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There are a lot of offers on anabolic/androgenic steroids on the web drug stores, and is one of them. offers great drug brands and the shop has a wide range of anabolic steroids, aromatase inhibitors, peptides, SERMs, fat burners and many more.

As indicated by, its operations started in 2008 and the site has now took into account a million clients. offers its products directly from manufacturers like Balkan Pharmaceuticals, SP Laboratories, Dragon Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Sciroxx, Alpha Pharma, Thaiger Pharma, and others, so purchasers are guaranteed of the high gear quality for the products of

Kalpa’s Dianoxyl here costs just $32.00 per 100 pills when purchased, Dragon Pharma’s Deca 300 here costs just $57.00 per 10 mL Vial, Kalpa’s Oxandroxyl here costs just $55.00 per 50 pills, Dragon Pharma’s Winstrol costs just $70.00 per 100 pills, Dragon Pharma’s Sustanon here costs just $59.00 per 10 mL Vial, Kalpa’s Testoxyl Cypionate here costs just $40.00 per 10 mL Vial, SP Laboratories Enanthate here costs just $45.00 per 10 mL Vial, Dragon Pharma’s Propionate here costs just $39.00 per 10 mL Vial and SP Laboratories Trenbolone Enanthate here costs just $75.00 per 10 mL Vial.

Concerning shipping, charges $30.00 for regular shipping. has discounts and reshipments if you got broken vials/amps. For questions, you may contact through their website.

I would seldom be able to discover online steroid stores with great products for their customers, so for you, is a decent find. It offers a wide range of anabolic steroids and does not request prescriptions from its clients.

Beside the on-time conveyance, great costs, and great client benefit, the gears likewise work. In this way, I am giving 5 out of 5 stars for its great administration. Real Reviews



12 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. This is a review for an order from recently… Dragon Pharma Sustanon 350, DP Tren A, DP EQ 300, HCG 5000…

    Best comms in the business, will e-mail u every step of the way & keep u posted on what’s happening!

    T/A to UK is awesome, not sure to other places… These guys are GTG. Packaging is quality too.

    OK, to clear things up, I’m an experienced AAS user and competition bodybuilder, I blast and cruise throughout the year and have used most steroids available & in varying dosages…

    As I use an average of 2grammes a week+ on a blast and am experienced I do not expect to put on masses and masses of weight in a few weeks of using , but I can tell pretty fast what gear is good ,& what isn’t!!

    SP Sustanon 350 – Very impressed with this product, definitely not underdosed & a solid pump after a few weeks of using!

    DP Tren Ace- Haven’t used Tren Ace for a long time, in the past I’ve suffered BAD from using Tren Ace & sides- nausea that would finish my appetite! But recently, I’ve found that having a break from orals , using Vits, detox, Vit C & dosages under 500mg a week I get all the awesome benefits of Tren WITHOUT so many negatives!

    DP EQ 300… EQ is one of my favourite compounds, & I use it a great deal throughout my cycles , recently finished up another generic EQ200, & no loss of pump or vascularity or appetite either, overall, very happy with all the products and no ‘question marks’ at all !! are some good guys, don’t miss out on their offers when they’re on!!

    Well recommended!

  2. Been ordering from these guys for a while now only my first review I ordered 2 Supertest 450 payment was quick and communication is fast was very impressed as I messed up the payment abit giving an old reference number, but wasn’t a problem for them to sort out The products themselves I can’t rate enough I’ve made massive changes to my physique I gained all using products from this site Would recommend these 100 percent!

    Been using these for the past few months had great results! Massive pumps, Huge sex drive and crazy gains

    Sides only a couple of spots now and again that soon pasted

  3. Reviewing Anavar and T.prop from both from Dragon Pharma.

    Communication has always been fast and honest, never gave any empty promises many shops do and don’t live up to.

    T/A was extremely fast. The order actually arrived 1 day earlier than the time given. Packaging was very discrete and packed air tight.

    Product quality is outstanding. Initially I noticed increased hunger and aggression about a week into the T.prop, but now that the anavar is beginning to work, I’ve noticed an extreme increase in strength. Before I started the cycle I could only do 42 push-ups. Within three weeks I’m up to 60. With wide-grip pull-ups I could only do 4 hanging till peak. Now I’m up to 9 legit pull-ups. My weight has stayed about the same but there is a definite decrease in body fat and my physique looks much better. Can’t wait to continue this cycle.

    I would highly recommend

  4. Undoubtedly one of the most reputable sources I have ever had interest in. The Customer service is remarkably helpful. If you have any unstable thought on ordering from them, erase it because their service go more often than not beyond what is expected

    When comparing to other companies I have found that their base line prices are often still lower than other sites that claim a “discounted price.”

    Always tightly secured for safe delivery. Void paces are efficiently filled so that product integrity is established.

    This review is well overdue. Alls I can say is that I have gone through two competitions worth of cycles consisting of a wide span of their Dragon Pharma brand, Balkan, SP LAbs, Kalpa (slowly transitioning to Dragon Pharma), about 7/120iu kits of somatropin, a large span of their pharma grade products.

    The product quality is undisputable. There are authentic packaging crests, batch numbers, authentication scratch off numbers. For my first competition cycle I had sued an array of tren, primobolan, test prop, masteron prop, halotestin, winstrol, & clenbuterol for 8 weeks and resulted in a 3% BF stage ready physique.

    Any hesitation felt about ordering from this incredible site should be abolished. Enjoy.

  5. Communication was excellent. Very informative

    Completely discreet and unexpected. Tracking was given as soon as it was shipped. It took about 10 days to receive after payment.

    As a first time user, changing from Prohormones, to this gear is a real game changer for me. Weight, energy, and strength have gone up. From the plateau I was stuck at with my last cycle of prohormones, this gave me what I needed to get past it.

    With this being my first vendor I have ordered from, I feel much more confident in ordering and will use these guys exclusively. I highly recommend ordering from here.

  6. I have ordered from before and i will continue to.I am very pleased with the quality of the product.

    Package was secure and discreet. Package arrived before estimated T/A.

    Quality product, more energy, focus, stamina. Using test prop eod and the Test Suspension on heavy lift days. The Suspension is incredible, I feel a rush through my whole body after 10 minutes of pinning. And my poor wifey, lol…she gets woken up every night with the WOOD, lol

    Start feeling stronger after about two weeks of pinning, so this is quality.

  7. Awesome source. Great communication. Fast delivery. Awesome goods

    Test and tren both used on a previous cycle last summer. Both are fire. Had me breaking all personal bests At the gym. I “cruised” on 800 test e for about 6 weeks following the tren a coupling and have never experienced a crazier sex drive. Slight breeze giving me boners.

    Hope he never leaves the boards. Great source. Noticed he adding new products which is always good news!

  8. I have ordered many times from BuySteroids.Ws and his customer service has always been great. He responds to all messages quickly and packs always show up in about 2 weeks. I am currently using his Kalpa HGH. Ive been doing 3iu every morning for the last 2 months. It is helping me keep my gains from my last cycle and dropping body fat at the same time. I never worry about my packs being late.

    It is as good or better then most of the HGH I have tried and it is priced really well.

    He has a some of the best prices I have found, especially on orals. His selection is huge and continues to get better. I look forward to placing more orders with him in the future. It’s hard to find a source for HGH and he is always stocked.

  9. One of the very quality sources for T3 and clen tabs that aren’t more expensive than a jumbo jet. Obviously his rep for gear is solid but the ancillaries and fat loss stuff he has is a hidden gem.

    Discreet and arrived safely.

    T3 tabs are infinitely better than liquids from other companies.

    Good stuff, would definitely recommend to people looking for legit T3.

  10. Great to work with, never let me down. Have used this source for years!

    Great communication, very helpful and always gets back to me. I see he

    has some tech issues now but still got my order handled.

    Took just ten days this time, sometimes even faster. When items not in

    stock he lets me know and sometimes a week or two than.

    Tren A is amazing. Really felt it kick in and work in less than a week.

    crazy pumps and more vascular after just a few weeks. Good quality

    muscle gain from cycle. Test E worked very well as always, used Kalpa’s test for years now. Put on 10 pounds of lean muscle after 3 months . Worked my ass off but the gear def did its job as well. The anavar 50mg pills were top notch as well. got leaner by the day with no water. Just what I was hoping for at 100mgs a day for 4 weeks.

    really felt it and could see muscles getting leaner by the day.

    You can not go wrong with this source. Will only use him period.

  11. Ordered from a few weeks back and was very happy with my experience! Communication was good, fairly easy ordering process and product arrived fairly quickly. Packaging was good, discrete and the order was complete. He was very easy to communicate with. I had a product question prior to ordering and needed no further communication because everything arrived on-time and intact! Will definitely be using again in the near future!

    The product quality was great! GH was solid, but high because of individual bottles. However, they were definitely worth it! Hard to find in quantity domestically. HCG is spectacular! I prefer it to most of the US domestic suppliers’ brands. has a wide variety of products and brands shipped for good prices. I’m looking forward to trying out one of their oral products from a reputable lab they carry and will post my thoughts after use. Good, solid source! Would use again and very dependable so far!

  12. Great service. Very genuine dude. My go to source.

    I’ve place several orders here and the Communication is great. Also the website updates orders so it’s easy to keep track of what’s going on. Very nice feature. I’ve had no issues here!

    Not only does the quality of the gear matter. (Yes that’s huge) but the professionalism and passion put into shipping the gear seems like it’s there. The labeling is great looking, and the packaging is fantastic. Takes some work to get to your goodies. From my experience, The T/A in generally always under a solid 7 days including fund pickup time, which is great

    Quality is amazing, no PIP, very smooth. The masteron greatly shined at a higher dose, forearms started to get nice and paper thin looking along with more vascularity in the shoulder and chest area. All this was noticeable within the first 3 weeks.

    After placing a few orders here I can say I’m here to stay. I’ve been on the forums numerous times and I can count many times has been out of his way to help his boys out. The gear, quality, and display of the product is awesome. If it’s you’re first order, you’re in good hands.

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