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RoidsMall.Net Review

RoidsMall.Net Review

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Is Reliable? is an online steroids store that contains a large catalogue of anabolic steroids for sale and other muscle building related products manufactured by various European and Asian pharmaceutical companies. Through years of activity the company proved to be a trustworthy source on steroids market and nowadays it continues to offer high quality, potent and legit steroids for bodybuilding and athletes’ community.

The large anabolics online catalogue offered by contains products of high quality. This is due to the facts that company already has chosen the best steroids providers on the market. Without taking any chance by working with new and inexperienced drugs manufacturers, managed to establish a constant, reliable range of legit steroids, appreciated by bodybuilders worldwide.

Another assets of this online anabolic store is the establishment of a secure and quality delivery process. By learning from past mistakes and inconveniences that emerged through the time, nowadays managed to establish a good and trustworthy shipping and delivery procedure to the US territory.

There is no doubt that is legit supplier of famous manufacturers like Kalpa, Balkan, Dragon Phrama and many more. This fact can be easily checked on manufacturer’s official pages. The cooperation between and these manufacturers have a long history and the ties are established based on a professional and healthy business approach.

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RoidsMaLL Reviews by Customers

Good products, proper shipping and nice packaging. Communication and support are also top notch. I’ve always been responded to within 1phours. This store has always worked with me in a friendly manner, and been not been lazy in letting me know that the money have been collected or package has been shipped.
This store was recommended to me by a member of my gym and this was my first time using these guys. Actually I’m glad I did it. I ordered on a Friday and sent payment that evening and my order was shipped in a record amount of time (at least according to my previous experiences). Products were also kick-ass! I definitely recommend ordering here!
I ordered test prop from Kalpa and Dbol from Dragon pharma. Both products are on fire. Super strength and amazing intensity at workouts. Severe acne and oily skin, aggression was also there, as it should be with genuine roids. Both products were powerful and strong and the shipping was ok as well.

132 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. Excellent source, had a small problem with an order and they were fast to make it right. Honest and hardworking source. Got EQ, letro, and viagra/cialis. Everything legit and effective.

    Great communication, got back to me within a days time.

    T/A was a week exactly. Packaging was spot on.

    The letro really saved my ass. Brought marble sized lumps back down to nothing. EQ is kicking in nicely, did a front-load and vascularity, appetite,and strength are all up. Viagra/cialis is a funny mix, good for the night and the cialis gives you a little help even the next day. Good shit.

  2. Well I waited as long as I could to review Kalpa’s Test Prop thoroughly. I LOVE IT!! I’m 3 bottles in on my prop cycle. I’ve been practicing switching injection sites every otherday with no problem. I have rotated between both delts, both glutes and both quads…no issues. Hell I even pinned my trap with a 23 gauge on some Sado Maschism vibe and still no issue. Libido has skyrocketted with no relief. Lol. Hell I feel so good now , I figure I must been somewhat depressed before hand. My workouts and diet are steady and I like my 15 lb slow weight gain…I prefer it that way. This cycle was all about my diet. I went into a working apartment fire and I WORKED THAT 2.5 inch Handline like a boss with my partner. I ran out of tank air before I ran out of steam. So yeah kalpa prop is brewed to perfection to me!

    Communication is on point and helpful.

    Package is secure and tight. Easily shipped with no problem. Vaccuum sealed inside and cleanly taped exterior box. No shaking,rattling or rolling.

  3. This review is for an order I received in December for pharma proviron, caber, arimadex and HCG

    I only needed to send one message which was replied to within 24 hours

    Packaging was tight and discrete. Package was received 9 days after payment was received

    I’ve been using the pharma proviron for 3 months at 25mg, 2x day and it’s elevated my free test as I’ve experienced on other bayer pharma proviron. I’ve been dosing my arimadex at .25mg E3D and it’s kept my E2 in range. My mid-cycle bloods confirmed the effectiveness. Since this was my 1st time using Roidsmall, I used a pregnancy test to test the HCG. I’m currently running 250iu 2x/week and the effectiveness is also visible. I just started running the caber so it’s too soon to report on effectiveness.

    Ordering, funds pick up, communication, and effectiveness were all on point and I will be ordering from them again shortly.

  4. I am interested in health benefits

  5. Ordering process was smooth..I got emails stating my order was accepted,shipped along with tracking..

    From the time I placed the order to my door step was around 2 weeks.. Packaging was very discreet these guys know how to do it..

    I used the KP Test Cypionate for 10 weeks at 600 mg a week along with Deca from another source at 400 mg a week…At around week 4 Is when I felt the strength gains and pumps in the gym, I was up 5 lbs on the scale which is the expected water weight from the two,my face getting oily,and my libido was up..The oils were smooth with no pip..By the end of the 10 weeks I was up 10 lbs on the scale and continued on with another sources test… I feel KP Test Cypionate is quality gear at a good price..

    I plan on using Ivitamins for my winter bulker cycle.. Thank you Ivitamins

  6. thanks to ROidsmall

    very polite and easy to get everything figured out!

    time was great, just order then sit back and itll come!



    used the Nolva along with another places since instead of 20mg i wanted to do 40mg and my buddy was already ordering from them! recovered completely and was a great PCT anavar, ran at 50mgs to finish the job on cycle. not much weight gain but felt harder and recomped greatly. pumps were so intense that it felt like the best oral finish to a cycle. really helped my recovery to the point i could train and train without feeling tired of over training! major heart burn…

    awesoe stuff and even if anavar is pricey i see why its worth it!

  7. This review is for a promo i received almost 2 weeks ago from roidsmall! Contained kp dbol 10mg and 50mg clomid, the review though is for the dbol only cause i have not used the clomid yet!

    Theyre very quiet lol.. i actually forgot about this promo.. i almost gave props to another source. I asked to recieve the promo and they pm me im in.. that was it.

    T/a was around 3 weeks to east coast, a little less which imo is fast for international, no complaints… pack was tight, discreet, nothing broken

    Approximately 10 days using 20mgs of dbol at once.. ive used dbol before so im familiar with effects.. increased appetite, strength and swelling of the forarms on par with dosage, all tell tale signs of good gear

    ITS REAL! Im happy with kp dbol and roidsmall service and the promo! Theyre definitely on my radar now! Thank you roidsmall!

  8. Communication and support was great, received prompt responses to all inquiries.

    T/A was 14 days.

    150: 25mcg tablets

    I ran this T3 at 25mcg/day while running Tren and prop, and this product is potent!! Almost too potent for me. While I did notice weight loss, it was a mixture of fat AND muscle. Some people just don’t respond to t3 as well as others, and unfortunately for me the way my body responds to T3 is mostly muscle loss.

    This by no means is a negative review, because as stated this T3 is definitely legit and potent. For those of you who respond well to T3 I would definitely recommend trying this suppliers gear out.

  9. Great source received my gear very grateful to find a source you can depend and rely on

    Shipping didn’t take to long was my first time so was nervous but Roidsmall earned my trust

  10. Got my first order in at the last promo. Very nice prices and exceptional customer service!

    Communication has been fast and precise, he answered all my questions and has been top notch on professionalism. Great guy with great support!

    Used the clen first with some t3. fatloss was great and from just a single pill (40mcg) i felt the shakes. I did 80-120mcg max dose, and it is strong and seems precise. I have tried Sopharma clen (pharma grade) before, and would easily compare the two. Currently i am on 100mg kalpa test p ED with 50mg DP dbol ED (also using insulin 10iu’s pre-WO). My weight has increased 4 kg (9 lbs) in the course of 1½ weeks. I feel an increase in libido and strength is already up on both weight used and reps done. Also worth noting is, the kalpa test prop is completely painfree! Very nice oil, a bit thick but goes in nicely through a 25g. Vials are easily opened, and haven’t had problems yet.

    I am also using 1mg of kalpa anastrozole EOD, and have no estrogen sides, which I definately would without, considering the dose of aromatizing products. Good to go. Overall i have nothing negative to say actually. I don’t have labs to prove anything, but i don’t feel it is necessary anyways 😉

    Roidsmall is definately worth a visit, and you won’t be disapointed. Again, great customer service, great communication, great prices and great products.


  11. i do alot of small orders as i can never seem to trust one supplier. Even with the biggest around, it feels like they have over on you as they know you need the gear. This guys by far has the best customer service, even with a very small order, he knows nothing of how much i can spend etc & still treats me better the rest of the suppliers on here.

    KP test cyp – real

    KP love this stuff, hope he has back in stock again soon

    Thankyou so much! top guy, does things like a business is suppose to – support this one guys!!!

  12. Hey guys, I feel like its my responsibility to inform you on the status of my order with Roidsmall. Im following up to the last post that I made regarding not receiving my product from Roidsmall.

    Yesterday I did actually receive the package. The package was sent in great condition, labelled and product looks good. Although I did receive the package really late (45 days) this was due to complications at the border and in regards to paper work about my address, not entirely Roidsmall’s fault. Roidsmall made it clear that they “don’t make it a habit to ship international and allow random orders from international customers based on certain criteria.” All in all I am glad that I did actually receive the product and will let you all know how it works out!

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