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Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Review

Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Review

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Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Products Review

Anabolic-Steroids.Biz is a modern online store containing a large catalogue of genuine and legit oral and injectable steroids, fat burning pills, sexual enhancers and anti-estrogen compounds for people that care about their appearance and want to look stronger and healthier. The range of products offered by this online anabolic store is distinguished by a high quality and a powerful mechanism of action. Being the distributor of famous European and Asian manufacturers, Anabolic-Steroids.Biz chooses only high quality gear that will allow them to gain trust and reliability among bodybuilding fellowship.

Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Delivery Review

The shipping and delivery services of the company seem to work at the highest level. Despite difficulties that emerge while shipping to the American territory, all the packages offered by Anabolic-Steroids.Biz are discrete and, the gear is protected from any unnecessary accidents that may occur during transportation. At the same time, people at customer service are always available and can give clients useful information regarding their purchase and timing of shipping.

Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Prices Review

One of the particularities of Anabolic-Steroids.Biz is the range of prices that is quite affordable, comparing to many other online steroids stores. The availability of products on stock is also one of the strong points of the company, regardless of the demand and other factors on international steroids market. As to the genuine character of the gear, it can be easily checked by imputing the name of the store on the official sites of manufacturers and to check the validity of Anabolic-Steroids.Biz online store as their official supplier.

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Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Customer Reviews

Good packaging, there was absolutely no damage or missing products. I was really afraid of customs (US), but thanks to great packaging nothing happened. These guys know how to pack and avoid unnecessary problems. There was no pill sound when shaking the package and sometimes this is quite important. The gear is also top quality. Thank guys!
I have ordered first time and I like the communication. It was very good. The girls at customers service were very helpful and shipping was right on time, Their Deca and Clen also is working great. They seem to be an honest and serious company, very respectful and pleasant. I liked that!
At first I wasn’t sure about the quality or even if the website was real so I made a small order to see if I will get my gear. However after 2 weeks I did receive my gear and it was a top quality, It made me place another order and I am currently waiting on my third one to come in. Their customers service is very serious and helpful. I think this source is good and I finally have nothing to worry about.

Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Legit | Anabolic-Steroids.Biz Scam or Fake

112 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. My review for my recent run with Kalpa test enan and mast enan from my man at during their promo a while back and I picked up some other random stuff like clen for the wife but this is for my last run with the oils. I’d recommend this brand and supplier especially since good mast enan seems hard for me to find but this brand seemed dosed perfectly to me.. thanks.

  2. This is my 5th order with anabolic-steroids. I have never had a single problem gear wise, customer service, communication or shipping and receiving.

    Solid gains in strength and size. Went from 169lbs to 189 with good diet and training, sleep was hit or miss and stress was high. Tapered to 181 post cycle with good diet and cardio. finished pct 2 weeks ago and weight is steady at 180

  3. How do I even contact the I placed a order I only have my order number there is no way to get a hold of them and the it don’t even work can someone tell me or help me out phone number

  4. Bro, you’ve got the wrong store. Actually it is

  5. I’ve been ordering from for quite some time now and every time I order my experience has been nothing short of awesome. My last order was one of my larger orders I’ve placed and everything arrived within the expected time frame. Their customer service is always quick and responsive as well as their ordering process. I would recommend to anyone and everyone without hesitation.

  6. Does anyone know what’s up with the website? I placed a pretty big order and now I can’t get into the website.

  7. The site is up and running. You could try to clear browser’s cache.

  8. 2nd time using I must say worth every penny, strength is going up and up gains keep coming!

  9. Overall satisfied with my experience with this source, I found it browsing around and was really reluctant to order at first but I’m glad I did and will probably put in bigger orders for the future.

  10. I have been purchasing Dragon Pharma’s Anavar from for over a year now. Never had a problem with delivery and never needed to chase. So thought it was about time i wrote a review.

    I have tried loads of labs over the past 3 years. I gotta say this is the only Var that seems to work for me. Great results, nice pumps at 75mg. Only var will use now.

  11. is definitely one of the best and most reliable domestic sources I have ever used. They have there shit together when is comes to all aspects of the business. There are many good sources here and is definitely up here.

    They answered every question within 1 to 2 hrs tops,and I had a few of them. They also don’t make you feel like your bothering them or like an asshole for asking questions either ( with in reason of course).

    TA was 3 days from there pick up to my door. That’s why I love going domestic. Packaging what perfect and factory sealed like I asked.

    10 Sachets of 100 Kalpa Pharmaceuticals 10mg Dianoxyl.

    I used them to jump start my cycle and that’s exactly what they did. Going on my third week of Dbol I put on just under 10lbs. There really isn’t much else I can say about them because we all know the product and what really matters to me at least is if there real and you can bet your ass they are! I hope that he gets more in because the real pink 10mg Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Dbol are getting hard to find and I love em!!

    I am glad that I used and am overall very happy with the whole experience. If you have any doubts about using them DONT! You won’t be sorry. Keep up the good work guys.

  12. Package was safe and well wrapped

    All in all , this is a great source with a lot of labs items to choose from, pack was discreet and we’ll packed , highly recommend this source for outstanding gear and great service

  13. I waited a bit for weeks before giving a review of A-S and above its products

    I made more than 4 orders. . all regularly arrived in a few days. is truly amazing!

    never seen a site so serious and professional! excellent.

    exceptional support, always fast response email.

    I read various reviews, but I think A-S is one of the best sources of this forum.

    The amazing thing about A-S and shipping.

    pay morning – afternoon sent! Incredible!

    the package looks really discreet, each vial and kept in an obsessive way.

    the package you can pull against the wall, it does not break anything ..

    I made more than 4 orders. . all regularly arrived in a few days. has a very secure payment I tried a few. Dragon deca 300, and was a little under dose. 600 per week the results were not as per expectation. Dragon winstrol tabs works well. Kalpa clenb and great, works very well. started at 40mg and already felt its effects. 450 pharma mix and really strong .. and already incredible low doses. proviron noble and good. the rest of the products, use them just sending a other review ..

    thank god to have found a reliable source as A-S. A-S thank you for everything. I will send another short order ..

  14. This review is long over due but I ordered Dragon Pharma’s Nolvadex 2 months ago received it within 2weeks but my product was damaged ,I contacted them and they gladly responded quick and shipped me another bottle and arrived in time .

    Great communication , fast response .

    Very discreet and packaged well

    Dragon Pharma Nolvadex

    It works got rid of some gyno I was developing , been taking 40mg first 2 weeks then 20mg until finished .

    Overall happy with my order

  15. This review is for EQ 300 Dragon Pharma. 1st order with them. Stand up company with great quality gear. Great variety on website. Even has pharmaceutical grade which I would like to try one day. One stop shop!

    Packaging was discreet.. no sounds or broken products. Packaged very carefully and protected.

    Lover the EQ and quaility! Definitely one of my favorite compounds and Dragon Pharma is a great lab! Was using 500mg divided into 2 shots a week. Didn’t notice anything for about 8 weeks. Was stacking with NPP so if anything I noticed a tiny bit of bloat from that. Then around 8 week mark every day I looked lean dry and hard. I was lean bulking, but it looked like I was cutting. The gains looked great! Just nothing big, round, lean and dry muscle. No side effects at all with this cycle. Used very small amounts of AI. I also kept most of the gains with this cycle. Took about 6 weeks before I noticed any losses at all and even then it was very minimal.

    Looking forward to trying some other products from Dragon Pharma. Great products and very reasonable prices. Quality definitely makes it worth it over some of the cheaper companies.

  16. I orded some dbol and the product worked as expected. I gained a shit ton of weight and strength from them. is quick to reply to questions and very helpful. This supplier has been around for a while too.

    T/a was very discreet and quick

    I used the dbol for the first 4 weeks at 30 mg a day as a kick start to a test e cycle

  17. Hey guys first review. But let me just start off with how professional is. They are a great company and do a very good job at what they do. Their website is easy to use and payment with bit coin was about as easy as checking out at a grocery store.

    The minute my order was placed they were in contact with me. Once my payment was received i was then contacted to let me know that my gear was on the way!

    The shipping was great! Products were packed well and there was no chance of breaking them! The order came in 7 days! Not what im used to with an online source. A-S really has it together.

    Quality is great. I was skeptical at first but after the first injection I knew these guys were legit. No PIP at all. I am about three weeks into my cycle injecting every other day at 100ml of each substance and the gains are awesome! Up 6 pounds already and looking leaner. This oil is super easy to draw back and inject and it being painless is great.

    Overall I really think A-S is a great company making their way up the top charts quickly and for a reason. Great product, service and company. God Bless America!

  18. I have ordered several times from this source and don’t regret it.

    Contacted them for my first order and the communication was fast and good.

    All packages were discretely packaged. All packages were received within a week.

    Dragon Pharma Dbol 50 mg

    Dragon Pharma Test c



    Started my Test/Dbol cycle 3 months ago and made amazing gains. Back pumps were insane. My bench went up faster than anything i have ever seen. Injected 1 ml test every 5 days and took one Dbol capsule 2 to 3 hours before my workouts. I gained 8 kilo’s of mass on this cycle and insane strength. I hope that i keep most of that mass now that i am in PCT.

    I will definitely order from these guys again.

  19. I have brought from on 5 different occasions and they have always come through, the communication seems to be automated replies, but I was kept informed.

    packaging was good no problems, im a uk customer order came in 10 days ,

    I have used their products previously on 4 different occasions, and the results have always been good. no problem pinning and smooth oils, I have always used Dragon Pharma I find it works for me they have been around for years so must be good

    I know guys there have been some negative statements,and I don’t normally bother writing reviews but decided I had to let you guys know that I have had no problems with

  20. This is a review for some sustanon I received in a promo. The lab was Dragon Pharma

    Package came in timely manner I thought it would take much longer being international but it didn’t. Very pleased

    I had been suggested from a friend about how he varies his test during his bulking cycle. I wanted to try this and I thought I would use this sustanon to do it. He goes from test e to sus and back I thought that would be good for constant blood saturation. So I used this sustanon and I was very pleased its hard to know if this sustanon was responsible or the test e from another source but I believe this is solid test for sure. The packaging the vial came in seem top shelf lab produced test and I felt no pain, very smooth oil. I noticed the veins in my arms would be visible all day which is a sign of solid test.

    Strength went up so I went straight to this sustanon at a gram a week for the remainder of the cycle. Look forward to trying Dragon Pharma gear again I’m unsure of the other labs for I’ve never tried them but I’m always tempted by amps that are pharma grade.

    This guy has a low minimum which makes trying a vial or 2 easier to test the waters before you commit to running an entire cycle of his oil.

  21. These guys are well mannered and are respectful. 10/10

    10/10 nothing seem to be suspicious and was well hidden and concealed.

    Recommend shopping here.

  22. I have made multiple orders for different cycles and also ordered some items for friends and has been very impressive. Everything is reasonably priced (especially SALE items). This is a great source in my opinion and has become my new first stop for my compounds. I totally trust this source.

  23. This review is for Kalpa test p.

    Communication is always fast and easy.

    Packing is good nothing Broken. T/A is about two weeks.

    So I used the test for a kicker to the start of my cycle. I used 1cc ED for the first 5 weeks. By the second week I started to feel it kicking in higher energy levels. Got some pip from it but nothing to bad.

    The product was on point it did everything I need it to do. This source has always come threw for my order. I will be making more orders going forward.

  24. Glad to have found this source!

    Order came 100% intact. Was well wrapped in bubble wrap and discreetly boxed.

    Proviron: my first experience with it. I was taking for some libido help and was pleased with the result so am convinced of the legitimacy.

    The quality is top notch too. Will be placing more orders!

  25. So i gennerally don’t write reviews or suveys or that type of thing….But is the best.. I was scammed just prior to ordering from them. Obvioulsy I was upset and looking for someone to trust. I sure got that with this outfit. Dude has the goods. Super clean orals that don’t jack up the liver to bad and make me feel like a kid eating candy. I know some people out there reading this and think that this is just another guy giving a reveiw because he got in on a free product like alot of the reviews on this site. I can assure you that is not the case I just felt like the rest of his other customers, and felt like I wouldn’t be doing my man A-S right by not relaying how professional he is. It was like doing business a big box store but receiveing better customer service and quality product. Dude says what he is going to do and then delivers on his promises what else can you ask for. Straight up legit .. Customer for life and won’t use anyone else. Thanks A-S

  26. Review for Kalpa Aromasin. generally responds to any of my queries in a good time frame, and answers them with clarity.

    I’m in a high risk country so I’m always cautious about going with a new source. Shipping was very discreet and arrived in just 9 days which is actually quicker than the estimated time frame.

    Currently on Test 500mg p/w and 30mg Dbol ED. Was using a locally sourced aromasin which I couldn’t get any more of. Ran out of it mid last week and noticed some bloat showing up, started up the Kalpa Aromasin @ 12.5mg ED and would say it the goods since the sides started to subdue within 3-4 days of usage.

    Only ever heard good things about A-S’s service and Kalpa Pharmaceuticals products. Very pleased with my first order experience so will be coming back for more frequent orders.

  27. This review is for Kalpa Pharma, Sildenaxyl 100 mg. This was a generous promo offered by A-S.

    Excellent, very easy process and simple .

    All came nicely, intact and no damage

    Unlike anabolics, you know right away if the product is effective. This stuff is potent and it works great!! I take one packet and the fun begins!

    I have used A-S a few times, as far as I am concerned he is one of the best sources on the board. Stand up guy.

  28. This is a review for the Dbol and winstrol orals and overall I was pleased with the quality and effectiveness of the product I chose.

    Excellent. Always in 24 hours or less

    T/A was very quick. I think it was only about 2 weeks international. Dont remember the exact time but it was fast enough to surprise me. Packaging was discreet, nice and inconspicuous.

    Dbol x 200

    Stanozolol x 50

    The dbol was powerful my muscles are hard as a rock. Run it for 5 weeks at 50mg a day. Strength immediately shot up so did my over all sense of well being. Pumps at the gym were great also. I did however a lil dbol bloat which i am accustomed too. I didn’t adjust my ai though. i went up like 10 pounds in weight on the dbol. good stuff. Winstrol good to go. Typical stanozolol increased vasucalitry, muscle cramps, etc.

    Overall great experience with this source. I will be doing an order very soon. I wouldn’t hesitate to place a big order here at all and id definitely buy dragon pharma products because they are quality.

  29. Made multiple orders over the past few months, everything delivered within a week or so.

    Without a doubt the Dragon Pharma’s Tren Hex is the best tren i’ve ever used. I have used 3 ml a week for the past 5 weeks and gained around 25 pounds in the process and it has kept me tight, lean and vascular with minimal gain in body fat. Amazing pumps as well. A much higher body temp than usual which leads to sweats throughout the day. The NPP at 100mg eod has kept my joints nice and lubed which is great when lifting heavy. This is my second time using NPP and I love it for gaining lean mass with minimal water retention.

    Overall, I can’t fault this source with the choice of labs on offer and everything being delivered as expected.

  30. Ordered two vials of TEST, not worried about quality. Both vials are Dragon Pharma. THANKS will do business again and will update with results.

  31. got order in one week now that’s something to brag about. Also the packaging is the best I’ve seen so far definitely packed very safe.. just hit 1ml of this kalpa prop and wow feels like i was kicked by a horse in the order coming soon for sure

  32. Happy first time buyer

    Communication was excellent throughout and very helpful

    Ordered Kalpa Winstrol – good quality and continued to get solid gains throughout usage

    Overall very pleased with the transaction and product, will definitely return 🙂

  33. first time ever ordering of the internet but everything when smoothly with no problems.

    no communication was needed as i got my package the next week.

    packaging was as expected just a little brown envelop.

    currently in my 8th week, the dbol put on 18lbs in the 4 weeks ran it at 50mg ED when i came off the dbol i lost 3-4 lbs but look way better, the test is working its my first time using so i can’t tell if its under dosed but its making me bigger and stronger.

    overall happy with kalpa gear and supplier would recommend to any one and will be buying again from here once its open and running again which should be today.

  34. Amazing as usual. Kalpa’s Prop is g2g, will have to see on anavar but I suspect it will be overdosed like everything else!

  35. Love working with them! Products have been spot on, as well as t/a with minimum need for communication.

    TA has been the fastest I’ve ever dealt with 3 to 7 working days. One time I had an issue contacted them and pack was taken care of and sent to me immediately once notified about the issue, And received it once again within seven days or less.

    Used all different forms of test and had great results, started feeling strength and muscle recovery within 4/5 days with test-p. My libido went threw the roof within a week. Gained 20 pounds on a test-p & tren-a cycle in 60 days. I ran 10 wk’s tren-a and test-p for 14wk’s like I said gained 20lb’s in first 60 days. Dropped tren at 60 days continued test-p for 4wk’s and was very happy with results. Was able to keep about 16lb’s after pct and during tren use got amazing strength gains went from 315 on incline to 405 in 6wks for reps of 10-16. Wife got sick of me after about 8wk’s ( you get the picture ) hahah! Used 1ml of tren-a every other day and .75ml test-p daily.

    I’ve used all the other products as well with great results but review is obviously based on tren/test cycle. I love doing business with these guysm they never have done anything but keep theis word even when a order has messed up they corrected it immediately assumed I notified them by email and sent extra product to make up for any issues I’ve ever had which is only happened twice and both times took care of it And then some. Quality and service to me of always been on point 100%.

  36. Placed my order and sent payment the same day four days later I get an email saying the have picked up payment and no contact since then. Have sent four messages all with no reply and now I can’t even log on to the website any more. 7 to 14 days my butt more like take the money and run. My review… Stay Away From If you just want to give money away at least find a good charity then at least your money will do some good.

  37. Very happy with the service of so far , if things carry on the way my first two orders have been then this will be my No1 supplier ..

    It’s hard to find a source where’s there’s trust and confidence of receiving legit decent stuff on time , I believe I may have found that source . I will give a more In depth review on the usage and effects of my gear once there’s been enough time to kick in see results etc . I’m confident good things will come . Well done keep up the good work .

    Only just started using the products , so can’t really comment as of yet , but looks and feels ok , no bad pip etc.

  38. I hit up promo – Black Friday. An I must say it’s very easy an the quality is top notch!!

    My pack was delivered very fast!! Packaging was so good I actually thought it was empty . Lol but sure enough it was there!!

    I’m taken 40mg aday of Dianabol an 2 weeks into it ! I’m so happy with the results thus far I had to post a review !! My pumps are crazy ! Lower back pumps that are unreal! I’m up 5lbs already ! Just simply love this product!

    All around great source!!

  39. Decided to try the Kalpa line during the promo.

    Packaging and T/A was great especially considering the volume of orders likely received during the promo. Packaging arrived discreet and intact. I am stateside and found the T/A great. After funds were picked up the items were received within two weeks.

    Overall a great source who has a well established reputation on I will likely use them again. Only thing I had issue with was the Exchange Rate and was not shipped one bottle because the total amount in $ on the website did not match the total amount of GBP. Was a bit off as I submitted the full $ total but this fell significantly short of the GBP total.

  40. Just want to say is a really great place to get your gear especially if you need it asap… The prices are just a little bit higher than most others but only because there stuff 100 percent LEGIT and you know that when you order you will get exactly what you pay for. i ordered my stuff a few weeks ago and just recieved it and everything looks great, and I can tell when its bunk stuff. Great communication and great product. Definitely 5 stars all the wayyyy in my book. 5 STARS IS AN UNDER RATING, THESE GUYS ARE GREAT… Any skeptics out there about ordering online, try and you will get everything you want and more.

  41. First time used Can’t comment on the quality yet. But gear arrived in 8 days. It also checks out on Kalpa labs website! Great service!

  42. great site!! 5 days to greece !! superb packeg

    dp var, nolva.

    10 days in 75 mg ed doing its job good!! is top .i highly recomend shoping here. cheers !!

  43. Hands down best customer service of any source I have dealt with. Great communication, and got the gear in 1 week after payment was received. As long as they have what I’m looking for they will have my business. Prices are absolutely where the should be for the level of service.

  44. has anyone had a hard time checking out I go to check out and it says payment method not a damn thing I can do any help is greatly appreciated thanks alot guys I am wanting to make a good size order soon as I get it figured out I will let yall know

  45. Second ordered I placed ta 5 days from donation. I had a problem with first order emailed whole and he sent me an extra bottle of test prop and tren a. Very reliable source with great gear and great prices. I’ve ordered from few other sources on here but whole is my new go to guy.

    He usually responds to emails same day. After you place your order and leave donation just sit back and relax. He will update you with few emails to let you know order was processed.

    Packaged very nicely and ta usually 5-10 business days.

    1-12 test prop 100mg eod

    1-10 tren a 100mg eod

    4-11 anavar 50 mg ed

    Currently on week 7 of my cycle. Down 7 lbs and strength is through the roof. Currently on 2500 calories a day from my usual 5000+. Bf is dropping to single digits with my clean diet. Sex drive is through the roof with the prop and bloat is mim thanks to aromasin and caber. Pumps from var are insane feels like my muscles are going to rip through my skin. Running and stairs climbers are out of the question. Cardio is limited to walking on a treadmill at a steep incline. I love the results of the var helping me shed the stubborn fat but hate the leg pumps which are fucking painful. His tren ace is insane. Be prepared for trensomnia. Get yourself some melatonin or unisom to help you sleep. It’s crazy how you can still gain muscle mass on great gear and low calorie deficit. I started my cycle at 245 11-12% bf. Now im at 238 8-9% bf.I would highly recommend this source.

  46. always comes through,ordered some dragon pharma prop to try it out..on 5th pin so far so good, feels legit, looks legit…

  47. These guys are great! Everything looks very legit. Thanks guys. I’ll be ordering again soon 🙂

  48. Have not received any emails back as to rather anything was shipped. Emailed 3 different times even from a different email address. If it is legit than I will change my rating but I think Im getting scammed,

  49. First order, as its always a worry with Internet buying.. Glad to be proven wrong.

    Brilliant.. People have lives so expect to wait a little while as its not like ordering from tesco’s. Constant updates. Communication all the way through

    Fantastic, my car parts looked well wrapped and secure 😉

    Just starting Aromasin, Using as an on cycle AI at 12.5mg EOD on a 12 week Test E cycle

    First time order and great service, I will be back time and time again.. Like a good plumber, a good source you keep hold of!!

  50. first time using them and I would highly recommend. great customer service and t/a was fantastic. a+++

  51. Ordered a few dragon pharma test-e and prop vials as I saw good reviews on them.

    Communication was good. I asked question and usually was answered within a few hours.

    Fast and secure shipping was impressed on how fast shipping was.

    Been on TRT for a while but took a short break and decided to go UGL and do my own lab work so decided to go with dragon pharma after the reviews. My dosage was:

    Week 1-5 Test prop 50mg EOD

    Week 1- Test E 250mg 2x a week

    After first injection I got really bad pip and test flu. Felt horrible and couldn’t even get to the gym so I stuck through it but now in week 3 and still getting these symptoms after every shot. I contacted about my problem and they told me dragon pharma puts EO oils on their gear so that could be the result of my symptoms. I was hopping they can replace it with something else but they didn’t even offer. I didn’t ask because I did feel high levels of test, it was just the bad pip and test flu that made me drop dragon pharma gear and go with another pharma which works better.

  52. Made several orders, not every experienced probs and happy with service and goods

    Quick response in relation to payment made and when dispatch

    Great package, secure, discreet, and quick!

    The Kalpa Anadroxyl has been spot! All codes checked out and making great progress in strength, becoming more lean and and minor but quality size, eating at maintenance and below, with daily cardio now. The Kalpa Pharma Primo I have yet to use but all codes checkout fine

    Will be using again (actually just placed an order due after receiving sale promo) Recommended UK source

  53. What a top notch source!

    Communication is top notch. These guys were at the ready to answer any question I had.

    The shipping was FAST. I needed some things right away and they were at my door so fast I couldn’t believe it. Their packaging was professional and very secure.

    The Tiromel has me sweating like crazy. It’s legit. I had ran out of T3 from y usual source and I couldn’t wait a week for it to come it so I gave these guys a shot. I was pleased. I noticed no reduction in effects or fat loss so their stuff is on point.

    I will definitely be ordering from these guys again. They have all the ancillaries I need and I like that they don’t have a minimum. Sometimes you don’t need hundreds of dolalrs worth of gear; You just need some Letro, T3, or whatever. When I get paid next week I might get some Cabergoline, Letro, and some other ancillaries. It would be great if they had some Diazide (hydrochlorothiazide/triamterene). I know for a fact a lot of people would buy that shit up.

  54. I made an order and sent payment last friday. And havent gotten a email verification, response or anything. Ive sent them at least 4 messages and have gotten no response. I know they picked up the money. They just wont answer any of my messages. Im hoping theyll see this and let me know something.

  55. I’m curious if you ever got your stuff from them

  56. Did you ever have a response or receive your order?

  57. These guys have been getting a bit of a beating recently, so I thought I would write a review. This is generally my favourite source, they have a great variety of products and I find most of their stuff is legit as far as I can tell.

    Never really had to communicate as things always arrive on time, no problems after 10+ orders. Always arrives.

    Getting real test is easy, getting real HGH is trickier. I was a little sceptical about the Norditropin nordilet blue pens, as I heard they are being faked, and filled with something else. After my last order I megadosed the blue pens, I took about 10 IUs after a workout and before bed. Well that night I might as well have been in a coma, as I experienced the deepest sleep I have ever been through. The following day I could barely wake up. These are definitely legit. The next day my hands were swollen and puffy, a common side effect of taking large doses. The genotropin pfizer products are of course real, these pens have not been faked yet. As long as they are in the plastic wrapper they are good to go.

    great supplier

  58. Took part in the last Christmas promo and I must say I’m very impressed.

    Perfect and I messed up in my order process and they still helped.

    I was currently running 500mg test e a week with 150mg tren ace eod and 100mg masteron eod. I ran out and used this gear for 3 weeks of my prep (that im still in) I dropped my test E and running Test prop 100mg eod with tren and masteron 1cc each everyday. so 400test prop 700mg tren ace 700mg masteron vascularity is retarded and is way better than top tren and masteron source i was using. Test prop is equal to the best prop Ive used here. Dirt cheap too That tren though I swear I was questioning it first but than once that cough came out I was relieved it was tren. Hardness, vascularity, shaping and strength while on low carbs. Incredible gear.

    Very good prices. I was first skeptical but excellent source

  59. This is a long overdue review for I have ordered from him before successfully, however this last order was the quickest T/A yet of about 4 days, and from what I understand this is going to be the norm from now on. is very short with his emails which is awesome and the way it should be. I rarely have to say much because he has mastered the ordering process.

    Received product on doorstep 4 days after sending money

    The prop does as advertised. Pinning 100mg ED was painful at first but eventually my body got used to it and the pain is minimal. The tren ace is not the strongest I have ever taken but it is solid. I do get the side effect of insomnia with it so I had to discontinue it. Was pinning 100mg ED. From the cyp I notice the usual positive sense of wellbeing that I get on test and a little bloat so I know it is doing its job. I have not taken the deca yet, but I know other people who have and say it has done good by them especially in the area of joint relief.

    I highly recommend this source. Although he does not have much variety, if you are looking for the basics this is definitely a good source to consider. Great prices and fastest shipping in the game. Products are always packaged discretely and tightly bubble-wrapped.

  60. Have been with this source for several years now. Have never had an issue that wasn’t taken care of promptly and completely. The guy has a no bullshit approach that’s simple. He knows what he’s doing an he get’s it done. He’s not a chatty Cathy. From my years with him I can honestly say. This is a more then trustworthy source. On point with everything. Period.

    The review I’m writting is waaay over due. But needed to be put up

    He is to the point. You have an issue. Give him your info. He looks into. Get’s back to you and that’s that. I have never had a hard time getting ahold of him or waiting to hear back. Some people expect someone to hold there hands throughout the process. That will not happen with him. You put in your order. He get’s back to you if need be. But communication & support is legit. Never had an issue

    I’ve received my packages from 7 days to 14 days. It all depends how backed up the guy gets. You have to realize. Jus like everyone else he get’s backed up. N that will obviously call for a longer t/a then normal. I have never had an issue with packaging. Always shows up airtight an whole. Never gotten broken vials. Maybe a few broken tabs. But every time I’ve gotten tabs there are extras anyway. So really there is no need to complain. Broken tabs work jus the same. Never missed a package either. Has always arrived and had no issues with post office

    I have ordered Test E, Tren A, Test Prop, Anadrol

    Test E: Quality: Just as good an strong as every batch I have received. Clear oil, no contaminates.

    Using: 500mg a week

    How long: Over 10 weeks

    Product is very clean with no pip and no soreness days after injection. I have noticed increase in strength, size, appetite. Lifts have been continually going up. More frequent erections, libido and sex drive is up. Increased aggression but nothing insane. All the signs of good test are there

    Test P: Quality (same as test e)

    125mg eod

    ran for 4 weeks

    I notice more of a libido increase with the prop an def a quicker delivery but that is obvious due to the quick ester

    Tren A: Quality: FIRE!!! this is the strongest batch of tren I have tried to date. I usually run 350mg-400mg ew. But I actually had to drop back to 200mg due to strength. The night sweats were insane an my dreams were fucked. Aggression wasn’t to much of an issue as long as I was hittin the gym

    50mg eod

    Over 6 weeks

    My lifts are coming up like woah! on this stuff. I’m seriously adding weights to my lifts every time I’m on the gym an even at such a low dosage. Jus goes to show the product quality. Very pleased with this batch. Shit is insane. Also been leaning down. Dropped a decent amount of bf so far. N a shitload of water. Ha even as we speak I have sweat rolling down my back jus from sitting here

    Anadrol Quality: Def on point. The glycogen retention is great. I love being able to eat a couple peices of pizza an look like I got a pump. Increased vascularity is a definite. Strength increases have been great as well. Increased aggression is there as well. Which is great for hitting the weights

    50mg ed

    2 weeks now (dbol before that: excellent also btw)

    The stack I am running is giving me insane strength gains. Cutting me up like crazy and hardening me up. Honestly could not be happier with products. I’m sweating all the time. Lookin swoll an I love it. When you can keep adding weights everytime your in the gym. To your regular lifts. There is no better feeling in the world!!!! and has delivered as always. I have nothing but good things to say bout him n his products. N no it’s fan boy bullshit. It’s cause the dude is legit an shit works

  61. Have ordered on several occasions now and always received my order without fail. I’d go no where else for my cycles now. Being a competitive bodybuilder I need reliability, quality & availability which offers time & time again with a wide range of products

    The only issue I have is they never reply to my emails.

    Shipping is fast, discreet.

    I’m waiting to use kalpa Mast prop as i was sent test prop instead.

    All products are spot on & good to go.

    I’ve been using these products since the New Year

    The only thing more I’d like to see is quicker response times from emails but there might be a genuine reason behind it

  62. After my first order almost a year ago, this is the only source Ive gotten my tren/prop from the last 4 orders ive placed. These guys should really be number one with their prices.

    Communication was good. Answered questions I had within 24 hrs.

    Packaging good. Packed well. TA is great.

    Kalpa Test prop- I use prop more than any other test. This prop was just as good as any other I’ve used. Strength gains, mass gains, sex drive up, some back acne, a little bloat, energy up. I’ve used it at 100mg a week and my dick still worked and energy was still good. I believe the prop to be dosed correctly. Tren ace- huge strength increase, lean gains, increased heart rate, decrease in cardio, got the cough a couple times. I noticed side effects at 350mg a week which is where I usually get them from any tren from any lab I’ve done.

    I just started npp. Been on about two weeks. Seeing increase in strength/mass very quickly. Doing 700mg a week with 100mg of the Winny tabs. 2 weeks back in the gym after two months off and I’m seeing immediate gains. My friends have used the anadrol, Masteron, and sustanon and were very happy.

    This is my favorite source. You can’t beat their prices. Especially when they have sales. Shipping is as fast as any other source. I Have to let everyone know, they really took care of me after a misunderstanding. There was a misunderstanding with an address with an order, they sent a package to an old address of mine. Someone at a halfway house I used to live at must have got a couple cycles worth of tren by mistake. After I emailed and discussed what happened, sent out another package. It took a couple weeks to finally get my order, but mistakes happen. The fact that they made right will keep me a loyal customer for a long time.

  63. I have used 4 times over the last 18 months, and would always recommend for service, choice of products, and quality (judged by the gains I have made each time).

    Very fast delivery as previously experienced.

    As always discreet, well sealed and padded.

    Ordered Kalpa Test E, Balkan Test E and Dragon Pharma Tamoxifen

    4 weeks in, having started on the Kalpa, I am very happy with the strength gains, fullness and pumps I’m getting and increased libido. 400mg a week. I have used Kalpa before from this source and love it. Very easy oil to inject, smooth and no PIP for me. Ideal for quads and delts. I have used 20mg a day of tamoxifen, and again pleased with lack of water retention.

  64. So i recieved some kalpa dbols from Ran them at 40 mgs per day. Super unreal pumps,reminds me of the bluehearts i had awhile back. Back pumps were nasty,had to drop deadlifts while on them. Also blood pressure was high,all signs of quality dbol.

  65. Def not satisfied I just recently ordered a big order and USPS said it was delivered to my mailbox but when I checked it wasn’t there I contacted and they asked me for my order number the following day I went to the post office thinking maybe the mail man put my package in the wrong mailbox but I go and find out that wrote the wrong address and it was shipped to some place else and now that I go to the website to contact them and let them know they have their site shut down… I just lost a lot of money with no explanation or follow ups

  66. First of all, I haven’t seen many females post reviews, so I’d like to add mine. My husband and I have ordered from before, but since this gear is for me, I thought I should write this review. Package arrived quickly and packaging was very professional. My current cycle consists of Dragon Pharma’s Anavar and Winstrol at 20mg ed. Test Prop at 25mg eod. I chose this source for the orals because they came in smaller dose tabs which made it easier to break up if needed.

    Have never needed to contact the source, so can’t comment on communication. But I’m sure it would be good.

    One of the fastest sources around and the only source I know of that provides you with tracking information. If you are one of these people who check your tracking every day, this is the source for you.

    Been using the Anavar 20mg ed for 5 weeks so far. Great muscle hardness. Some may find inappropriate; but wanted to comment for other females who want to know. Only sides I’ve experienced are muscle hardness and clitoral engorgement. I have just started the Winstrol at 20mg ed.

    Great sources. Will definitely be buying from them again.

  67. NOTE: Temporarily they have moved here, due to some technical issues. If you have registered before, then you can log in with same username and password.

  68. Ordered from Anabolic-Steroids like a half dozen times now. Shit arrives fast, always works and the bitcoin transactions are the best. Only complaint is that stuff never seems to be in stock when I need it most, hah.

    Packed well and discreet

    Ordered so far: Test E, Deca, Dbol, Anavar, others

    No complaints whatsoever.

    Y’all rule. I don’t want to order from anywhere else.

  69. This is my 2nd order with Anabolic-Steroids and it none but superb.

    They will answer questions you may have, I do not typically have to ask much. It’s a solid and simple as can be

    Packaging was safe and no breakages,

    Thanks again Anabolic-Steroids, glad that you guys are back, i was able to log in with my previous account, it seem that you really changed the domain to .asia!!! I love you guys

  70. I have wanted to do a review for a while but for some reason never got around to it. Have made 3 orders over the last half a year so i will put all of them in one review.

    Always great communication. responds within hours if not less.

    ALL injectables was pip free minus the sustanon which made my leg and ass swell up like a balloon (tight muscle not swelling like a bruise) i couldnt walk or sit on the cheeks injected but it could be down to the prop ester in it) I have gained over two stone in the last half a year. which for me is incredible) Orals was great and pct items worked just as expected.. flawless

    Very nice guy to deal with. i can not wait for the site to be open again so i can make my next order!

  71. This source is on his shit, gear, packaging, t/a and a straight to the point no small talk kinda style. Ive been dealing with him for over 2 years now and hes solid as hell. Never skipped a beat, never let me down. If something goes wrong it gets fixed! This is a well overdue much deserved review and I’m going to be as detailed as possible.

    Communication is little and short, but Ive been dealing with this src for years and its just how it goes. Straight to the point.

    T/A is generally no longer than 7-8 business days from times the funds are picked up and sometimes even faster.. This src does business the right way and the fast way. He wants you to come back and lets you know it with t/a’s and prices like these. Packaging is always very nice never sloppy.

    Ive been running dragon pharma gear for a couple years now and it never has let me down. I cruised on dragon’s test e 250mg/wk for 6 months last year (was fine, libido good, boners great, and i felt awesome) and began this year with a test e dbol blast. Starting with 50mg dbol everyday preworkout & 750mg test e a week. I pin mon/wed/fri and as i said before 50mg dbol preworkout. The dbol was pretty good. Awesome pumps, little vascularity and of course added water weight and my strength went thru the roof amd just that awesome feel good feeling you get from dbol.. ran that for 4 weeks until my test e kicked in. Ive been blasting test for almost 12 weeks now and plan on tapering back down to a cruise dose after week 16. The gains are fantastic, strength is there, vascularity, leaning out – overall awesome feeling just from being so full of test. Raging boners, always horny, awesome pumps the whole shabang. Last year I ran a tren ace blast for 8 using his test p, tren ace, and mast p & added his var in the last 6 weeks of that blast. All 350mg/wk + 100mg of var a day. Last june i was as big as i had ever been, as well as lean. Sitting at around 220lbs 9-10% bodyfat. I was throwing weight around like an animal, agressive as hell, horny all of the time, even more so than just a test blast. The mast p rounded me out pretty well and helped dry me up with the var, the vascularity and seperation was amazing. The pumps were out of this world & I fucked like a pornstar lol. It was by far one of my most on point blasts with the best gains and honestly was the best ive probably ever looked. His tren is great, mast is just as good and the var is on point, didnt get those winny joint crackles at all. just dry hard pumps with crazy vascularity. One of my boys is doing a test p/npp/adrol blast currently. He loves dragon pharma’s prop. i believe he is running 500/wk of each for 8 weeks as well as 100-150mg of adrol a day. Hes always rambling on about feeling great and loving the fast acting npp on his joints and just over all well being. Hes been on for a month now and is always screaming about his libido and gains. Hes a super lean guy and hasnt put on a ton of water with the adrol or npp mix. He feels as if the gear is on point and has no complaints. Although he said his adrol back pumps kinda sucked but he loves how ridiculous the other bodypart pumps are. I think hes added close to 10 lbs in 5 weeks to the scale. pretty awesome. He also is using dragon pharma’s adex and hasnt had a complaint yet, sensitive nips, pop and adex and hes good to go, i believe eod or so. All in all, every single product ive used has had great results. I plan on running another tren cycle mid spring ish after ive cruised for a few months after this blast and once my bloods come back good were going in!

  72. I’ve ordered from many times and I’ve always gotten great products and service. Recently, I was concerned with items I purchased because of all the issues with the website, shipping, payment, etc. I received one of my orders with some substituted products but the rest of my original products, were soon shipped and received. There were issues with another order I placed and I never received anything but was friendly enough and helpful enough to stay in contact with me to figure out the issue and after all was said and done, I received the rest of my products. To me, they are an honest, safe, and quality choice for gear. Overall Experience – A (Simple from start to finish, in general)

    Product Quality – A + (Everything I’ve used has been effective)

    Customer Service – A (Not very chatty and to the point. I’m fine with that…)

    Delivery and packaging – definitely A+ (People know they’re one of the best in this area)

    Pricing and ordering – A (a little pricey but I’ve always believed you get what you pay for and I believe in spending money for quality) Over many months I’ve used many of their products. And they put to rest any concern I had in regards to quality, authenticity, and potency. Their products work. Buddies of mine are saying the same. -Z_E_U_S

  73. Have ordered twice last month off and have been using the products for 3 weeks now.

    I wanted quality human grade products as UG can be a big hit or miss.

    Excellent, can fault them. Answered any questions i had on the pharma grade products. Very smooth no bulls**t service. Best yet.

    All the products i ordered had a authenticity code which is a good touch All are authenticated and gtg.

    Will order again this month to finish this cycle. Great results so far.

  74. Hey just to say that they service is awesome then before that took generally 10 days. And other thing is that their nolva and hcg worth. In two weeks of PCT, everything is doing well, when I do my lab tests, I’ll post to you. Thanks Anabolic-Steroids!

  75. Very friendly customer service, quick dispatch and the product’s code confirms it legit. Will be using as my main source from now on, great example of how a business should be managed. Only just started using the product but I have confidence in its dosing.

  76. Another easy time with!

    Communication was very professional. You receive an email for every step of the transaction. Didn’t require any support on this occasion but support is always there if needed.

    Always packaged well and never had any breakage in this or any of my orders.

    Ordered 2 x CY3 stack, 1 x Kalpa equipoise

    All the correct feelings coming from using the CY3 stack. Amazing energy for my workouts. The anabolics are pretty much doing there job, been running these for a while with good gains.

  77. If you need gear fast then this is the place to go. It takes around 4-5 minutes to places order, get email, and make payment. 7-9 business days later you have your order. My questions via email were answered within an hour. I say you get what you pay for and at the products are top quality. This is by far the best source and deserves a better rating than what you see. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK !!

  78. I ordered two 10ml vials of Kalpa’s Sustaxyl. Great communication and ultra fast delivery. No Pip from the Kalpa test and I have no doubts as to it’s authenticity. Will be buying from again. Fantastic.

  79. Review for 5th successful order from

    It’s not really needed because of how professional they are but when you do have a question it’s answered within 24 hours.

    Just perfect.. wrapped very safely and as discreet as a package can come.. could not do a better job.. nothing else need be said.

    Balkan is Pharma grade and works exactly as it should work. For someone with anxiety that has used this product in the past I can say’s is simply outstanding. I use the product only maybe one or 2 days out of the week when the anxiety and insomnia kicks in and for me his works better than some other pharma that i have tried here in the US.

    Stop thinking so much about whether or not you should order from these guys. They are a professional business and have been around forever. The price is what keeps them out of the top spots but believe me it’s worth the money. You can go with a top source and get your products cheaper but remember.. you always get what you pay for.

  80. This Is a review for the generic Aquatest 100mg per ml, I’ve used a couple different labs of testosterone suspension, all with mixed results and feelings! On inspection oil was crystal clear and that family glycol smell with oil based test suspension.

    So I started with 1ml 60 min pre workout, on weaker body parts (arms and legs) 60 min prior I noticed I was feeling it kick in when session had nearly finished, so I changed injection time and went 120-90min prior to workout and BOOOM sweet spot! Agression, stamina, general well being all massively increased, pump is great on Aquatest, libido sky high want to penetrate everyone and anything lol I don’t notice much of a come down on Aquatest, luckily! Pip isn’t an issue really! Slightly noticeable if I’ve rushed the jab but more than good to train and no reason to put you off! People may expect too much from Aquatest but if used correctly it’s a great littler tool

    Highly recommended

  81. is hands down the best site you could possibly hope for if you need Quality Gear and want to make sure that not only will the gear get to you in 7-10 days put you will have very little problems having it getting threw cutoms as well as having safe packaging so nothing breaks on delivery. 5 stars is an underating. Just places my 5th order in the last 2 months. They litterly have responded to every email I had within 30 mins to an hour. Have purchased and Currently running a Test Prop, Masteron, Proviron, Nolvadex cycle. All gear is 100% legit and have had the best results of there gear than any other cycle ive done “on my 6th cycle”. Just placed and order for there Hgh as Well as IGF 1. i cannot say enough good things about these guys. Take my word on this, if you are looking for a good company that sells real pharma grade anabolics, AI and HGH this is the best and most reliable site you will find on the web. And they are always updating there site it seems like once a week or two and if you cant find what you want dont worry a week later it will be there for sure. Top Quality gear, great customer service, Trustworthy staff, Extremly fast shipping and a constantly updated website. DONT GO ANYWHERE ELSE ANABOLIC-STEROIDS.BIZ IS THE ONLY PLACE FOR ME TO SHOP AND IT SHOULD BE FOR YOU TOO.

  82. My 1st order with and all went smooth.

    Excellent communication, very quick with responses and very courteous.

    Arrived nicely wrapped.

    Been using Fertigyn for 2 weeks now and it’s definitely doing the job 🙂

    Excellent service and genuine products, will use again no doubt.

  83. This was my first time using these guys and I am very glad that I did!!

    Shipment was super fast as I received first of it in 5 days and second part in 8 days! The products I ordered was Test E 300mg, Dbol, winny and nolvadex. So far I have used the test and dbol and both are working like they should!! I believe all of my stuff was from dragon pharma. I definitely recommend ordering here!

    Quality seems to be good, I am only a week into my cycle so far tho! I will be doing 500mg test for 10 weeks and dbol for the first 4 and winny for week 8-12.

    def recommend!!!

  84. Fast shipment and quality products. Made three orders in the past few months and have received the products.Very reliable source.

    Good and clear communication.

    Discreet and secure.

    Sustanon 250.

    Dbol 10mg.

    Dbol is the best I’ve come across. Used at 40mg a day for first 5 weeks and experienced very good strength gains and muscular pumps. Physique is looking much more solid and vascular too. The Sust is smooth and no pip experienced at all. Appetite and weight both increasing nicely.

    Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for good quality gear and great customer service.

  85. First time user of A-S as always apprehensive but wanted to give somewhere different a try due to stocking issues from my regular source.

    Communication via email was quick, pleasant and frequent during the process.

    Packaging discreet and arrived promptly. Items arrived undamaged and in perfect condition.

    Ordered T3 and Clenbuterol

    Wow, just WOW! I’m a little over half way through my first cycle of Clen + T3 and this stuff is knocking my socks off. The dosage strength must be bang on as I’ve got pretty much ever side effect going! (Surprised I’m even able to type this, shaking so much!)

    I can already see my abs appearing tighter and more visible here’s hoping by the end of the cycle I’ll be shredded!

  86. Why international money transfer and credit card payments only? Sounds like if any ‘law’ person want to discover what you have purchased they only have to look at your bank records, and credit card statement..not a wise method if someone want to be discreet ..

  87. I had a good experience with this guy. First time ordering and still looking to do business in the future. Communication was quick, parcel arrived only the next week.

    The communication was excellent. He answered everything on time. The ordering process was easy to follow.

    Parcel was very discreet and nicely packaged, no question about it 😀

    Ordered Nolvadex, Clen, T3, Proviron, Winstrol, Oxy

    I used all these ordered orals in my previous two cycles. They are of high quality and helped me gain mass quickly. I love Winstrol and oxy as they increase my appetite and gives me great aggression at gym. splitted the dose throughout the day. never exceeded 70 mg on Winstrol and 100 mg on oxy. once i remember when i took 100 mg anadrol for the first time, i ate one and half kg chicken with 700 grams of rice that day excluding fruits, veggies and shakes.

    i will definitely recommend dealing with this source, stuff is of excellent quality and business dealing is amazing.

  88. First of all I must say, I have been three times ordered of this guy, and it get to me between 6-7 days, straight to my mailbox . The package was so nicely packaged and never know what’s inside, it looks like a letter .Now I ordered again . I am very satisfied with the quality powders, highly recommend buying this guy honest and reliable!

    Used Dragon Pharma products for several months, and the quality is very strong, recommend to everyone!!!

  89. This is both my first test on Dragon Pharma products and my first order on

    (Sorry for my english)

    A very well communication, answer mostly in half an hour. Always helpful and nice, as effective that I didn’t really need it.

    The packaging is very discreet, very little risk, very professional ! Very fast reception, almost 3 days between the payment confirmation and the reception (i live in Europe )

    I begin my cycle by a frontload, I place 1,8 time the normal dose of eq/test, almost 6ml, then 2ml of trenbolone E for long esther

    I did a kickstart with M1T (30mg per day), and the trenbolone Acetate (1,5 ml EOD), so the first day of my cycle I place 9,5ml of products

    I divide it in 3 injection, 3ml in m’y thigh left and right and 3,5 in my right buttock, then I took à hot bath

    Next day no pain, the products aren’t painfull, I was scared about can’t walk but I could train my legs the next day

    After 3 weeks of M1T and Tren A I take 4 kg, I began to sweating during the meals and the night, in the same time I continued my normal injection (3ml of eq/test per week and 4 ml of tren E per week)

    At the 3rd week my appetite had increase a lot, the stoppage of M1T and the boldenone make me eat all my fridge, after 6 week I take 7 kg

    The strength with the M1T has increase a lot, the trenbolone have increased this effect, I had increase of 25% my charge at the gym

    After 10 weeks of cure I take 10kg, my strength has increased of 30% on basic exercise, the side effects was difficult at the begining (insomnia, aggressiveness, huge hunger, sweating) but it quickly stop

    My diet was very sharp throughout the cycle, carbohydrates exclusively around the training, well used supplement, a ratio of carbohydrates that gradually increased

    I recommend this source which is very pro, their products are good, service are here, my friends are happy about it, and their promises are always kept !

  90. Excellent supplier. Ordered my first ever cycle of #2 Test Enanthate , a novice cycle for 12 weeks. A-S was extremely helpful and prompt with email replies. For whatever reason, USPS decided to send back the package even though it was not rejected and A-S immediately resent it again even though they have sent it out the first time

    Discreet and packed really well. Looks like any other package one gets when shopping online. I have also ordered from other websites and A-S’ packaging is definitely much better.

    Test Enanthate – 12 weeks cycle (novice level) which comes with Test E, Nolva and Clomid

    Excellent quality. First injection hurt like a bitch with alot of PIP and I even came down with test flu for the first two weeks. This is more to do with my first ever time pinning than the quality of the product. Decided to run a shorter 8 week cycle and have gained 12 pounds of muscle. Currently on anavar from another source now and my weight seems to be holding at a 10 pound weight gain. Mid way through cycle, had a little gyno and felt very lathergic. Took half a nolva a day and felt much better. Skin is also oily and I am starting to see a little acne at the end of 8 weeks on my chest and back at the end of 8 weeks.

    I will definitely order again from A-S. Fast discreet shipping, fast response time

  91. Only tried the Dragon Pharma stuff from here so far but it’s all been good quality. Combined with good comms and quick delivery this makes my favourite supplier to date!

    I haven’t needed any support so can’t really comment on that side.

    Fast delivery times, normally 2 – 3 weeks.

    Plain packaging makes for discreet delivery.

    I took:

    550mg Test E per week for 5 weeks

    100mg Anavar per day for first 20 days then dropping to 50mg Anavar per day for next 10 days.

    1 Arimidex per week

    500mg Test C per week for 5 weeks

    Product quality was top notch, noticed large strength gains within the first couple of weeks and put on 4kg of actual lean mass by the end of the 10 week cycle.

  92. This is a review for a number of orders and products made a s reveived with This is my go to source and has been for a couple of years now. Nothing has changed in terms of this source professionalism, courtesy and general quality of products – details to follow.

    Absolutely no issues with communications and support. I always have a few questions before ordering. As always the source is quick (within hours) to answer. Answers are short but too the point and always polite. Great customer service in my opinion.

    Alway discretely packaged. No issues and top marks here. This was over a few orders and everything came within a few weeks of my donation being made.

    I’ll go through each one or as groups of products as I used them. Just a note this was not one cycle and I have used these products as part of two cycles I ran some time ago but have not gotten round to writing the reviews for too long now.

    Cycle 1 – Bulker

    Balkan Test E is an excellent 100% legit pharmagrade product. It came in the original packaging and the examination of the amps relative to pics of fake and legit Balkan amps showed them to look like the legit ones. I ran this at 750mg a week alongside Proviron at 50mg ed split dose. I started to feel quite bloated at week 4 so started running aro at 6.25mg ED. Bloods at 6 weeks showed testosterone to be over the capped level of the test. SHBG was very low as should be expected from the Proviron and estro get was at 20 so exactly where I wanted it. Libido went through the roof end of week 3 and stayed there throughout. This was a 16 week bulking cycle and I included NPP at 500mg per week for the last 8 weeks. I used all three labs NPP and couldn’t tell the difference between them. I added 0.25mg twice a week of caber for prolactin control. I really enjoyed the extra fullness it gave me. I didn’t notice much of the “soft look” some talk about. The most noticeable effect here was the strength gains which were truly impressive. I smashed 1rm’s on bench, deads and squats. No change to my already heightened libido. The only negative side effect from this cycle was an extremely bad acne breakout. I always get this when running test over 400mg per week but at this level it was worse than ever. It’s not an estro issues and not due to the NPP as it was there before I included this compound. My theory is it is the way my body converts test to DHT that causes this problem for me but that has yet to be proved. In total I went from 83kg and 10% BF to 98kg and about 15% BF. This was running about 4300 calories per day increasing to around 4700 by the end of the cycle. Extremely happy with that result. I have kept most of my gains brought and post PCT which was a standard Clomid/Nolva PCT using the products above and aro at 6.25mg eod. I’ve used them all before and they did their job perfectly. Recovered to baseline 6 weeks post pct.

    Cycle 2 – Recomp

    This was a bit of an experiment for me to see if could reduce body fat while not loosing too much weight. It was a partial success but I beleive time would have been better spent focusing of a proper cut and accepting the weight loss. In other words I retaught myself what I already know. Either bulk or cut or risk wasting time. So I ran 250mg of Test E per week (12 weeks), 525mg Dragon Pharma Tren A per week (8 weeks) alongside 50mg Proviron split dose and 0.5mg twice a week of caber. I used 0.25mcg of T3 as blood work has historically showed me my T3 levels get hammered by Tren and it certainly wasn’t going to hurt for the recomp. I used a low dose (20mcg ED) Dragon Pharma Clen for the last 4 weeks and ran all three types of VAR at 100mg ED for the last 6 weeks. I’ve already reviewed the test e and provi so nothing to say here except I had no breakout at all at this dose which makes me beleive the DHT conversion theory may be a good one. The Dragon Pharma Tren A 100mg was pretty potent stuff. It took about a full week for me to feel the effect and I significantly noticed my strength increasing and my body composition changing for the better even though I was in a slight surplus to start and slowly reducing to be in a slight deficit by the end of the cycle. Libido went crazy. This is the third time I’ve run Tren and I had the least side effects. I did have night sweats but this was not as bad as the first two times. I got Trensomnia but used some sleep aids to deal with this (lessons learnt from past cycles). Had bad Tren cough more times on this cycle than ever before. And my mood deteriorated as time went on. It’s was noticeable to me and to my wife. Come the end of the 8 weeks it was time to stop from that perspective. As to the VAR they were all VAR but I felt the Kalpa was very under dosed, so was the Pharmak but less so and the cyber labs felt about right but I only ran this for the last week so perhaps it’s not the best judge. Strength did go up as did vascularity but not by as much as I would expect running 100mg ED. lipid profile got trashed and smashed as expected. I’ve reviewed this clen before and nothing has changed it remains the best and strongest clen I have ever used. So at the end of my recomp I had dropped to 93kg at about 12% body fat. Not the most efficient way to do this but again a (re)learning lesson for me. PCT as above.

    Excellent source with great service and great products. I rarely use anyone else unless what I am looking for is not available or he doesn’t stock it.

  93. Im in no way any good at writing reviews, but id like to share my experience with

    I bought 2x test prop, 2x tren ace and also some oxandrolone. I can honestly say his products that he stocks are genuine! ive made great gains off the stuff and cutting up nicely. hes a pleasure to deal with and whenever it is that im going to order more gear, i can tell you its going to be from this guy!


  94. Have made multiple orders from

    This review is for Dragon Pharma clen and t3.. I’m no stranger to clen I took one tab to start (40mcg) and it literally was so strong I paniced lol… And stop using there and then… A week or so past then I decided to try again but with at half tablet, which was still strong but I could manage it, after a week at half a tab I noticed a big increase in heart rate,body temperature and most importantly the stubborn fat around my mid section started to melt off, half way through second week now and currently running one tablet which for me is fine I’m getting good results at 40mcg a day first thing in the morning… Running I’ve used his pharma t3 at 25mcg a day along with ugl t3 and it really has changed my physique for the better from a big lump to a healthy looking lean body:.. Which is my preferred look which I’ll keep trying to maintain. I’ve a few days left of this before I cycle off it… And then come off cycle a week later.

    Always helpful package always well protected

    Highly recommend this clen and this supplier… Strong isn’t the word

  95. Great site, reliable, fair prices, products always boxed and sealed, always receive trackin number, order comes within 2 wks

    Great communication, replies to email within 24 hrs, always gives tracking number

    Packaging super legit, product always protected and discrete

    Norditropin been using for afew months now, very happy, nice to have legit supplements

    Very pleased with this site, will continue to use for a long time!

  96. ok so first time ordering from, it was only a small pickup of one item that was balkan clen!

    very good communication, replied to emails and questions very quickly and i was very pleased with that. and overall a decent guy.

    packaging was discreet and very well protected, no damage to item or packaging.

    i have used this product starting at 20mcg per day, bumped my way up to 80mcg and definitely felt an increase in heart rate and shaking of the hands..increased temperature and sweating a lot more than normal, did drop some noticeable body fat too, happy about that!

    overall very good communication, and replies very nice guy to talk to! i will be ordering from again.

  97. I was wondering how you contact these guys. I fill out tickets no response. I live in the US what is the normal shipping time?

  98. Happy customer. Definitely recommended. Items came 8 days after payment sent!

    Communication was a little slower than another source I’ve used off here but it was a busy period so this was expected. Although the overall time from me placing the order to receiving the products took less than a week! Very pleasant and kept me updated with everything! Website nice & easy to navigate.

    Currently using the Clomid & Nolva, both seem legit & is making PCT easy!

    Will use again.

  99. I’ve order from half a year every week and always get the package between 6-7 days, at first I would order every two weeks and now it regularly!

    very fast and An honest man always comes back to you !

    very Discreet and not look suspicious at all, as the letter

    Very High And All Gear is Best Quality !!!

    Order Again And Fixed

  100. So i ordered 500 dbol middle of march as of right now i have put on 12 lbs so i would def recommend this product to anyone searching for legit product, his shipping is amazing and discrete, i wanted to try the product before making an official post. You are in good hands with this guy and it will no doubt pass customs if you are ordering orals. A+++

  101. I’m a fairly new user of the muscle enhancements so I was a little nervous with the process of getting everything online and so on. Well Anabolic-Steroids was recommended by a friend so I went ahead and made a purchase. The entire process could not have been easier, I was quite suprised and relieved. I emailed a few times with questions about payments and I got quick responses everytime! I am very appreciative of all the help. I will definitely be using this place time and time again

    We emailed back and forth 3 times I believe and I got fast and detailed responses. Thank you

    Packaging was sufficient. No issues with damage at all. Very discreet.

    Great quality, no pip at all. I’m on my second bottle and I’ve gained 10 pounds of solid mass and have increased my bench 1rm from 275 to 315 in 5 weeks. Squat 1rm went from 250 to 295. Thanks again

    As a summary. The dragon pharma he has for sale are some of the best on the market as far as strength and price. This is a great place! Thank you.

  102. I have ordered three times through A-S and i have received 2 of my orders just waiting for my third. fingers crossed i get my order. The gear is clean and the always respond to email’s and give great information about the products.

    there support is great alway contact you back with in a day or two.

    hard to find but its always there

    test E and Eq

    I have been using it for three months

  103. Im a new customer as well and placed my first order 2 days ago and i have yet to hear back from anyone regarding confirmation. It just says pending and still unpaid. What should i do ? I sent numerous tickets and did everything as asked.

  104. Hi Nikk, did you ever hear back from these guys ? Im in the same boat that you were in.

  105. ok here an update of my dragon pharma experience from A-S:

    ordering process etc was all fine as i already satted in my 1st review and A-S is a very polite guy.

  106. Ordering from A-S was everything went smooth every email got answered in a timely manner. No worries no stress no bs. Order landed in 7 days with free items ftom last promo.

    Im using DP dbol right now at 50mg daily good energy and killer heart burn 🙂 I’ve been running the dbol for about 2 weeks or so.

    Seems ive put on afew pounds my face is puffyer now other ppl say im bigger but I dont see it that much im happy with littile to no back pumps but the aggression is there and well beeing I will order again.

  107. First and foremost, are a fantastic source to deal with. I believe this is my third review for this source. I have spent well over a thousand pounds over the last ten months or so and haven’t been burned or let down once. I have used tons of their products but for the sake of keeping this review concise and easy to read I’ll only include my most recent orders.

    No extra communication is ever needed, only regarding your payment. Any odd email/enquiry I’ve ever sent has always been responded to within hours, excellent service.

    Packaging always arrives, and always comes tight and secure. No loose objects or rattling.

    I will only include my most recent orders:
    -Kalpa Clenbuterol
    -Pfizer Genotropin 36iu cartridge
    -Dragon Pharma Tren Acetate
    -HCG 1500iu
    -Sustamed 250

    Kalpa Clen: I decided to try these out after seeing positive feedback on them. I’d never heard of this lab before so I only bought 1 box just to use as a trial run, but judging from my experience so far one box is all I will need. They come in 40mcg tabs and to be honest one tab a day is all you need. I had previously used up to 100mcg of “pharma” clen from elsewhere and barely felt a thing but one tab of these hit almost instantly. Within 15-20 minutes my heart rate was up and after an hour or so the jitters started. I am a law student and I simply couldn’t focus and keep still in lectures the first day I used these. At only 40mcg, even more impressive is that you get 100 tabs per box, excellent value for your money. Stock up on these for your summer cuts you’d be stupid not to.

    Pfizer Genotropin 36iu: This was my first time running GH. I didn’t want to dabble with the generics and risk throwing money down the toilet so I jumped straight into the pharma stuff. I only used these at 2iu/day in the AM Monday to Friday taking weekends off but the results were fantastic. Everything I expected from doing my research, improved sleep, improved energy & mood, etc etc and most notably the fat loss. I lost a couple of inches off my waist since starting these and my physique felt all round much tighter and fuller. Would definitely order these again.

    Dragon Pharma Tren Ace: This is definitely a good solid tren. Has that dull, golden colour to it. I’ve used tren plenty of times before so I knew what I was looking for. Within a week at 100mg/eod I was starting to feel hotter and sweating much quicker/easier. After the third week the insomnia kicked in pretty bad, still using at 100mg/eod. I’ve never suffered from night sweats off using tren so can’t comment there. The strength gain however was ridiculous. I was out of the gym altogether for roughly 3 and a half weeks, didn’t train whatsoever over that period. However when I got back into the gym my bench and deadlift had actually gone up, quite considerably as well. I definitely felt the slow strength decline when I stopped using this product as well, definitely a legit tren.

    HCG 1500iu: Legit pharma grade product, works exactly as it should. Split into 3x500iu shots, using bac water to preserve them, and injecting every saturday. The boys were back in full swing after the second shot.

    Sustamed 250: This is the only product I’ve been disappointed with from A-S. I understand a lot of pharma testosterones are faked these days, organon karachi aburaihan etc etc, but I bought two boxes of these (10 amps) to use as a trial run/kickstart to a sust run I’d planned using another brand from elsewhere. I frontloaded 2 amps a day (500mg) for 5 days ( with the plan of running 1ml a day of the other sust I was using for the remainder), and in honesty I didn’t feel a thing. I was expecting that quick ‘kick’ you get from short estered test over the next week/week and a half or so, particularly considering the dosage, but I didn’t notice any increased libido, mental focus, energy, morning wood, etc etc until maybe two and a half/ three weeks later when the other brand i used afterwards started to kick in. This of course if no fault of A-S, he is merely a reseller of a product he believes to have an excellent reputation, and its fully understandable that from time to time a product doesn’t meet up to expectations.

    All in all are a fantastic source to deal with, great customer service, great prices, great products. Excellent all throughout. I hope this helps anyone making a decision on this source.

  108. It was a first time order from this site. I have to say, once the order was placed it went like clock work. Everything was perfect. The products were perfect, comms were perfect, no need for any emails hassling for info or any other nonsense. A pleasure to order from and without doubt I will be ordering again.

    Perfectly packaged, discrete and I couldnt have been happier with it.

    The pins are perfect, particularly for drawing HCG should you want to split the 1500IU dosage across a week or weeks. The HCG is great and did two things! 1) Nuts hit the deck pronto (nice), and 2) the spike in test from the HCG made me feel like a king, but aromatised. This is where the Arimidex kicked in…. I have used aromasin (gives me heartburn and the shits) more so in the past, so first time using arimidex. This product is great, it cleared the estrogen spike that followed the the test spike (as above) in literally 1 day. I used .5mg each day and could easily stop using it due to the comfort of knowing how fast this product kicked in.

    For anyone using aromasin that gets the sides I mentioned above, Id recommend switching to arimidex. Less fatigue, no shits,, no heartburn…. nice.

    I strongly recommend getting from HCG and Arimidex as a combo in fact.

  109. review for Dragon pharma masteron 100mg/ml Was my 6th order from A-S

    Very discret packaging.

    Very insane pumps and vascularity that is currently increasing daily.

    strength in the gym and libido was crazy,energy and raised my appetite.

    No pip very smooth,nice body fat lost.

    I ran this fo 8 week 400mg/week with sustanon and trenbolone.

    best service will using again Thank You A-S!

  110. I just received my second order and don’t plan on going anywhere else from now on. These guys are pros and I look forward to doing a lot more business in the future with them.

    I never had any issues but when I had any questions I never had to wait more than 30 minutes for a response.By far best communication I’ve had from any source

    Even though it was shipped international I’ve always received my orders within 10 days. Very fast process and packaging was very clean and discreet.

    I’ve been running all my gear for almost 4 weeks.Test E 550mg a week, DECA 275 mg a week,and Dbol 40 mg a day split morning and afternoon. Gear is very potent but no PIP,strength is up significantly and have put on almost 14lbs. I have the Arimidex on hand but have not needed to use.

    The products mentioned above are from my first order but I have ordered several more since then and had the same great service and will place a review after I use and can rate quality. Like I said before these guys are pros and are my go to source!

  111. This source is the number one source because his gear is legit and communications are almost immediate as well as having good prices and fast T/A. I ordered test e and Deca. I had a shoulder injury and needed to recover quickly. Within two weeks I was benching again and in Four weeks I was gaining strength and size again. I gained 8 pounds of muscle back in 6 weeks which had been previously lost. My libido was strong as ever. The wife is running away.

    T/A was 7days from order and package was tight. Perfect!

  112. Overall am extremely satisfied with the service provides. Effectiveness of product, delivery and communication were brilliant throughout the whole process!

    Communication is absolutely spot on, emails are replied to within 2 hours and in a very helpful nature. I even made a slight mistake on my latest order and was very helpful in understanding and rectifying the mistake I made.

    Package was very discrete and we’ll packaged to avoid damage. 10/10 for delivery.

    By far the best Anavar I’ve had date, have been taking 100mg a day for around 2 weeks, and strength gains have been immense and overall body composition is better and better everyday. Pumps have been insane, which is an obvious sign of legitimate anavar.

    By far the best source I’ve used to this date, communication, delivery and product effectiveness is second to none.

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