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Dragon Pharma Review

Dragon Pharma Review

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Dragon Pharma Steroids Reviews

Dragon Pharma is a popular and experienced manufacturer and worldwide distributor specialized in producing various medications, anabolic steroids, fat loss supplements, sexual enhancers and many more innovative medicines of high quality.

One of the goals of the company as a trustworthy supplier of anabolics, is to keep products quality high and to develop a successful collaboration with the bodybuilding and athletes community. Modernization and streamlining of products manufacturing is one of the main goals of Dragon Pharma. Specializing in making oral steroids, testosterone products, fat burning pills, anti-estrogens for post cycle therapy and many other medicines, the company is advocating the role of purchasing genuine and legit anabolics on a market full of counterfeit and doubtful products.

One of the important features of Dragon Pharma products are the convenient prices of the steroids that perfectly reflect the expenses used in the manufacturing process and in the raw materials purchase. Most popular products offered by the company are: oral Oxymetholon, Dianabol and Winstrol. Among injectable steroids we can mention high quality Deca, Test Cypionat and Enantat, Masteron, NPP, Trenbolone or EQ 300. For anti-estrogens, Dragon Pahrma manufactures Clenbuterol, Arimidex, Clomid, Femara and Nolvadex. As you see the company covers all the important and potent compounds for complete anabolic cycles and for post cycle therapy. When buying Dragon Pharma steroids you can be assured that you are buying legit and effective products.

7 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. Want to purchase, give me price list.

  2. I like that pharma

  3. Where can I get Arimistane and not get scammed

  4. Trenbolone acetate

    This is amazing tren. i used 1 ml eod and i see great results in 2 weeks. i gained 1 kg lean mass in 10 days which is very very good. my veins were pumped. vascular and thick. it was one of stronger tren i use. i love tren and this is some high quality tren. this is for sure. i dont like the bad dreams from it. but i like the results.

  5. I used test e at 1ml 3 x a week. 750mg. I noticed it comming on bout 3rd week. End of it. Strength started going up lil by lil. I had just started back and im not as big as i used to be so everything looks nice and tight and rocky ass hard look i love before i start holding some water. Steady climbing going from benching 225 10 x slow to 245 10 x slow. Nice and steady and veiny. I like to really get a good burn by dropp setting whilebon gearand this gear gives me that last couple reps and grunts. Focused, energized, and horny. Haha.

  6. Testosterone Enanthate

    The original plan was 1000mg a week but the gear I took was stronger than expected. Switched to 750mg after a month.The intensity of my workouts was incredible on this juice. Strength shot up and I won’t get tired easily so was banging sets and reps without realizing risks of injuring myself. Not any sort of severe side effects rather than a few spots and acne.

    Had a great experience.

  7. I’m an athlete recovering from injury so have been using anavar to assist with that, build supportive strength & muscles and work on damaged tendons (anavar good for tendon). I’m taking 25mg per day for the last 6 weeks, strength has increased noticeably last 3 weeks, week on week and body fat has dropped (even with an all inclusive holiday for a week), apart from that week diet and cardio has been spot on. I dieted really hard for the holiday, probably down to about 8% bf, my strength and muscle mass remained the same in fact strength increased slightly & I have never seen this before, usually when I get depleted for a diet I shrink. I’m now starting recovery from injury and been back in training this week, which is much quicker than I had planned, will continue to use dragon pharma anavar as I’m very happy with the quality.

    Have used anavar before on it’s own and stacked with test p also used turanabol and I find that, for an athlete, where added weight is a hindrance, 25mg is spot on for recovery, manageable muscle gain, no water bloat and good fat loss. Cant wait to hit 100% fully fit and then get into serious hard training on anavar. Will look to Dragon Pharma again when the time comes.

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