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In the increasingly high offer of online steroids that has appeared on the internet, Buy-Steroids makes its way through the crowd with a wide variety of steroids, good customer service and many features. Open since 2004, has made it its job to become number one when it comes to buying steroids online.

Buy-Steroids deals especially with safe anabolic steroids like Dianabol, Sustanon, Deca, Stanoxyl or Turanabol, but it also has many other categories of meds, that include anything from oral and injectable steroids, to solutions for post cycle therapy (Clomid, Nolvadex, Proviron), to weight loss pills (Clenbuterol, T3). The drugs are mostly generic, giving them a much lower price than that of the same products found in the local pharmacy and on top of that Buy-Steroids discounts apply to recurring orders, making this online pharmacy an overall money saver for customers. The customer support system is also a plus for, made available 24/7/365 for customers worldwide.

Buy-Steroids boasts to have both low prices and fast shipping, both of which can be attested to by returning clients. However complaints should always be taken into account and studied to learn about any possible mishaps regarding orders, shipment and or payment. Testimonials from previous customers are most helpful in such cases, as there is no better way to learn about a company than by reading customer testimonials and balancing the good and the bad they are reporting.

Another drawback to this pharmacy is the lack of Buy-Steroids coupon codes which would come in handy for some, but there are discounts offered on re-orders of the same medication for returning customers, so in the end they save you the trouble of keeping track of coupon codes. It remains up to the user to decide on whether or not Buy-Steroids is the place where he or she wants to make their purchase, if you choose them, please share with us your own review. is Dragon Pharma’s Legit Supplier

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127 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. Everything went smooth, excellent product. PIP no pain, smooth – and feeling results after 2 weeks. Ordered 10 ML Mast E 200. good to go. great communication, too.

  2. First time dealing with What can I say everything went great. Great guy to deal with. Everything came in on time perfect.

    Answered everything .even on weekends.

    16 days to door everything was nice and shrink wrapped

    I can only speak on the tren and sus. Tren looks nice and dark pins real smooth doing 50 eod strength went up nicely got harder. Great tren up there with my human grade.

    Sus nice and smooth ran 750 a week for three weeks felt great loaded it 3 shots in a row then went to normal 2 times a week. Felt great.

    Starting test c now so far so good

  3. first time i did order from this source

    (sorry if my english is bad)

    the package was filled with bubble warp then you have the producs wraped in bubble warp again & over that a thick layer of strongh brown tape that takes longer to get it off then filling in your order on the website! you could even drop it from a 100m building is would still be in perfect condition again… verry professional & good hidden 🙂

    i did not use the product yet but i’m sure it will do what the say based on many reviews by people!

    nothing really anything else to add , i just want to give this a 5/5!

  4. My only source as long as they are up and running.

    Communication and Support was great.

    The last two orders:

    2-Supertest 450

    8-Test Enanthate 250



    I used 50mg Anavar 20 Days on 20 Days off. Got really strong and a little leaner with no side effects including liver values. But, I did use TUDCA(1000 mg/day) with it. Super test works mg for mg like any good test. It did however come with a little PIP. But, I’m no pussy. So all good there. I did prefer the Test E 250 because it was painless. I ran 8 weeks at 750mg/week with either test base, then ran 250/week for 12 weeks while alternating the Anavar. Test worked great! Alpha Male Feeling, Strength, Sex Drive, and Size All improved immediately and stayed up through the entire 20 weeks. Cialis made my bone just as strong as my muscle:-)

    Like I said earlier, great company!

  5. First off i want to say that i am completely satisfied and happy with buy-steroids’ product and communication.i have made and recieved 4 orders and plan on another soon. Have went from a size 40 jeans to a size 34 in only four months and still weigh the same as before, i am very happy with my gains in the gym and in my life as i have been trying to get my buisiness off the ground and running the last 4 1/2 months. Have had a great amount of energy and muscle mass is constantly increasing!!! Thanks you have a life-long customer!!!

    Deca…tren a…hgh…test c…dbol…..proviron…cut mix

    Started with tren a, test c, and dbol….dropped the tren a, and dbol after 4 weeks and now test c, deca, hgh, and proviron…plan on a 20 week cycle then a short break before starting my cut.


  6. Made 4 orders so far and haven’t had one problem yet! Masteron is my new favorite compound! Just like the look it gives me! The test E did what it was suppose to do! Libido up after bout 2weeks. Give or take. Hard to tell with mast! But very happy with products! My go to for sure!

    Just used the website, really didn’t have to get a hold of anybody! Went very smooth.

    Won’t give too much info but after payment was received, product showed up bout 2 weeks later! No prob

    Test e-250.-normal test effects oily skin, sky high libido, extra strength at gym and aggressive. Running 500mg a week

    Masteron-dried me right out after about 11/2-2 weeks and veins everywhere! 150mg eod

    Only lasted about 7 days on the Tren cardio went to shit. I couldn’t breath. Try again later

    Nothing but good things to say about source, they do alot of testing on products. So I trust them. Oh I’m still running test e and I ran out

    of masteron. Lol.

  7. First off guys I would like to say that ordering from was a pleasure. I was pleased to recieve my goods within 12 days after payment. I have had time to test the gear and all I can say is WOW! Great fuckin job guys! PIP free, dosed just right!

    Communication was TOP NOTCH ! Answered all questions within a timely manner !

    Test P Is smooth as butter, not the least bit of PIP !

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