick as possible even though they didn’t have to on their part – yet they accommodated me anyway, as they are true professionals and, I am pleased with the professional treatment. They answered all the queries etc and, the T-A time was excellent. The vital bit is that the items are looking great too. Although its been only a day, I will keep updates on the effectiveness/gaining – but I’ve no doubts about it mind, what with the 3% Rxstr! Have had experiance with this sust and, it was great stuff, so looking forward to the gains yet to follow with this gear!

  88. Currently using sustanon at 1ml every 3 days, excellent strength and size increase the arimidex is keeping bloat away brilliantly. Speedy shipping, easy to deal with definitely recommended.

    Excellent quick communication, no support required.

    Discreet and secure.

  89. Great source who helped me out. This is a review for HCG. Many of us use it – My review is not only for the product but for the extra service source provided.

    Excellent communication. Emails were promptly responded to.

    No issues – well packaged. Domestic supplier which is a plus.

    As a TRT patient I use HCG 2-3 times weekly @ 50 units each dose. Results are consistent with other Pharma HCG. To me HCG is a maintenance item- no tales of greatness around weight or anything else. It just keeps atrophy at bay. Fertigyn HCG gets it done.

    Thanks to the source for providing great service and easy transaction.

  90. Review for organon sus amps and dragon pharma anavar 50.

    can not fault communication from this guy replies asap. I made a mistake with my order and he sorted it out straight away.

    was taking another product but switched to these sus amps off rxsteroids been on for three weeks now.

    1 amp every 3 days and feel like a vampire thats just sucked blood out of a virgin bitch, weight up muscles fuller. Now been taking these dragon pharma anavar for two weeks at 75mgs a day insane pumps,and skin around muscles all tight and feel strong as fck.

    was very impressed with this guy that i also ordered some dragon pharma winny, cant wait to try next year nice looking vials and oil. If anyone is thinking of buying off rxsteroids dont hesitate your in good hands nice honest guy. Top man great service and products.

  91. Highly recommended. I was originally tempted away from a previous source due to the range of products Rxsteroids has in stock, combined with the very competitive offers… and there’s next to no reason why I would bother to look elsewhere for the future.

    Queries always answered within a reasonable time-frame, helpful and pleasant to deal with.

    Discrete packaging and fast delivery, arrived when it was supposed to, was promptly informed of ETA after dispatch.

    Low dose stacking of all products ordered, after introducing them one by one first. Everything works as expected:

    Kalpa Mast P – compliments the other compounds well, mitigates their sides. Increased well-being and muscle fullness/hardness

    Dragon Pharma Tren A – strength and the feeling of god-mode in a bottle. Only negative ‘side’ noticed at under 300/wk is the hindered cardio/shortness of breath. Your experience may differ especially in relation to test amount…

    Kalpa Sustaxyl – First time using a test blend and as expected. Run low enough so no ancillaries needed.

    HCG – ampoule is a bit awkward but otherwise dead easy and definitely does the job.

    I’m ordering again soon, which is surely the most sincere endorsement there is. Now that there is NPP in stock I won’t even need to go elsewhere for that!

  92. Rxsteroids is the best source I have used without a doubt.

    Packaging was discreet and secure. Neither breakage nor detection was possible.

    Inside, packaging was quite professional and pleasing to the eye. Everything was present:

    Test Enanthate 250 10ml x 2

    Masteron Enanthate 200 10 ml x 2

    Full course of Clomid

    Injections 1ml each product 2x weekly alternating thighs Monday and Thursday. Minimal to no PIP after first administration. Good quality: 11lbs in 3 weeks plus noticeable strength increase. Some water retention, but not much at all. 3cc 23 gauge 1 inch has been perfect for these oils.

    Sides not a problem thus far. Slightly higher BP at 131/88. No acne or aggression, but it is early. Increased energy and appetite. Libido is slowly on the rise, but I’m not in my 20’s anymore either. I have found my new supplier, no doubt.

  93. I did a 10 week cycle:

    Test C 500mg/wk)

    Dbol (for the first 4 weeks)

    ADEX .25mg EOD

    HCG 500iu/wk.

    Clomid/Nolva 50mg/wk for 4 weeks post cycle.

    From order to my doorstep in less than 10 days!

    Totally discreet. Even I didn’t realize what it was at first. I don’t feel like I can say much more without giving too much away.

    I did a 10 week cycle DBOL for the first 4 weeks – Great instant gains to kickstart the cycle.

    Test Cyp. 500mg/week

    HCG throughout the entire cycle 500iu a week. – Worked great, I didn’t shut down. Made PCT a lot easier.

    Adex .25mg EOD Clomid/Nolva for 4 weeks following cycle I went from 200 lbs to 220 lbs. I ended PCT a month ago, and am currently at 215 with the same BF, so 15 pounds of muscle! Bench went from 175×1 to 225×1 (It was 245 while I was on but post cycle 225 was my max.) Squat went from 275×1 to 315×3! Currently I am at 315×1

    I HIGHLY recommend them, and I will be placing another order soon!

  94. Recieved the ordered gear I just want to tell how great it is, that someone like Rxsteroids provides many people with good quality gear and very good prices & great Promos, Keep up the good work, You definitely got me as a loyal customer.

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