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RXSteroids.Net Review

RXSteroids.Net Review

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RxSteroids.Net Products Reviews

For muscle building and fat loss purposes there was established a trustworthy and reliable online anabolic pharmacy RxSteroids.Net, containing a large database of gear suitable for increasing muscular mass, increasing testosterone or burning the unnecessary fat. By cooperating with best anabolic steroids manufacturers in the world, the pharmacy offers athletes and bodybuilders only genuine, verified products for muscle building cycles and post cycle therapy.

RxSteroids.Net Delivery Reviews

The company also works a great deal to establish a perfectly functioning and secure delivery process. By emphasizing the importance of packaging, while transporting such sensible goods like injectable anabolic steroids or human growth hormone products, RxSteroids.Net have the goal to make a reliable climate of relations with eventual customers, who take anabolic for muscular growth.

RxSteroids.Net Prices Reviews

Online steroids pharmacy established competitive prices for the gear presented for sale so that athletes and bodybuilders would always be sure to trust for the best solutions in the muscle building process. With occasional discounts and special offers RxSteroids.Net is looking to grow closer to its clients, through a respectful and efficient customer support service.

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RxSteroids.Net Customer Reviews

Good services and fast delivery by this store. Ordered several Tren packages and was completely satisfied with the result.
There are so many online steroids stores that make difficult for us, steroids users to make a steady and sure decision regarding our next purchase. Many anabolic pharmacies disappeared and in search for a new source I recently discovered Rxsteroids. Well…I got my first order and everything seems ok. Gear is powerful shipping was good, I just hope everything it’ll be the same in the future.
It’s been a long time since I haven’t used such a powerful and solid Deca product like Deca from organon sold by these guys. Large and intense muscle gains and less side effects from this product. Perhaps this is one of most compatible Deca I ever used. No negative action on my body.

123 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. Overall highly satisfied with this source. They went above and beyond to help me.

    Communication was perfect. I needed this order by a strict deadline for a powerlifting meet, and told them if they could not make it happen I would not order. Communication was as fast as text messaging.

    Packing was discreet, flawless.


    Testosterone no ester.


    Aromasin (have not used)

    I have used these products for 3 days. Bear in mind, they were to only be used for those 3 days. I did a pretty harsh cut from 197 down to 181 in 3 days. I cut carbohydrates and salt 6 days out. On thursday, I started loading Dianabol 100mg (different source) and anadrol 100mg twice a day to spike my e2 to help retain water after my weigh in on friday. I also loaded 20 mg halotestin every 3 hours. After about 60 mg on thursday, I could feel the classic halo aggression and anger. I also pinned 100mg of their TNE that day. Btw, the tne had very little pip. 30 minutes later, I magically had loads of energy despite being on the brink of dehydration, almost 0 carbs. I also had a gigantic erections and a great sense of well being. On friday, after my weigh, I pinned 100mg of TNE 3 times over the course of the day to help appetite, while also loading 100mg of anadrol and 20mg of halo every 4 hours. Again, I started to feel better and better, and by the end of the day I felt like I could lift a car.

    Saturday morning, the day of the meet, i ended up weighing in at 202. I pinned 100mg of tne, took 40 mg of halo and 150 mg of anadrol. I blew up my squats for a 35 pound p.r. On bench, I again took 40 mg of halo, and 150 mg of anadrol. I ended up getting a 10lbs pr and it would have been a 30 but I was red-light ed for pressing too fast. For the deadlift, I pinned 100mg tne, and 40mg halo. My intensity and aggression at this point was nuts. I was definitely a crowd pleaser. Wound up with a 15 pound pr. Would have been a 40 pound but my 3rd attempt deadlift went up so fast and my intensity was so high that it was red-light ed for a technical error. To give you my level, my 3rd attempt was 645. So yes, these products did exactly what they needed to do. They will be sitting in my stash until next meet.

    Excellent source. Have not used aromasin yet, but wanted to give a review to return the favor that these guys did for me. Thanks, and you have a new loyal customer.

  2. Just wanna say thanks to Rxsteroids was packaged nice vials look like good shit. Very impressed with the packageing if there’s no more delays ill stick with them. Rxsteroids your a good dude he did keep in contact with me.

    Very discreet

  3. 2nd time I have ordered from rxsteroids……1st time was about a year ago..decided to use him again last week because I love Kalpa gear… it is time I wrote a review.

    Ordered 2-test enthanate & 2-mast prop. Sent my donation and was picked up on their end within 24hours which is good. Emailed him to ask when goodies would be arriving and he said shortly….I understand they are busy. Got home today and there was my package!……7 days total…which is GREAT! from funds sent to products delivered to their destination.

    Packaging was on point…very professional

    I have ran every injectable of Kalpa Pharma and they are hands down the best gear I have ever used!

    Will be re-ordering soon from this source to stock up my supplies

    Authorized dealer of Kalpa Gear…..super simple ordering process….don’t send the guy a shit ton of emails on when package will arrive….just KNOW,,,,it will be at your door sooner than later

    Keep up the good work Bro!

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