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Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Review

Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Review

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Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Products Review

Anabolic-Steroids.Biz is a modern online store containing a large catalogue of genuine and legit oral and injectable steroids, fat burning pills, sexual enhancers and anti-estrogen compounds for people that care about their appearance and want to look stronger and healthier. The range of products offered by this online anabolic store is distinguished by a high quality and a powerful mechanism of action. Being the distributor of famous European and Asian manufacturers, Anabolic-Steroids.Biz chooses only high quality gear that will allow them to gain trust and reliability among bodybuilding fellowship.

Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Delivery Review

The shipping and delivery services of the company seem to work at the highest level. Despite difficulties that emerge while shipping to the American territory, all the packages offered by Anabolic-Steroids.Biz are discrete and, the gear is protected from any unnecessary accidents that may occur during transportation. At the same time, people at customer service are always available and can give clients useful information regarding their purchase and timing of shipping.

Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Prices Review

One of the particularities of Anabolic-Steroids.Biz is the range of prices that is quite affordable, comparing to many other online steroids stores. The availability of products on stock is also one of the strong points of the company, regardless of the demand and other factors on international steroids market. As to the genuine character of the gear, it can be easily checked by imputing the name of the store on the official sites of manufacturers and to check the validity of Anabolic-Steroids.Biz online store as their official supplier.

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Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Customer Reviews

Good packaging, there was absolutely no damage or missing products. I was really afraid of customs (US), but thanks to great packaging nothing happened. These guys know how to pack and avoid unnecessary problems. There was no pill sound when shaking the package and sometimes this is quite important. The gear is also top quality. Thank guys!
I have ordered first time and I like the communication. It was very good. The girls at customers service were very helpful and shipping was right on time, Their Deca and Clen also is working great. They seem to be an honest and serious company, very respectful and pleasant. I liked that!
At first I wasn’t sure about the quality or even if the website was real so I made a small order to see if I will get my gear. However after 2 weeks I did receive my gear and it was a top quality, It made me place another order and I am currently waiting on my third one to come in. Their customers service is very serious and helpful. I think this source is good and I finally have nothing to worry about.

Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Legit | Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Scam or Fake

163 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. This was my first order with Anabolic-Steroids…

    Normally go threw another supplier for my gear… Buddy told me to check him out, because his Dragon Pharma stuff was fire… Everything went smooth and shipment came in on time… Had no issues at all…

    Pack was completly tight and was ready for a trip to the moon and back…

    Test E 250ml

    Masteron 250ml

    Deca 250ml


    Just started a cycle so I will inform everyone shortly… I will say a couple weeks in and everything is going great…

    A-S has marked his spot with me…

    He is highly recomended to all…

    No customs at all…

    Hellz yess with the A-S…

  2. A-S is awesome. He delivers an awesome product. That is all we want

    He responds quickly to everything. Answers questions honestly and even gives advise.

    Packaging was discreet. Delivered 15 days after my donation. Awesome. Was like birthday when I opened that package

    Oils are fire. Muscles took a few injections to adjust. But strength is way up. 15 solid lbs in less then 3 weeks. Customer for life A-S.

    Going to add some of A-S’ hgh around the 8 th week of my 12 week cycle. If its as good as his other stuff then I’m going to be very happy. Thanks again A-S.

  3. I ordered from and only received a partial order. His products were good. Very good.

    I like his product and packaging.

  4. Very happy with this source, products were just what I was hoping for and then some,very good gear ,a little bit of PIP but that’s because I only had access to 20 gauge pins, am in process of getting smaller ones, highly recommend them

    TA was about 11 days ,packaging was very tight, individually wrapped , box was very discreet

    Quality of dbol was very good, I’m prone to gyno and got a little ,was a great Kickstart ,20 mg split 1 tab twice a day then went to 30 1 tab 3 xs day, running test 250 2x per week,

    I am approached everyday from someone else saying dame dude you are jacked up,I’m very happy with results, I’m ready to place my next order in time for PCT as I’ll be done with 2nd vial of test, Imy weight was 183 I’m currently 195 put on 12 pounds and feel great . Will be ordering again in a day or 2 , Great Gear !!

  5. This company took $200 dollars from me and never sent any products. They are dishonest and will steal your money!!!!! Beware and do not buy from them

  6. I just placed my second order with A-S and completely forgot to write a review for the first time around, lets just say I wouldn’t be ordering with him again if his product wasn’t good to go

    always responds in a timely manner and has been polite in answering all my questions

    T/A as advertised, from day I donated to the day I received my package it was about 15 business days

    3 tesy cyp 250

    1 deca 500

    100 dbol 20 mg/tab

    10 week cycle I easily gained about 12-13lbs of MUSCLE without eating as much as I should have. Joints felt great, bench went from 315 max to 340×6. Little to no PIP and very clean oils.

    Great and reliable source, easy to work with and has great product. I’d be hard pressed to go to anyone else, I definitely recommend him.

  7. 1st time ordered from! man this guy is real easy to deal with!

    it took 2 weeks to land to my box after funds picked up!! thats prime shipping right there!

    supertest was unreal! that was my first time taking it and 2 hrs later once i got started..i swear it made me feel like 18 again!! my lady was crawling of the bed after!!!

    masteron E been on over 3 weeks now on top of test E/eq im using from other starting to see my vascularity n veins coming out and cant wait to see what when cycle ends. none pip which im always scared of trying new gear! is awesome to deal with!!! i would order from him again!! there are nothing bad u can say bout this guy! i hope he runs a promo soon!!

  8. was a pleasure to do business with.

    Communication was great.

    T/A was impressive. I received my order in 13 days from the time funds were sent.

    Now here’s the review: I have been taking both the EQ and Test Cyp for 8 weeks now. Both at pretty low doses I should add. I have been injecting 300 mg’s of EQ every 10 days along with 100 mg’s of Test Cyp also every 10 days. I haven’t taken any AAS for 11 months prior to starting. I don’t let AAS do the work for me so I’m keeping doses low. I’m very experienced with both substances and how my body reacts to both. The EQ is amazing. It has been keeping me hungry and I’m finally starting to see extra vascularity coming out since this past week. I’ve only gained about 5 lbs, but that’s bc I’m keeping my diet fairly clean. I was in Vitamin Shoppe just a couple days ago, and the guy actually said “wow, you look like you’ve put on about 20 lbs of muscle since the last time I’ve seen you”. Of course he was exaggerating, but it feels good when people notice your hard work. The Test Cyp is also impressive especially at such a low dose. It really is just enough to keep my Test levels stable. I’m not really trying to gain anymore strength than I already have, but I have noticed the weights I’ve been using are getting lighter which should be the case with taking any AAS really. I’m more focused on aesthetics at the moment and this is a great combination.

    I’m satisfied and will be ordering again soon.

  9. I ordered some dragon pharma test e 400 and some Dbol from and both are excellent on both for a month now and having great gains this is the 4th time i ordered from them and the service is outstanding

  10. This has been my main source for the past year. Every order has gone perfect, never an issue with these guys.

    Every package has been received with T/A. I’ve never had to wait more than 2 weeks to receive my order with these guys.

    I have always responded very well to their gear. Quality is definitely top notched and definitely dosed properly. Never much pip either even with the higher concentrations

    This source is without a doubt one of the best suppliers on here and I hope they never go away. Quality is always above expectations. If you have an opportunity to register and order with these guys DO IT!! You won’t regret it.

  11. i recently decided to give a go and try the gear, i’m very please with the gear quality, not to mention A-S is always online to respond to all the question, gives you tracking number, pack is at the door in 2 weeks!!

    4x test cyp 250

    no pip guys, libido is through the roof, all the good thing you would expect from quality gear.

  12. Just submitted payment for my second order. I must say, A-S product is legit. My first order was 2 months ago for Avar, Test and Anastrozole. I must say that the results are awesome. My strength went through the roof. Muscles look good and defined. The transaction was easy and fast. I highly recommend A-S, the service, communication, packaging and products are top notch.

  13. I order in November got bottle of Test E and Tbol. Received within a couple of weeks. I am now almost finished with my cycle up from 205 pounds to 224 pounds I feel great, got blood work done last week levels are through the roof and everything looks great. This is the real deal, great delivery great product, huge results. I just ordered my PCT 3 days ago still waiting for money to be picked up but I know it will come through is legit. Looking forward to my next cycle

  14. I could not asked for a better business deal than with Two weeks shipping and got what I ordered. Found a new supplier and will be back, sooner than later. Thanks

  15. First off, let me say that this was my first time ordering through a steroid source, so I had some intitial doubts, but after a week of researching sources, I placed a small order with for Kalpa’s Sustaxyl 350, a compound and lab that I’ve had good experiences with in the past. Responses to my order and payment emails were all very quick, so I was becoming more comfortable with this source due to his efficiency.

    Beautifully packaged, and extremely discreet! The gear is definately legit, as i’ve used this lab several times in the past, definately has my business in the future. His professional handling and quick responses to all my questions definately earned my respect.

  16. is awesome to deal with! Great communication. I fucked up my last order and he took care of it no problem. He has been more than patient with this noob I can tell you that. First time using Hcg and I swear the first shot my balls got bigger no shit. Will be ordering again!

  17. are my go-to guys. Quick processing, they accept bitcoins, litecoins, ethereum, constant sales, and provide a quality product with the most professional packaging I have seen.

    Have never needed to contact them. But my order was processed within an hour.

    This order was made a couple of months ago, so I don’t remember the exact TA time in terms of shipping time, but my order was processed quickly. But it must have been good, because all I have is good memories. Packaging was good, and professional with high quality boxing and product inserts.

    Relatively moderate doses: 350mg test, 350mg tren a, 350mg mast weekly.

    Mast is keeping me dry and my estro in check.

    Tren is keeping my strength up while in deficit, maintaining that freaky tren look.

    Test is keeping my sex up, not going flat even in my cut with 5 days of cardio. So in short: the quality is good and appears to be dosed correctly.

    I love that they accept bitcoins and offer discounts constantly. My go to guys.

  18. I was looking for a different place to get Primobolan as my usual was out of stock. I have decided to try this one and I had some problems with the payment. I replied back explaining what happened and they were able to solve it and propose a different payment method. I’m really happy with the service.

    I am using Primo as an alternative for the side effects of Trenbolone as they mess my head way too much. I am quite happy with how my physique is changing in this cutting phase and I would surely choose Primo instead of Tren for the next time.

  19. extremely discreet process from beginning to the end

    very well packaged and discreet t/a took longer than expected im assuming due to stocking issue but none the less they came through as promised so no complaints there!!

    clomed and 15,000 ius hcg organon from last promo

    just finished pct, hcg brought my boys and liquid back lol clomed worked very well didnt exp any of the bad sides one gets when coming off needless to say legit

    did 13 weeks test cyp 500 ramping up to 750 and npp 300mgs per week last 5 weeks added test prop while ramping down cyp

    great source from beginning to end will be using again!

  20. Always a pleasure doing business with! Very fast delivery, great products, great communication.

    Package arrived within 10 days of order

    6x Test Enth, 2x Test prop by Kalpa

    The t-prop was almost immediately noticed, libido is going uP, huge appetite, craving my workouts! PIP is nearly ZERO!! All around great products!
    Once again THANK YOU for your awesome services!

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