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  • Quality
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  • Customer Service is among the top online steroid stores. The site so far serves more than 1 million clients from all around the world. The online store highlights an extensive variety of muscle building gear like: oral steroids, injectable steroids, stealth steroids in sachets, post cycle therapy, injectable growth hormones, sexual health, weight loss pills, liver protection, diuretics supplements, skin care, syringes and needles.

Also BodyPharm claims to be legit supplier of such well known brands like: British Dragon, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Sciroxx, Singani Pharma.

With regards to costs, BodyPharm is the least expensive you can discover on the web. The costs are absolute bottom with incredibly low costs for their popular steroids. The normal cost of specific Dianabol on the web is $65 to $70, however is offering a similar product for just $50 per 100 tablets. Remark that Testosterone Enanthate is offered for just $40 per 10 mL vial, while the normal cost is practically $51 per vial.

Is Legit?

Built up in 2009, BodyPharm is evaluated among the most established online steroid stores. Clients can achieve their support through ticket contacts and email. Payment choices incorporate BitCoin and International Money Transfers. Shipping is offered worldwide. The site is additionally easy to use, with costs accessible in more than 3 monetary standards, to take into account the requirements of their worldwide clients.

Conclusion is a very much composed site with an easy to use interface. The medications are additionally divided under various classes which make it less demanding for clients to search for bodybuilding gear. As far as costs, there is actually no other match for BodyPharm. It is additionally authorized by various steroid manufacturers. Regarding client support, the online steroid store is as yet doing incredible with better than expected criticism from clients. Because of all the recorded truths about this store, there is no motivation to give this site under 5 out of 5 star rating review.

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26 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. Communication is on point regardless of how busy Bodypharm gets he will always get back to you in no time at all, either pm or email. I’ve ordered a bunch of times now and T/a has never once been outside 2days. Lightning fast delivery off top quality product doesn’t get much better.

    On first look the vials have pro designed labels with holos on both box and vial, overall great looking gear. Test is king for a reason, backbone to the majority of well planned cycles so finding good quality Test is key. Kalpa did not disappoint, and I would use again.

    Bodypharm’s standards have never slipped in the years I’ve been a customer. I’ve recommended him more times than I can remember and now that also goes for Kalpa line.

  2. This is a review for pct ancillaries. I ordered dragon pharma nolvadex, dragon pharma clomid and three 1500 iu vials of Pregnyl. All of the products worked as advertised and all were real dragon pharma. I like Bodypharm most because all of the dragon pharma products he ships are in the original packaging and sealed, i.e. not opened or tampered with. I know alot of sources don’t do that.

    Once they picked up my donation the meds were at my doorstep 10 days later for a total t/a of 12 days which is pretty good.

    The quality was superb! I did an hcg blast prior to starting my pct and I really think thats what helped me bounce back so quickly. I am about 4 weeks post pct and feel great and back to normal. I am getting a physical in a couple weeks and will get bloods have my doc check my hormone levels but I am nearly certain my hpta has been re-booted successfully which is great because I went just over 16 weeks on cycle. I know the clomid was legit because it messed with my emotions some but that goes away after about a week for me. And I know the nolva was legit because it kept any estro rebound out of my breast tissue. I got no gyno rebound at all. The Pregnyl was in a sealed box and my nads plumped up within about 3 days of using the Pregnyl. I used the clomid and nolva for a month and the hcg I used eod for about a week to 10 days prior to pct.

    This guy carries alot of dragon pharma products which I stick almost exclusively to. No disrespect to ugl gears but dragon pharma, for me, is the way to go…especially with pct ancillaries. Order with confidence from these guys. I know they had some issues in the past with a certain lab but I can personally vouch for their dragon pharma pct products.

  3. Absolutely spot on! I love this source. Have ordered several times now and have nothing but good things to say about them! Products are Kalpa and top notch. Delivery is insanely fast and discreet.

    Very professional. Communication is excellent. They respond quickly. I’ve never had any issues but I’m sure if I did they’d rectify it.

    Packaging is plain and discreet and OMG it was here in less than a week this time!!

    Ansomone I finished a few months ago as well as the primobolan. Both top notch

    Arimidex I used at the close of my prep along with T3, Brought me in nice and hard for my comp last week. Just received the anavar so I can’t comment on that yet. Will be cycling shortly for the remainder of this 3 week prep into my next show

    I’m so glad I found this source. Kalpa Pharma is the way to go

  4. Ordered about 7 weeks ago and even though there was a slight delay and a big backlog of orders I had my package within 5 days of ordering and its top quality so very happy, no need to use anyone else Bodypharm is the king right here!

    Been using the Anavar for 6 weeks and its potent stuff, no sides at all and big strength gains, Dragon Pharma is a great lab.

  5. First time using this source & I couldn’t be more pleased. All aspects of my order was trouble free, and all the product checks out.

    Great communication, very helpful during payment process.

    Product came quicker than expected and was packaged well.

    Sustanon & dianabol provided the innitial kick I’m use to, the HGH mixes clear & all the packaging info checks out. Other stuff is for later.

    Thanks gentlemen..

  6. I bought a 10ml vial of Dragon Pharma Test Enanthate 250 and I’ve been taking TRT doses and I’ve just finished it and it worked well. It was delivered very quickly I would definitely recommend.

    They answered my questions quickly by email.

    The packaging was good and discrete.

  7. I have been using this source for years, since before he was even on, and I have never been disappointed. I recommend this source to EVERY ONE! If you have never tried this gear you are missing out.

  8. As far as service, and the whole ordering process Bodypharm is still one of the best sources. You get your gear quickly, and I like that you get a tracking number and you don’t have to sign for it. I just ordered the Cypionat 250 and the Oxymetholon and have used it for more than two weeks. I will say that the Cypionat is great. I never had any pip with any of the Dragon Pharma line, and usually Dragon Pharma is good quality. I have tried different oils and orals, and most of them were good. The Endurexx on the other hand, I don’t know… I have tried the Endurexx Dbol and now Anadrol and I won’t say they are bunk, but I won’t say they are great either. I haven’t really gained that much weight so far from the Anadrol and Ive been popping four a day. On the other hand, my dick wont go down all night every night so I think that might be because the Cypionat is great. I have been feeling more aggressive, so that may be the Anadrol, but I haven’t really put on that much mass or size yet. Bodypharm is a very reliable source, but I really wish they had more of a selection of gear.

  9. I have ordered from these guys in the past and they were great:

    Got order to my mail in one week or so. Recieved needles which were legit and air tight. Test prop was smooth, minimal pip and I had increased sex drive and lifts went up a bit as expected.

  10. Sustaxyl 350 is amazing, gained 20 lbs, 1/2 inch on biceps, squat up 35 lbs , a little water weight but amazing strengh gains. no burn @ inj site all batch number’s matched G2G- Thank u Bodypharm! Waiting to order again!

  11. Ok, so I am in the last few weeks on cycle with gear from another source and I had some HCG from Bodypharm that I had stashed away from months ago. But the HCG I have from Bodypharm is the “Hucog” brand, not the Chinese Generic brand that they’ve been selling lately. I began administering the HCG a week ago and I must say this stuff is definitely 100% good to go! I know for a fact that I have some good shit when my balls start inflating after just one week of injections! about another 2 weeks on this and my guys should be back to their normal size and ready to respond to the PCT I have lined up, which I also picked up from Bodypharm as well. I have been disappointed with other products from Bodypharm, but I can honestly say the Hucog HCG is awesome and I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to speed up their recovery.

  12. BODYPHARM is awesome. Couldn’t ask for more. Got here fast as hell. Good price and great quality product. Will buy again.

  13. I ordered a few things from from Bodypharm as they are my primary source for kalpa testosterone. I am a little late in writing a review but nonetheless they should have all the praise that the they deserve. They deserve number 1 in every category

    Communication could not get any better – top notch

    I order test c, test e, test p, and sustaxyl. All of them, for lack of a better word, were unbeatable.

    Muscle gains were great, no post injection pain.

    I really can’t say anymore their service speaks for them. Awesome

  14. I am very pleased with this company. I’ve placed 3 orders with them, and I always receive my shipment within just a few, 7-8 business days. I used one of their products that my body doesnt respond well to, and they are sending me another product. I should be receiving it soon, however, these guys go above and beyond to please their customers. Before thinking of EVER giving them lower than a 5 star rating, contact them, they are superb at working things out to your benifit. I hope this source stays around forever, because they give me purchasing confidence! guys are the best!

  15. very fast and fantastic service, i ordered a rather large part and put the faith in him with my hard earned cash and he came thru,i trust this source 110%, this is my choice of source from now on, fantastic job, 5/5. it was just a couple of snafoos with the delievery that me and the source had no control over but it arrived and i am very happy.

  16. I’m new to steroids so purchased some oxandroxyl (kalpa anavar 10mg) and have been using them at a low 30mg dose for a week. So far I’ve noticed some early gains, muscles lean and toned. I’m astonished that I’m seeing gains so early. Bodypharm are exceptionally in their product, customer service and packaging. I’ve been in discussion with them ever since and have purchased some sustanon for a proper cycle. These guys go out of their way to help. They sent me a pinning schedule and syringes for my first injectible cycle for free. I was apprehensive as you never know who you are dealing with, but these guys are honest, trustworthy and extremely reliable and as long as they are about there is no need to seek out another source.

  17. Great source! Always receive my goods. Very Fast and super easy to deal with. They have great products. I LOVE THIS SOURCE! 😉

  18. Placed a order and received goods today. I ordered Norditropin and they look legit. I will def be using these guys again.

  19. I collect steroids like a philatelist collects stamps.

    Communication with bodypharm is like your talking to a friend. He always answers quickly and answers any & all questions. I required no support on this order but I know there’s all the support there if required.
    Always packed securely and in plain packaging.

    Dragon pharma is legit. Legit as in the authenticity codes match on the dragon website. Oils are clear and smooth as expected from such a high class lab. PIP as I’ve said before is hit and miss. Some times there’s pain but normally its a smooth jab process. Ive always used UGL multi shots mainly because of the price, I stayed clear of the expensive alpha products but now ill probably stick with dragon products. The arimidex is a must for me as I suffer gyno. The arimidex works well and its something I always use. I cant half the pills, too small so I just take one pill eod which seems to work. Nipple puffiness goes and lumps have shrank to a certain degree. The only downfall to the arimidex for me is the cost but the results are much better than you get running tamoxifen.

  20. Order took a lot longer to receive than expected, but received product in the end.

  21. This is my second order & I am very satisfied , in Italy & received in 1 week, great service & communication , been using them for 2 days only so it is very early to comment about the quality.

  22. good communication, different payment option to suit everyone’s needs and cheap. i ordered dp 50mg anavar, from reading reviews on the brand im still happy,

  23. Was able to use the kalpa’s 10mg dbol from promo he is running.

    Communication was very good during the whole process.

    T/a was quick, less than 2 weeks including weekends, domestic sources should feel ashamed that an international source can get his stuff to you quicker. Every pill was intact when delivered.

    Used it as a kick start to my test cyp cycle for almost 5 weeks at 30 mg per day. I love/hate dbol, lifts in the gym climb little by little and on bout day 10 they just shot up. Had great pumps when lifting and definitely gained weight, after coming off my weight dropped 9 lbs from the 20 I gained and unfortunately my strength dropped as well. I got heavy face bloat and blood pressure went up as usual when I use dbol. Love the quick strength gains but hate losing em when I come off and hate the sides. Dbol is definitely legit!

    The Kalpa dbol is the only item of Kalpa that I’ve used but from everything I’ve heard, read and experienced it’s a very good quality brand and if you want to have it fast, go with bodypharm here

  24. I’ve used BodyPharm now 3 times and they are my Go To source, quick and professional with a quality product that has been unmatched so far. Everything is priced right!!! Highly recommend BodyPharm for all your Supplement Needs!!!!

    Communication and support was excellent! BodyPharm is always professional and courteous, with timely responses. There was no need for endless emails back and forth.

    Very professional packaging with no need to worry. T/A is awesome, about a week after payment was received I had my pack in hand!

    Ran a 12 week cycle of Test E and EQ finished with some Tren E. The Test E and EQ were both what I would expect out of each compound with little to no pip, my sex drive was through the roof and my appetite was unquenchable, I was very strict on my calorie intake wanted to ensure lean gains, Letro during cycle (yes, I understand this isn’t recommended but I’m no noob and I’m very prone to Gyno) didn’t actually take the Letro until I started getting sensitive nipples but once I did and kicked in the Letro all signs of any Gyno symptoms subsided within 3-4 days. Letro was really strong and had to kick back the dosage to about .5mg every 3 days, this did the trick keeping my dry but with a healthy sex drive. Ran the HCG every other day for 2 weeks, could feel the response after the first injection and had no problem with any type of crash, completed my pct with 3 weeks of the traditional Nolva Clomid combo but added in BodyPharm’s Cialis, WOW that stuff is strong, only needed about 5mg was as hard as steel! Wife even complained it was so hard it hurt lol. There was a tendency to have a slight headache from the Cialis, but thats a small price to pay in my book.

    I Feel very confident with BodyPharm, I think it’s quite natural to worry when you send out a large amount of money, money doesn’t come easy these days and BodyPharm’s gotten my full trust in service and product.

  25. Kalpa tren ace 100. Great product from Bodypharm.

    Have never contacted about an order…never needed to!

    International t/a of about 8 days. What I have come to regard as standard packaging. Items were secure and no customs tampering.

    Ran the tren ace in the middle of a 8 week tren cycle. Was using tren from another source and threw the Kalpa in at about week 3. For some reason, the European teen seems to burn a little when I inject it. Not really an issue, just an observation. Not the first overseas tren that has done that to me. The Kalpa tren is a nice amber color and is dosed properly. I was at the time experiencing extreme stength gains, aggression, and loss of body fat. I noticed no change in gains or sides when switching to the Kalpa. My sides were mild night sweats and some insomnia. I also lost the ability to finish the job with my wife, not the ability to do the job, just finish. Started prami for that side! I ran the Kalpa at 1ml ed until the bottle was gone (a full 10 ccs, the bottles are nicely filled).

    Bodypharm seems to be a very good up and coming source. I am very impressed with his Kalpa line and highly recommend him as a source!

  26. Ordered from him 3 previous times for Dianabol. Worked out great. This will be my fourth order. I’ll keep everyone posted.

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