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1Steroids.Net Review

1Steroids.Net Review

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1Steroids.Net – Legit or Scam ?

1Steroids.Net – online anabolic store was set as an online resource that offers products and medications for building muscular mass, losing fat and improving sexual activity among men. They have a standard comfortable ordering and payment procedure that allow bodybuilders to find in fast and secure the gear they requite for an anabolic cycle or for post-cycle therapy.

One of the particularities of the store is the facts that 1Steroids.Net are the prices which are many times less expensive than other online suppliers. At first it may seem like a risk and a suspicion regarding the genuine character and the quality of their products. Well, this is not the case!

First of all the company is:

and other popular manufacturers, well known to bodybuilders worldwide for their quality gear.

Secondly, they managed to established a professional and reliable delivery process and as statistics shows their anabolic steroids reach their destination in most of the cases. The company has proper experience in how to pack and prepare the products for shipping.

In case of any problems the customer service is always available to clarify any problems related to ordering, payment or delivery.

And as any honest company they always have complete reshipping policies and will reship for you if the packages will be seized, so you will not lose anything if you buy from them. The catalogue of products is quite large and contains probably everything an athlete may require for a cycle or for PCT.

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1Steroids.Net Customer Reviews

I’ve used dragon pharma from this site, and at first it seemed to me that the new products were a little underdosed. Surprisingly after a few days I discovered that I obtained very good gains and ripped as well. What I really liked was the packaging and the fast delivery, because as my previous experiences show, in many cases this is a major problem for US buyers. But not in this case. Good Job
Good prices and fast shipping. May be not so sure about Test Prop I ordered. I expected something batter, or maybe I just got used with my Test from another company. You never know about the gear..But the Tren from Kalpa was amazing. When it kicked in I felt it in my blood and all the usual effects of tren were there! I was getting sweaty and strength gains were spectacular!
I’m running my simple Test / EQ / Tren cycle at the moment from all the 3 products bought for these guys. Very potent and efficient. After two and a half weeks, it’s too early to comment on the test, but the tren a is certainly very good. Strength is up, everything’s cool, just my sleep is a little disturbed. But this is normal… I think. Good package and shipping. Now I just wait what their Test will bring me.

105 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. Have ordered from 1Steroids in the past, no issues. Product received, within 2-3 weeks. This is my third order, they all have been flawless. The products have worked outstanding. I highly recommend 1Steroids. The products, delivery and service get’s an “A” rating.

    I had some concerns about the delay in picking up the funds. I contacted 1Steroids he immediately responded and the funds were picked up. I received notification that the products were shipped.

    Products were packaged in a discreet and secured manner.

    I ordered Dragon Pharma line of:

    Tes Cyp

    Masteron Eth

    Winny (oral)


  2. Iv been using these guys for a few years now and they really are top grade. Quality is always consistent which is important to me.

    From the time I placed the order, donated the following day, and then received 14-16 days later so it was really quick for me

    Iv been using every but the anavar yet, I’ll be using it in a few weeks at the tail end of my cycle. Everything else is smooth, first run with tren and it’s ridiculous no wonder all you guys love this stuff. The EQ 500 is one of my favorites, I really feel like a machine. I feel super hard, I can workout forever and my body just looks overall well rounded. Two thumbs up!

    Honestly I have no reason to go anywhere else. Have been using these guys for awhile and I trust them. It’s a good feeling to know you’re getting good gear, instead of pinning and waiting 4-5 weeks to find out. If anyone’s on the fence, trust me you won’t regret it.

  3. Have ordered multiple times and have always received my gear. Lately turnaround time has been a little longer but this source is top notch and will always come through. My current order is still in the shipment process but I have no worries.

    Tren Ace – Strong and made me sweat all the time. I had to take many shirts to work to change.

    Test Prop – Had labs done and test levels were up through the roof.

    Test E – Very good and did the job perfectly. Retaining water and strength was way up.

    Turn around time is currently a little delayed but don’t worry about it.

  4. Decided to finally write a review for 1steroids.

    What can i say aside from solid communication, great t/a time (about 5-8 business days) and quality grade gear. Purchased EQ and Test E with no issues. Gains solid. Vascularity improved. Hunger through the roof. Everything you’d expect from this basic cycle.

    very discreet and VERY well packaged almost too much as i had to use a box cutter

    running 2:1 ration of eq to test e been on for 5 weeks seeing vascularity improve, hunger up, cardio becoming easier (hasn’t happened before) and my usual side effect of reduced sleep and hair loss

    Would always steer anyone towards this supplier. Nothing but positive things to say after ordering 3x. Cheers.

  5. Fantastic source!!

    Best I’ve dealt with. Very helpful and answered emails within hours. Answered all questions I had, and gave advice!

    Best packing I’ve seen very discrete there is no possible way for breakage!

    First the letro- my nipples were getting very tender from the first 4 weeks of a test p mast and var cycle. Within 5 days I had tremendous relief! Great product!

    Tren a- this is my first time using tren and I must say this stuff is insane!!! I’ve been sweating like crazy, aggression is up, and strength is through the roof. I was hitting 315 on bench press for 8 reps now after only 2 weeks I’m hitting 315 for 12-15! Insane!! No pip at all! Doing 75mg every other day.

    This source is outstanding!! Highly recommend!!

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