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RoidsMall.Net Review

RoidsMall.Net Review

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Is Reliable? is an online steroids store that contains a large catalogue of anabolic steroids for sale and other muscle building related products manufactured by various European and Asian pharmaceutical companies. Through years of activity the company proved to be a trustworthy source on steroids market and nowadays it continues to offer high quality, potent and legit steroids for bodybuilding and athletes’ community.

The large anabolics online catalogue offered by contains products of high quality. This is due to the facts that company already has chosen the best steroids providers on the market. Without taking any chance by working with new and inexperienced drugs manufacturers, managed to establish a constant, reliable range of legit steroids, appreciated by bodybuilders worldwide.

Another assets of this online anabolic store is the establishment of a secure and quality delivery process. By learning from past mistakes and inconveniences that emerged through the time, nowadays managed to establish a good and trustworthy shipping and delivery procedure to the US territory.

There is no doubt that is legit supplier of famous manufacturers like Kalpa, Balkan, Dragon Phrama and many more. This fact can be easily checked on manufacturer’s official pages. The cooperation between and these manufacturers have a long history and the ties are established based on a professional and healthy business approach.

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Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Injectable Steroids

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Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Oral Steroids

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Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Post Cycle Therapy Steroids

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Dragon Pharma Injectable Steroids

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Testosterone Cypionate

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Testosterone Blend

Dragon Pharma Oral Steroids

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Gen-Shi Labs Legit Supplier –

Gen-Shi Labs Injectable Steroids

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Gen-Shi Labs Oral Steroids

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Gen-Shi Labs Human Growth Hormone

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RoidsMaLL Reviews by Customers

Good products, proper shipping and nice packaging. Communication and support are also top notch. I’ve always been responded to within 1phours. This store has always worked with me in a friendly manner, and been not been lazy in letting me know that the money have been collected or package has been shipped.
This store was recommended to me by a member of my gym and this was my first time using these guys. Actually I’m glad I did it. I ordered on a Friday and sent payment that evening and my order was shipped in a record amount of time (at least according to my previous experiences). Products were also kick-ass! I definitely recommend ordering here!
I ordered test prop from Kalpa and Dbol from Dragon pharma. Both products are on fire. Super strength and amazing intensity at workouts. Severe acne and oily skin, aggression was also there, as it should be with genuine roids. Both products were powerful and strong and the shipping was ok as well.

111 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. My favorite source. Spot on every time. Good products and great service. Been using for over a year, 10 plus orders and all with no issues.

    No issues, packed well every time.

    Atm using 2ml sust 2ml per week with 50mg oxy and 30 tbol per day. On day 6 of my cycle and 7lb up, strength is up big time, sex drive is great. Loving my cycle sofar. Waiting for sust to fully kick in but did feel the short ester the next day, solid wood and great pump. First pin and tablets last Sunday, today Friday and can defo say I’m bigger stronger. Workout more intense, feel like a monster atm, set after set after set and don’t want to stop.

    Defo would recommend Roidsmall. Placing another order next weekend. 5+ from me.

  2. really one of the best store. pharmaceutical grade products, and all very simple, very helpful staff, until ‘the quality will remain the same, I will continue to use Roidsmall

    pretty good communication. usually after a few hours responding, always very kind.

    well-sealed package arrived intact. I am very happy about this. fairly anonymous and discreet

    I started immediately to lift weight. as early as the second week I felt something, and my libido was skyrocketing despite the deca low dose. I had a real physical transformation in just eight weeks. really happy, keep it up.

    there is not much else to say … roidsmall has earned a loyal customer.

  3. First time ordering from Roidsmall very pleased with my decision

    14 days TA. Packaging was super tightly wrapped and secure.

    DP Tren E

    DP Mast E

    DP anavar


    Oral winny

    DP Tren E-was extremely potent switched over from another top sources tren and this one is just as strong if not stronger. Insomnia night sweats huge strength gains even while running a cut and eating 50g of carbs a day had veins everywhere and felt like super man truely an
    amazing compound and super happy with the quality did not disappoint.

    DP Mast E-good mast is hard to find but Roidsmalls was dam good gave my muscles a nice round look increased libido increased veins no water retention also helped a lot with keeping estrogen low simply just feel great on this compound.

    DP Anavar 50mg- Loved this anavar have tried a couple of anavar tabs but this was my favorite taste so dam good and the strengh it added was awesome also increased stamina in the gym freaky veins when I was fully pumped had a lot of people staring ran 100mg and loved every second if it will pick some more up in the near future.

    Cialis 25mg- when I run tren especially strong tren it shuts me down the cialis really helped took a day or to to kick it but when it did it was long lasting and gave me the ability to get hard on command more natural feel then Viagra so very pleased need some more ASAP lots of happy ladies thanks Roidsmall haha

    Oral winny-Made me very dry liked the pumps it have me but my joints got aches on 50mg a day

    Order with confidence your getting grade A quality products

  4. This supplier is top notch. Order process is very smooth with no hangups.

    only time I contacted vendor was because I got a bit too anxious, but response was prompt and professional with product arriving well within acceptable time frame.

    Product was packaged nice and tight and arrived within seven working days.

    Product is buttery smooth with little to no pip. I ran 1000 mg/week of cyp with 600mg of DECA. I went from 237lbs to 258 in twelve weeks. Significant gains in strength, body fat % down 4 points, and marked increase in libido.

    Recently ordered anavar, sust 250, and masteron for next run. Stay tuned.

  5. I started using these guys when another source disappeared. I have since had about 5 or so orders from them always smooth. Their quality, shipping time, and customer support are excellent. They are really good at replying to emails quickly too. This review was for a 12 week cycle that I started in June so I’m a bit late in writing this. As for the gear I was taking 100 mg/ed test prop, 125 mg/ed test ace, and 100 mg/eod masteron prop.

    Tren A-very potent I normally don’t get tren sides too bad as long as I keep dose at 125mg/day. Not so with this tren. Tren cough, sweats all day (wife made me replace the mattress after cycle), heartburn, and I always get loss of appetite. I dropped my dose to 100mg a day and the sides were manageable but I did not lose any of the good effects. Strength went up even while in caloric deficit. Got very hard and stayed dry.

    Mast Prop- worked very well at 100 mg/eod. Dried me out nicely and complemented the tren well. Veins everywhere.

    Test Prop- a little pip a couple weeks in I think due to ed and running out of spots to inject. Definitely potent at 100mg/ed.

    Very good pumps, strength, and vascularity after 2 weeks, and sex drive was off the charts! Gained about 10 lbs solid muscle, and being in my 40’s that’s a big plus.

    Thanks for the great products Roidsmall!

  6. Second time ordering from Roidsmall took a little longer than before. But he emailed me back saying he was over run with orders. That being said everything arrived and i couldnt be happier.

    not sure about the nolvadex yet but the test is awesome ive used it before and its fire

  7. Great source used many times since he has been open. Best gear I have ever tried I have been at this over ten years. Roidsmall is always professional, answered any questions I had and runs this like a professional

    All packs within the ta , im not the type of guys that cares about getting his pack in 2 day. packed very nicely.

    Product quality is nop notch!!! I have been on his products for almost a year.

    I highly recommend Roidsmall

  8. I just received my products, he had great customer support and reply, Order arrived quickly and secure.

    I have taked D-bol for years and always have felt noticeable effects within 5 to 7 days, So can’t wait and see. Test looks clean and I will post effects of that in about 4 weeks. If all works out this will be my new home. Thanks for the quick delivery GUYS.

  9. Honestly this is my first experience with source and there products which are kalpa. I am writing this initial part of the review out of respect for those of us whom use this site as are one of our sourcing tools and props to the rep I felt with on S/F ……little leg sally(lls).

    To be far … When I decided I was going to use this Source for I initiated contact with him when I saw the he was on line and would get back to me on an average of 10max….knowledge suburb,support …

    In total start to Finnish about 2weeks/8buisness

  10. I never write product reviews, but Roidsmall is worth it. I ordered from Roidsmall because I had heard some questionable things about some of the other top rated sources. From my research, Roidsmall has been around a while and is well regarded. This was my experience ordering from him. The pumps I have had make my arms feel like they are about to break through my skin, randiness is sky high, and I feel f*cking excellent! Roidsmall is legit bottom line. Thanks to everyone else who posted their reviews to protect people from scams and let real sources like Roidsmall get the business they deserve.

    Just do what his site says and he will deliver in the time frame he claims. Word to the wise:

    Don’t annoy the man like your some impatient 15 year old jonesin to lap your first hatchet wound. Some of the stuff I read on his source discussion is just sad. Have some respect for Roidsmall and for yourself. You’re not dealing in crack rocks.

    Fire Bodypharm prop. I can only assume the HCG is legit as well.

    Much respect for Roidsmall and his business. First timers order with confidence.

  11. I have ordered 3 times so far from these guys and there are plenty orders to come!! They are my absolute favorite place to go for gear.

    Each order was received within 2 weeks of payment

    I used only Test Prop and Suspension last cycle and they have THE best prop I’ve ever tried. I’ve had crippling PIP from Test Prop from other labs but Kalpa’s Prop has absolutely ZERO PIP and it went in smooth. Everything went as planned, strength was up, size increased, and I looked very dry. I used Test Suspension pre workout here and there and it gave me a little extra boost.

    These guys have awesome products, fast TA, and amazing customer service. Deal with confidence bros!

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