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Gen-Shi-Labs is one of the online pharmacies where people can get brand medications for different conditions they might be suffering from. Gen-Shi-Labs is available on the market ever since 1998 and it only works with licensed pharmacists and physicians from the United States. On people can thus get only medications that are FDA approved and this is a reason why they might be more expensive that the drugs available on pharmacies that provide generic medications.

Gen-Shi-Labs claims to put an emphasis on the privacy of its customers and on the confidentiality that they need to provide them with when they order. People ordering from Gen-Shi-Labs can place an order online and the pharmacy aims at respecting their confidentiality up until the point they pick up the product. The pharmacy claims that they would never sell the personal information of their customers. However, one is always recommended to check for Gen-Shi-Labs complaints or Gen-Shi-Labs fraud reports and the best thing to start with are the Gen-Shi-Labs reviews.

Because it provides medication that requires medical prescription, the customers may be required to fill in personal information regarding their health status when ordering. This is because their order is most likely to be analyzed by a physician who will also write the prescription. The drugs get shipped all over the world and the main shipping companies with which this pharmacy works are FedEx and USPS. Their aim is to prevent delays but they claim that in some cases delays may occur due to unforeseeable factors. There are no Gen-Shi-Labs coupon codes that people can use when ordering from this online pharmacy but there are several discounts they can benefit from when they place a re-order or whey order larger quantities of pills. For some Gen-Shi-Labs is the best choice but one needs to make sure it is also the best deal for them.

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