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RoidsMall.Net Review

RoidsMall.Net Review

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Is Reliable? is an online steroids store that contains a large catalogue of anabolic steroids for sale and other muscle building related products manufactured by various European and Asian pharmaceutical companies. Through years of activity the company proved to be a trustworthy source on steroids market and nowadays it continues to offer high quality, potent and legit steroids for bodybuilding and athletes’ community.

The large anabolics online catalogue offered by contains products of high quality. This is due to the facts that company already has chosen the best steroids providers on the market. Without taking any chance by working with new and inexperienced drugs manufacturers, managed to establish a constant, reliable range of legit steroids, appreciated by bodybuilders worldwide.

Another assets of this online anabolic store is the establishment of a secure and quality delivery process. By learning from past mistakes and inconveniences that emerged through the time, nowadays managed to establish a good and trustworthy shipping and delivery procedure to the US territory.

There is no doubt that is legit supplier of famous manufacturers like Kalpa, Balkan, Dragon Phrama and many more. This fact can be easily checked on manufacturerโ€™s official pages. The cooperation between and these manufacturers have a long history and the ties are established based on a professional and healthy business approach.

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RoidsMaLL Reviews by Customers

Good products, proper shipping and nice packaging. Communication and support are also top notch. I’ve always been responded to within 1phours. This store has always worked with me in a friendly manner, and been not been lazy in letting me know that the money have been collected or package has been shipped.
This store was recommended to me by a member of my gym and this was my first time using these guys. Actually Iโ€™m glad I did it. I ordered on a Friday and sent payment that evening and my order was shipped in a record amount of time (at least according to my previous experiences). Products were also kick-ass! I definitely recommend ordering here!
I ordered test prop from Kalpa and Dbol from Dragon pharma. Both products are on fire. Super strength and amazing intensity at workouts. Severe acne and oily skin, aggression was also there, as it should be with genuine roids. Both products were powerful and strong and the shipping was ok as well.

95 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. RoidsMall has great customer service…..ALWAYS answers email. Recently took care of a minor problem for me in a timely manner.

    Perfect comms and feedback

    Very discreet and clever….

    Great gear swollen right up nicely!

    Only source I use!

  2. Package was very small and discrete, T/A to EU was 8 days from shipping to my door, 5 days only for dispatching the order in my country that got the slower postal service in the world LoL…

    The source is top notch, the quality of the aas is extremely high, the package is fast to arrive… I Think yu got a 5+/5

    P. S. The site is very beautiful and easy to check and order, all is in order and well visible…

  3. Legit as Hell

    The communication wasn’t my big concern as RMall kept me updated through the whole process

    My email was answered within 12 hours (The fastest respond I have got from any source ).

    As I live in Europe it took around 5 days from the Payment revived SAVE and SECURE and was wrapped in a very professional way .Nothing to complain about though

    I have ordered 200 Tab of Turinabol (TBOl)

    I have used the Tbol along side Test P to kick start the Cycle and in 3 days BOOM came from the middle of nowhere

    Crazy pumps and strength by week 3 was insane . I have used it for 6 weeks at 60 mg ED and 50 mg ED for the last week i have gained around 15 LBS even though I was in A cutting mode and my calorie intake was right at the maintenance.

    The only Side effect I have had was the Painful pumps at my shoulder and lower back area Specially when I do squat or deadlift the pump was really painful .

    BIG shout to Kalpa Pharamaceuticals And RoidsMall this source will be my favourite and only source that I will order from as long as I still breath.

    I very recommend shopping here. If you read this Do not think twice just go for it . A life time customer

  4. This review is for Kalpa Pharamceuticals D-BOL. D-Bol was one of the first things I ever cycled and have always has been something I have used in my mass cycles so I no what Results to look for and how my body responds when using real D-BOL RoidsMall is suppose to be a go to source for great D-BOL and has lots of reviews on theres and how good it is so early this year when I was looking to get a hold of some I gave them a shot.

    I sent a few e mails asking about general question on making a order and what to expect and they always got back to me in 24 hours most of the time it was less then that.

    T/A was close to two weeks to my door when I got it I didn’t no what it was into I opened it. Everything was packed and warped well none of my tabs where broking.

    I used the D-BOL close to 5 weeks for a kick start to a 12 week cycle I used 60mgs a day taking 20mgs three times close to the end of the second week it starting kicking in I felt my strength go up first by the end I had put on 8 pounds and that’s good for me because I don’t get the large amounts of water retained because I eat very clean so I would say this is quality D-BOL.

    I have only used there D-Bol but with the results I got from it and the good customer service I will be using them again because those two things are hard to find in one source.

  5. Great source to go too! I was very pleased with the overall service!!

    Responded back to emails very quick! In about half hour to an hour!

    7days.. Fast shipping. Picked up money next day and shipped out th next day!

    British dispensary dbol

    Wishing the 1st week my pumps were way better! And the 2nd week my strength went up drastically ! And by the end of week 6 I was 20 pounds heavier ! And was strong like a bull!! Great product and felt like superman the whole time!

    I recommend this for sure!

  6. Review for Kalpa Proviroxyl 25mg

    Answered every email within 24 hours. Very professional and polite. Did everything they could to assist me.

    Was my first run with Proviroxyl after hearing so much about it. Was intrigued by the possible increase in free testosterone levels and anti estrogen properties. I did not get blood work done but I took a 2 week break between bottles and definitely noticed a huge increase in sex drive and sex drive and sex drive.

    If that’s any telltale sign of it working, then it works….well. very pleased with the product and with the source. Definitely recommend.

    I also believe that it was the proviroxyl that was keeping my bloat down to a minimum. Since I been off ive had a hard time keeping the water off.

  7. This review is for Kalpa’s test p 100 , npp, provirion, and tren a and adex

    Communication was great.

    I cant remember the exact amount of days it took start to finish, but i remember i was impressed with speed and it was within the t/a. Packaging came vacuumed sealed and bubble wrapped.

    I had 3 bottles of test e from another well known source i used with along with Kalpa’s npp . Going into this cycle i was shooting for a lean bulk. I ran the npp @ 400 mg weekly and the test 600 mg weekly for about 10 weeks .In that 10 week i put on 18 pounds . strength was awesome to say the least and joints felt like butter. The first thing i noticed about 10 days in with the npp was a huge difference in my joints. My right shoulder and left knee were painful at times and npp helped dramatically. Than the strength gains followed the pain relief. I started this cycle i was 1rm bench 325 and squating 365. At the end of the 10 weeks bench went to 365 and squat went to 415. I was using the adex @ .5 mg eod and did what it was supposed to do however getting dosage right is a little difficult with capsules. After the 10 weeks i felt like it was time to switch to all short esters and change compounds so i took 7 day off and started tren a @ 400mg , test p 100 @ 300mg weekly and 50 mg of proviron a day. I ran this for 5 week and dropped the tren and just ran the test p and hcg for 2 weeks and prepaired for pct. I dropped down a couple pounds when i switched compounds however, strength, vascularity, libido and hardness continued to improved . i was even stronger and looked much better and less puffy. At the end of this cycle my weight is up 16 pounds and filled out nicely. Strength is awesome last 1 rom on flat bench bb was 385 and squat climbed to 435. All Kalpa gear is phenomenal and painless. Even being on a long cycle of pining eod and sometimes alot of volume i experienced very minimal discomfort.

    RoidsMall is my go to source for his quality gear , awesome Customer service and fair prices.

  8. My first order from RoidsMall.

    Communication was great, I did receive tren a instead of tren e and when I told them about it they just told me to keep what they had sent and they would send me the enanthate for free. It took an extra week to come but still very pleased.

    Product came in tightly vacuumed sealed, nothing broken, very clean.

    The tren e is definitely legit. I usually do 10 to 12 week cycles with equal or more time off. My last cycle was also tren e at 500mg a week. I’m on my 3rd week with RoidsMAll’s tren and its doing it’s job well. I did use a little of the tren a to kick start and it is strong. Increase in body temp, night sweats, crazy dreams, everything you would expect from legit tren. Workouts are crazy easy, gaining size and definition with ease. My body has always done well with tren. It was my first time pinning ace but I was still pretty smooth .Will update when I get around to the deca

    Great products, great price. Will definitely be ordering again very soon.

  9. Review for order few months ago

    Used RoidsMall for a number of years now always a pleasure to deal with. Never any problems

    Lectrozole by kalpa pharma

    Used for 2 weeks at half a tab every 3rd day to combat early signs of gyno.

    Felt dry joints after 1 week puffy nipples and aching gone ๐Ÿ™‚

    Will continue to use RoidsMall in the future even though this is a review for only lectro I’ve ordered oils and tabs in the past and I’ve never been disappointed with anything I’ve ordered ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. roidsmall is amazing! First order from this source.Their pricing, speed of shipping and on time customer emails are always friendly and fast. Had a great experience with them.

    delivery was very quick. arrived merely in 6 days.

    Cytomel (T3) (pharm grade: abd ibrahim)

    Recently i tried various T4 supplements since: Synthroid, levothyroxine, Tirosint and continued to complain of fatigue, fogginess, weight gain, achiness, shortness of breath at exercise. FINALLY recently added, for the FIRST time, Cytomel (T3). Within 3 days I have noticed a HUGE difference. So happy and fog is lifting, energy level increasing, sleeping well, HAPPY. I am hoping this continues. Noticed a slight headache at first but not bad. Will continue to cautiously be excited that we are ON to something. It has now been a week since i am using T3

    Great Supplier, Finally i got something to deal with some of the common sides of other roids in my cycle.

    Highly Recommended

  11. I participated in the last promo they had. I got a free order of anavar. I ran it for 6 weeks in the middle of my Test C cycle. It was definitely legit and worked great!! I would highly recommend this source!

    T/A was very fast for overseas. The whole process took about 10 days

    The anavar worked very well. I noticed my waist getting slimmer and the pumps were extremes and sometimes painful. I ran it for 6 weeks in the middle of my test cycle.

    Source highly recommended!

  12. I Tried RoidsMall based On The Great Reviews I Had Read, here On It has Been An Easy And Hassle Free Experience Ordering and Communicating With RoidsMall about any Questions I may have had About Order,,,,, and Donation Process. I didn’t have any need For Contact For My First Few Orders. I had To piece My Cycle together over a Couple Orders and I had No trouble with any part of the Process

    All E-mails answered in a matter of a couple hours and almost always Immediately,

    Packaging Secure and Discreet, T/A never more then 7 Days usually 3-5 Days

    Quality of Oils Were Clean and Clear, Never had Pip From Any OF the Oils, Except some Burn From The TNE which is to be Expected if its any Good, and it is every bit of Good. Test Cyp 250: 500mg per Week, noticed it Fully Kick In by Week 3 And Stayed Level and Low Water retention, Strong libido, and Oily skin, it definitely has all The Classic Cypionate traits. 14 weeks total Bold-cyp 250: 750mq per week, had all the hardness, and Veins of EQ, but in Half the Time. Strength and Appetite went thru the Roof By week 5 and full Bold effects Weeks 8-14. 14 weeks Total Test-Phenyl prop200; 600mg per Week, No pip, Steady Rise in strength and Reps per set After Adding TPP in weeks 5-14. NPP150: ran 450mg per Week, ran weeks 5-14. No pip, Low Water Retention. TNE: Ran 50-100mg as a Pre-workout on Heavy Lift Days. 1hour Before Training, Intense Focus, Clarity, Aggression and Drive. Best TNE ive Used To Date Proviron(RoidsMall) RoidsMalls Proviron Worked as Good if Not Better Then Pharma For me During This Cycle, Kept me Dry, And Libido Up Even With Running The NPP, No Problems With 19-Nor Side-effects

    all OF RoidsMalls Oils were Smooth, Zero Pip, And flowed Easily Thru a 25ga Pin. All Products worked exactly as They Should. I Started Cycle At 198lbs and ended at 222lbs Solid. This Source is Top-Shelf On All Levels and I would Recomend RoidsMall To anyone, who Is Looking For Results When It Comes To Quality Dragon Pharma Gear

  13. First time buyer, no probs 10/10 will definitely be buying from here again soon! Thankyou very much

  14. I can not say enough how great this company is. They delivery on time with quality product and respond to all questions ask. A couple of my friends have ordered from them now and have the same experience.

  15. Love Dragon Pharma labs, quality of the gear is great. Also used his kalpa gear, got great results. Very happy, Lots more orders to come from me!

    All safe!

    Kalpa pharma test e

    Dragon pharma test e

    Dragon pharma eq

    Dragon pharma tren ace

    Dragon pharma Anavar & Dbol




    Great results, Dragon pharma labs ROCK… will be stocking up on Dragon pharma tren ace and test prop in the new year!!

    Best online source I e ever used!

  16. Packing was very tight and no rattling and also descrete. Took around the normal 10 day range for international for me.

    I used dragon pharma’s cypionat 250 for a cruise long while back at 200mg a week for 8 weeks then pin number 9 was the remander of the vial. First time using this brand and it seem to be legit to me, it done it’s job. I lost some strength but this is a cruise cycle I trimmed down some didn’t change my diet at all but did change my workout routine,done more lighter weight and more rep, I didn’t have the strength as I did on my blast cycle so I made the best of it. I pinned 1cc a week alone with nothing else in the glutes only. Pip was very miminum to none after first couple pins, noticed a few pimples why Idk sometimes I get them and other times I don’t. Oil was thin and clean looking cap top came off nice and easy no burrs left around stopper. I only used 1 vial for cruise so I would try again but would be a cycle not a cruise.

    Easy source to deal with no issue’s at all done exactly was he said he would and delivered on his end. I would use this source again and would recommend him as well. Thanks.

  17. Received my third order from RoidsMall so its time for a review and really can’t recommend them highly enough!

    Communication was great any emails were responded to quickly and questions were answered.

    I do not have much experience using these products so cannot really comment on quality, however I am seeing gains as expected!

    Gotta give Roidsmall 10/10 and I will definitely order from here again!

  18. Where to start, roidsmall is legit…I got some dbol awhile back to throw in while I was bulking for a show. Very pleased with my order, will place another in the future with confidence.

    I took it at 50mg ED for 4 weeks, got great pumps and awesome gains. Put on a little water weight but that is as expected. Very pleased all around with the product.

  19. Like always, great results from RoidsMall. I posted a review about my last cycle with great results a couple of weeks ago. Started my PCT and I’m using clenbutaxyl to bridge and cut some fat. I’m 240 with a 34 inch waist now. Down 2% body fat in this past 2 weeks. Great product, great service. I keep waiting for my Karma to get bumped. I’d love to to rate all 5 stars!!! Keep up the good work!

  20. Excellent supplier, great communication in place from when ordered to when placed.

    Packaging top notch secure and sealed effectively!

    Im basing this review on two orders dragon pharma var – top brand

    Dragon pharma addin to pre existing cycle and gain in terms of lean muscle are amazing. .great definition so far. Letro got small case of gyno ๐Ÿ™ has reduced the overall size and still awaiting it clear… joint pain or loss of sex drive so not sure if this effect everyone…been on it for 5 weeks Clomid for pct along wid letro..working well

    Thanks for the great service!

  21. Very impressed with these guys – will 100% be working with them again in future. Best experience so far.

    Absolutely fine – packaged as promised

    Ordered Dragon Pharma Anavar -> 30mg E/D – early feedback is good – everything working as expected.

  22. excellent service got my order in 1 week from payment, very professional. product looks good over all very happy. i will 100% place another order thank you.

  23. made an order of letro couple weeks ago. i’ve ordered this before and they were great to deal with, kalpa pharma brand letro too.

    I use heavy doses of aas in my blasts so i need genuine letro to stay dry.

    been using letro for couple weeks and they’re pharma so working just fine.

    highly recommended source!

  24. Placed my order about 3 weeks ago, received it after about 9 days as promised, I’m only a couple of weeks in but seeing results already.

    Bit slow emailing back, but that said I expect he was very busy

    Very happy with the responses I received though

    Keep up the good work bud il definitely be ordering again

    All as promised on the web page

    Kalpa danabol

    Kalpa oxandrolone

    2weeks in and feeling good so far

    All in all great products a spot on bloke would recommend to anyone

  25. Ordered from Roidsmall a little while back but never took the time to write a review, the Dragon Pharma Dbol I got from them was top notch, although I am not a fan of dbol in general, I could tell that is was on point.

    As I said, I am not a huge fan of dbol in general, rarely use it, but I remember that I blew up like a balloon on dragon pharma’s dbol, which for me is a good gauge of quality when it comes to that particular compound, I also added a good 8/10 pounds in the first 2/3 weeks, totally on spot!

    Would recommend to anyone, great line up of labs and products!

  26. these guys are the best source out there in my opinion,have used them many times and always great products and fast delivery times,currently running dragon pharma test e and dbol,very happy with results catching serious gains,thanks roidsmall!!

  27. Ordered 2x Anavar and Nolvadex back in Septemeber. Excellent service. My first time ordering and was very pleasantly surprised with how quickly it came.

    Product was as expected. 8 weeks and gained some strength and lost some bf. Will be ordering again. Many thanks.

    Felt pumps and got harder after about a week. Gained some considerable strength over the 8 week cycle I did at 100mg each day.

  28. Best source and great gear booooooooooooom!!!!

    this is now my main source for gear and IGF-1

    all packed securely and I received with no damage ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Somedin IGF-1 LR3 checked the Anti-Counterfeiting code again on the Western Biotech web site and typed in my code and it came up it was the real deal ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ve been taking Somedin IGF-1 LR3 for 40 day and have notices a great pump pins and needles in my hands and fingers and my body fat has dropped big time!! I love this shit

  29. RoidsMall is a legitimate supplier and a top bloke. Being my first order with RoidsMall, I was a little cautious and anxious. But having read the many positive reviews and the reasonable prices offered, I thought I’d give RoidsMall a go and with I have to say with no regrets. His speedy replies to my queries, combined with speedy shipment and the effectiveness of his products means that I will be a return customer for as long as he is around.

    I’ve been using the Ansomone HGH for almost three months ago. My definition and vascularity has improved in a major way – sitting at 7%bf now without any loss in muscle mass. Love being 230lbs, eating what I like every 3rd day and still looking big and ripped.

    Definitely a return customer. Hope RoidsMall ain’t offline for too much longer. I need a refill ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. orderd with for the first time they were good with emails and package

    arived when they said it would gear looks great and good to go will defo be ordering with them again

    will let you know how i get on with my cycle will defo give them a 5 out of 5 thanks again guys ..

    had a problem with transfer at first guys at rmall sorted it out asap

    packaging top notch..

  31. Great communication RoidsMall always got back to me right away when I had a questions. Support is 5/5, his customers are priority number 1as it seems, very good with staying on top of emails as well.

    Packaging is good, items are secure and delivery is quick.

  32. Second time ordering, and have to say I’m impressed. Clear ordering and payment instructions, super fast delivery both times.

    Thanks again RoidsMall will definitely use again.

  33. RoidsMall is great! I ordered their Var and have been taking in for a week. I really like it thus far. Customer service was excellent and gear was delivered within 7 days!!!!! So Fast. I love that. I will update this more in 2 weeks when var starts to really show…

  34. bit of a delayed review, i order a few weeks ago, dragon pharma tbol and the product was legit and is g2g… RoidsMall helped with advising doses etc and i cannot recommend RoidsMall enough! i honestly will be ordering all my gear from RoidsMall in the future, top service.

  35. Ordered multiple times and items, most recently Propionat 100 which was the most potent test I’ve ever had. 10ml for 100mg so not the strongest for volume but definitely has much more than 100mg or every other test I’ve ever had was under dosed. Fast shipping and good comms. Now my regular place to buy from.

  36. Flawless transaction from start to finish! Answered every question I asked very quickly. not one bad vibe or thought from time I ordered till I received. I will be using roidsmall from now on as long as they keep doing this kind of business. Placed my 2nd order a hour ago. Thanks!

  37. Bought from these many times and every time they have delivered. Happy with all aspects of the buying process and the overall product. Will be ordering again soon!

    Great communication emailed me through each step, from pending to processing to when items had been shipped. Great reassurance when paying with large sums of money.

    Products came within 8 working days. Quick efficient delivery and in discreet packaging . Very pleased with them.

    Ordered Dragon Pharma’s Anavar and Clen

    Very high quality, Put on 8lbs of muscle over 6 weeks. Diet wasn’t great so will try even harder next time.

    Couldn’t be happier. Looking to order again in 8 weeks.

  38. Top supplier can’t fault.

    Always answered questions very quickly and professionally

    Very discreet

  39. Ordered some gen- shi sust been using it with var for 4 weeks now. It’s kicking in strong 500 per week. Great communication and shipping. Happy with this source.

  40. Perfect buying experience, ordered items, was sent payment details, I sent funds, was sent dispatch info and then items received.

    Packaging was discreet and secure. Excellent packaging and astonishing delivery time…

    First pin i felt a little pip but was first cycle in a long while, strength gains are higher than I felt off Pro Chem Sus… Never used Cut mix before but will definitely purchase again…

    As I said everything was spot on, codes are verified by kalpa pharmaceuticals, highly recommend RoidsMall!

  41. First time ordering online so I made a few small orders but I really Can’t fault roidsmall, placed my orders September last year and everything arrived very quickly. Obviously I’ve since used the products or at least some of them as some bits were for a friend but both of us had good results and i will be placing another order soon.

    Communication was good with the supplier and he seamed well mannered. Although I had no problems with my orders all my emails were responded to promptly I’m sure if there was a problem he would do what he could to help.

    I only used the test e but it worked very well and I got good results. The test was very clean had no pip what so ever. Was running 600 a week for 10 weeks. Looking forward to using it again.

    I made about 5/6 small orders but each order was treated the same and dispatched quickly. Always have to be a little dubious ordering online but Roidsmall definitely came through and will use again for sure. Thanks Roidsmall!

  42. This was my first time ever successfully purchasing gear online foreign or domestic. I tried once about 5 yrs ago and got burned, since then only from friends of friends with a 150% markup. Decided to one more try after ALOT of research and was extremely pleased with results. Roidsmall you’ve renewed my faith in humanity and not everyone are scamming S.O.B’s. Received product 6 days after money was picked up and I am across the Atlantic from them. Been using product for over a month now and the results are awesome. I am no pro or AAS guru but I know my body and I am pleased with results. Very good product. Thank you so much and I will be back

    Packaged very well and protected from breakage

    Recommended for anyone anywhwere

  43. FAST DELIVERY. AWESOME DBOL, KICKED IN FAST! GOT MY ORDER IN 7-8 DAYS. Provided my payment info a few hours later same day. Worth the price, will use again!!

  44. Review Dragon pharma test e , Extremely happy and will be using the line again with other compounds next time round !

    Payment instruction were sent ASAP and that was it Roidsmall was that efficient no communication was needed.

    Delivery was super quick around the globe to strict customs discreet package insured it was going to arrive.

    I ran this new UGL stand alone for 12 weeks mainly to find out how good there test e alone would be and it exceeded my expectations , dosage was 800mg/week usual sides started in the early weeks, Oily skin, Increased libido and great Strength increases. I found the oil to be thick but never had much pip at all , I also think the 300mg/ml dosage is pretty spot on.

    I have run many different pharma grade and UGL in the past and find Dragon Pharma holds it’s own and is a great UGL and could easily compete with pharma grade

  45. Roidsmall is a top source here, his shipping time is great and i got my order in six days. my friends on the cycle now and they gained 5 pounds in his first week of the dbol/test e stack. crazy pumps in the gym. will be ordering again.

  46. very great quality gear. first order took just 8 days to arrive at my door. im awaiting my second order. its just been 2 days since i ordered. i went with test prop and tren ace to get hard, ripped, cut, whatever u want to call it and within 2 weeks you see the changes and by the time a month goes around your lookin pretty lean and jacked. im up 10 lbs and down from 12 percent body fat to 10 percent. i cant wait to see what month 2 brings.

  47. First let me state that I have only ordered once from this source as my usual source is on hiatus. I will warn you in advance, that I have drastic mixed reviews on each of the question fields. I strongly recommend you read my entire review and not simply the general comments. Let me first state, I am basing my review mostly on transactions with other sources and doing a side by side comparison. I also try to be direct and to the point as possible. A few key points: The products are priced to sell. The product quality, for me, is undetermined. The shipping is a lot slower than I am used to. The communication is like talking to a dry piece of toast and hoping that you can make a nice BLT with it. The one question I am struggling with is would I recommend this supplier. Personally, NO. But in all honestly, I may be the one guy that ordered his product at the wrong time. I read a lot of good reviews about his shipping and his product, however, for me, the hype was more than the reality.

    My first hang up with this source is the lack of communication. Is it needed, NO! For me being a new buyer for this source, it was unnerving. So to honestly answer this question, I had no contact, communication or support from this source other than the posts on the discussion page. I had asked a couple general question on the discussion board and got no response from the source. Does this mean he is a bad source, NO. Just do not expect much information or communication.

    Apparently I picked the wrong time to order. My T/A was 16 days. From what the discussion board stated this was due to a sudden increase in order volume. I was impressed by the vacuum’d seal and tight packaging.

    Ordered 5x TEST-E, 1x EQ, 2x TREN-A, 2 TREN-E

    I have been taking a Test-E and Tren-A stack for the past 5 weeks. Everyone states the source gear is “FIRE” however, I haven’t felt heat! Can I tell the product is working. slightly. I had high hopes for the Tren-A that everyone was raving about, however, for me, it is lack luster. For now, I will assume the product “MAYBE” hasn’t hit my system fully and may see improvement in the coming days.

    My order was small. A simple test order to see if I could find a reliable 2nd source.

  48. Ordered Genshi Prop and Dbol to go along with my Tren cycle. Really didnt need anymore Prop but hey, Im a sucker for Genshi. Used in the past with great results. So, I basically wanted to see if Genshi was still up to par with their products and they absolutely are. Prop ran 100mg EOD which kept my pencil full of lead…which makes my girl very happy!! (tren dick is no fun) Dragon Pharma is just a F’n great lab to begin with and their dbol(30mg daily) gives me ridiculous pumps.(Also should mention since Dbol nips have become a little sensitive) Matter of fact my bi’s feel like they are gonna burst right now. Gonna have to give both products a 5+++++ No need to talk about RoidsMall shipping…we all know how good it is. Happy camper here.

  49. Once again Roidsmall has come thru for me. First order was Dragon Pharma Deca and Cypionate, which helped my strength and weight gains tremendously. My aggression and libido is out of control, giving me unbelievable workouts. Now, I can only say the same about Dragon Pharma’s test Enanthate. Though Roidsmall may be a little pricey, the quality is the best out there. Right there with pharma grade, it truly blows away anything else that you can find on here. Very reliable also, I never have to worry about them not coming through for me. Thanks again Roidsmall for truly remaining high quality and dependable. I’ll be ordering again soon. Until then…. Tommy.

  50. I decided to give this source a go after some great communication and good prices. I received my goods on Saturday. Payment was made easily and the product is legit. Will definitely be using again.

  51. So I gotta say, totally stoked on RoidsMall!!! These guys are legit and very professional. I’ve ordered 3 times from them so far and every transaction has been clockwork. For my latest cycle I front loaded with their Kalpa Dbol and I’ve been running their Sustaxyl 350 and Nandroxyl 250 twice a week (700 and 500 split into two pins). The Dbol gave me some great initial gains, about 3lbs a week for the first 3 weeks and the pumps are nice. I initially began the cycle with their Dragon Pharma Test 400 but honestly couldn’t take the PIP, I pinned my Vastus Lateralis and couldn’t walk for two days. I’ve been cycling for awhile now but I guess my body still ain’t ready for or used to those short acting esters and that shit packs a punch! Once I switched to the Sustaxyl 350 for test I was better off. It still kinda fucked me up the first week I was pinning it but I lowered the dose by half a ml for a little while and started heating up the vial under hot water and was gtg. Around week 5 I started blowing up, shit’s ridiculous. I’ve never used the Kalpa brand before and I can’t believe there’s not more reviews online about them, they produce a legit product. Stuff is changing my body and I would even compare the gains to my first cycle ever, that drastic (in a good way obvi). Anyways, I’m gunna quit rambling here, all in all I’m totally in love with RoidsMall. The only minor issue I’ve had with them is not receiving their emails bc I use hushmail and for some reason it won’t work, not a big deal, I contacted them about it and they helped me out, very professional. I’m almost completely finished with my cycle and PCT and will definitely post all the info and stats, including bloodwork, here once I’m done. Lastly I just wanted to say, these forums and the good people on this site turned me on to RoidsMall and I’m glad and thankful they did. Thanks to those who helped out, you’ve restored my faith in humanity, and big props to RoidsMall, You’ve got a customer for life, fuck the prices, worth every penny. Turning mad friends and family members on to you guys as we speak…I hope this was a decent review for those looking for info, if you have any questions at all please feel free to hit me up!

  52. Great source, quality products, love me some RoidsMaLL

    Communication and support are always on point with

    I have ordered from several suppliers oversea, and none I have used have as quick a T/A as RoidsMaLL, usually 10-12 days to Eastcoast Us.

    I’m in week 11 of 3 month cruise, after last blast did PCT, doing the PCT I felt like crap sucks coming off and I lost about 16 of the 31lbs I put on, I’m 41 years old so decided to cruise instead of PCT, felt much better cruising on 1cc/week of KALPA Test CYP, keeping more of my gains much better, I was on a lean bulk and put on 12 good solid lbs, looks like more, in 11 weeks I have still kept 10, so only lost 2, this CYP PINS NICE NO PIP at all.

    Thank RoidsMaLL for bring good quality products, just placed my 5th order trying some new compound but I trust they will be good as I have trust and confidence with you as being a great source.

  53. next successful order from RoidsMall!

    Always fast answering to my questions.

    Package discreet and one week delivery time.

    Ansomone, like always from RoidsMall very good quality.

  54. I’ve used these guys many times now and can complain about nothing, service is second to none. Orders placed are delivered next week.
    Plain sailing ordering so need to contact.

    It arrives! So no complaints

    More orders to come. Thanks

  55. I have made several orders with RoidsMall and they have always come through. The gear has always been legit and produced the desired results. They ship fast and if you need something within a few weeks RoidsMall is the way to go. You’ll get what you ordered and you will get it fast.

  56. Well this was my first ever order and was very happy with the process, speed and product, 3weeks in now and feeling a good pump of it, sweats up and libido. Pips not too bad would definatley recommend.

    Very good commas, gave me details I needed to confirm order and payment and shipped very fast once payments made.

    Package came wrapped perfectly no shipping problems at all.

    3weeks in with Test Eat 2ml a week feel a difference already, libido is up, gains are increasing and showing and sweats are high. Pip feels ok not too bad!

    Would definitely recommend to any new user as this is only my second ever order, through RoidsMall.

  57. The dragon pharma products are 100% legit. My sex drive went crazy and within 2 1/2 weeks my joints were eased and my body fat went down even though I gained 5 pounds. Probably gained 10 lbs of muscle lost 5 lbs of fat.

    Communication was not good until I placed the order. I had questions and it took them a while to get back to me but as soon as I placed the order they got back to me within 24 hours working day. So on friday sometimes it took them until monday. But communication was very good during order.
    I ordered 1 test enethate 400, Deca 500, 50 mg anadrol and 50mg anavar

    Dragon Pharma products are pretty strong and they had the codes to verify it. Anadrol was ok because within two days my joints started to feel better but I didn’t get the normal WOW water bloating or results I normally get with anadrol. I started at 1 cc of test a week then second week went to 2 cc and am using 3/4 cc of deca so total 900 mg of deca and 1000mg of test. Have been using it for 4 weeks now. The high potency allows me to take less but still get the same results. The injection site is painful but that comes with any high MG gear.

    This website is very good. The anadrol I have had better but the Test and Deca were fire. I am placing another order from them very soon.

  58. I placed an order for the first time less than a week ago and recieved products today. Wow. I ordered some roids just to test it. It works great. The kalpa pharmaceuticals I cannot say because I won’t be using any of that for a few months. But basically, I can say that the entire ordering experience was incredibly easy and incredibly fast. Packaging was impeccable.

  59. Been using Roidsmall for a few years now with (0) no problems and great quality, site is alway up to date, check every 3 days for more or new items.

    Excellent paking.

    PCT is good, items are G2G

  60. I ordered some Kalpa pharma Deca and Dianabol. The gear is spot on and service was very good. I will use this source again.

    Usual Kalpa pharma – good quality. Been running deca for three weeks now and strength/ gains are good.

  61. OMG what can I say ,fast shipping,.easy to order,answered my emails fast the guys here are awesome and so knowledgeable and helpfull too.

  62. As it was my first cycle I decided to ease into a oral Tbol only cycle followed by Clomid pct. Delivery came within 8 days and I ran the first 7 days at 50mg then ran a further 7 weeks at 70mg. Quite an expensive cycle admittedly but it worked a treat. I added really lean muscle mass with no water retention. The only side effects were back pumps on around week 3,but Nothing a she load of bananas and water couldn’t fix. I finished 6 weeks ago id day I’ve kept 90% of the muscle I put on. When I finished I noticed a big dip in libido but that only lasted 7 days once the clomid kicked in. I would highly recommend this product which was a dragon pharma but purchased at roidsmall.

  63. Roidsmall is the best source I have found. Superior customer service.

    Ordered multiple times always spot on. Can’t imagine a any source being faster.

    Good gain (20 lbs) on 10 week cycle. 250 mg deca and 500 mg sustanon a week. 30 mg dbol/30 days.

    Roidsmall is the best!

  64. First time ordering online so I made a few small orders but I really Can’t fault roidsmall placed my orders in January and everything arrived very quickly. Obviously I’ve since used the products or at least some of them as some bits were for a friend but both of us had good results and i will be placing another order soon.

    Communication was good with the supplier and he seamed well mannered. Although I had no problems with my orders all my emails were responded to promptly I’m sure if there was a problem he would do what he could to help.

    I only used the test e but it worked very well and I got good results. The test was very clean had no pip what so ever. Was running 600 a week for 10 weeks. Looking forward to using it again.

    I made about 5/6 small orders but each order was treated the same and dispatched quickly. Always have to be a little dubious ordering online but roidsmall definitely came through and will use again for sure.

  65. I’m new here, this was the first source I’ve ever used online. The process went smoothly. Overall pretty pleased. I believe TA was around 7 days, 5 business days total. Not too shabby for a very busy promo.

    Communication was fine. He is known as a man of few words, which is no problem. Source always got back to me in a timely manner.

    I don’t know if my order was packed the same as every order due to the sheer number of vials. But, if how mine was packed is his usual way, he could get a little more stealth. No broken vials anyways.

    Gear is clear without contaminants. Attractively labeled without being flashy. Loaded the Test E at a gram/wk for 6 weeks, bloods were ok. Progress was mild, some weight gain, libido the same, strength up a bit. Added the Deca at 750/wk a little over 5 weeks ago with a frontload. Strength is up on big 3, got some acne goin’, joints feel better, gaining weight steadily. Pretty legit, I think. Was impatient to try the prop, decreased Test E to 750/wk, added 350/wk Test Prop 50mg/d. Libido is way up, dunno about you guys, and it might be placebo, but T Prop drives me crazy in the sex drive department. Feels like test, legit. I would say his E, Prop, Deca are pretty much on point.

    Have not tried the Tren, yet.

    Solid source, runs lots of promos. Would purchase again no doubt.

  66. This review is for Dragon Pharma D-Bol

    Communication was always same day! Site is easy to navigate.

    T/A was 2 weeks international. Package was discreet and firmly wrapped.

    I’ve been using the product for two weeks now. I was on var before switching over. I saw my strength shot up immediately. I felt unstoppable at 50mgs 30mins pre workout. I gained a few solid pounds. Vascularity increased and muscle fullness increased. I didn’t gain much water weight, I don’t feel bloated. I got a little acne along my jaw and on my back/shoulders.

    This was my first time running Dragon Pharma D-Bol and it is definitely my favorite dbol I’ve ran to date.

  67. These guys are great at helping you with your order. So excellent. So it’s great that these guys are on top of things. Dragon oils are truly excellent, too. Two thumbs up for roidsmall!

    I’ve used Dragon Pharma before and this verifies on their page so I’m sure it’s the same as last time. First injection I swear I could feel it. At least the sweats :). Excellent gear.

    I’m so glad these guys are around.

  68. Will be a repeat customer! Was lucky enough to get in on the Spring Sales!

    Awesome t/a for an international source. Very discreet.

    The dbol is 100% legit. I have been running 20mg pre-workout and my recovery and aggression in the gym is fantastic. I have been able to push myself past my previous pr reps and have been waking up sore as hell. I run milk thistle along side of the dbol. Starting to get more vascular in the forearms and legs.

    Great product, plan on trying the Dragon Pharma oils out in the future.

  69. I have ordered from this guys and recieved my items in 1 week to EU. The communication is good, they reply very fast. I have tested the products and are genuine and working excellent!! Recommended source!

  70. These guys are fantastic and actually care about what you get and how you get it. Emails are right away and are constant until your items are in your hand. I’ve got to say their the quickest and easiest I’ve used yet without any doubts of not getting my products.

    Quick turnaround with good communication.

    Took just a couple of days to arrive. Package was well padded and discreet

    Orderd Test prop and Deca

    Used Dragon Pharma products before and I get good results of them.

    I recommend shopping here

  71. This is my review for dragon pharma anavar. First I wanted to say roidsmall is a great company that I trust with my order and results.

    Did not have any issues with communication or problems needing me to ask questions. It was simple: I ordered, payed and then got my products. I sent an email letting them now I payed. I received an email the same day and got products shipped.

    I had no problems with the way it was packed. It was discreet and made no noise.

    I used 1/3 of a pill for 6 weeks. Quality was best I have tried this far. Got great pumps, vascularity and strength. I really leaned out and added muscle as well as changing my overall physique. Was really happy with the results.

    This a really great source. They made the process so easy and stressless. I look forward to doing business with them in the future and look forward to the dragon pharma line helping me with my future goals.

  72. Was sceptical about using an online source, 1st order, definitely my new goto source.

    Only sent 1 email and was replied to within the hour and was clear and to the point.

    Discreet and super fast delivery

    3rd time running dbol and by far the best time, 2 1/2 weeks in at 30mg ed. Pumps are huge almost skin busting, focus is crazy have to keep a check on the weight as it feels too light because strength gains are through the roof. No sides as of yet bit oily no acne. Overall very pleased.

    Would recommend to friends, fast communication fast delivery with a quality product what more could you want.

  73. I have been using roidsmall for about a year and a half now. Ordered a wide range of products from test-prop, clen, t-3. test suspension. Honestly best service I have dealt with in the past 5 years, this guy is a professional.

    Packaged carefully, secure and private and never had an issue.

    Did a test prop cycle this spring, started with the susp to get the ball rolling and continued with test prop. Quality was phenominal. Honestly the smoothest prop I’ve ever pinned. Suspension was a little harsh but the gains are always worth it.

    After about 5 years of bouncing between different vendors roidsmall is the only name I trust right now. Not saying there aren’t other reputable guys out there but when I know I don’t have to worry about quality or delivery I will stay loyal.







  75. First time buying from Roidsmall, was good experience overall.

    Communication was super fast, there were some issues with payment pick-up and Roidsmall replied super fast and everything was straightened out swiftly.

    Packaging could have been better, however, it arrived to the US in about 1 week after shipping, that was insanely fast.

    Pinning Test-E twice a week, making a total of 550mg/week for 14 weeks, gear is smooth, no PIP, no crashing, oils look great and vials are nice as well. Currently on week #7 out of 14, carrying some water weight and also had sensitive nipples so I had to up the AI doses per day and it actually helped out a lot. Noticeable gain in muscle mass, some strength gain, definition, looking more vascular, more energy and recovery is quick.

    I am a happy buyer and will definitely look into ordering from Roidsmall again once I figure out my next cycle in a couple of months.

  76. I have ordered twice from roidsmall.First time came in 2 weeks.The second time it never showed its been 2 months.I reordered and shipped to my boys house and we got it in about 8 days.Both times ordered dragon pharma dbol.Count is good and product is good.

  77. I have made 2 orders with roidsmall, this review will cover both

    Fast communication. Always polite.

    Well packaged, no rattling, nice and discrete. Came in a week or 2.

    I have used the Dragon pharma test-e, no complaints, injected well and worked just like it should. Great test. Arimidex (dragon pharma) also was on point, I notice that if I go slightly over my dose my libido drops hard so seems to be dosed correctly. Pinned one amp of the balkan pharma gear, smooth as you like. Obviously not kicked in yet, however the product quality is reassuring. Clomid will be used during PCT

  78. Good seller. Had no major problems.

    Being new to the ordering process, I made a few mistakes. Communication was good and everything was resolved quickly.

    Came from another country, shipping by the seller was fast, customs took a bit, but not the sellers fault. Packaging was good. Nothing was broken, so all in all no harm no foul.

    I ended up just pinning Test E as it was my first cycle, someone else took the Dbol, and they really liked it. First for Test E was water weight, by week 4 strength and size started increased, week 8 crazy libido and acne, definite size and strength increases. Still have back acne from cycle, my body reverted to back to 14 yrs old. Did 10 weeks @ 550mg week. Should have gone for longer as this was really when I started to get my stride with gains. Gained 2 plates on bench by the end without any extra calorie intake. Cadio SUCKED. Heal time went way down, I was rarely sore after a workout (big plus). I am back to my original weight now, but much stronger which was the goal. No real strength loss after cycle. Gained ~25 max pushups, 10 pullups, in the 6 weeks it was noticeably working . Broke someones knee on accident during a practice fight from throwing them too hard across the ring and being “too aggressive” lol. Dbol friend gained about a plate as well on bench, gained 10 pullups, other stuff too but I didn’t ask specifics. Looks bigger, he was pretty scrawny and now has a chest and shoulders. (not sure of his dose) Didn’t use Pregnyl this cycle, Tamoxifen worked for PCT, Anastrozole made my nipples itch ALOT when I took in during cycle (0.5mg eod) so I stopped.

    Gear was in my opinion legit. Had PIP with 23g needle, but it lessened as I refined my technique (went to fast at first, and had a problem infiltrating superficial veins in my thigh). PIP wasn’t bad at the end, mildly sore injection site for a day after each injection. Friend had no side effects from the Dbol.

  79. 3 or 4 time ordering, there was slight delay in the arrival but these guys were introduced to me by a very very very trusted source and and knew there was a reason, comes down to technical issues – thanks Roidsmall keep going guys.

    Ordered Dragon Pharma EQ, Mast

    using these for a while now very happy, so is my trainer I am running in the 15.15 at Ascot – No.1 Big Vein. Love the vodka vials, clear and clean.

    Did panic but I won’t judge on this one delay as I was introduced by a very trusted source, will be placing an order again very soon. 5/5 for me.

  80. This is my 3rd order with Roidsmall and all I can say is that this guy comes thru every time. I love doing business with him. He has great products at great prices and fast and discreet shipping!

    T/A times are great for distance traveled.

    I have used Dbols myself and have done a few trades for other gear with some friends and they rave about these.

    I can’t wait to try some other products. Especially the Abombs.

  81. Excellent service, price and quality products. I have been using dianabol for 14 days and have made significant gains in strength about 25% and have gained 10lbs muscle. Minimal side effects such as tiredness in first week to 10 days.

    Excellent communication was kept updated on order status via email.

    Received item within two weeks securely packaged.

    Excellent quality. First cycle been taking 40 mg daily

    Will be a regular customer thanks

  82. Great source, and great Test P!

    T/A was fantastic for being overseas and pack was tight

    Dragon pharma Testosterone Propionate 100

    Quality was great, used this prop the last two weeks of my cycle EOD and it kept my aggression, strength, well being and libido nice and high. PIP was nonexistent and oil was clean and drew well through a 25g

    Great prop all around! Nice presentation and ROIDSMALL gets your order out in a timely manner, Thank you

  83. Very quick turnaround on emails.

    Package was very discreet and hard to open which is a good thing. Delivery in five business days after payment.

    Very smooth oils. No pip whatsoever. Ran Testoxyl Enanthate at a cruise dosage of 150 mg a week. I thought that I never came off of my blast of 500 mg per week ….no drop in libido…strength did not decrease which tells me that this product is potent and the product I was running was underdosed. I have been cruising on this for about eight weeks now. It seems if I continue to eat heavily I am gaining muscle even on the low dose good product

    Will be doing business with them again

  84. Good communication.. easy to deal with..Also 2 weeks from payment to delivery (NZ), great packaging, even fooled me lol. just got dbols so all ive got left to do is give em a go and see if they are legit, (Look good to me) will update in a few weeks when i start my cycle and see how they go.

  85. Ordered some Var from roidsmall. Seems that Anavar is pretty hard to come by in Europe!

    Did the regular mail back and forward whit this guy. Fast responding and easy options for payment made me try it out.

    Shipping was about a week. The packet was seized and opened by customs!! But they did not find the stuff. Iโ€™m itching to post pics, of packing but no reason to show any secrets. God knows whoโ€™s lurking here at ๐Ÿ™‚

    Haven’t tried the var out yet. So might edit later.

  86. I have been dealing with Rmall for over a year now and have alway’s been very happy with his product’s effectiveness and quality.

    Never let me down yet and I like the fact that he sticks to a trusted brand without resorting to stocking loads of cheap UGL crap

    Always fast to answer email’s

    Fast turnaround to UK. Discrete and secure packaging, Includes original packaging for pharma grade products

    Been using The Winstrol and Nolva with Epistane for 5 weeks now on a short cutting cycle and Im really pleased with the results! Strength is up, Recovery is improved and I have lost a significant ammount of bodyfat!

  87. Reviews for products ordered:

    Outstanding. Simply put. The man is on top of his game. Immediate response if I had any questions, regardless of the question, or how trivial it might have seemed. Customer service is top priority for this company and it is obvious from start to finish.

    Like I said, this company has customer service like no other. In addition, all packs have been tightly sealed, secured, and always show up w/o any signs of damage. Again, attention to detail is obvious with packaging.

    Ordered Winni tabs and anti estrogen, don’t remember which one. Also ordered some clenbuteral as well I’ve been using gear for the last 20+ yrs., and i can say with absolute confidence, that the products I have used from this company have been superior quality products. I cannot illicit enough how clean and properly dosed these products are.

    As stated before, I feel like these products are the best that I have used. Never a crashed product, never anything but clear oils. Superior results in the gym. Pip is to be expecteced to some degree, but I have never experienced anything more than mild dicomfort.

    I have nothing but the highest regards for this company and it’s high standard of product quality and customer service. I wouldn’t recommend any other source.

  88. My first review for RoidsMall. I have a few goodies from these guy’s but first up is a review for some Sp Laboratories Clen.

    Never needed to email them.

    Well wrapped. Recieved next week!

    Only on day 2 taking 40 mcg. I’m relaxing and my bpm is at 89. This stuff is legit. My hands have started trembling as I type this!

    I feel very confident ordering from Rmall. Looking forward to running their test e, d bol and var.

  89. I have placed about five orders with Roidsmall over the last five years and have had excellent results with their products from increase in size and strength. This review is for my last cycle that has currently ended. I did a 10 week cycle and have gained about 15lbs and vascularity has significantly improved.

    Mot reliable source when it comes to communication. Every time he has responded to my emails within a 24 hour period and answered my questions with specific details. Has also sent me extra products because one of my original orders had a complication.

    Most secure packaging I have experienced. Air sealed bags which contain all products carefully placed and secured tightly into boxes.

    3x Suston 250

    1x Masteron enthanate

    2x stan

    I have been very satisfied with every product I have used from Roidsmall. I have gained significant size during each cycle ranging from 15-25lbs depending on which products I use. This previous cycle I have gained about 20lbs and have lost about 3% body fat which I attribute to the Masteron and Stan. Excellent pumps during my workout and through out the day. Have never had any problems with pain from the pip, my leg might get a little sore from the test prop in suston the next day, but nothing that would affect my workouts or normal day activities.

    Excellent source and will continue to be my number 1 go to source for US

  90. Roidsmall and the hole experience was great and real surprised me how easy it was.

    I did have some trouble with my donation. I contacted Roidsmall and 5 minutes he was replying and got me through.

    Purchased Dbol 10mg

    For a week 1 week I started 1 in the morning 6am. 2 pm I would that the other half pre work out . I got the bad back pumps by 4th morring. I had increases in sex drive but had to stop cause of a therotic back injury flaring up and starting pct

    Thanks Roidsmall would recommend shopping here .

  91. Probably my 4th or 5th order for Good source always use roidsmall can not fault the customer service and the delivery is always fast and we’ll packaged. Would recommend 100% will not be using different sources since I have found this one

    Always well packaged and discreet

    Recommend 100%

  92. Here we go ladies and gents a source that i can put my stamp of approval on without any doubts,to start the ball rolling the gear hit my doorstep in a matter of 7 days and was packaged to perfection which we all like right!… the kalpa gear is very very good and does exactly what it says on tin,i am loving kalpa so much i am using it in preference to some other top brands that i have in my stash and honestly getting far better results… all kalpa products are pip free and make for comfortable pinning especially if like me you pin ED or EOD protocols. Top source in my opinion so i must credit them with 5 star approval.

  93. I have placed 2 orders with roidsmall, the communication was easy and replies were attended to within 24 hours at most. I ordered Proviron 25mg and Oxymetholone 50mg for the first order and was received in 14 days from the time payment was made. The tablets were packed discreetly and all were intact. I have been using proviron 2 tabs per day for 2 weeks ( will use for 8 weeks at least ) along with other compounds namely test e , sus, tren E & deca . The proviron as expected reduced the water retention slightly which has been caused with the other compounds . I did notice as expected a slight increase to my libido however I would expect better results with longer use . I have not used the Oxymetholone at this stage but will use in my next course. My second order was for Dianabol,Winstrol, T3, and Clen, Proviron and Clomid. I have received half the order so far which arrived in 10 days from payment and the balance I am expecting in due course. This guy is easy to deal with and knows how to package his tablets very discretely … The best packing I have seen so far with tabs.

  94. MONTHS ago…I received a vial of SP Labs cyp. Completely forgot about it till right before my meet.

    Badass communication and support. I had no issues with this source, granted I got a promo bottle of cyp.

    Cut and dry, nice and simple pack. Nothing to get anyone alarmed about. Just like a normal package from your above average supplement company ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am completely overwhelmed by this brand tho. I have had some very very good products by them in the past several months. I tried some orals too from another supplier and I it knocked my socks off as well. IMO…in the past year, I feel that I have run into a real hit or miss quality with any and all UGl or “pharma” grade products but NOT with SP Labs. I think as far as ordering online in the future, this is possibly one brand I will stick with, this one or the other. Just looking for that quality control I used the cyp for 7 weeks and felt on top of the world on such a low dose of 200mg e5d. Libido sky high, oily forehead and chest, strength never fell off and I still continued to get some great pumps while on this cruise. No pip at all. I was feeling like a teenager again all horny 24/7…the wife and I been going strong while I was on this test. I absolutely loved this test and I will be back for more

  95. Decided to give this source a go (been putting my feelers out lately) to see how things would go and i am very glad i did so, as from the very first communication until i received my order everything went silky smooth …. I cant knock this source on any level to be honest….. there are a good range of products on offer and all competitively priced, i will say from the experience ive had from the products i have purchased and used from this source that everything did exactly as it should. I will go into more detail in the designated fields below : –

    Stuff was packed in a way that any damage to any of the products was very unlikely and i can confirm all the products i ordered were as they should have been with no damage, the packaging was also very discreet.

    Switched from a different sources/labs UGL test to the BALKAN Test E and was very impressed at 500mg pw for the past 5 weeks i can confirm that this test is top quality, no crash after the switch, minimal pip and libido is great …..and the gains just keep coming stacking with Danabol 40 mg p/d so im not even using a lot of gear and im getting a lot of bang for my buck, i do believe this is the test of choice for me from now on i need to get some more and indeed i shall asap.

    The proviron were as expected great for the libido, hardened up the muscles nicely and made me feel great in the stack, used the generic HCG for 4 weeks @1000 iu p/w mon/thurs split and its worked a treat to plump up the old balls lol i was due a blast and the stuff works really well diluted it to 500iu per ml to keep things simple. Note i’ve not yet used the Dragon Pharma’s Test Enth 250 as of yet but i will be using it soon and will review this product seperatly therefore..

    Very good source full stop great to have ROIDSMALL with plenty of products to try from, all of which are very competitively priced i am very well satisfied.

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