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RXSteroids.Net Review

RXSteroids.Net Review

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RxSteroids.Net Products Reviews

For muscle building and fat loss purposes there was established a trustworthy and reliable online anabolic pharmacy RxSteroids.Net, containing a large database of gear suitable for increasing muscular mass, increasing testosterone or burning the unnecessary fat. By cooperating with best anabolic steroids manufacturers in the world, the pharmacy offers athletes and bodybuilders only genuine, verified products for muscle building cycles and post cycle therapy.

RxSteroids.Net Delivery Reviews

The company also works a great deal to establish a perfectly functioning and secure delivery process. By emphasizing the importance of packaging, while transporting such sensible goods like injectable anabolic steroids or human growth hormone products, RxSteroids.Net have the goal to make a reliable climate of relations with eventual customers, who take anabolic for muscular growth.

RxSteroids.Net Prices Reviews

Online steroids pharmacy established competitive prices for the gear presented for sale so that athletes and bodybuilders would always be sure to trust for the best solutions in the muscle building process. With occasional discounts and special offers RxSteroids.Net is looking to grow closer to its clients, through a respectful and efficient customer support service.

Anabolic steroid and other products from Dragon Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Organon, Bristish Dispensary are all gathered into a large catalogue of drugs, containing popular injectable testosterone supplements, oral Danabol, Oxandrolone, and Stanozol, Deca and Tren in various forms and many other essential products for bodybuilding.

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RxSteroids.Net Customer Reviews

Good services and fast delivery by this store. Ordered several Tren packages and was completely satisfied with the result.
There are so many online steroids stores that make difficult for us, steroids users to make a steady and sure decision regarding our next purchase. Many anabolic pharmacies disappeared and in search for a new source I recently discovered Rxsteroids. Well…I got my first order and everything seems ok. Gear is powerful shipping was good, I just hope everything it’ll be the same in the future.
It’s been a long time since I haven’t used such a powerful and solid Deca product like Deca from organon sold by these guys. Large and intense muscle gains and less side effects from this product. Perhaps this is one of most compatible Deca I ever used. No negative action on my body.

120 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. All in all I would highly recommend. First time with them, definitely won’t be my last!

    Promptly and informatively responded to any questions I had- no matter the time of day. Usually within the hour.

    Very discreet.

    Strength is up very quickly, and pumps are noticeable from the first day.

    Have not yet tried the Drol,

    And Tbol was out of stock but will review soon.

    One of the easiest I’ve used so far, and look forward to working with them in the future!

  2. One more order from Rxsteroids. Couldn’t be happier with the product and service. One top knotch business man. Let me know when the test-e comes back in stock……..

    Always answers within a few hours. Gotta keep in mind sometime that their is a time change between us.

    Shipping in two weeks.

    First time using sust 350, I was using sust 250 and having good results.

    Friends are all switching to Rxsteroids based on seeing how he’s treated me. Rx, hope you can keep up with demand!!!!!!!

  3. Underrated source right here boys! 5 out of 5 on communication. Shipped out as soon as payment was recieved and my pack was in the mailbox in 10 working days. As for the gear this is my first run with Kalpa Products but I’m impressed! I ordered the test blend and have been running it for around three weeks. The prop in the mix gives it a nice kick every now and then but other than that its hella smooth. Weight and lifts are all up.

  4. Best gear I have ever used. Excellent packaging, very good communication. I have been taken many times by others and was looking for legit gear. Thanks to RX I got some My source from now on.

  5. rxsteroids is one of the best places I’ve used over the years. vials are filled correctly, probably even a surplus amount., and the product is dosed accurately as far as I can tell. PIP is minimal and sterility isn’t a problem. definitely a quality product.

    great communication. he always responds quickly and is very courteous. a total professional.

    easy to deal with.

    packaged well. no concerns with possible damage or safety. very discrete.

    Test c – The product is dosed right. I’ve been using the test c for almost 4 weeks and the gains are coming on strong. I’m only using 400mg a week and really couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. I had been on a dbol and epistane run for 8 weeks and was shutdown pretty bad. I didn’t really expect a lot of additional gains from just 400mg of test, but I’m back gaining steadily again. libido, mood and energy are fantastic. strength goes up every workout. this stuff is truly A+.

  6. This source was my first order from an online source everything went smooth read alot of good reviews from this source before ordering

    packing was great air sealed and T/A was 16 days after payment in northwest US with a couple holiday days in this time

    I would reccomend this source to someone that wanted gear fast.

  7. Ordered December 8 2017. I updated my order with the payment info and I received my confirmation text that my WU was picked up. I figured that my order would ship in 48 hours like it had in the past. I never received my confirmation email that my order shipped so that prompted me to go on the site to check my order status
    The domain didnt exist. I checked it every day thereafter and still nothing. First time this happened. Id been saving for awhile and waiting for the holidays to order and my brother and I ordered together. We still keep checking to see if the site is up but its not. Anyone know how to contact them?

  8. Good news, the site is working for me, just checked it out

  9. I’m the brother lol. Glad to see it’s back up. Can’t wait to get our order. It said it’s been shipped.

  10. I’ve had only 1 order from this guy which was during promo, however I will certainly be ordering again.

    Communication was very professional and prompt. I was updated via e-mail on every step of the order. I did not need any further support once my order had arrived.

    The Test-E is literally the smoothest I have ever used. I do my test jabs subq and there is no pain or sting when injecting. I still have an itchy lump as with all oils I’ve used but it is much less noticeable. I used the test during a cruise so my weight remained near enough the same, i had bloods taken when i decided to stop cruising and PCT and my test levels where still out of range, 10 days after my last jab. I was cruising on 150MG/Week

    I am yet to use the D Bol so I cannot comment, next cycle is due so these will be reviewed in around 6 weeks!

  11. I have ordered test c and eq. I have been using trt at 100mg for the past 4 months and I could feel the difference after a couple weeks of adding Kalpa Pharmaceuticals on top of my trt dose. The test c and eq combination are increasing strength, increasing lean muscle mass, and increasing my hunger for food, heavy metal, and pussy. 🙂

  12. I’ve had a very good experience using rxsteroids, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a source.

    Communication and support have been great. This review is for my first order with rxsteroids, I’ve since ordered again. All questions were promptly answered politely even though I probably was a bit annoying haha.

    T/A was less than 2 weeks. Definately in the time frame advertised. Package was discreet and we’ll packed. Nothing missing or broken and packaging looked like any other package you would see in the mail.

    I ordered 4 vials test e 250, 3 vials tren ace, 3 50 winstrol, 1 50 dbol.

    I personally ran 4 bottles of test e at 1000mg per week. I also ran winny at 50 mg per day. There was very little pip with the test e and I was very happy with product quality. My strength was up as well as sex drive. Joints started to get sore around week 4 from the winny as expected and I was kinda looking forward to running out haha. My weight dropped by about 5 lbs during the cycle almost all of which was fat, this was a cutting cycle and went better than I thought. My starting weight was around 220 and final weight was about 214 215. I continued this cycle from another source that I had started with and I could feel my test ramping up when I started kalpa test making me believe kalpa is far superior to the product I was running prior.

    I just reordered and will continue to use rxsteroids, fair prices, great service, great products. I couldn’t be happier.

  13. Great! Fast and efficient!

    Ordered over a few orders:

    Kalpa arimidex

    Kalpa clomid

    7Lab test p

    Sciroxx test p

    I did a short six week test prop cycle starting with the 7lab with blood work at four week mark. At that point I was doing 150mg eod with a tt of 112nmol/L ,I didn’t think it was bad. Strength went up around week 3 and I leaned out nicely. Defiantly added muscle but also dropped fat so was a great short recomp (little pip although these were yellow tops).The sciroxx had zero pip and I assume was good but was just tail end of cycle.

    I did how ever manage to crash my e2 with careless arimidex dosing so that is also legit.

    the clomid is unused so I cannot comment other than it looks spot on ( am on trt).

    Great source and will be ordering very soon. Thank you RX.

  14. I’m extremely happy with everything, customer service was great, they replaced the testo-p and its the shit, I`m extremely happy, i will def continue to do biz with them 🙂 , Everything in my last order was fine too, just the test-p

  15. Review for Kalpa pharma arimidex and proviron and nolvadex

    My favorite orals for my gyno flare ups after long heavy cycles

    Fast simple polite easy communication and ordering and donation orders were also easy to follow and support was very helpful when I did have a request to add to my order

    Padded and wrapped well, added extra orals and very stealth shipping

    I normally use my proviron year round with my TRT at 50mg a day and .25mg arimidex e3d andfthis combo with my TRT dose of test has always kept my estrogen perfectly within range and my libido is nice and high and my muscles are dry and hard as rocks and my skin is clear of acne and my aggression in the gym is incredible

    However sometimes I have gyno flares like after my last cycle some I used Kalpa nolvadex for about 3months at 40mg a day to clearbupmmy latest flare up and it noticeably shrank the size and tenderness of the lump and improved the appearance of my nipple.

    I have no sides from nolva and loved it helped my kill this flare up

    I just stopped it yesterday but I’m confident it will stay gone for a while but I’m still using arimidex and provirn and loving them too I only trust the pharma quality of Kalpa orals

  16. Fast/discreet/cost friendly couldn’t ask for more from these guys. Very good us source. They are only one site I know providing worldwide shipping. My order was delivered next week.

    Product quality is really good. I’m on 500mg test, 200mg tren still on anadrol for couple more weeks and I will up tren up to 300mg per week plus winstrol will be added at the end. Felling very fine, no noticeable side effects from tren.

    Defiantly recommend this source.

  17. I have had a few things from these guys now and have never been disappointed the prices are the cheapest I have seen and had very good results with the products. I would recommend them to anyone

    Packaging is very discreet

    2 x Accutane

    2 x Kalpa test e 250

    1 x 7Lab proviron

    16 week cycle, got good gains from my second cycle

  18. Great service from these guys as always. Arrived within couple of weeks. Never had a problem with them.

    Packaging discreet, well packaged.

    Kalpa Test E x 5

    Kalpa Dbol 10mg x 100

    7Lab Tamoxifen and Clomid


    Kalpa dbol did the job, bloated me up a bit, lot of water retention, nothing more than any other dbol. Product seemed quite strong and gave me some very good strength gains almost immediately.

    Kalpa test e was great, IMHO better than previous 7Lab and Dragon Pharma cycles. Just finishing 16wks, 2ml a wk for half the cycle, 4ml a wk for the other half. Have been impressed with strength and size. No side effects, PIP was more or less zero, smooth as. Libido was mad, thru the roof. Even the dog has gone into hiding!!!! LOL….Overall very impressed with Kalpa, gutted i’m near the end of this cycle.I will definitely use Kalpa again on my next cycle.

    Haven’t used the PCT stuff yet, so no comment on that.

    T3 was for a friend, so again, can’t comment on it.

    Excellent source and excellent products. Happy Days!

  19. Communication and support was fast emails where answered within 12hours which is fast in my opinion

    Packaged well and gave no signals away of what the package contained no crushed tablets all full and solid which in another bonus

    2xpacks Turanaxyl 10 200tabs

    This cycle is roughly 8weeks of a tbol only cycle 3 tabs first week 2nd week 4 tabs 3rd week 5 tabs 4th week 6 tabs then back to 4 tabs meantince dose week 5 6 7 8,4weeks in,within the first 5 days wood was solid tried keeping on the quiet since the wife does not like me taking anabolics but I am sure she knows with my sex drive so high more noticeable the gains I was making where solid,use to do dbol or anadrol only cycles which gave me water weight and sides which I did not like but none this with Turanaxyl 10 just solid muscle even ppl in the gym asking what I was taking since I am making lean gains.Turanaxyl 10 I will be purchasing from now on love the stuff my new beast pills

    This review is from a friend I can see the gains he has made about to start my tbol test mast e cycle can’t wait looking forward to it since I see a few friends using Turanaxyl 10 only cycles and there loving it I have bought 8 packs Turanaxyl 10 and only have 2 left for myself seems the the proof is in the pudding thanks Rxsteroids will be putting another order in very soon quality products at a great price

  20. Picked up 5 X 10mls of Test-E 250, smooth, very little pip @ 1.25″ 23g delts quads and hips, smooth no heating gear necessary.

    Actually the supplier was in contact with me more than the other way around. I was unable to utilize a portion of the site to update my information for shipping so made contact via email. Fast response time, 10 days from order to received. RxS was in contact with every portion from order received, to shipped…hell did everything but opened it for me.

    First order Absolutely astonished by the speed professionalism and quality of product.

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