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  • Package is an online pharmacy that has serviced thousands of people to by helping them find their desired legal steroids over the internet. offers a variety of options, both when it comes to medications and services. RoidsPharm specializes in generic steroids and erectile dysfunction drugs. The website offers medication for men struggling with impotence and people who are suffering from excess weight in general. The medicine made available on the website however is very varied, ranging from bodybuilding steroids, to hair loss to erectile dysfunction medications.

Ways to contact customer support include a an online support feature for contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shipping is available worldwide and various discounts apply to some of the products. The coupon code that is a constant offer in the website allows for even more bonuses and better prices for clients. Returning customers receive a 15 percent bonus whenever they place a second order. specializes in generic medication, leaving behind name brand drugs and a lot of their high prices making this online pharmacy a cheaper alternative to trademarked medication – Kalpa Pharmaceuticals for Sale. There are also trial packs of medicine made available so that new clients can order to see if they are fully satisfied with the quality of the drugs before making an bigger order, this of course after comparing the different alternatives that come in the trial pack.‘s website has managed to attract a big customer base from all over the world in the past years, making it an important resource for buying medication online. – Legal Steroids Pharmacy

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95 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. I have tried to send my order to no avail. They keep giving me a new ticket order. Wondering what happened with them

  2. This isn’t first order with them & wont be my last. i’m just finishing up with some Kalpa products and couldn’t be more happy with the results.

  3. I have ordered from RoidsPharm twice now. Both orders were small and came through in record time. I was totally satisfied with both orders, everything went smooth.

    Communication has always been great. I always get a reply within minutes after sending a message if RPh is online. I would have to say they’re the best i’ve ever had with communication,

    Both of my orders arrived between 7-10 business days to Aus and very well packed to clear a country with strict customs.

    All products worked well as they suppose too. The mrs was using the Anavar and had increase in strength and good fat loss. Arimixyl worked well and kept my sides in place. HCG has worked a treat. My recovery time coming off my cycle has been quick.

    I will keep using RoidsPharm for good. Have not had any issues with this source and their service has been top notch!

  4. These guys are fuckin awesome always quick one email we received funds its out 48hrs. One week to Ny.

  5. communication is really good from RoidsPham never had to use the support is ordered and waited

    just under two weeks no broken vials nicely packed

    4 x kalpa pharma test c 250

    started test about a month ago and have had Added about 6 lbs so far

    Libido skyrocketed after the first week. Oily skin about 2 weeks in. The pumps are really nice and and my strength has really increased quite a bit so far.

    Pain free injections too. All around great product

    Def recommend this source

  6. Spent a lot of time researching sources to supply my cycle needs as this is the first ordering/cycling I have done in many years. doesn’t really have many bad reviews in the several years this section dates back. Was confident in this aspect that the goods would be of quality, however I never like ordering Internationally because of the potential time and risks so this fact gave me a bit of anxiety. RoidsPharm did not disappoint however and I am glad I used his service.

    Not really any needed. Ordering was easy, and payment was simple and easy to follow. Ordered products were received so there was no need to contact RoidsPharm for any kind of support. Judging the previous reviews this is standard operating procedure for RoidsPharm, so I have to give them an A+ for this section.

    T/A time was in line with the estimates on the website. I received my products in 8 business days from the day it was shipped. Products shipped 2 days after payment was sent. My order was fairly small and only tabs, but it was clear time was spent packing the items secure. Again, I have to give an A+ on the packaging simply because it arrived with no issues.

    DBol- 10 years ago when I cycled regularly, DBol was one of my favorite compounds. I used it on almost all of my cycles for jumpstarts in large doses. Given my absence from cycling for so many years, I started with a modest dose of 30 mgs pre workout. On day 2 I absolutely felt the effects. 3 warm up sets on leg extension brought muscle cramps at contraction. Pumps deliver almost instantaneously when I begin my workouts, and strength gains are obvious with every workout. I started at 260 lbs, and after 1 week am tipping the scales at 267ish (I fluctuate quite a bit with my pounds). Workouts are longer as my muscle stamina has increased. I sure did miss DBol’s effects in my decade hiatus from juice, but am glad I settled on Dragon pharma’s DBol. IMO it is exactly as advertised. Anavar – I will not go into too much detail on the anavar since it is my wife that is taking it. She has been on 10mg split (5+5) for about 4-5 weeks now. She is an AAS virgin, so may not 100% understand what the anavar is doing for her. She has increased strength on all her lifts substantially, and I have noticed her mood elevated almost as soon as day 3. She has lost a few pounds, so the fear of receiving DBol instead of anavar is safe to assume not the case. Anavar seems to be a heavily reviewed product from Dragon pharma and all are positive, so little reason to think otherwise for what my wife is taking given her results.

    I think RoidsPharm do a tremendous job. If RoidsPharm had the type of selection of the sources above them in the ranks, they may be top of the board IMO. Always do current research on any source, but as of this review, absolutely order with confidence.

  7. This review is for the Dragon Pharma Test P 100. These guys have been in the top 10 for years now for a reason. Great products and great service. Prop is probably one of the easiest products to review if it works it works quick. I can say without any reservations that the product I tested was properly dosed with expected results.

    Communication is always very simple with these guys they work well.

    T/A 2 weeks packaging is tight and discrete.

    Product quality is properly dosed. 2 weeks into my current cycle, Prop kicked in within the second day, every pin has the distinctive aftertaste I always get with prop, and of course the ubiquitous case of SWAMPASS! I always get it with good prop for some reason.. Libido is up! Strength is up about 15% workouts are longer and more productive.

    I have done business with theses guys several times and they have even bailed me out of some sticky situations. Thanks guys. Gsleepy

  8. Great Source. I have used many different sources and this is my favorite. Great quality, Great communication and Great shipping.

    Never had any problems always responds within 24 hours

    T/A is usually about a week after funds are picked up. Packaging is very safe and discrete.

    Product quality is great. I have been cruising with Test C .75ml once a week for 5 weeks and had blood work done Total Test came back 1199. I found while looking for legit anavar for my wife which she has run 3 cycles of so far and she is currently running 10mg Tbol which she also loves. I have run Dbol 30mg daily which i was able to set new PR on all lifts before injury. My friend has been doing his own TRT with test E for about 6 months now along with a few cycles of Var with great results.

    I am so looking forward to my next bulking cycle with dragon pharma. Thanks RoidsPharm

  9. This is for the winny that RPh let me try

    Package was tight and arrived in 7 days I believe…

    Kalpa winstrol 100x10mgs

    I use it at 50mgs all way thru and it did what it was supposed to do… I kept water dwn due to the test I ran with it… I love how lean it kept me on cycle but like with any winny my joints started bothering me but no worries I dnt complain bout the Lil stuff when the big picture is far much greater

    Kalpa has great products I just got some of there hgh so soon I start that’s will be writing a review on that but everything I tried from them been on point so thanks RoidsPharm!

  10. After 2 weeks of talking with RoidsPharm I have received my order. I was concerned that I was scammed because I was not hearing any update on my order and was told my payment didn’t go through even though moneygram said it did. Now that I have received my gear I know that RoidsPharm is good on his word.

    Besides a few days of not hearing anything, communication was great and covered the necessities.

    Packaging was discreet and tightly secured. A+

    2x 300mg Test E 1x 50/50mg Clomid 1x 50/20mg Nolvadex

    I have mild PIP in my quads. Pretty sure it’s because this is my very first time injecting so I’m not a pro. I injected 2 days ago and PIP is going away. I don’t think the gear has anything to do with it.

    If you haven’t received your order, do not panic. RoidsPharm is helpful and will make sure you get your gear. Just make sure they know that you have an issue.

  11. I ordered a few months a go 2x testoxyl prop to use as a finisher to my cycle. I have just started using them. I am very happy with the quality of the products.

    I am on the first vial and I have not notice a decrease in recovery or gains. Definately it is good to go.

  12. i have been using this supplier for a while now and all I can say is they are top notch when it comes to customer service. The prices are competitive and the shipping has always been spot on and fast NEVER a problem. Keep up the great work.

    my items was packaged tight and very nicely never a issue with there shipping process

    prop, cypionate and Dbol tablets 10mg

    I have been using this product for over 4 weeks now and I am getting all the effects of good test… this stuff Is of great quality and the oils are smooth the test prop is some of the best I have used.. there DBOL is top notch some of the best I have had in a long time.

  13. This is a review for Kalpa Test Cyp

    Communication and support was excellent, I took part in a promo and received a free bottle of cyp.

    The packaging was very discrete, T/A was around 2 weeks to East Coast.

    To properly get the results out of this, I used it mid cycle between other test cyp I had. This cyp is definitely g2g, it balanced out my cycle perfectly, in supplement of my other test c. My strength gains went up as they should have throughout the use of this, I gained about 8 lbs throughout the duration of this vial (1.5ml injections, twice a week). I also noticed a more increased libido, compared to the other test cyp I was on at the time and my acne lessened, which I found interesting. Overall, solid cyp, I would use it again in the future, I started it around week 6, so definitely got an accurate test out of it.

    Great promo cyp – I love trying new labs.

  14. I have ordered from RoidsPharm many time he is a pleasure to deal with especially ordering from overseas now a days can be quiet nerve wrecking.

    Outstanding whenever i had a question or concern he answer it quickly and was very polite treats his customers like friends and family and always gives his customers the benefit of the doubt on. Very positive experience and one of my favorites with a source no hassle stress free.

    There TA is phenomenally for overseas i paid EMS and got my pack in a week tightly wrapped could barely tel what was inside al my products arrived save and secure






    All prodcuts ordered were pharma grade the clen i have used from 40mcg up to 120mcg and it does its job hand shakes increased body temperature sweating perfidiously. The t3 was high quality you can tell its quality t3 because i get an increase in appetite and have more frequent bowel movements because of the increase metabolism also increased fat-loss.

    T3+cle= potent fatloss if your diet is in check my favorite combo for keeping stubborn belly fat away. The caber and Aromision was by far my favorite nothing is worse while on cycle when your doing everything right getting stronger and making gains then all of a sudden your nipples get puffy and start leaking and your dick no longer works. Luckily none of that happened thanks to the caber and aro kept progesterone and estrogen levels down while on a gram of tren and 500mg of test.

    Overall a very positive experience with this source they always have amazing promos and my go to source for anything pharmacy grade THANKS ROIDSPHARM!

  15. Great source!!

    T/A was quick 9 days from donation sent in to my lab. Was great tight shipped.

    2 Anavar

    1 Winny


    1 Prop.

    All Dragon Pharma products.

    The prop was amazing smooth I had virtually no pip after first shot and it was great to get my test up from my try levels. After 3 shots I was horny as hell aggressive and seemed angrier in the gym if I didn’t get any that day. As always oiler skin and hair grows quicker every where except the head. Took it with some other products with npp and there Winny and I was looking pretty cut up lots of viens and all my lifts were going up quite well. The var helped me cut the last bit of fat and look lean and hard and got me to look like I was always pumped after lifting. First time trying Dragon Pharma and I was very happy with them. The sust was not used by me but a friend so I can’t comment on it but his words were he wanted more and really liked it and he loves Sust n he ended up ordering some. Also using his var and Winny that cycle was one of my best. 6lbs I gained while losing 17 lbs of fat.

  16. I was desperate to get the Gen-Shi Durabolin 500 (Deca phenylprop, npp) by the end of the week. The price was a little high, but I got what I paid for which was quality gear! The packaging was simple and unrecognizable as gear. The 2 5ml vials were in perfect condition. I immediately pinned the 1st 100mg as I was already into my blast but had been let down by another src as far as delivery on time. No initial pain, but def PIP the next day. I pinned a second 100mg the 2nd day to kickstart my NPP (already been running 500mg Test-Cyp for 2 weeks while waiting for my other NPP shipment which hasn’t showed up yet). My workout tonite, was very intense for me. My Son who I workout with even asked me where that intensity came from. I was ripping off DB Hammer Curls and I swear to God I felt like a locomotive, nothing could stop me, at least until my shoulder quit on me. All I can say is WOW! Good, strong product and legit as the day is long.

  17. This is a review on the Kalpa TrenE from RoidsPharm.

    everything good.

    low test/high tren 150mg test / week

    1000mg tren/week (first week)

    500mg tren/week (other weeks)

    caber 0,5mg e4d Test is g2g. high libido.

    caber ist g2g. multiple orgasmn, no prolactin,no bitch tits

    Now the tren: The Tren is good.

    I dont know if it is 100% purity, maybe 73% or 84%, we donΒ΄t know… but much tren is inside the vial.

    All the tren sides include like insomia, night sweats, sweat at going,training,or like eating,orange brown urine… vasculary and strength is up.

    But i must say: 100% not alone tren-e in the vial… 2 minuetes after every! injecting… sweats, vasculary, read head…. sooo maybe a bit tren base, metribolone or an other fast/no esther steroid inside.

    I had differnt labs at Tren before Kalpa..

    I had one time good tren and five times bunk tren….

    Before Kalpa, i use another UK lab ****** at 2g tren/week and feel nothing!!!You read right.. 2G TREN !!

    Now at 500mg/week kalpa tren and have always read head,sweat as shit at doing something and much strength in the gym!

  18. The emails are answered quickly, attentive seller that cares about its customers, the order came to [censored] in 8 days, 100 tablets of winstrol by dragon pharma, easy to order, good payment, and quality and good price products, one of the best sources, will be up soon, I will place an order, sorry for my English.

  19. Ordered from roidspharm twice now. Extremely impressed both times, a really nice guy(s) with a more than decent range, fast delivery and good prices. Roidspharm is pretty much the only source for me.

    The whole process from placing the order to receiving it takes about 1 week, this is a very efficient service and delivery cost is not unreasonable either. Packaging has been basic but good and nondescript (exactly what you want).

    Not used the proviron as of yet so can’t really comment on it however it is pharma grade so I don’t envisage there being any problems with it. Got all the sides to be expected from the clen- shakes/increased heart rate and BP, it did the job nicely to shift fat and retain muscle. All in all great products.

    Will be making a 3rd order in the coming couple of weeks, very impressed with everything from ROIDSPHARM and can’t recommend them highly enough!

  20. ROIDSPHARM is a 100% fantastic Co from soup to nuts. If you are looking fr professional source go no further ! I am sure they are legit now from experience and due to the astute manner which they run their order process I can’t see dealing with any other way. The variety is great as well.

    Everything Arrives Perfectly Sealed

    Products are Amazing Legit and Potent

    I am doing great and feel it

    Zero sides so far and strangely which I have never heard of before my reflexes are off the charts)

    I feel Like NDG is my wingman ! This is a great company and I highly recommend it!!!

  21. Placed an order for dragon pharma var and tbol with some nolva. Payment made and received in 2 days. Order shipped a day later with tracking. Products came in discrete packaging which easily avoided Canadian customs. Been taking 75mg of var and 30 of tbol ed. Gained 10 lbs after the first 3 weeks. Half way through my cycle and every major lift has gone up. Definitely very pleased with the results. Currently recomping and losing fat while still getting stronger at week 6. Expectations are exactly what I have encountered before with dragon pharma. Great supplier and great customer service highly recommended.

    All emails returned within 48 hours.

    Prochem Var 50mg and tbol 10 mg

    Excellent. Been using for 6 weeks.

  22. I love RoidsPharm and will continue to be a customer, but I think RoidsPharm needs to take a serious look at the reviews on this site for various Omega products and stop carrying that shit. There is more than enough complaints to support such action and they owe it to their customers to stop selling bunk gear.

  23. Excellent source!

    Prompt reply, straightforward communication till final exchange.

    Discrete packaging.

    I have ordered Clenbuterol 40mcg tablets, cycled the product on recommended incremental dosage for two weeks. From the outset, product looks legit and at doses above 80mcg, I did get the usual signs such as an overwhelming hyperactivity and hand trembling. However, I have not been able to verify its thermogenic activity. I used two thermometers to monitor my basal oral/armpit temperatures before and after taking the tablets but it there is hardly any significant rise in body temperature even at times when the shakiness is most aggressive. Heart beat and BP is also unaffected hence i am still uncertain weather this was a worthy endeavor.

  24. They got a good selection, great service, and fast shipping. Worth every penny for me, I rather pay a lil more and get what I want quick. Five stars from me!

  25. 4th order with roidspharm, about time I left some feedback!

    Kalpa tren A is working as expected, great strength increases setting PP on all round, insane vascularity all over! getting comments at work &a gym about it & plenty off sides but to be expected with such a harsh AS

    Test prop has some nasty PIP but to be expected for a short ester, seems legit

    Kalpa I feel is under dosed & personal would avoid this lab in the future

    No complaints! would recommend to anyone look for AS

  26. Perfect as always.

    Great increased strength, agression everything as it should be.

  27. Just received another order from roidspharm, and surprise surprise, its all spot on.

    Packaged well and very discreet.

    Been using kalpa for ages now and the vials are exactly the same as usual. I do think kalpa is underdosed as do many others but I do get gains from using this brand. Its cheap enough so for now Im happy to use kalpa. The arimidex is a re stock of what Im currently using and its doing the job. It doesn’t really shrink the gyno but it stops it from flaring up. In my case anyway.

    I will continue to use MD as my source because of his customer support and quality service all round.

  28. Very happy with this seller. Was referred to him by a regular user on here and won’t be turning back. Thoroughly recommend.

    I have made subsequent orders with this seller, for sustanon, arimidex but cant comment on these yet as have not used. Overall i have had a great experience.

  29. Ordered a few weeks ago, kalpa pharma sust and test enanthate

    will be ordering again

  30. RoidsPharm rocks! I had excellent luck with my first order and they were a big help correcting a mistake that was entirely my fault. Thanks, guys. Question…Using Kalpa’s Test-E with excellent results so far. When will you have more in stock? I want to extend the cycle by a couple weeks.

  31. First time review writer,

    RoidsPharm was completely stress-free to work with.

    It was under a week to get my package, and the contents were delicately wrapped as the packaging was discreet.

    Ordered Dragon Pharma’s Cypionat 250, I thought the effectiveness was sub-par, at best, and the PIP was nearly unbearable for me.

  32. Got my hands on some Kalpa’s Testoxyl Enanthate 250 from these guys. Delivery was discreet, and super fast. Halfway through 12 week cycle now and can say its clean, good quality gear. Communication was spot on also. Will absolutely use them again.

    Maybe still early too tell but this is my 4th Cycle and looks good to me

  33. The best website on here, ordering was an easy process!

    Been using for a few weeks with some tren and things are going well.

  34. Ordered a while ago but felt I needed to give RoidsPharm his props!!!

    T/A was fast, and packaging was neat and discreet!

    Products right on the money, dosage felt good.

  35. I got a sample of what i now know as the most pure,potent pump inducing d bol known to man. Dragon pharma’s dianabol from RoidsPharm. i have much experience with d bol as it is my favorite oral. everyone knows the thai blue hearts are good, thats a fact.I used to swear by them and have used plenty.but believe me and take it from roidsharm as they wouldnt be sending samples of no bullshit.if you want the baddest dbol roidspharm has it

  36. Ordered some Letroxyl, great updates on order via email and post office tracking number given. 1st class all the way will use from now on for all my needs!!!

  37. ordered , paid and payment recieved. They have been extremely helpful and quick to answer any questions I had during the process. I expect a smooth transaction all together and have recieved such so far. I will use them again soon as i recieve order…

  38. I haven’t had one response to any inquiry as to why my order hadn’t been shipped in close to a week. I’ve waited 3days for an answer thats supposed to take 12hrs. And my order was overpaid by 5.00 any solution to my problem??

  39. I feel that I repeat myself with every review, cause every review is nothing but well deserved praise for RoidsPharm.

    Very professional email system. Keeps you up to date with the whole ordering process. Support is always there if required. Emails are always answered within a reasonable time frame.

    Always packaged to protect your order. Comes looking like any other package. No concerns what so ever.

    Been running the Dragon Pharma stuff for a while now and getting good steady gains. The jellies also do what there supposed to do.

    Have been using RoidsPharm for a while now and will continue to use as long as I required quality anabolics.

  40. Ok guys so it has been 9 days since I started Dragon Pharma’s dbol, test e, and deca bought from RoidsPharm. Its obviously too early to tell you how the latter two are working, but I can definitely vouch for the dbol! In nine days I’m up seven pounds. I’m on a very clean bulking diet so I know this isnt fat. I’m gaining noticeable amounts of strength on all my lifts and my recovery time is through the roof!! I’m on a 3 days on 1 day off split right now (Chest & Back, Arms & Shoulders, Legs & Abs) which when done right you typically need some extra “supplemental” help to get you through since youre hitting everything twice a week. I can put myself through a leg routine that will ordinarily have me walking like I have a stick up my ass for about 4 days, but now I feel like I could hit legs everyday if I really wanted to. No soreness the next day whatsoever no matter how hard I hit them. RoidsPharm has fast shipping, in my opinion legit gear, and great customer service.

  41. Super service and fast delivery, best source I ever have been in contact whit, I am decently going to order again.

    Order was nicely packed, and it only took 8 workdays to get it

    Products was of great quality, got a good lean gain and strength doubled, I had no bloat and no sides,

  42. After some communication problem due to hotmail used. I received my order today.

    Didn’t get response within the first 24 hours, so I had to make Gmail that worked afterwards.

    Plain and discreet packaging. Europe shipping was really fast.

    Thumbs up for that.

  43. Successful 5th order

    Excellent comms, always answers questions within a day and often alot sooner

    Well packaged

    Never used prami before only ever used caber but i took a full 0.5mg capsule first night and thought i was gonna die, but die with a massive boner! Lol felt so sick and dizzy for about 14hours, turned white as a sheet! Started splitting capsules and had approx quarter of the powder in them at a time, then moved to a third of a cap and then a half as i got used to the compound. Never had a pill apart from viagra that gave me such raging boners as this, also makes you v tired about 2-4hrs after youve takem it so you have to get your timing right.

    Excellent service and products as usual, roidspharm never dissapoints.

  44. What can I say about roidspharm, absolutly spot on. Made several orders now. Packages received within 6 days or 7 of payment. I’ve even messed up my orders and shipping address and they still stay in contact and sorted it all out. I’ve even started paying in before making orders as they are that trustworthy. Would not go any where else.

    Always quick to respond. Simple and always there to help. Can’t complain.

    Quick and easy to order. Simple instructions and the packaging is very discrete, never had any damage.

    Dragon pharmadbol, test 400, deca 300 and some viagra. All products produced great gains and the wife was pleased too lol.

    Showing great gains as always.

  45. Well after reading all the hype these guys are getting, i decided to jump on board and have to say I’m glad i did..

    what can i say, these guys are bang on and there really is no need to go elsewhere.

    GHRP6…working well and having to control my eating as this stuff really does make u want to eat at 300 mcg per day over 3 injections sub q.

    Kalpa Test…Front loaded with 4ml in one shot and starting to feel the test cut in and will report back after another week..

    Dragon Pharma Dbol…60mg per day seems to do the trick, 30mg in the morning and then 30mg an hour before training.

    GH im yet to use…

    T3 im yet to use..

  46. This review is for genetropin 36iu. The whole process was easy which was definitely good as this was my first time ordering with Roidspharm, as you know the first time ordering from any src you worry a little but he answered all my questions and like I said made it easy.

    Communication was good, he got back to me in a timely manner bc I did have a few questions before ordering.

    Ta was about a week after ordering which is pretty decent. Packaging was as to be expected, safe and secure even doubly so.

    At first I was using about 5iu but that was a little too much so I backed it down to 2iu and it’s more than half gone by now. Almost immediately I got water retention especially in my face which happens to me whenever I run pharma gh. But let me add this is my first time using geno’s and I definitely think that they are stronger than nordi’s. Which is definitely a good thing as I can run smaller doses.

    Pharma quality gh at a reasonable price and domestic, couldn’t ask for much more imho. Everything was to be expected even more so in some cases. 5 out of 5.

  47. I’m not a bodybuilder but a sports athlete and as this is my 1st cycle where I’m injecting to see how my body responds to it.

    I made my first order from Roidspharm after reading the many positive reviews. This is my 2nd cycle only, as I didn’t got decent results from my 1st cycle from a another brand from a local source in the Netherlands

    Roidspharm certainly is the best source for me from now on with it’s amazing delivery and variety on gear. Will order from here in the future again.

    Communication wasn’t even needed as my products already arrived before I even expected it.

    Roidspharm delivered even faster than my previous local supplier in the Netherlands.

    I’m going to order again from Roidspharm. My next order will be boldenone as it will be beneficial for the endurance effects. Also a fat loss stack is planned.

  48. This is my 3rd order w/ Roidspharm. These guys are the best! Order process is always smooth. I’ll leave another post when I get my gear. 5 stars again!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Thank you Roidspharm.

    It had been amazing dealing with you. Although the products a minor delayed, but then there was a huge cock up on behalf of Royal mail. Roidspharm has dealt with every issue very profesionally and was not rude at any stage. Amazing customer service.

    ITs my first time ever and I order Kalpa pharma Test-prop and Dragon pharma d-bol. Strength is definatelty there…..

    Products are very good, I will stick and recommend these to any first time user. And I knwo for sure that Roidspharm has the right gear. Thanks man.

    Came with special delivery and Very well packed and discreet. No chance of product getting lost.

  50. Ordering and payment process was smooth (very..actually). I will follow up with a review on how fast their service/delivery really is, and the quality of the gear. I’ve seen/used all of thier products firsthand from the manufacturers that I can tell if their counterfeit or fakes. Judging by most responses, not a thing to worry, just waiting to see the package arrive and will post the moment it arrives and results πŸ™‚

  51. I’m finally getting around to writing a review for the order I placed a while back… I ordered 4 vials of HCG and tested it with a pregnancy test from Walgreens, and yes it was legit… I was very impressed with the kit… It came with the HCG, insulin syringes, aerating syringes and the NaCl solution… The product worked great for me, however, I was probably most impressed with their customer service and TA… Keep up the good work…

  52. I’ve tried other sources in the past and got the shaft! First time ordering and it was amazing! Great communication and the shipment coming around the world only took a matter of days. I was floored when I received the package in 5 business days! I won’t bother looking any further and will be a very loyal customer, Thanks Roidspharm. Trusted source.

    12 out of 10 in my book

    Very discreet and and well packaged.


    Test E

    D Bol

  53. There is not another source out there like this. Thanks ROIDSPHARM. Quick and legit. Couldn’t ask for more.

  54. Very pleased with the fast shipping, communication etc. Prices aren’t an issue if I’m getting the product that fast and I know the source a reliable. Very pleased overall with my experience with roidspharm, they will see my business in the future 5/5

  55. Great source! Received my order promptly and the product was gtg! Thanks roidspharm.

    Great communication. Tracking number and email communication was great!

    Everything was packaged discretely and safely.

    10,000IU HCG kit – Great, total nut saver!

  56. I placed a small order nearly 2 months ago. Everything went OK Bodypharm sent me a track number and I received the package in time. He is very polite answering all questions. You wont be disappointed ordering from him.

    Package was ok and TA was good.

    Highly recommended source.

  57. WOW what can i say about Roidspharm, all go things of course! Got my gear within 7 days. Ordered a few packs of the Dragon Pharma Dbol, as well as a few vials of the Gen-shi labs Sustanon. Been on the Sustanon for two weeks Within a day or two i felt the dbol. Super pumps while working out. Puffy & sensitive nipples which is common with me in the past with Dbol. So there stuff is deff GTG!!! Loving the Dragon Pharma. The Sustanon should be kicking in full force any day now πŸ™‚ LOVE ROIDSPHARM!

  58. Second order with these guys and like the first time was a great experience. these guys are insane, i was always in contact with them via email and live chat. and 2 weeks from payment, a neat package in the mail box. i ordered test prop from dragon pharma and all boxes were sealed properly with double verification hologram labels. all boxes checked out when verified via the dragon pharma website. best source on here. the product is legit. 5 out of 5.

  59. And ‘the sixth time that RoidsPharm does not disappoint. RoidsPharm offers fast service and delivery times are short. All the products that I got from him (kalpa pharma and dragon pharma) work perfectly. Best service!

    RoidsPharm is available and quick to respond to all emails.

    All parcels are well packed with the utmost discretion.

    With a cycle of testosterone and Deca I put on about 15 pounds. All products are legit. I can only recommend to all RoidsPharm!

  60. This is my second order with this source and I will continue to use this source for all my anabolic needs.

    Always excellent communication and support. This guy/team must not get any sleep!

    Always packaged well and next week delivery is a god send.

    A small order of 2 boxes of tamoxifen and a strip of letro.

    All products are legit and do what I need them to do.

  61. the dragon pharma sust is goooooood stuff. front loaded 3 cc on thursday, and let me tell you, it’s good test.

  62. Waited a while to write this review as i wanted to try all products. Roidspharm’s site had been closed when i was waiting to put in my first order a month back.

    Order process was smooth and Roidspharm always got back to me within the day.

    Im international and once funds where picked up a recieved order within the week.

    Prop had all the normal signs sex drive went through the roof. Also had a bit of pip and was cutting it with bold to try take the sting out of it.

    He is in the top rated for a reason. Easy to access and lighting fast at getting products out!

  63. This is my second order from RoidsPharm. They are the best. Service, shipping times, quality etc. A+

    Got some Dragon Pharma Var 50mg and some Kalpa Var 10mg for the Mrs, gonna get her jacked. Hahaha. Just waiting on the Vials of Kalpa’s sustanon at the moment. RoidsPharm is #1.

  64. Here is my first ever review. It is for kalpa dianabol 10mg tabs from roidspharm. This was my first experience with dbol ever and won’t be my last πŸ™‚

    14 days exactly counting weekends to my door. Deseret and safely packaged.

    My first go with this compound so started with a dose of 20mg a day split in 2 doses for the first week. I didn’t really notice anything that first week so 2nd week bumped up to 30mg daily split in 3 doses. By end of the week I could do a couple extra reps in each set so it had to be working. I stayed with this dose for another week and still could notice very subtle gains. I would say end of 3rd week I was up about 3-4 pounds and I was using the adex at .5 every 3rd day. I was also running 300mg test e weekly from another source so we won’t talk about that here. I never felt the well-being that I hear about, so I bumped the dose again to 40mg daily split in 2 doses. 20mg in the am and 20mg in the afternoon for weeks 4 and 5 and stopped the dbol at the end of week 5. Now I know here was the magic dose for me lol. The well-being I felt about a day after bumping to 40mgs! Strength and motivation really went up. Easily able to push 3 extra reps and 2 or 3 extra sets! I saw my face filling in (which i think was water) and the scale showed up about 6 pounds at the end of running the dbol. No other sides that I seen. No acne, no shedding hair or anything else. There was water retention as I seen a little in my face. Stuff definitely works! I only wish I started with the 40ms daily but that is how we learn. Next time I will and will use this again! HCG: Definitely did it’s job Dragon adex: Still working

  65. This is a long overdue review for roidspharm. I have ordered from him before successfully, however this last order was the quickest TA yet of about 4 days, and from what I understand this is going to be the norm from now on.

    Roidspharm is very short with his emails which is awesome and the way it should be. I rarely have to say much because he has mastered the ordering process.

    The prop does as advertised. Pinning 100mg ED was painful at first but eventually my body got used to it and the pain is minimal. The tren ace is not the strongest I have ever taken but it is solid. I do get the side effect of insomnia with it so I had to discontinue it. Was pinning 100mg ED. From the cyp I notice the usual positive sense of wellbeing that I get on test and a little bloat so I know it is doing its job. I have not taken the deca yet, but I know other people who have and say it has done good by them especially in the area of joint relief.

    I highly recommend this source. If you are looking for the basics this is definitely a good source to consider. Great prices and fastest shipping in the game. Products are always packaged discretely and tightly bubble-wrapped.

  66. Have to say this was my first time ordering from Roidspharm read the reviews so I felt comfortable. Package landed today. Kalpa gear looks good. Thanks

  67. this is my 1st order from roidspharm. i’ve ordered dianabol 500tbs and received it today. it took only 11days for it to arrived from the day i made my payment.

    he replied my mail pretty fast, provide me with the tracking info, and i received the order very soon

    Great packaging. i tht it was from someone else till i ripped everything off

    the tbs are hard with cracking sound when u bite it. today is my 1st day using it n i’ll update u guys the results

  68. Great experience here

    Im only speaking about Deca….great results for my bulk cycle, i mix with test from other brand. I used it for 12 weeks, about 400mg/week, i took carber to avoid deca dick. No problems, i added size, less pain joint, and strenght, so im happy with the product.i gained about 14kg not too much fat or water.

    Very good shop and attention, quality/price is great!! maybe i miss some pharma grade product as pct (proviorn, hcg etc) Kalpa seems a lab g2g!!

  69. Top notch products with great prices.

    This source has top notch communication. He usually responds to all my annoying questions with 6 hours or less every time.

    Packs always come between 9-14 days every time. His packaging is superb.


    10 Genotropin

    4 hcg

    1 letro

    This is one of the best Hgh’s I’ve ever used. My sleeps very good at night, my skins tightened up, body fat is slowly dropping even though my diet hasn’t been the best. The letro got rid of the lump I had in my nipple from when I was on cycle. HCG worked as it should. I feel great now that I’m off cycle, I haven’t had any post cycle lag like I tend to when I come off. My testicles dropped back down to normal as well.

    This is my go to source for all my pharma products.







  71. I dont normally write reviews but service was so good i needed to spread the word

    I sent an email and got a response within an hour communication was excellent from beginning to end

    packaging was good everything was packed tight and came with original boxes from the manufacture.i received my products within 10 days after i sent my payment it was crazy fast

    i ordered cabergolin .5 mg tabs and Tadalafil 20mg tabs

    products were excellent quality i put the tadalafil tabs to use right away and it worked like a charm πŸ™‚ and the caber has also been working as it should ive been taken it now for 2 weeks .5mg 2 times a week, less water retention and swelling going down i couldn’t be happier

    i will definitely be ordering from these guys again one of the best experiences ive had with any online store

  72. Wonderful guy. more than happy with his dealing. will always recommend.

    Communication was spot on. answered every question on time. had some misunderstanding from my side during ordering but was cleared immediately through email communication.

    The order was sent in a small registered letter in a bubble wrapped parcel with care and was discreet. Placing the order was easy.

    Ordered dragon pharma’s tren ace

    The product is fantastic. never used such strong tren before. did its job quite nicely. night sweats and acne as side effects. but i will always use dragon pharma tren ace form now on.

    i will recommend this supplier 100%, he is supplying good quality gear with decent prices.

  73. well. just started a new cycle, and my regular source is no longer so had to try another. always unsure when you have to change supplier BUT to be fair so far so was easy to use. emails/communication was spot on. i will let you know what the Test e 400 like in few weeks but if its as good as the service then im happy and they will be getting my orders from now on.

  74. With my previous sources often running out of stock, I used roidspharm due to the favourable reviews listed here. Initially I was skeptical of the amount of pharma grade products listed, but in need of stocking up on test, I placed an order. Happy to say my apprehension was misplaced and the products have proven to be both genuine and reasonably priced. The website isn’t the most user friendly, but there’s a good selection of stuff on offer here and I will be placing a larger order within the coming weeks.

    No real need to contact the source other than in relation to payment. Email reply for this was prompt though.

    Discreet packaging. This is important to me as I often miss deliveries at my home and I have to collect them from the post office depot.

    Ordered products 4 months ago and have been cruising on 250mg per week since they arrived. I’m happy to say that the products are genuine. My libido is high, I’m retaining mass from a previous blast and I have been making steady strength gains over the winter. This would not be possible for me if the gear was under dosed and being quite an experienced user I would notice if any issues were to be found.

    Quality products are essential to my performance both inside and outside of the gym and I’m happy to recommend RoidsPharm as a great source for anyone serious about what gear they use.

  75. I’ve ordered 4 times from this guy so it’s time for a review. First things first, the gear is g2g and I’ll go into depth on that. Currently I’m using about 300mg test E 450-500mg Mast E and 250 mg NPP split into two weekly pins. I’m in a pretty significant calorie deficit but have gotten bigger, leaner, and stronger. That little dose of test must be accurate because it’s doing its job. Mast is covering me on the anti E and muscle wasting, obviously. Mast has always been a staple because of the clarity I feel when I use it. I’m using the npp to protect my joints and stay full while low carb and depleted. Very pleased with the quality. ZERO pip and that’s with a 23g 1.5in needle.

    Packaging is very discreet. The vials come in small boxes that look much more professional than gear from other sources I’ve used as well.

    After 6 weeks the NPP is keeping me full, Mast E keeping my estrogen at bay, and the test keeping my libido and recovery where it should be.

    No pip, clean gear, smooth draw and shoot, great packaging, good communication, fair prices. Quality everything. g2g

  76. Roidspharm is my first source. I am satisfied with everything

    I always get a response the same day. Questions about products and dosage are described in detail.

    The package arrived quickly and packaged safely. Very discret, nothing clangs.

    I started my cycle with Sustanon every 4 day 1ml and Dragon Pharma Dbol 4 tablets each day. After two days the Dbols gives me 7lbs and a good mood. The pump was wonderful.

    In week 3-4 my strength rise furher and further. The Sustanon makes me sweat faster and I could train 2 hours and more. The oil is easy to inject, no pain.

    In week 12 I started to inject 1ml of Sustanon, Trenbolone 200 and Masteron 200. That was to much :-). My friends asked me what I’m fucking using. I was overexcited. So I inject every 5 day and it works perfect.

    In spite of my diet I’m getting leaner and leaner and my strength is rise further. Now in week 17 I can see every muscle detail. Wonderful!

    I think it is better to take the Trenbolone 200 with the Masteron 200. I past with Trenbolone my sleep was bad and I got mood swings. Now I can sleep well and got always a good mood.

    The cialis are awesome. There is no end, also on the next day πŸ˜‰ Always horny.

    The Armidex I will use later.

    Roidspharm is my first shop. Thank you very much. Good prices, all products works great. Fast and friendly service. I will order again!

  77. I’ve been using roidspharm for around a year now and cannot fault their service. Always really quick to send stuff out and recieve it, good packaging, legit gear!

    So, highly recommend Roidspharm to anyone they’ve nailed everything!

    Dragon pharma cut mix and Test Prop. Was using 1.5ml e.o.d for 8 weeks. Fat melted, lifts flew up, veins popping and wouldn’t leave my gf alone… Tren cough was also a regular occurrence, and was sweating like an absolute beast! Smooth oil, no pip. Dropped about 3kg over the 8weeks, but kept gaining strength and felt solid, despite having a few cheats a week! Also used Dragon pharma sustanon and again great size/strength gains! All gear Ive used so far has done its job, better results than id have hoped!

    Definitely recommend!

  78. Never ever had I a problem with anything with this supplier. I highly recommend them. Quality is great. I also have done my labs on a regular basis and it shows the quality of the products.

    extremely professional, most vacuum sealed. privacy is completely protected. no receipts in the box.

    never used Balkan clen and this was a first time. started off careful to feel them out and received the typical sides. been a clen user now for over a decade. This quality is as good as it gets

    used dragon pharma’s winstrol quite often. It is what it is, the real deal. strongth increases quickly, hardness, a few elevated liver enzymes and more dry

    the test is smooth and just like my trt script from blood work shows that it is working nicely..btw, who really fakes test these days?

    Nothing but good experience. I appreciate the fast communication and honesty. never ever bad experience. scroll up all the reviews…you won’t find anything bad .HANDS DOWN NUMERO UNO…..Trust on this one…

  79. 2 nd order from Roidspharm superb service and the dragon pharma sust is top notch been on 3 weeks and im feeling and looking bbetter all ready on 2 ml a week. got some t 400 cant wait to see the effects of this

  80. I was skeptical to buy roids online, but when I landed on this site and I found a reliable source with all what I was looking for I decided to give a try.

    Essential communication and honestly enough for the purpose.

    Anonymous and discreet package.

    I am in the second week of my cycle and I could feel the effect since day one, so the products are legit.

    I will buy again from this supplier for my next cycle!

  81. this is a review for my order placed with Roidspharm, 5th time ordering and will continue to order this has been my go to guy for a long time. i can only say there is one brand he carries i am by no means a fan of… ill go on to tell about it πŸ™‚ this is just more of a feed back review for Roidspharm not by any means a negative one! this source is great and always has been!

    top notch as always im sure he often times gets annoyed by my pestering lol gets back to me within 24 hours always!

    once again everything crosses the t and dots the i BUT the global anabolic d-bol just not seeing the pumps and gains i had off of kalpa dbol. i have been taking dragon pharma dbol for 3 1/2 weeks now and have went up about 6-7 pounds my diet has been impeccable as well as my gallon plus of water intake a day and lifting. where as when i was on Kalpa’s d-bol i had a cringing 20+ pound gain going into my fourth week with insane tissue tearing pumps!! EC is the best thats who i will stick with from here on out.

    i would have this stuff lab tested or pulled bro just some feed back on the GA dbol πŸ™‚ just seemed to be real underdosed. everything else in my order is GTG with some great gains from my megamass i might even think that its just the megamass ive been gaining from and not the dbol at all lol hope this feed back helps Roidspharm πŸ™‚

  82. Both orders received, thank you very much for your great communication and great products, he through me extra orals, great guy to order from, im very pleased, although it took a bit long because he had issues with the old mailer, he has a new mailer and I received my orange juice in 3 days, fast domestic shipping. I have tested all products, dbol winstrol clomid and anavar, nolvadex and testosterone E, all tested pure and the orals are very effective.

    Great communication replies right away

    Packaging is very strong and discreet

    dbol winstrol clomid and anavar, nolvadex and testosterone E

    High quality gear

  83. First time ordering from Roidspharm and was very pleased. Will be ordering from him again.

    Very quick communication throughout the process. Answered all of my noob questions with patience. Great guy!

    T/A was well within posted limits. Packaging was very discreet.

    Running Anavar at 50mg a day as a kick start. Standard Var pumps and already starting to show trunk fat loss after 2 weeks on product. I’ve learned to give the tabs a chew or 3 to break them up for faster uptake into my system.

    I was sketchy about ordering from overseas, but Roidspharm definitely put me at ease and before I knew it I had my pack! Very happy with his product so far.

  84. first time that i use this source,

    all seems great

    very very fast,and he is very friendly and kind,it’s a pleasure to talk with him

    14days (the source shipped very fast,but my post was slow)

    Ordered gh jintropin and test en dragon pharma

    after 7 days running 5ius ed,i can feel the classic sides of gh,

    i can sleep very well ,i can dream like a child!

    legit and good product

  85. This is my fourth time ordering from roidspharm and this time i ordered different.I decided to order Cypionat from dragon pharma.I ordered 10 vials so i would be doing 200 mg per week of test cypionate.Even though this dosage was low, i saw results at the prescribed times.It really started kicking in 4 weeks just as it was supposed to.My strength went up, then came the size. The product is top quality and next time i am ordering 20 vials.I used Dbol for the fist few weeks which i also got from roidspharm at an earlier date, as i was waiting for the test to kick in.Now that i’m at the end of my cycle, i have made dramatic gains and everyone is telling me that at the gym and at home.Overall i am very pleased and next cycle which is in two months i will order double.

    I highly recommend shopping here, unbeatable prices for orals and injectible gear both pharma grade and ugl top quality stuff.

  86. This is a long overdue review for these guys. Ordered some viagra, cialis, levitra andT bol. Everything went great, hit one bump in the road that was immediately remedied in a timely fashion. Overall I can’t say enough about these guys.

    Communication was on point. I inquired about my questions prior to ordering like everyone should do. Everything was answered honestly as I had hoped and communication was kept up throughout the process.

    Turnaround was about a week and a half and packaging was great no rattles, no rips no errors

    Everything was great with their products. They all have different side effects. The viagra gives a headache, levitra makes my eyes feel like they’re golf balls and the cialis works quickly with what I feel is the least of side effects.

    Overall I feel everything was great with these guys. There shipper had forgot one of the products and I notified him on day of arrival. They were packed and shipped immediately and received shortly after. Great customer service, great communication and products that work. Thank you guys

  87. This is a review for kalpa sust350 and dbol. These guys are my favorite supplier for great gear and fast shipping

    Top notch. Questions answered same day and process was very easy.

    Packaging was discreet, protected and small.

    I used the sust350 for 10 weeks and dbol for first 6. Gear is really smooth and easy flowing with no pip. Had a rise in intensity which I liked and could really feel with the dbol pre workout. Gained 10 pounds with the dbol and sust the first week.

    This a great supplier if you want fast shipping and reliable gear. I tried after friends told me how good the company is and was not disappointed. This is one of the best suppliers and fastest shippers on this site.

  88. This is my review for roidspharm and the amazing quality items they stock, I was very sceptical about ordering off an online source as I normally buy my supplements in person.. But on a whim I chose roidspharm and I’m so glad I did

    I haven’t needed to contact them .. But I’ve sent a conformation of payment email just to make sure all is okay .. And get a swift “thank you, everything’s gone though” reply which is very reassuring on a first order

    Turned up way earlier than expected , packaging is discreet .. No evidence of what’s inside.

    (All dragon harma)



    Sustx 3

    Deca 350


    Products are amazing

    Dbol was ran from weeks 1-4 at 40mg ed and those 4 weeks the pumps were amazing , gained about 14lbs in that time .. Water retention and blote was present .. But nothing too much to handle, dbol was a quality product! Arimidex Doing it’s thing , no gyno symptoms at all. The sust 350 is brilliant .. After the dbol the gains are continuing steadily and at a constant pace, no pip whatsoever which for a 400mg/ml , I was expecting not to be able to walk for days. Currently on week 7 and still gaining between 2/3 lbs per week. The deca and clomid hasn’t been used yet as I’ve been using deca I had left over from a previous cycle.. But judging by all the other products from dragon pharma when I run out at week 8 and switch to the dragon pharma I’ve got very high hopes. I also have nolva from a previous cycle (differant lab) but I will be throwing that out and ordering some dragon pharma from roidspharm I am that impressed.

    I just want to thank roidspharm for making my first online experience so stress free.

  89. top service and a good offer was to be had, fast turnaround and delivery was spot on will be ordering again soon

  90. Recieved my second This is a delayed review gear arrived 2weeks ago . Everything went well from beginning to end .

    All communication was very good . Placed order and arrived 8 days after including weekend.

    He always gets delivery in the T/A given . Packaging was very good tight and clean

    Been on for two weeks product is very good Nite sweats, solid muscle, super vascular . Body weight up 5lbs. body fat down . Some pip nothing unbearable *******NO PAIN NO GAIN*******

  91. Done over 10 orders with roidspharm. Very professional gear always work well so far so good hope its stay like that for long time

    Always on point response when need it

    Cant tell whats in package as get delivered to work
    testoviron- took 3week to kick in propely very thick oil but smooth inj make sure u use amp snaper very hard to break like normas

    Week 5 could see nice watermelon face haha good gains and and strenght throu the roof will defo stock up on these at500 mg a week did the job well

    Kalpa dbol. Used as kick start pump noticable after few days nice kick after full week at 3045 mg a day used for 5 weeks very good dbol

    Kalpa npp no pip 150 mg eod joints felt good after bout 12 days could lift more

    Solid gains on that npp used for 8 weeks

    Overall put about 1 stone in 10 weeks which is my target so mission complete πŸ™‚ now ripped time πŸ™‚

    Good products fair prices always fast delivery

  92. Four times I ordered and four times I have recived my gear. Orals and injectables for great to go. Best Kept secret in town. Doing another order as we speak. Will comment again. Highly recommended.

  93. Was looking for a great source but then I think I’ve ordered with Roidspharm in a wrong time because they were restocking and therefore my product was delayed for a month. I was so pissed because I didn’t bridge my last cycle so I really needed the vials ASAP. but it arrived after a month… I wish their service comes back at its best soon because I think there was an mix up or wrong input of address with my delivery.

    Communication is always there. He always responded to my emails and very professional

    Packaging is very discreet and professional

    Been using the product for 6 weeks now. I got PIP with sust which is pretty normal. Product was good quality. Gained about 10lbs of muscle in 5 weeks. Got a flu with sust too. Ran a pyramid cycle because I am experimenting which is better for my body. So I did 250mg / week of deca sust for 2 weeks then 500mg/week of deca sust for the next 3 weeks and will go down as my cycle end and then start PCT after 3 weeks. Experienced PIP in all weeks with sust

    I hope Roidspharm will have a better services next time. But I love this source!

  94. Brilliant service, fast, efficient and great pricing. Dispatched very quickly. 10 days into my second cycle and already noticing changes, cannot fault these guys.

    Just placed my second order and will definitely be recommending.

    Only early days of my cycle and noticing changes, muscles getting better pumps and feeling much firmer. Seems to be very good quality.

    Was getting libido problems from the d-bol not sure if that’s normal but resolved it by adding an extra test jab a week πŸ˜€

    Highly recommend and will definitely be reusing this site in future.

  95. Roidspharm is good with delivering great quality products . I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great source.

    My package was a little delayed but received products within 3 wks.this was when he was having a little trouble. ( no worries as long as I received package). The products were delivered safe, secure, and discreet .

    The quality of products that I received were great. I am using 500 wk deca , and 500 wk enanthate. I have been using for 10wks now and went from 189 to 198 ; went from 11.7 % bf to 9 % bf.

    I had labs done last wk and my testosterone was >1500 ,and free test was> 50.0 normal range is 338- 1197 for test ,and 8.7-25.7 for free test. So the products are legit.

    I had a few sides from the products used; I had oily skin ,increased sex drive , increased strength , and slight bloat but nothing crazy.

    Also no pip from products.

    I highly recommend Roidspharm.

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