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There are a lot of offers on anabolic/androgenic steroids on the web drug stores, and is one of them. offers great drug brands and the shop has a wide range of anabolic steroids, aromatase inhibitors, peptides, SERMs, fat burners and many more.

As indicated by, its operations started in 2008 and the site has now took into account a million clients. offers its products directly from manufacturers like Balkan Pharmaceuticals, SP Laboratories, Dragon Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Sciroxx, Alpha Pharma, Thaiger Pharma, and others, so purchasers are guaranteed of the high gear quality for the products of

Kalpa’s Dianoxyl here costs just $32.00 per 100 pills when purchased, Dragon Pharma’s Deca 300 here costs just $57.00 per 10 mL Vial, Kalpa’s Oxandroxyl here costs just $55.00 per 50 pills, Dragon Pharma’s Winstrol costs just $70.00 per 100 pills, Dragon Pharma’s Sustanon here costs just $59.00 per 10 mL Vial, Kalpa’s Testoxyl Cypionate here costs just $40.00 per 10 mL Vial, SP Laboratories Enanthate here costs just $45.00 per 10 mL Vial, Dragon Pharma’s Propionate here costs just $39.00 per 10 mL Vial and SP Laboratories Trenbolone Enanthate here costs just $75.00 per 10 mL Vial.

Concerning shipping, charges $30.00 for regular shipping. has discounts and reshipments if you got broken vials/amps. For questions, you may contact through their website.

I would seldom be able to discover online steroid stores with great products for their customers, so for you, is a decent find. It offers a wide range of anabolic steroids and does not request prescriptions from its clients.

Beside the on-time conveyance, great costs, and great client benefit, the gears likewise work. In this way, I am giving 5 out of 5 stars for its great administration. Real Reviews



2 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. This is a review for an order from recently… Dragon Pharma Sustanon 350, DP Tren A, DP EQ 300, HCG 5000…

    Best comms in the business, will e-mail u every step of the way & keep u posted on what’s happening!

    T/A to UK is awesome, not sure to other places… These guys are GTG. Packaging is quality too.

    OK, to clear things up, I’m an experienced AAS user and competition bodybuilder, I blast and cruise throughout the year and have used most steroids available & in varying dosages…

    As I use an average of 2grammes a week+ on a blast and am experienced I do not expect to put on masses and masses of weight in a few weeks of using , but I can tell pretty fast what gear is good ,& what isn’t!!

    SP Sustanon 350 – Very impressed with this product, definitely not underdosed & a solid pump after a few weeks of using!

    DP Tren Ace- Haven’t used Tren Ace for a long time, in the past I’ve suffered BAD from using Tren Ace & sides- nausea that would finish my appetite! But recently, I’ve found that having a break from orals , using Vits, detox, Vit C & dosages under 500mg a week I get all the awesome benefits of Tren WITHOUT so many negatives!

    DP EQ 300… EQ is one of my favourite compounds, & I use it a great deal throughout my cycles , recently finished up another generic EQ200, & no loss of pump or vascularity or appetite either, overall, very happy with all the products and no ‘question marks’ at all !! are some good guys, don’t miss out on their offers when they’re on!!

    Well recommended!

  2. Been ordering from these guys for a while now only my first review I ordered 2 Supertest 450 payment was quick and communication is fast was very impressed as I messed up the payment abit giving an old reference number, but wasn’t a problem for them to sort out The products themselves I can’t rate enough I’ve made massive changes to my physique I gained all using products from this site Would recommend these 100 percent!

    Been using these for the past few months had great results! Massive pumps, Huge sex drive and crazy gains

    Sides only a couple of spots now and again that soon pasted

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