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Kalpa-Pharmaceuticals is an online pharmacy that boasts being, in their own words, an ‘online health superstore’. Offering anything from antiviral medication, to erectile dysfunction, weight loss, birth control, skin and hair drugs and products, most customers tend to agree, fact demonstrated by their customer base.

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Gen-Shi-Labs is one of the online pharmacies where people can get brand medications for different conditions they might be suffering from. Gen-Shi-Labs is available on the market ever since 1998 and it only works with licensed pharmacists and physicians from the United States. On people can thus get only medications that are FDA approved and this is a reason why they might be more expensive that the drugs available on pharmacies that provide generic medications.

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Balkan Pharmaceuticals Review

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a popular European manufacturer of anabolic steroids, a well-known name among bodybuilders and athletes that used muscle-building supplements. The goal of the company is to produce potent and efficient gear on all aspects of manufacturing, packaging and marketing of their products. Balkan pharma is considers one of its main marketing priorities to manufacture and distribute only genuine and highest quality injectable and oral steroids, as well as anti-estrogens and weight loss supplements.

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Gen-Shi Laboratories Review

Gen-Shi Labs is an experienced and well-known medicines manufacturer established in 2003 and distributing its products all over the world through various online anabolic stores and pharmacies. The Gen-Shi facilities are placed in Japan, Greece, on the Scandinavian territory, and their manufacturing processes are characterized by highly innovative and ultramodern labs, teams of professional pharmacists that are always looking for new solutions to improve the quality of the offered drugs.

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Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Review

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals LTD is a company that was established more that 20 years ago in India as a herbal-based medicines manufacturer. Eventually, the company expanded its activity, explored new domains of the industry and nowadays, Kalpa became a reliable, and popular distributor of anabolic steroids and other related products.

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Dragon Pharma Review

Dragon Pharma is a popular manufacturer and worldwide distributor specialized in producing anabolic steroids, fat loss supplements and many more innovative medicines of high quality. One of the goals of the company as a trustworthy supplier of anabolics, is to keep products quality high and to develop a successful collaboration.

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