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In the increasingly high offer of online steroids that has appeared on the internet, Buy-Steroids makes its way through the crowd with a wide variety of steroids, good customer service and many features. Open since 2004, has made it its job to become number one when it comes to buying steroids online.

Buy-Steroids deals especially with safe anabolic steroids like Dianabol, Sustanon, Deca, Stanoxyl or Turanabol, but it also has many other categories of meds, that include anything from oral and injectable steroids, to solutions for post cycle therapy (Clomid, Nolvadex, Proviron), to weight loss pills (Clenbuterol, T3). The drugs are mostly generic, giving them a much lower price than that of the same products found in the local pharmacy and on top of that Buy-Steroids discounts apply to recurring orders, making this online pharmacy an overall money saver for customers. The customer support system is also a plus for, made available 24/7/365 for customers worldwide.

Buy-Steroids boasts to have both low prices and fast shipping, both of which can be attested to by returning clients. However complaints should always be taken into account and studied to learn about any possible mishaps regarding orders, shipment and or payment. Testimonials from previous customers are most helpful in such cases, as there is no better way to learn about a company than by reading customer testimonials and balancing the good and the bad they are reporting.

Another drawback to this pharmacy is the lack of Buy-Steroids coupon codes which would come in handy for some, but there are discounts offered on re-orders of the same medication for returning customers, so in the end they save you the trouble of keeping track of coupon codes. It remains up to the user to decide on whether or not Buy-Steroids is the place where he or she wants to make their purchase, if you choose them, please share with us your own review. is Dragon Pharma’s Legit Supplier

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109 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. Ordered dragon pharma cyp 250, good gear got it in 10 days. E-mail support was great with tracking number and all, I am very pleased with their service and their products. Will use them again.

  2. Just made a small order few hours ago..everything is good so far. Very easy instructions and straight to the point. will update and rate once i receive.

  3. 2nd time ordering from this source

    Communication is not needed, as they provide the tracking number for you!!!

    T/A is 7 days from shipping which is always nice!

    I have ordered Kalpa Labs Test Prop 100, product is smooth and pip free, great prop. Strength has increased.

    Because of the fast T/A this source is one of the sources i go to. The prices are a little high but you get what you pay for in terms of quality of the products. This source delivers and is very professional

  4. Been using now for the past few months, wanted to see how the gear was before i did a review, I can say its defo legit, delivery has always been within 8 days and the gear is good to go, gained 22 pounds so far and looking awesome :). Using Dragon Pharma’stest Cyp right now and very happy with the results.

  5. Used many times. Think close to 15 orders now. Ordered many different items. Always delivers a great service with no drama. All products legit. That’s good enough for me to stick with him as a source. Trust being number one thing in finding a great source.

    Emails always prompt to confirm order, payments, shipment details etc. Great customer service.

    Kalpa pharma- as expected all great products. Used the Testoxyl suspension and trenaxyl ace on a short 10 week cycle. Very good test and tren. All legit and great gains in strength and size.

    Most important thing for me with a source is trust. This is why I stick with always delivers with no drama. So I see no reason to go elsewhere.

  6. Placed my order for some kalpa clen and received it this morning in the mail very professional services.

  7. Ok this place is top notch I ordered the Kalpa Test E waiting to see because I have heard bad and good reviews, but the gear checks out and is authentic. Pinned on Monday will let you know how it goes, definitely will do business again with these guys they are amazing and I give them 5 stars.

  8. Always nice when you have a new source that takes care of you! Fast easy response ! They were out of an item and asked me if I wanted my money back ! Now that’s what I call a great source !!! They told me it would be a few days before more came in,and ship some free gear for the wait! Excellent service !!! Tracked all the way home !! GREAT JOB BUY-STEROIDS.BIZ

  9. Another successful and smooth order from

    Discrete packaging as expected.

  10. Placed order with and the communication with them was very professional and helpful. They answered every question in a timely mannor with everything they said being right on point. Received my order in the quoted time frame and the gear looks legit! Can’t wait to start cycle! I will be recommending them to everyone and will be my go to source from now on!

  11. Just wanted to say delivery was 10 Days from the time I ordered to the time it at my doorstep. Ordered hcg and just started with first injection today so will update in a week or two. Thumbs up!

  12. Very nice. Tracking did not work till the day it was delivered. This source is a little steep but fast service and you get what you order. Thanks will be back for more!!!

  13. is awesome. Super fast delivery. Swift and efficient transaction.

    Communication very clear and detailed. Support is great. In fact it’s me that normally holds up delivery by not making payment quickly enough

    Packaging discrete and secure

    This is my third cycle. Never used Dragon Pharma lab before. I’m 11 weeks into a 12 week cycle. Ran var at 50mg per day for the first 5 weeks. Noticed strength gains within first week. By weeks 5-6 I was flying, good pumps, weights going through the roof. Appetite increasing all the time. The test e is very smooth. No PIP. A bit of water retention, oily skin and a few spots. Libido is of the scale. My body weight has increased 5kg, and I’ve Loss 3% body fat. I feel I could train all day everyday.

    Great service, great gear. I would recommend to anyone.

  14. Second time ordering from and again I received excellent service. Products have done exactly what they were supposed to and they were very helpful with their advice when I asked questions. Fully deserving of their high ranking and I will certainly be ordering from them again.

    Ordered Proviron to run on a twelve week testosterone cycle. I had read about the effects of this but I wasn’t expecting it to be as effective as it was. Ran it at 50mg ED, noticed I was leaner than on previous cycles, libido was improved and strength gains were very close to what I had on a previous Test/ Deca cycle, basically it made my testosterone far more effective. First time using it and I was VERY pleased with the results. This will become a regular part of my future cycles.

  15. im a regular customer at , ive ordered every single month for about a year now

    excellent communication. emails are detailed letting you know every step of your order.

    good packaging.

    kalpa pharma products codes check out on site and gtg. been using them for a couple of weeks now and can def see the gains. the cialis is the strongest viagra i have ever taken. u can get rock hard all day long and it lasts for about 3 days at a time. not like normal viagra which only lasts about 6 hours.

    my number 1 source to go to.

  16. Thnx for quick delivery took like 10 days in total. I got nandroxyl 250. Gave it a friend of mine fist cycle ever 1 cc of nandroxyl in 3 weeks he is up 12 pounds. No PIP no acne so far a very good quality product all around.

    I feel confident ordering from these guys!!!

  17. Was in on a very generous promo a few months back and think I’ve been using the gear now long enough to write an informed and honest review.

    Anapolon was some strong gear 1st time I tried it strength and size shot up massively within the 3 weeks. Only downside is it played hell with my gut deffo some brown undie moment’s

    running test e and deca together and just coming into week 6 feel great not lost any of the weight gained since stopping the anapolon I’m up 9-10lbs.

    Cabaser is doing as it should

    Number 1 source in and I find it hard to believe any source in the world can beat this guy. Prices are a little higher than some places but you pay extra for the product range and customer service. Well worth it.

  18. Seller, replied to emails and order prompt.y, after payment was recieved I recieved the goods, looks legit, have not used it yet, so will need to write an update at a later date. So far so good!

  19. I definitely will.The only thing I am hesitant about is my Doc is going to know I was lying through my teeth about how “little” test I was using. LOL!! I will post results in a couple of days.Thanks for the great gear and service. I’ll be ordering again this Thursday.

  20. Just finished my anavar cycle. 70MG for 6 weeks. Lost 2% bodyfat and gained 8lbs of solid muscle. Product came in 1 week after I ordered. Gear is great but I just wish the prices were a little lower but overall is good to go if you got the cash. Peace

  21. Orderd many times hgh and other products from thanks for the fast deliveriy & quality of the products.

    Communication isn’t the best they don’t answer e-mails but never experienced any issue in the many times i orderd! 🙂

    Very good packaging, seems like they are carefull with the stuff you purchase.

    Been injecting Ansomone sub-q used to get red delts from injecting although they dissapeared after 1-2 week use.

    The quality is great seen a large amount of fat loss, nice recovery and mood & libido been great too.

    Hope to see some more promo’s/bonus codes for loyal customers

  22. First time order as I had to pickup some spares but I got great responses and checked stock before I ordered with a friendly and responsive reply. Even thought I wasn’t a customer (yet!) I got the same support I did after handing over my money so 5/5 for constancy!

    Packaging was discreet with a printed name and address to look like a company sent it and a tracking number sent out immediately on posting. Importantly, prices are good and they have a large range. Thanks , i’ll be back 😉

  23. Another smooth order from

    This was a quick and small order as I needed some EQ in my current cycle after I decided to extend it.

  24. Have not started using the gear yet, but top marks to for service and speed. Excellent service and communication throughout. Keep it up fellas !

  25. This source never fails to deliver.I put a order in for Organon Pregnyl 5000 Hcg,and Kalpa Anastrozole (Arimixyl) I was in full contact with him from the beginning even before I placed my order.As soon I placed my order and sent the funds I had a tracking ## emailed to me within 24hours tops.Shipping was unbelievably fast I received my products within a 7 day period.Products all came in original packaging.And was discreet and well packaged.Thanks once again for everything.

    Communication and support was extremely smooth I will write him a message and receive one within minutes.I was helped throughout the whole process

    I received my products within a 7 day time span.Packaging was well wrapped and discreet.

    Organon Pregnyl HCG,Teva Anastrozole(Arimidex)

  26. Made my first order with them yesterday. Ordered some A-Bombs. Everything went smoothly. Order was shipped today. Received a tracking number and all that good stuff. Waiting for my gear to get here. I’m sure it’ll get here. This guy is awesome. Will definitely make more orders in the future. Who cares about the prices being a little high when you know you’re getting quality gear?

  27. These guys are the real deal, got gear today. Fast shipping and great communication. Will be at the top of this board soon! Customer for life

  28. Solid folks. Fast delivery, legit Verified @ company site. Very happy with the service and delivery. Will definitely use these guys again! BTW, I ordered Sustaxyl. Always been a sust dude. Not a big timer just a simple boost in confidence aggression and strength is all I’m after.

  29. This was my first time ordering with My experience of ordering was very easy from start to finish, rapid responses to emails. The Proviron I ordered was manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals, and it is an excellent product. Unfortunately in my experience there is a lot of poor quality Proviron in the marketplace, this thankfully sits at the top of the food chain. I am using it at a fairly low dose for a hardening effect whilst cutting. It is certainly having the desired effect as well as making libido raise significantly. Great service and a great product.

  30. I have ordered from here for over a year now and didn’t even know they were on

    I have had 5 orders from and all have been flawless. Sometimes dispatch time has taken a couple days but I’ve always been emailed to let me know the latest. Dragon Pharma is big up my way but hard to come by unless you know certain people which I don’t.

    Always get emails within 24 hours or sooner. Quick replies and updates. They even update when I don’t ask for an update lol. Great communication.

    I’m in the uk and at times it has taken a couple days to process my order but given they have to process it and stuff that’s fine.

    2 cycles ran, one test e and deca by Dragon Pharma for 10 weeks and I grew like a weed, took a few weeks but worked well and I hit my strength training pbs. Also ran their oxy for good measure at 50mg a day.

    Ran their clenbuterol recently topped with additional test prop and also some anavar. 6 weeks of their lipid, prop and var and I changed shape and dropped fat and gained strength as I expected, as I dieted hard too.

    Used test e and deca for 10 weeks and their oxy.

    Used clenbuterol and test prop and anavar for just over 6 weeks.

    2 cycles complete and results were great. Very smooth oils which creep up on you. They are presented very well too.

    One of the few places to get this line and well worth shopping here. Just hope they keep up the same excellent service and do not change a thing guys!

  31. Got in on the dbol Christmas promo

    Less than weeks from ship date

    Ordered dragon pharma’s Dbol 20 MG’s x 50

    Used these bad boys pre-wo at 50mgs till gone. Pumps were great and and strength increased especially as im cruising at 250mgs weekly of enanthate. It was fun to use pre-wo!!

    Def recommend these guys and will be placing an order soon for a few dif things. Thanks again for the Christmas promo!!

  32. First I’d like to say out of all the products I’ve used dragon pharma has to be the best test I have ran. I’m doing a early review not to early 5 weeks (test prop). I ordered it a long time ago, started it but had to stop the cycle early due to some health problems but after I got cleared and things returned to normal I jumped back on.

    The communication with this source is vague but it doesn’t matter cause he always comes through I was nervous first two orders only because of past experience with scammers. But it’s enough communication to put your mind at ease.

    The time of arrival is lightning fast this dude should have a Jimmy Johns commercial that fast lol excellent packaging nice and secure.

    The quality of this product is better than some of the supposed higher end gear I have used, smooth thin practically painless for prop… I’m interested in seeing how smooth cyp enanthate or sust is but back on point stuff is crystal clear you can tell this stuff is made the right way by pros. It moves through a 25 g pin like nothing and the overall look of the product just looks like something you would get from a pharmacy. I am using the test prop and 500 mg a week a little over 1.5 ml eod more like 1.75. Libido as expected is out of control, only thing is it came a lot faster that past experiences with prop that week I had a hard on you could hang wet towels from all day. Next came extreme appetite I found myself hungry to the point I was shaking an hour after I ate a full meal. Next the strength came I can’t bench much 275 normally after 5 weeks on this up to 315 for 8 reps. So far I’ve gained 7 pounds after only 5 weeks which I plan on 3 to 5 more weeks on before I start pct the last 4 weeks I’ll be adding dbol at 30 mg a day. And running the test 2 weeks after. This brand has a loyal customer as long as I can find them absolutely beautiful gear.

    The overall satisfaction I feel with this source and product is overwhelming, has a loyal customer till then end. I can’t wait to try other dragon pharma products as well as other brands this source carries.







    PREGNYL 1500


  34. is soo legit. i have been running the strombafort winny tabs @ 1 tab every a.m. on an empty stomach along with 1ml/350 mg of dragon pharma sustanon 350…and let me tell nobody believes that that is all i am running..i went from 6’1″ 230 to 256 in 6 weeks and it is all lean brother..I got buddies running kalpa test,tren, eq at high doses and they aint touching your boy…ha…plus is fast, reliable, professional..imho he has set the standard benchmark for what customer service and quality gear for all sources.

  35. There is no better source. Ordered received product in 8 days. Have gained 20 pounds and lost 4 inches on waist.

  36. Trusted source for me

    Great comms from the beginning, splendid.

    arrival took about 8 days, safe and discreet package.

    kalpa test e x3

    kalpa eq x3

    no pip from this lab, 600mg pw with each.

    currently 12weeks in got 3weeks of cycle left.

    Made 14lbs of gains so far… this is my 3rd cycle… deffinately not as good as the trinaxyl imo.

    The speed of delivery, email responce and willingness to help is why i will be using for my next cycle.

  37. After a monthlong runaround with an overseas source and a seized shipment, I made an order a couple weeks ago with

    I have been using test p for a week and strength and libido is already up. They answered my questions super fast and turnaround blew my mind. Would definitely do business with these guys again.

  38. I have ordered products for my PCT.

    No need for extra communication. I received e-mails with statuses of my order and that is all I needed to know.

    Well packed. Everything OK

    Ordered Dragon Pharma Clomid and Kalpa Proviroxyl

    I will add these products after my current cycle in PCT along with Tamoxifen and HMG. I will dose Clomid – 1.W: 50mg/day, 2.W: 25mg/day, 3.W: 25mg/day, Tamoxifen dose will be – 1.W: 20mg/day, 2.W: 10mg/day, 3.W: 10mg/day, 75 IU of HMG will be pinned every third day and proviroxyl will be used at dose of 25mg per day.

  39. i made an order about a couple weeks ago for 1 kalpa test cyp 250, 1 kalpa test enth 250, and 100 kalpa anadrols. 1st the communication was great, 2nd i recieved my items in only 6 days and thats to the states, 3rd packaging was perfect. ok now i have only tried the anadrols so far and they are strong i only took them for 7 days at one a day to try them out and i put on 7 pounds and my diet wasnt very good, the strength increase by far blew me away, ive tried asia pharma-oxyanabolics, and bd androlics, and LA pharma anadrols, and also hulk labs anadrols, but these kalpa anadroxyls are the best anadrol ive ever taken. also i gave 30 of these anadrols to a friend of mine and he is looking massive.

    so i would definately recomend to anyone and i will be ordering more and i will also leave a review for the test cyp 250 when i take ity in the spring

  40. This review is for Dragon Pharma Anavar and Turinabol.

    Communication was on point. Quick to reply and answer my questions.

    Product arrived within 15 days.

    I used the Turinabol and Anavar as 8 weeks kickstart to my cycle. I used Turinabol 50mg a day, 25mg before the training,and 25mg before the bed.Anavar 50mg a day, morning and evening. I used silymarin to protect my liver. During this cycle my body fat reduced, and I did make alot of gains. I could push myself harder in the gym. And recovery from workouts was a little faster. I did’nt use Pharma Winstrol, So i can’t review it. was pretty quick to answer any questions. Good reliable supplier.

  41. is an awesome supplier. They quickly respond to e-mails, ship within an adequate time and most importantly stock qualitative products.

    The communication was superb. All e-mails were answered accurately within approximately 36 hours.

    The order was packed very discreetly and arrived within a week.

    I have ordered Kalpa Drostanolone Propionate, Kalpa Testosterone Suspension, Kalpa Pharmaceutical Grade Exemestane.

    The Testosterone Suspension delivers an awesome pre-workout boost. I‘ve used up to 100 milligrams approximately 90 minutes pre workout and I noticed an increase in aggression, endurance, strength and vascularity. Testosterone Suspension aromatizes very quickly, thus I highly recommend to only use it in conjunction with a properly dosed aromatase inhibitor. I‘d always use at least 12,5 milligrams of Exemestane with it. Upon injection, you smell and taste the Guiacol in which the Testosterone Suspension is soluted. This sensation lasts up to three hours until it subsides. Nowadays I only use insulin pins to inject steroids. The Testosterone Suspension went in smoothly, but produced some minor post-injection pain.

    The Drostanolone Propionate is without a doubt legit. I‘ve used 700 milligrams per week for six weeks and experienced enormous strength gains. For instance, my maximum bench went up from 440 lbs to 485 lbs within this time frame. Furthermore, my vascularity increased tremendously. As expected I‘ve also experienced some androgenic sides – mainly acne on my upper back. The injections were smooth and there wasn‘t any post-injection pain.

    The Exemestane works very well. I‘ve had blood work done multiple times when using this product and 25 milligrams per day put my E2 just slightly above the normal range with 875 milligrams of Testosterone Enanthate per week. This might appear rather high. However, I assume that the Drostanolone Propionate lowered my SHBG (much like Proviron does) quite noticeably, which increased the amount of free testosterone and by aromatization the amount of free estradiol.

  42. Quality service that’s straightforward and to the point, you send funds and then you get gear, fast… what more could you ask for. Ill be running their HCG during my PCT. Great price for the whole kit.

  43. This is my 5th order with & all N’ all great service !!!Iv been on their Balkan, Sustamed as well as Kalpa for about 60 days & i put on 15LB so far.

  44. This was my first time ordering from a online source… After weeks of researching, I’m sure I picked the right one to bust my cherry on. Site was very easy to use, communication was a breeze and shipping time met expectation. Kalpa Var has been good so far, although it is a little early to report on its absolute effectiveness… I have experienced slight strength increase, better pump and marked increase in a overall well being feel. No Var sleep issues yet, and I’m running it along a trt dose of test. I started the TRT months ago. Dosage for the var so far is 20mg ED. I’m considering running it for a long period. Kalpa has packaging that is so professional it even beats out some US based compound pharmacy grade gear I have. So much work was put into the packaging, which leaves little doubt in my mind that they aren’t paying that same level of attention to their product. ships the real deal Kalpa folks. I will continue to update this review as time goes on with the Var. I am considering ordering Kalpa Prop next, will keep you guys posted.

  45. Pack came in like 7 day from the date he said he’d ship the vial and it came secure and intact.

    Ordered Kalpa’s Test E 250.

    I ran this in January. Like a lot of people I tend to mix and match brands when running a cycle. As I only had a 10 ml vial running at 600 per week I only used this brand for 5 weeks before switching to another. I injected in my delt , quad and glute to check pip. The only one that really hurt was the delt but I think everything hurts in that spot for a few days. Libido started to kick in about 2 weeks in. Water weight was obvious during week 3 and by week 4 my strength and weight really shot up. I also started getting very irritable which is an unfortunate side but one I always get on good test. I also had a nice sense of well being and feeling like I was better then everyone (love test!). By the time I was ready to pin a different brand at 5.5 weeks I was up 9 pounds and had superman strength in the gym. I really wish I would have had more of this as I was really enjoying the effects.

    This line is very professional. From the well produced clean oil to the nice vial and box that it comes in. I’ll no doubt buy more of the test to run a full cycle as well as try some other Kalpa line products to go with it.

  46. First time using so only ordered a couple of things, will e placing the order fioof my cycle and PCT very soon. Good prices and very helpful….will defo be making repeat orders 😉

    Communication is spot on, if you can’t get him on email will always reply on here. Support was top I had a couple of problems with the postage (my mistake) but were spot on and received my goods very quickly 😉

  47. Trusted source for me

    Great comms from the beginning, splendid.

    arrival took about 8 days, safe and discreet package.

    Bought Kalpa’s Test E – no pip from this lab, 600mg pw with each.

    currently 12weeks in got 3weeks of cycle left.

    Made 14lbs of gains so far… this is my 3rd cycle… deffinately not as good as there sustaxyl imo.

    The speed of delivery, email response and willingness to help is why i will be using for my next cycle.

  48. I hadnt ordered any gear for a while but when I placed my order buy-steroids.bizreconised me as a old customer and let me use the appropriate payment method. I ordered

    2 x Sustaxyl

    2 x Boldaxyl

    1 x Test Prop 100

    packaging ok they have done alot better to be fair. For some reason I just got my vials in their boxes loose in a jiffy bag. May they were mad busy that day. Hasnt put me off though.

    No PIP from any of my vials very smooth. My EQ had different fill levels I recon 1 was about a ml higher. But it didnt really bother me much to be expected on a UGL.

    To soon for the Test and EQ but the prop is deffo working. Libido well up and got the feel good factor. is well recommend and a great source I will deffo keep using them.

  49. First cycle, so I can’t make any comparisons, but after a lot of shopping around I am very happy with my decision to go with Awesome customer service and everything looks good. Will not hesitate to go to them for any future cycles.

  50. I was recommended to by a few good people they said he was a genuine guy and they are so right I brought 40 genotropin cartridges off took around 10 days to get to me im from the UK also. Ive been on the hgh for only 3 weeks now but have already had significant fat loss round my mid section think I started off on to much I was having 3.6 iu morning and 3.6 iu before bed wow really bad sides pins and needles in hands waking me in the night knee joints and wrist joints aching really bad pains down my sides so I have halved my dose 1.8 iu in morning and 1.8 iu before bed things are a lot better now like I say it’s only been 3 weeks I have 9 months worth to do and iff things keep progressing the way they are I will be shredded I recommend the genotropin off to anyone he’s a proper stand up guy I will post another review after 3 months also I am running test for 12 weeks 😉

    Brilliant communication always responded to my emails

    Packaging was perfect

    Hgh genotropin 12 mg 36 iu

  51. seamless ordering process, got gear within 1 week of ordering, and the stuff is legit.

  52. I just wanted to give an update on the Dragon Pharma Tamoxifen. This is my first experience with nolva, but I think its g2g. My lumps have shrunk down to about half the sive in about 3 days taking 20mg in the AM, and another 20mg in the PM. Not as sensitive either. Will be ordering my PCT stuff from them in the future

  53. After running Sustanon I can tell that this is the real deal! I switched from another brand to Dragon Pharma (not by choice). The replacement has much less PIP and GREAT effects on libido, bodyfat is going down and size is up.

  54. my 2nd order from and both orders went smooth and easy,

    He has one of the fastest communications I have ever seen, responds within the hour. The only thing I have to say is the HCG kit i ordered comes with Sodium Chloride, not bacitracin water. Im not a fan of Sodium Chloride because ive heard it burns as you use it so I got my hands on some water

    received my product in 2 weeks

    Just did my 3rd injection today, Since this is my first time using HCG, it feels like my boys are coming back but ill know more shortly

  55. First of all, I haven’t seen many females post reviews, so I’d like to add mine. My husband and I have ordered from before, but since this gear is for me, I thought I should write this review. Package arrived quickly and packaging was very professional. My current cycle consists of Dragon Pharma’s Anavar and Winstrol at 20mg ed. Test Prop at 25mg eod. I chose this source for the orals because they came in smaller dose tabs which made it easier to break up if needed.

    Have never needed to contact the source, so can’t comment on communication. But I’m sure it would be good.

    One of the fastest sources around and the only source I know of that provides you with tracking information. If you are one of these people who check your tracking every day, this is the source for you.

    Been using the Anavar 20mg ed for 5 weeks so far. Great muscle hardness. Some may find inappropriate; but wanted to comment for other females who want to know. Only sides I’ve experienced are muscle hardness and clitoral engorgement. I have just started the Winstrol at 20mg ed.

    Great sources. Will definitely be buying from them again.

  56. Received my order today want to say a huge thankyou to buy-steroids product looks brill, will be ordering again. Communication was brilliant, will be ordering a lot more from

  57. has always pulled through for me every time I ordered from them.I ordered the dragon pharma’s dianabol this time and it arrived to me in 8 days,his service and his site are always in order and his gear has always been quality for me.I felt and saw the effects from the dbol on day 2,the blood rush & pumps to the muscles are very seeable and feel great,my mood has improved and so has my workout recovery time. When u put the tabs in your mouth you can taste the medicine in the dbol,No chawky taste.I’m always happy to pay the extra $$ when you can feel safe that your gear will be good and have know worries that it will make it to you.So he has fast shipping,quality gear and good customer servise.5 stars from me all the way.THANKS BUY-STEROIDS.BIZ!!Keep bringing us that great quality:-)


  59. 2nd order placed 5 weeks back. Switched compounds and love this guys lineup, price, and service.

    I had a couple questions before re-ordering. Email responses are usually answered between one and four hours.

    10 days from donation to my mailbox.

    Quality is on point with some of the best I’ve used. I’m running 750mg dragon pharma test enanthate, 750mg kalpa test enanthate, 750 mg of kalpa boldenon, and 40mg ap dbol preworkout. I’m 250lbs with abs, products are working as they should. Dbol is legit, has me focused most all day (I lift in the AM). The oils are amazing, no swollen ass cheeks, lumps, nothing. I just keep hitting my glutes bc my body absorbs this gear no problem.

    My go to source.

  60. Ordered 2 hgh kits. Ordering was smooth. Reconstituted a bottle for use and it was vacuum sealed which is a good indication the hgh was packaged correctly and is legit. I would recommend Buy-steroids!

  61. User shipped from his spot, to another spot so the delay was very long. Took for some reason almost 2 weeks. Product was shipped nicely 100% firm Started Hcg and Tamo – also have Ari – Clo Sperm is back to normal, limbo naturally is coming back all after 2 weeks. Great product and service. Prices are pretty solid, but shipping speed is awful compared to domestic services Ive done.. At least this guy is good at communication. Will use again

  62. this is for Kalpa tren ace, the best ive used so far , always had pip and had tren cough with every shot , witch ive never had with any other brand , sweats , insomnia all the good stuff !! on a plus side veins strength ,laserations in pecs , ripped to bits ,went from 7% to 6% in 10 days , used 1ml = 100mgs a day and all i can say is this stuff truly rocks am running another brand as of today , but gonna get myself some more of this today!!!

    what more needs saying ,if you want top gear at good prices through your door, then is the place for you , thanks again

  63. I switched over mid cycle from oral stan to injectable and used these guys to make a quick order on their stanozolol. Got it within the week I ordered. Smooth transaction and great communication. I would use these guys again for sure.

  64. Everything arrived within a couple of days, Packaging very professional and none of the products damaged. Absolutely no problems at all and good communication from the seller. I checked the codes of all the Kalpa products I bought and all come back legit. I dont get where all of the bad reviews are coming from as I would definitely recommend these to my friends.

    The products are now working as they should, Good sex drive, excellent pumps in the gym. Slight PIP from 2ml jabs with the high mg/ml ratio but not a problem. Will be ordering again very soon. Nolvadex is keeping the water retention away so I know they are legit. I think there are a lot of people trying to sabotage this website and in my honest opinion they are doing exactly what is intended and sending good quality products.

  65. Great source, quality products

    Communication and support are always on point with Buy-steroids, always answers within 24 hours.

    I have ordered from several suppliers oversea, and none I have used have as quick a T/A as Buy-steroids, usually 10-12 days to Eastcoast Us.

    I’m in week 11 of 3 month cruise, after last blast did PCT, doing the PCT I felt like crap sucks coming off and I lost about 16 of the 31lbs I put on, I’m 41 years old so decided to cruise instead of PCT, felt much better cruising on 1cc/week of Kalpa Test CYP, keeping more of my gains much better, I was on a lean bulk and put on 12 good solid lbs, looks like more, in 11 weeks I have still kept 10, so only lost 2, this CYP PINS NICE NO PIP at all.

    Thank Buy-steroids for bring good quality products, just placed my 5th order trying some new compound but I trust they will be good as I have trust and confidence with you as being a great source.

  66. next time ill prop ably buy from here. I tried someone else who i won’t name, so far waste of time and money but this place here looks like it’s working.

  67. been using stuff for over a month now..excellent results very happy. transaction was great, communication was great..getting ready to go back for more

  68. I have used twice now and am making my third order up now, with plans on a fourth order on payday 🙂 was my first experiences with sources and he really came through. Payment was easy enough and I still screwed it up, but he was very cool about it. My first order arrived in 8 working days as I ordered late on a Fri. night.

    The estro symptoms say to me that I am on real test. I have no experience with AAS other than a few weeks of TRT, but I have lost five inches around the mid-section and still put on mass. At 16-stone, it is important to me that mass gains be muscle. My arms are up three inches, chest by six, legs by a lot and back getting the wings again. Lean diet, lots of work, heavy exercise and still weight gain whilst losing abdominal fat tells me that I am on real test. (I should note that I am probably not the usual size increase because I have returned from a long rest. Muscle has memory and I used to be pretty big, with about 7% body fat at 205lb, but it would have easily taken me six months to get this size back the natural way)… and the stomach line never goes down on natural size increase for me. In prime workout, I have had to eat 8,000 calories per day to maintain size. I started working out at 140lb dripping wet. Because Cyp is noted to take so long for effects, it is hard to rate by feel, just the above dimensions. I do get all the sides expected, but for someone who has had about two pimples in 45-years, it is hard to say acne is present, but my skin is oily and my hair has to be washed every day for sure. Beard is thicker too. The old nuts seem a bit whimpy too, so something is going on. With estro sides, I was limp for a week, but Aromasin has me sorted in 10-days. I take 12.5mg and am reacting great to that. The presence of expected sides tells me I am on real test. Had the flu this week and that normally knocks my strength down by about 50%, literally. I was sick as a dog, but not a bit of strength loss in the weight centre, that is awesome! Was working too many hours too and had just pinned into a nerve… still no strength loss. The absolutely constant strength, whether tired or sick, tells me I am on real test. For the AI, I will say for certain that they are real. Apparently, I am one of those people who suffers estro badly, because two weeks into my cycle I felt like shit. Strong as hell, but plain bloated and generally like a bitch. Started my Aromasin early and reliefe was instantaneous. Two weeks into my AI and I am sorted, so I am going to rate the Aromasin as real. Wife used it too for five days and is right as rain so we are going to put our names to this one! She’s bitching about a big clit too, so one more point for calling the test real. The customer service is second to none. One might as well be shopping in a high-end retail shop because replies are quick, billing is clear, and delivery is lightning. I have even decided to get my misc. supplies from because online stores keep fouling it up and I don’t save squat. Shipping always has a tracking number and before I left to work, I knew exactly when to have someone present for delivery, no missed parcels to pick up at the post and that is a nice convenience. With children, it is a must!

    Product descriptions have been present on everything I looked at and that is huge for me being new to AAS. I know I should have more than one source in the long run, but for now, has supplied me everything I need for my first cycle so I am going to fly solo for now and stock some random goodies. I am completely comfortable with this p2p relationship and I hope has long lasting success. The above reasons are why I am saying the products of this site are good. They are probably excellent, but I will wait to say that when I know what I am talking about. Second cycle is a given and you better bet I am planning orders now so it is on hand when the time comes.

  69. Ordered T3 and Dragon letro. This review is overdue. The T3 seemed equal to pharmgrade. I bought the letro to help gyno.

    I dosed the letro 2.5mg a day for 25 days. No sides… Was still bloated. no change in gyno symptoms. No rebound effects. No sexual sides.

    No joint pains. The effects above are always known when Ive ran legit letro.

    Letro was used 30 days at 2.5mg (no effects) T3 was used at 25mg ( felt same effects as pharm)

    Energy was very nice as I’ve used this dose when thyroid was down from pharmacy

    I have not contacted buy steroids.

    I will soon. I waited this month to see a rebound effect if possible. Ive used this brand before with success.

    Maybe some thing happened?

  70. Ordered some Prop and Tren Ace, second time I’ve ordered from these guys, emails were promptly answered, simple instructions regarding payment and the transaction was a breeze.

    Received email with tracking when the products were shipped, arrived at my door a week after I received the email, spot on shipping excellent timeframe! Used these two compounds before so knew what to expect, libido is now right up again, had a few instances of the dreaded Tren cough and there is some aggression, but channeled nicely into the workouts. Lifts are all on the up, ZERO pip this Kalpa stuff is the real deal. All in all, a GREAT source, no BS with these guys emails are answered quickly and courteously, shipping is very quick and the products are the business, top that off with the best prices going and you have the top source on Keep up the good work!

  71. Have placed 3 orders in my time and have had no problems at all. My friend recommended the site and im glad he did

    Spot on communication. Always quick to respond to emails

    Packaging is discreet and well padded. Delivery is very quick. ordered early in the day and it arrived the next week. was seriously impressed with how quick it was

    Test E – Noticed strength gains around the 3rd week with increased libido. Ran at 500mg for 12 weeks and added 22.5kg to my max bench! Very smooth oil as well with no pip. The best ive tried for pip

    Proviron – Used 50mg daily for 8 weeks. Noticed a hardening effect after 2 weeks so definitely legit. Nice libido boost and helped with sleep also

    EQ – Used at the beginning of my cutting cycle to help with joints and tendons. Ran at 275mg a week for 10 weeks and seemed to help with niggling injuries. Had to stop after the vial was done as got anxiety issues which im prone to

    Overall very pleased and will always be my go to supplier

  72. Awesome source for gh and lots of other pharma compounds. Great communication, fast shipping, and great prices! I highly recommend them!

    Always fast! Usually responds in a few hours and us always really nice!

    Faster than most over seas sources and packs are really tight! Usually recieve me orders in 7-10days!

    Multiple orders of Norditropin 30iu & 45iu

    Been using them now for about 8 weeks and having good results! Better sleep, skin feels better, and am leaning out nicely even when my diet is a bit off.

    Awesome products, I highly recommend them!

  73. (First order by Hey

    Ordered at the beginning of the month March – got my package in ~10 days and this is realy FAST!

    Products a great and i like this balkan amps very!!! regards

    The Communication was alltime fast! Ask 3-4 Time about products and delivery and success rate to austria – and got always a honest answer – this is great – 1+ support!!!

    Smartest and most discret packing I have ever received.

    (see first time..funny, i got my testo with noodles and some spices 😀 )

    Make a front load 2 weeks – then i take per week 500 mg and it works very good! No pain in muscle – in amps always 1ml – no problems!

    So my experience is – at 3-4 weeks will it beginning that testo works realy good, got more power – more muscle – got “more” hunger !!

    Thanks for this great products and good price!!!

  74. 7-10 day t/a

    Dragon Pharma Test Propionate

    Oil felt thick yet smooth very little pip not enough to complain about even with everyday pins.

    1st week aggression was up way up luckily I train in mma because during this week all I wanted to do was fight. I was not getting enough sleep like I should of been. mma training was excellent recovery and strength was strong.

    2nd week- got better sleep started lifting more felt a lot stronger than I expected I stacked with some Anadrols from another source this made an excellent stack combo. My pumps were very intense aggression was still there but more productively. Recovery was so much better this past week with more sleep. Sex drive was there when needed. Didn’t hit many pr’s but quality of muscle obtained was satisfying.

    Overall this test prop I think would make a great addition to any stack or cycle.

    First time trying this source and very pleased

  75. Ordered from now a few times but all for the same cycle, as it was my first cycle and I realised a few times that I had forgotten to order a few things so ended up with 4 orders for one cycle… Doh! Three of those were from and I will not hesitate to use this source again and here’s why….

    Excellent, not much else to say? Clear instructions on what to do when it comes to payments and source always replies within three hours of receiving payment letting you know your money is where it should be.

    Packaging was top notch, discreet and no damage to any of my order.

    I ahve ordered:

    Dragon Pharma Test Enanthate.

    Dragon Pharma Dianabol

    Dragon Pharma Tamoxifen

    Dragon Pharma Clomid

    Dragon Pharma Winstrol

    I can only vouch for the test enanthate, dbol and tamoxifen so far as it is all I have used but here goes. This is my first cycle and within my first week I gained 11 pounds in weight taking 50 mg dbol every day with 550mg enanthate a week. This is with minimal or no fat gains, since then I have gained even more and my strength has just started to shoot up rapidly at the end of week 2, already gained 10kg on most of my lifts after the first week, that is creeping up to 15kg on most lifts now at the end of the second, though its worth noting I had been on a huge caloric deficit before starting this cycle. No side effects so far to report other than feeling awesome all the time, increase in confidence and libido , muscle hardening and crippling cramps from the dbol!!! This stuff is strong, 50 mg pre workout and an hour into my session the back pumps become unbearable if I do not take taurine. My delts also get this sensation. I will update again at the end of my 12 week cycle with my total results.

    Absolutely top source, product seems to be effective, will order all the stuff I need for my second cycle soon!

  76. This source has bin around for a wile and we all know it’s because they are very good and reliable!

    Their communication was very good.

    The items arrived very quickly and their communication was very good.

    Used Kalpa Dianoxyl for my cycle and it works very good. Started with Dianoxyl at 30mg a day for 4 1/2 weeks. Pumps and strength went up and I felt good all the time. Put on weight fast with this Dianoxyl. By the time the test kicked in I had my Strength and endurance going up and i was hitting the weights hard.

    Can’t go wrong with Buy-Steroids.Biz they area great!

  77. I’m pretty sure all these reviews are fake.
    I made an order over a month ago. I have sent 12 requests for info,”tickets” and they responded to 2 of 12. First saying there was a warehouse issue, then 10 days later saying they SHIPPED the package. THAT was almost 2 weeks ago..
    I put in my tracking # just 5 minutes ago..still say PRE-SHIPMENT. That does NOT mean shipped.
    So its very hard to believe these reviews saying the customer service is so helpful. Because they are almost non existent. I have screenshots to prove everything I’m saying and more.
    Just ask and ill show you.

  78. Tracking did not work?
    Did it say preshipment? Mine has for 2 weeks.
    I placed my order over a month ago and can’t get responses. I have 2 replys to a dozen “tickets” .
    One saying there were problems in warehouse, then saying it shipped.

  79. Professional, Fast and Legit! I was quite apprehensive about ordering over the internet and this was my first time. I’ve got to say, it was incredibly easy and will definitely be using this source again. I ordered three 10ml vials of the Sustanon and some Tamoxifen, I recieved an email confirming that my order had been sen. Excellent service!

    All questions answered within 24 hours

    Arrived in a well protected package and very discreet.

    Been using for around three weeks and it has definitely kicked in, libido well up, strength is steadily increasing, more vascular and pumps are awesome! 100% legit stuff. Currently using 400mg every three days, nipples felt quite sensitive at one point so used 60mg Tamoxifen for two days, then 40mg for two days then 20mg for three days, which has eliminated the issue.

    This was my first time ordering over the internet as I usually sourced locally. I have already placed another order and would definitely recommend this source

  80. This review is for the dragon pharma test e 400 I received in his last promo.

    No support needed as he said what would you like and I ordered the test

    Just about a week in a half to my mailbox from overseas and we’ll packaged

    This is prolly my 3rd experience with his dragon pharma test 400. They have all been consistently good.

    I pinned 1cc on Monday and 1cc on Thursday. My week 2 I was really feeling good. Increased Labido, pumps and some weight gain (4lbs).

    By week 4 I was up 7 lbs and feeling like a monster. My blood pressure started to rise so I had to take some other meds to combat this.

    I added about 15 lbs by the end of week 10 and I was looking great as I like the big bloat look from eating whatever. I was getting vascularity in places I normally don’t get this time of the year as I lose it to all the carbs and junk from bulking.

    Dragon pharma test e 400 is a great product with no pip in the glutes as that is the only place I pinned it and I’m not sensitive to pip.

    Definitely recommend as his service and products have been great. Thanks

  81. Well this source is at the top of the rankings for good reason and has been here or abouts for some time i have had a few orders through this source now and can confirm it is 1st class, good product range, pricing is competitive and it is ran in a very professional manner.

    Products landed 8 days after i placed my last order so fast process from ordering to the stuff at your door and everything was as expected no damaged products, well packed in a very discreet way, very good.

    ive went through all the amps and have switched to another labs sust now, i can confirm that the sustamed was 100% legit and i put on the pounds nicely whilst on this product for 6 wks (@500mg p/w i was also on dragon pharma anavar and the gains were lean and quality).

    The Dragon pharma mast prop is the best quality masteron prop i have had my hands without a doubt libido goes crazy from the off( im still on it now at 500mg p/w ), great hardness in the muscle great pump and a bit more fire in the gym i feel i love this stuff and always run mast on cycle … this is my mast of choice.

    The organon HCG done as it should have i ran all 3 amp and got the desired results, it bought things back into check nicely definatly a good product and i will use this again

    i will order with this source again as it does everything it should and more what else can you ask for so i would put your hands in your pockets and trust your in safe hands here, and all the products are good that ive taken … ive nothing bad to say … keep up the good work B-S.

  82. I placed an order with these guys last week and I can honestly say it was the easiest and most pleasant process.. They don’t mess about and reply quickly. The most important thing, the test p is good to go! Will definitely be ordering again!

  83. Again, another good service. B-S never let me down yet and this is my 7th order from him. I’ve had sust, deca 300, dbol, cut mix and Winnie. All above expectations. B-S won’t let you down. He will always come through.

    All products I’ve used are high quality.

    I highly recommend!

  84. Probably one of the best suppliers around atm…. I have been in the game a long time & used many different brands of gear- both UG & Pharma, of UG Dragon Pharma is one of the best! Solid gear, great quality, customer service is good & VERY fast TA!

  85. Overall i gotta say i had a very pleasant experience with even though iam a liitle late to review

    Communication was great. Very Fast too.

    Package came through customs without a care in the world. even when i got the package i wasnt sure what i was opening( too many e-bay purchases LOL xD).

    T/A was on the late numbers of suggested arrival but still in time and not after.

    I used Test E first for 12weeks. after 2 weeks i run lab tests and my Testosterone Levels went of the roof.

    I used Tren and Npp stacked with diana winstrol(from other source) in some short cycles and i gave the rest away.

    tren and dianabol got me abnormal strength. i was using maxPR weights for Reps.

    i stayed lean and got some pounds on.

    I later used the Npp with Winstrol for athletic perfomance only which also got me super ripped. veins pumping out like crazy. i couldnt get tired of lifting weight in practise!!!!

    Please go easy on me first review. I gotta say that i wasnt watching too much on weight so i cant tell you how much i grew. Plus the fact that i am experimenting on what works and not for me and my path to reach the goal i have. Thanks

  86. I ordered some HGH from these guys when my regular supplier ran out unexpectedly.

    It took 7 days from placing the order to it turning up.

    Pharmatropin HGH 100IU x 2

    I was using it before so know exactly how it feels to be on it and ive since used multiple boxes from my regular source. Performed exactly as expected. No difference. Confident the product was legitimate.

  87. First time roid user.

    The gear was sent in a discreet brown padded envelope.

    I’m an older first-time user running a Test E only cycle. (Still on cycle.) Alternating thighs and shoulders for injections – minimal PIP in thighs and none at all in shoulders. The Dragon Pharma oil seems very smooth. Between 2nd and 3rd week in noticed a slight gripping or dragging sensation in the balls. No shrinkage but between the 3rd and 4th week they had a more ‘tucked-up’ appearance than usual. Also between the 3rd and 4th week found myself waking up in the morning with an oily scalp, forehead and slightly oily upper back. Haven’t had a problem with acne or gyno so far. Keeping the oily skin in check with a medicated shampoo and soap. Have a great sense of wellbeing, more energetic and noticed a definite inrease in libido which is an added bonus. Started noticing gains from the 4th week, particularly shoulders, back and biceps. Tee shirts feel tighter and bodyfat is decreasing. Strength has grown dramatically and I’m increasing my weights/reps at every workout. As I’m an older guy I’ve been monitoring my blood pressure at home whilst on cycle – no problems so far.

    I was worried about the possibility of getting bunk gear but the Dragon Pharma E seems to be the real deal.

    I can definitely recommend The supplier is fast and discreet and updates you with the progress of your order.

  88. Package came lightning fast in just 2 weeks an was securely wrapped

    This test is STRONG!definitely 400mg a cc its so thick I had to cut it with prop or injections would last forever an there would be moderate pip next day.ive been using the test 400 for 3 weeks now at half cc every 3 days mixed with half cc of prop from another source ive gained a very clean 7 pounds in the 3 weeks all lifts are up despite being on a cut.the long esters are in full force now ive had to through in nolva for estrogen sides an have been getting very sweaty at the gym

    Very high quality product cutting it with something is a must imo I have never come across gear this thick which is good in my book the enantat 400 is going to last me a good 10 weeks off one 10ml Vail!

  89. I have had great service from His customer service and products have always been top notch.

    I’ve never had a need to ask questions about donations or shipping times has always been on point with customer service

    Quality of Anavar was outstanding I have used it for two cycles. The first time was eight weeks. For 2 weeks I did 5mg a day split into 2 doses 2.5mg a.m. & 2.5mg p.m. Week 3-8 I did a 10mg/15mg split eod. Example: Monday 10mg, tues 15mg, Wednesday 10mg, Thursday 15mg and so on. I used that split the rest of the cycle. I was very pleased with tone and vascularity. Most of all was the fat burning. My diet wasn’t dialed in the first 3 weeks but I still leaned out somewhat. Around week 4 I used a dietician. Doing what she said to the letter. I became leaner than ever and had a sharp hard edge to my abs, obliques, and for the first time my delts. I never had to add the thyroid support. I used the T3 in between cycles I never exceeded 50mcg a day. I kept my BF% intact even though my diet may not have. 😉 over all I’m very pleased with

    I will order again. Also will be added to the short list of sources I will recommend to some of the girls I train.

  90. I have already ordered 3 times from and was always very pleased with the delivery and product quality.

    Very discrete, packages always arrived within a week (to Germany)

    Everything I ordered so far has done its job perfectly. I just don’t know why he isn’t offering the Melanotan anymore. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about the Anavar at first because of the low price. But I made some solid gains and I had vains basically everywhere! (100mg e2d for 8 weeks)

    The Test was also dosed properly and I had good results with it. (1ml e4d)

    A friend of mine was also very pleased with their Dbol.

    Was using some pharma grade gear recently, that’s why I haven’t ordered something in a while. But as Dragon Pharma is cheaper and I haven’t noticed any difference to pharma grade gear, I’ll definitely order again soon!

  91. This source i used for all the stuff i didnt get some where else.

    Did order 2x so far

    Fast response on your mails

    Good wrapped package

    The caber i hold on hand for the tren cycle i am planning. So not yet used this one. Its Human Grade so i dont think it will be any problems there. Sustanon i will also use when i go in to my cut blast. MT2 the misses used 1 vail so far, and she is using it 500mcg every day for 1 week, after that 250mg ed.

    Is getting a nice tan from our solarium, we have at home. She get little nauseous after injection. thats why she inject before going to sleep now. This is a normal side effect. After this order i orderd 2 vials more

    You get bac water with your order,also some syringes very good !

  92. Absolutely the best US source, fast shipping, big selection. I have no idea why they are ranked so low on here!

    3 days payment to door. Can’t beat that! Packed discreetly and tightly!

    Have used Buy-steroids for a couple years and love the strength and dosing on kalpa gear. Never been disappointed

    Buy with confidence!

  93. B-S is one of my favorite sources! This guy hands down has treated me the best out of every source I have used. He treated me like a friend not just a customer.He responded to my emails very quick and helped me out. Products are great and have bloods to prove the adex is the real deal. T/A was quick and the whole process was very easy.I highly recommend.

  94. Ok these guys are just growing and growing I have ordered lots of times they make ordering so easy. And will help in anyway possible. And I will continue to buy with confidence!!!

    Communications skills from these guys are as fast as you could ask for over email replys sent within the hour couldnt ask for any better than that.

    This Dragon Pharma is smooth no sore pip.

    So overall this is awesome and I will continue to do buisness with and trust these guys and my next order will be with them and the next and the next they have a decent range of quality labs on their site. And the guys are great at responding to everything

    Thanks B-S

  95. The guys at B-S are always on hand for any email I send to them. Great products every time and always legitimate gear. Highly recommended

    Great response every time I email regardless of content, I would recommend them to everyone I meet although kinda wana keep a good thing to my self 🙂

    Packing is always plentiful and discreet. Never a broken product delivered

    I have had dbol, sustanon, deca 300

    Product does not sting at all for me. Have been on 20 week course and no issues at all. Could tell the difference after a week for the dbol, strength increased noticeable as did water, when doesn’t it… The test is fantastic! Strong too. Noticed the gains coming into out of my third week really and haven’t stopped yet. Deca is the usual slow and steady but have nice hard gains throughout. Will be after some PCT shortly and can see some great products available, Can I also add that the dbol didn’t make me spotty as I have had from other labs in the past but noticeable strength gains like I say.

    Overal great products and will continue to use them for a long time coming, thanks for keeping up the great quality and customer service,

  96. just received my 2nd order from tis time i ordered test e n nolvadex. i’ve put on 4kg since i took the danabol from my previous order(that’s about 3 wk ago), i could’ve gained more if my sleep n diet was adequate. the dbol pumped is really great, it make me so stiff after working out. but on the same time, i’ve got an outbreak of acne on the face.

    i stay in a tiny country located somewhere in asia. our customs is a lot stricter than most western country. i’m happy to find a source that have no problem passing through it.

    great stuff! the pumped is so great that ppl at the gym starts commenting on it

    to those who are hesitating whether to trust this supplier, i urged them to try out a small order. it’s not easy to find a good source, the investment will be worthwhile.

  97. After laying off for a year plus, i’ve decided to start my cycle again. This is my fourth time ordering from B-S. Everytime it managed to come through without any problems.

    Communication has been great, have always responded to my email promptly. Although i’ve been emailing them countless time asking unnecessary questions, they have always been patience with me.

    It only took 7 days for the packages to reached me once i got my tracking.

    Packaging is second to none. i’ve been caught shipping in vaping stuffs few months ago(my country banned e-cig), i was worried about my current shipment. but still, it managed to slipped pass custom without batting an eyelid lol. Kudos to u guys at B-S!

    Product quality has been great all along on all my previous orders. I’ve started at 64kg, n managed to grow up to 76kg on a test-e n dbol cycle. Though i’ve lost much weight now due to time off training, i’m pretty confidence that the gears i just received will put me back on track.

    To all those looking for a trustworthy n reliable source who knows how to stealth shipped their stuffs, i suggest you give B-S a try. These fellows definitely know what they are doing.

  98. I have just finished my summer cycle that included in the last 8 weeks 600 mg/ week of kalpa tren enanthate and 600 mg/week of test 400…well this products are fantastic, I retain my weight during cutting phase and lose about 6% body fat and in the final phase of the cycle I used a bulking anabolic diet for maximize the gains after 5 months of ipocaloric diet… Well I gained 9 kg lean in 5 weeks… I am proud of myself and a special plause at

    7 days to arrive at my home in EU. Package was small and discret

    Quality is top… The analisys on wedinos can confirm it… 8 week on tren and test 400… Great results.

    I will buy from them a part of my winter cycle…

  99. WOW got my stuff today!Real dragon pharma sustanon!!!!!Sorry I was getting worried!This source is the only one for me !Great prices great shipping five stars all the way!!

  100. Ordered from this source twice this week due to unbeatable prices and product quality! & both orders turned up 2 weeks after I paid – the level of service from this source is in my opinion the best on here given I’ve ordered from most of the top sources on here!

    Packaging was great, on vials that didn’t come with boxes were tightly bubble wrapped and discrete!

    I’ve been running 100mg tren a EOD with 50mg mast p and 50mg prop! this is my fourth week and everything’s working great, become a lot more vascular from the tren and mast p and libido is through the roof from the fast acting prop even at the low dose of 50mg eod! Tren is very potent got night sweats after 2nd jab (4days) and harder to stay in deep sleep which most people will appreciate means GREAT quality gear!

    If you’re looking for a great service with amazing product quality in my eyes there’s only one place to shop and that’s right here!!! This will be my source for the foreseeable future!!

  101. I recently switched to these guys, and boy am I happy!! I wish I had time to leave a more detailed review, but to keep it simple, there was not a, very polite, if you have a question, gets right back to you and actually cares about your question even if it’s not order related. 100% A+!!!

    Packaging was super professional. It obviously depends on where you live, but it took 2 weeks!!!.


    100/50mg Winstol-× 2

    100/20mg Nolvadex

    Test Cypionate-x 2

    I switched Dragon Pharma mid cycle so I can’t say how much of a change..but I will get back to you guys..product is legit, and working..just don’t have before and after info…

    You guys are great!!! Keep up the awesome work!!! Talk to you soon!!

  102. This is my second online source they been recomended by friend in gym what can i say the prices are better than my local dealer that used to rip me off big time and now asking me to sort him ( karma) the choice of products i can just say is great wish i could afford to try all of them haha

    I have asked for few things if he could get hold of them for my wife he promised to sort it out few days after got them in stock very impressed with that

    Very discreet i get delivered to my work asked them tobe extra boxed and double wrapped

    Dragon pharma test e 550mg week-,enan kicked off propely with week 3-4 slight pip as it was first inj for while sorness for a day then gtg strenght and size improvement every week even if i dont go for strenght training just for pump to bloat muscle tissue with blood work best for me plus i stay injury free overall i can rate this high if ill have to choose any enan ug lab against pharma due to cost/ copys it will be dragon pharma again

    The source is top notch my nr 1 supplier so far meeting all my expectations i have already recomended few friends to them So i definitaly recomend this source 5/5 keep it up b-s

  103. Excellent source, has to be one of the best in terms of quality gear, price and processing speed.

    Communication with buy-steroids is quick and assertive, usually reply within 6 hours and never waiting longer than 12 hours, so excellent as communication goes.

    Packaging was fine, processing and delivery time was excellent; I only had to wait 2 days for both of my orders with these guys, I really appreciate the rapid response from the team.

    First off I just want to say, I have used Dragon Pharma in the past, and that’s why I was keen to get my hands on the stuff again, as it absolute rocket fuel. 4 days into my course I can already feel the Dbol kicking in, a feeling of well being and skyrocketed libido, by the end of week 2, the prop the NPP and the dbol are in full swing with a tri-fecta of strength and gains. 3rd week in I am up a stone already !! Now i am currently edging towards my 5th week on the gear and am upping the dose, I will be running it for 9 weeks, so hopefully I can pack on another stone with the bumped up dose. The strength is excellent, my deadlift 1RM has gone from 205kg to 230kg, I hope to target 250kg come the end of the course, im pushing 55kg dumbells on chest and my target is 60 kg, its exciting times.

    Also i must add that I have hardly any water retention, I have had sore nipples, but that just shows its quality gear and have Arimidex to counter it. I Can’t comment on the Anavar, as it was for a friend, however he gave me a thumbs up and says he has noticed a difference to his body. The HCG did exactly what it was meant to do, keep my balls at normal size ! I have ran out unfortunately and the sack is tightening up lol ! will have to order some more soon !

  104. Overall i have had great communication from and fantastic products,it was my first cycle and i was a little worried where and who to buy from but these guys deliver a great quality product,fast shipping good price and for me the Dragon pharma products have been fantastic.

    packaging discreet and secure bubblewrapped

    Been pinning the test E for 8 weeks now @ 550mg per week been a great product as expected kicked around week 4 got great gains from it.injections have been smooth no pip at all could not be happier with it,ordering more to finish my cycle this week. Kalpa Tbol – used as a kicker to start cycle noticed good steady gains in the 4 weeks muscles felt more solid and the pumps were ridiculous verging on painful at 100mg per day i suggest 60mg to avoid this. Clen- great energy kick gets really pushes you through you workout quality product arimidex-been taking half a tab EOD and iv had no sides or gyno to speak of.

    next order going in this week and for many weeks to come.many thanks.

  105. Great source, great person to do buisness with absolutely hassle free!

    Packaging is one of the best I’ve yet to open, very secure!

    T/a is good for international first order got caught up for a few in that special place customs, took 15 days, second order took 8 days.

    My order:

    Humatrope 72

    Humatrope 36×2

    Humatrope 18



    Long over due review I used humatrope 3 units / day and had excellent results, fat loss, over felt better and quicker recoveries. Numbness is very noticeable in my hands and feet.

    Hcg well it works, I don’t get sides with hcg as I do with other pct’s. Feel back at baseline.

    T3 25-50mcgs during cut cycle and its pharmacy grade and works. People ask why am I sweating at work when it’s chilly. I ran the t3 for 5 weeks before a show up the dose to 50 at 2 weeks out.

    Overall 100% satisfied , not disappointed at all and will be making more orders, especially because good prices , pharmacy gear and no run around. You get what you pay for and the products here no complaints, money well spent.

  106. Have been meant to leave a review as I ordered my products a couple months or so ago. Though, I can leave a better review of the products. Ordered some Dragon Pharma Test and their Oxymthelone. Was pretty impressed with both and I found them very useful in assisting me in my bulk. Made significant strength and size gains (went from 251lbs to 271lbs) and will certainly be back for more. I was feeling kind of skeptical as the Dragon Pharma stuff was fairly untested but I am thankful for more experience alleviating those fears I have which happen every time I try a new lab.

  107. First order with B-S and it was flawless. Will definetly use them for my future needs.

    Great communication, any question I had was answered within a few hours, always quick and professional.

    Packaging was perfect, very discrete and secure. From payment to my door in 14 days. No issues here at all.

    Used var and winstrol.

    Will definetly order again, I’ve used many sites from the board and these guys are top notch so far.

  108. I received 100 10 mg Kalpa Dianoxyl from and was finally able to run them during my recent cycle. Very Quality D-Bol IMHO.

    Product was shipped at appropriate TA but customs held it up and didn’t receive product until around the 40 day mark. Packaging was discreet and secure.

    I kick started my cycle for 4 weeks with 30 mg Dianoxyl, 10 mg every 8 hrs. I was doing heavy lifting 5×5 routine and strength and weight shot up tremendously and when I dropped the Dbol after 4 weeks strength and weight gain tapered off. Didn’t have any issues with bloat or E2 using suck a moderate dose of D-bol. This is definitely some legit D-Bol.

  109. Ordered clenbuterol from this company, advertised as pharma grade and I can say it most definitely is! Much stronger than the research stuff I’ve had in the past.

    Flawless really, kept me updated at every stage of the order and answered any questions promptly.

    Packaging was discreet, received in 2 weeks.

    Great company, will absolutely use again.

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