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1Steroids.Net Review

1Steroids.Net Review

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1Steroids.Net – Legit or Scam ?

1Steroids.Net – online anabolic store was set as an online resource that offers products and medications for building muscular mass, losing fat and improving sexual activity among men. They have a standard comfortable ordering and payment procedure that allow bodybuilders to find in fast and secure the gear they requite for an anabolic cycle or for post-cycle therapy.

One of the particularities of the store is the facts that 1Steroids.Net are the prices which are many times less expensive than other online suppliers. At first it may seem like a risk and a suspicion regarding the genuine character and the quality of their products. Well, this is not the case!

First of all the company is:

and other popular manufacturers, well known to bodybuilders worldwide for their quality gear.

Secondly, they managed to established a professional and reliable delivery process and as statistics shows their anabolic steroids reach their destination in most of the cases. The company has proper experience in how to pack and prepare the products for shipping.

In case of any problems the customer service is always available to clarify any problems related to ordering, payment or delivery.

And as any honest company they always have complete reshipping policies and will reship for you if the packages will be seized, so you will not lose anything if you buy from them. The catalogue of products is quite large and contains probably everything an athlete may require for a cycle or for PCT.

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1Steroids.Net Customer Reviews

I’ve used dragon pharma from this site, and at first it seemed to me that the new products were a little underdosed. Surprisingly after a few days I discovered that I obtained very good gains and ripped as well. What I really liked was the packaging and the fast delivery, because as my previous experiences show, in many cases this is a major problem for US buyers. But not in this case. Good Job
Good prices and fast shipping. May be not so sure about Test Prop I ordered. I expected something batter, or maybe I just got used with my Test from another company. You never know about the gear..But the Tren from Kalpa was amazing. When it kicked in I felt it in my blood and all the usual effects of tren were there! I was getting sweaty and strength gains were spectacular!
I’m running my simple Test / EQ / Tren cycle at the moment from all the 3 products bought for these guys. Very potent and efficient. After two and a half weeks, it’s too early to comment on the test, but the tren a is certainly very good. Strength is up, everything’s cool, just my sleep is a little disturbed. But this is normal… I think. Good package and shipping. Now I just wait what their Test will bring me.

92 User Reviews and Experiences

  1. poor customer service. paid by MG. got no communication. very upset. scam adviser recommends caution when dealing with this site.

  2. All information is available under My Orders on your account! Your order will be shipped to you, don’t worry.

    And by the way, scamadviser is an automated script and an Adsense scam.

    Scam signals 1:
    Using fake figure and fake criteria to confuse users and make them psychologically believe that it is true. They use a common scanning tool and generated some generic information about a site, than use unfair and misleading criteria to rate a site.

    For example, they say a site have a percentage in USA, and a percentage in UK. There are some country involved so there is a risk, this is very misleading and confuse to a normal online user. You should know your web host may have servers across few countries, internet is borderless.

    Adviser itself was believed from India (Google his Linkedin profile using scamadviser), and show up office in UK. They rated themselves 100% trusted.

    Scam signals 2:
    Using abusive and confusing title “is fake””unsafe” title and description on search engine with their fake result about a site, and it is very search engine friendly, always follow the site on the top place.

    They had shows no respect to other legit businesses, and damage their reputation and hard works.

    Especially to the small and medium site websites or businesses, they claimed that sites or businesses who online not longer than 366 days are on risk. Because they have no “online reputation”, as a business owner, you should know most of satisfied customers are quiet and never do free promotion for you. When you are new or small size, your customer base is small and weak to help you.

    They are making Adsense quick money by bullying small and new businesses!

    This give a chance for this scam to beat you and make you stress, because online buyers are sensitive and once they see you have a percentage on risk, they will skip you.

    Scam signals 3:
    They make use of information from other useful websites and gave them as an “advise” to users and make them psychologically trust this adviser

    Scam signals 4:
    Scanning results never accurate, and might lead you to a site with bad user experience and reviews. There are examples showing those sites which received lots of complaints get a 100% trusted rating.

  3. I have used this source successfully for a while now with no issues to date.

  4. Have used 1Str for a long time now and will continue to use them 🙂

    Communication is alright great, fast replies and all questions answered.

    Usually about a week to aus, never had a seizure 🙂

    Girlfriend has been using the anavar and she loves it. She has used a couple labs so she knows whether they are good or not at this point and her feedback on it was positive 🙂 Dbols are good as well. Fullness, pumps and strength all there. Does what it’s supposed to do 🙂

    Just got some primo, will review that once It’s fully in the system…

  5. Communication is simple. 1Steroids reply within hours.

    USPS hand delivered my package to me at my door. I didn’t know what it was until I opened it. Vials wrapped separate from orals with no damage.

    Run 325mg Test twice a week and AI eod. On week 4 of 16. I have experience with AAS but wanted to try Test only cycle to check quality of 1Steroids product since I’ve never used it before. Feel great with my strength and size has started to increase also. Important to note that my libido is driving me crazy. As expected. Blood to be checked at week 6

    Tracking number for my second package was sent to me 3 days ago. This one is coming from Asia so there has been a 1 week delay but 1Steroids walked me through the process and now I will look to receive it soon.

    No problems or worries with 1Steroids. Putting together another order now.

  6. Review for my last run with tbol from 1Steroids.

    Great communication here.

    Arrive in less than two weeks packed in a small padded envelope

    300 Turinabol from Dragon Pharma

    Ran this product for 50 days @ 60mg a day during a lean bulk cycle to help me kick start. I loved this oral it gives gives great pumps and strength and vascularity and a small amount of mass but it all lean body tissue no water at all so I didnt lose anything much after the cycle. I didnt get many sides beyond acne so im very happy about that since usually orals hurts my stomache and kill my appetite. I would def run this again and I always get my orals here cause theyre the best quality ive tried to date. Its hard to say what I gained from it cause I used many compounds but I love the pumps

  7. Just placed my 3rd order, thier site is very easy to order from once you get the bit-coins figured out.

    Great, the first order, not so much the 2nd order because I was wanting to pay via WU and didnt realize that was no longer an option. I kept waiting for an email w inst who to send the money to. But it was my bad for not realizing the bit coin issue..

    Professionally package. Great T/A, like 7 days both orders.

    Anyhow my order today was:

    Masteron Enanthate 250 × 1 (get hard for the bike rally in June)

    Test P 100 × 2 for my buddy

    Clenbuterol × 3 for my wife – this will be her first dabble into the dark side. she’s looking to drop 20ish lbs from 175 to 155 at 5’4″. She lifts along side of me!

  8. This review is for Dragon Pharma’s Tren E & Mast E. These are two staples in my regimen that are my go to; always giving me good results without the hassle of daily pins.

    Communication was spot on. Not a whole lot needed but responses always came quick. Additional communication came in on the source end to check up how the products were working out for me during the course of the cycle. It was nice to see this level of concern to ensure quality.

    T/A was crazy quick. Everything was packed secure and tight; nothing was loose with potential to break.

    The review is for the Mast & Tren; I haven’t switched over to Dragon Pharma’s EQ yet but will be doing so in the coming weeks. I have been running Dragon Pharma’s Mast E & Tren E for 6 weeks so far.

    Prior to that, I had been running these compounds for 6 weeks from a different source and was having good results from that gear. So in total, 12 weeks on the compounds; first 6 from another brand and the most recent 6 from Dragon Pharma. The gear has been working out very well and as expected. I’ve always been prone to over training. I love to train; hard, heavy and lots of volume. Tren is like gold for me because I can handle this style of training without so much as blinking. My recovery level goes through the roof. I could train the same muscle group days in a row at max effort on those days and still feel fully recovered. This is the main reason I love Tren. I love to train hard & Tren ramps my recovery like nothing else. The downfall for me is sleep. My sleep takes a big hit on the compound and I have to rotate my pillow multiple times throughout the night because it gets soaked with sweat.

    All of this has been present and accounted for and assuredly I’ll be purchasing new pillows at the end of this cycle of Tren, as always.

    From a diet aspect I’m able to hold more glycogen in my muscles which allows me to get away with eating more carbs. This is always pleasant.

    I have no problem eating clean, but when my serving sizes for carbs are enough to feed a baby bird I start to get a little crazy. My strength has steadily increased while my bodyfat has been on the shift downward.

    Again, being big into my training I love to maintain my strength and continue to get stronger. Dieting usually saps my strength and I often lean on Tren to keep me going in that aspect. The Masteron is a bit of a bitch. Some people complain that Tren makes them aggressive, but I’ve never had that issue with Tren. Masteron however makes me very pricky. This has been no exception. The Masteron has worked very well with the Tren to polish me out. I’ve had to hit my back with the standard acne body wash to keep the acne at bay. Masteron is the only thing that ever seems to flair up my acne and only on my back. It’s a fair trade off though for the extra shine that masteron adds to a physique. Acne is fairly easy to fight. Combining Masteron with Tren, Test & EQ really brings me to a level of full, hard, & dense that I can’t get from anything else. I haven’t been able to match the look with any other combination and the masteron is the icing on the cake for this (although the cramps from running it alongside EQ tend to be a bitch despite a hardy dose of taurine).

    The oils have all been smooth on the draw and smooth on the pin. I have yet to experience any PIP with Dragon Pharma’s gear. Also, as small of a deal as it sounds; the stoppers/caps are of good quality. I draw with a 22g regularly. Some other sources use cheaper tops/stoppers and they turn to swiss cheese quick, with bits of the stopper in the gear. Not here. Put together very well.

    I’ve used a lot of different sources throughout the years. I’ve had gear on all ends of the spectrum…good, bad, painful, etc. I’m confident to say that 1Steroids’s quality is up there (from what I’ve used) with the top sources that I use and continue to use. I hope that things continue to run smoothly here. It would be great to have another domestic that can be counted on as a go to as domestics seem to be a dying breed over the past few years.

  9. Cannot fault 1Steroids. 4th or 5th time I’ve used them always arrived on time and service is professional

    Very discreet

    Ephedrine 20mg

    Not convinced on the ephedrine at all, very slight buzz off 60mg each day, first time I’ve tried ephedrine and nothing like what I was expecting. Sticking to clenbuterol in future, I’d have more of an effect taking 3 pro-plus a day.

    Effectiveness of eph not 1Steroids’ fault just don’t think you can get decent ephedrine no more, from what I’ve read.

  10. I’ve swore an allegiance to 1Steroids they are by far the best site out there

    Spot on very good nice and easy no problems what’s so ever

    Anadrol I was using at 100mg ED and I put on 11kg which was a lot of bloat but the strength increase was phenomenal my squats were up & dead lifts, the t400 I was using at 2ml per week and that helped there was slight pip nothing I can’t handle, the winstrol I haven’t used yet but over all KP is a good brand and I have already ordered my next batch

  11. Five orders with this source. Very confident as all of my previous experiences have been satisfactory.

    They always reply in a short time 2-5 hours

    Pack received within one week in Europe and was simple yet discreet and well packed.

    Kalpa winstrol 10 mg

    I am at the end of the second week, i am doing a winstrol oral only cycle for 40 mg daily, this labs is awesome and for me the best I have ever tried, very satisfy.

    Winstrol give me more more strength and lose some fats, very happy!

  12. 3rd time ive used this supplier now, and its all top notch,. hope to use you guys for a long time 🙂

    Dragon pharma dianabol – used a week so far and can tell its good stuff already (again!), exactly like my last 2 orders of the same stuff was.

  13. Review for the 100x winny tabs

    very effective. I ran these for the last ten days of my cycle previously running it from 60-100mg for 7 weeks. Final week I relied on this winny to get my tighter at 10 tabs spread throughout the day (combination of other drugs as well). My veins were thicker and tighter, I looked insane the last week and it was a total jump in progress with conditioning. Made a big difference in the final week of prep. 100mg winny + 30mg halo with high masterone high tren low test and your bf being already at like 6. Oh boy

    good products

  14. Review for Kalpa Proviron 25mg

    Answered every email within 24 hours. Very professional and polite. Did everything they could to assist me.

    Although the original order never made it. (And after receiving a nice letter explaining why) 1Steroids followed thru with their policy and made sure I recieved what I ordered.

    Was my first run with Proviron after hearing so much about it. Was intrigued by the possible increase in free testosterone levels and anti estrogen properties. I did not get blood work done but I took a 2 week break between bottles and definitely noticed a huge increase in sex drive and sex drive and sex drive.

    If that’s any telltale sign of it working, then it works….well. very pleased with the product and with the source. Definitely recommend.

  15. excellent service with good quality products

    replys within 1-12 hours, very clear and concise.

    very discrete. protected with bubble wrap, no risk of damage to goods. once payment was accepted i received my order halfway through the second week. i live in ireland.

    test prop, arimidex, clomid, salbutamol.

    ran test-p for 8 weeks ranging from 400-500mgs a week. gained 11kg after 8 weeks. following pct i was left with 8kg of mass. fat loss was about 3% bf 15 to 12.

    not one complaint! a good business man, thank you 1steroids.

  16. I’m not sure what’s going on with 1steroids, but I had good communication with them in the beginning so I felt very comfortable and placed two orders. I still have not received my orders. My first order was “shipped” on the 10th of October, my second was placed a few days ago and I did not receive a tracking number or response saying it was sent. I’m still hoping for the best, but when I tried to inquire about it, I got a “Failure to Send” message…I also checked their website and it was a “Bad Gateway”… SO, hopefully some kind of maintenance is going on with them and I shouldn’t be worried, but I really would like some answers… If my order comes though, I will definitely let everyone know. FINGERS CROSSED! BY THE WAY, IT SUCKS BEING DEPLOYED for the 5th damn time! I have NOT received my order!

  17. I ordered my product about 3 weeks ago, it has been sitting in customs for over 2 weeks. I am pretty sure it got seized – but that is nothing against 1steroids. Great service, fast shipping and good communication. I would love to make them my regular supplier – but cant risk customs seizures anymore. I have NOT received my order!

  18. A great source who I have used on several occasions and have always been happy with

    Never really had an issue that required any additional support from 1steroids, but responses in the ordering process have always been lightning fast with the instructions clear and easy to follow.

    Very quick delivery, some of the best I’ve seen in the UK, packaging is also very discreet and have never had anything broken in transit.

    Cabaser 20 2mg tablets were my most recent order.

    Ran these along with tren at a dose of 0.25mg e3d, never needed to exceed this dose as at this level I felt no additional prolactin related side effects that are often expected with tren.

    One of the very bes.

  19. 1steroids you’re awesome

    Spot on as always

    Sweet as fap

    methyltrienolone makes me feel like a gangster in the gym lol, although if I do less than 1ml I’m not getting nothing but when I hit the 1ml magic spot it’s like the best pre workout hit I’ve ever had, pumped is the word lol

  20. Nipples became (slightly) puffy in PCT after a Tren run, needless to say I needed to sort it out quicker than you can say ‘lactation’. Placed an order and received the product. Took straight away and within a week or so nipples look normal and my mood is elevated.

    Didn’t have any question this time but on previous orders questions were answered in 24 hours.

    Ordered Dostinex x8, nipple puffiness has gone down and clearing up fast. .5 E3D till I run out, may lower dosage and extend.


  21. would recommened

    Item came very fast, had no issues.

    ordered two Finasteride 5mg x 28

    It seems good, I’ve bought a pill cutter and cut the finasteride tablet into 4 and have been using 1 each day in the morning, It has reduced the hair shedding however in the last few days I’ve increased my winstrol dosage and I’ve noticed I started shedding more, the 1.25mg wasn’t cutting it for me, so I decided to use 2.5mg a day and to my surprise it has worked. When I started using 2.5mg a day, I started shedding about 5-8 strands a day compared to the 30-40 hair strands I was shedding previously.

    Would like to say a big thank you to 1steroids, they’ve sorted me out and I will gladly buy from here again.

  22. This was my second time ordering and like the first, Easy payment and delivery was next week. Just perfect.

    Good communication, Had problem with log-in and they sorted it for me.

    Dianabol was great, Massive increase in strength It was crazy..Used for 6 weeks. Would buy again. Only downsides for me on it was feeling sick and not wanting to eat. Had painful lower back pumps when running.

    Clen first time using it, I’m heavy and trying to loose some fat, I did have doubts, From what i read does it work, I did feel my heart rate was higher at start but then i didn’t feel a thing. I lost 2lbs in a week and diden’t even do cardio, due to injury, So it was working. ” weeks on 2 weeks off, I will be back on it in 2 weeks. i lost 3 lbs, Was it the Clen, or my diet, I don’t know. I defiantly felt better on them.

  23. First time order with 1Steroids placed a small order to test the waters, standard. Initial comms were very good when site was up via email and products were delivered as stated.

    Packaging was secure and discrete, bubble wrapped single dose vial I a special delivery sig required.

    Overall great service, hoping to place another order ASAP.

  24. First time I have used this source and I must say it has been a problem free, smooth process. Communication is excellent and the products are spot on. Thanks 1steroids you have a customer for life!!!

  25. Of all the sources from which I’ve ordered, 1Steroids has always surpassed my expectations. I ordered some HCG and a bottle of test ethanate to get me through an unexpected trip for which I had to cut short my short ester tren cycle. Started taking the test 2 weeks before, and was feeling great for the week I was away, certainly enough to pull tail. Came back, and the HCG was part of my PCT and worked great.

  26. WOW what can i say about 1steroids, all go things of course! Got my gear within 14 days. Ordered a few packs of the Kalpa Dbol, as well as a few vials of the Gen-shi labs Sustanon. Been on the Sustanon for two weeks Within a day or two i felt the dbol. Super pumps while working out. Puffy & sensitive nipples which is common with me in the past with Dbol. So there stuff is deff GTG!!! Loving the Kalpa. The Sustanon should be kicking in full force any day now 🙂 LOVE 1STEROIDS!

  27. Ordered a few times from 1steroids and very satisfied with their service.

    Communication was great. I was kept up to date throughout the ordering process with quick emails.

    T/A was really quick, this really shined in my last order as i was running low during a cruise.

    No complaints with packaging, very good.

    The Test E worked as it should during my Test/Deca/dbol/Eq blast. No limp noodle from deca, yay! No PIP to speak of in glute or quad. The adex cleared the bloat from dbol and got rid of any nipple sensetivity i could feel.

    during this cruise ive decided to try and cut instead of during a tren blast so i thought id use a bit of clen to get things going. This is some pretty strong clen, started at 40mcg and got all the familiar signs (shakey hands, hot and very excessive sweating during cardio.) at 180 at the moment and the mirror is showing it.

    With the quick shipping and great service i definitely recommend 1Steroids.Net

  28. Now my top choice to go to after shopping around, gear works like crazy, fast delivery, reliable and good communication

    Great gains and strengths, did everything I expected including the pimple outbreak! but shows it works.

  29. Theres not much we can say about 1steroids that hasnt been said already, but I will Big them up just a bit more.

    Ive orderd quite a few products from 1steroids which range from Pharma grade GH to an anti estrogen and all of there products have been 100 percent and worked as they should.

    There are so many suppliers these days but 1steroids really are a cut above the rest so no need to shop elsewhere as they are like the Harrods of the Pharma world.

    Going to have a long PCT soon and get the receptors fresh and ready to start on there own range of products as to which I will be writing another review on.

  30. That’s my 7 order with 1steroids, just receive my order today.

    Didn’t try my parabolan yet but never write a review before so here we go.

    Communication is great always got my answers.

    Highly recommended professional bussines!!!

    Many thanks 1Steroids!

  31. I order Sus 250 a 10 week cycle I was taking 750 mg a week great gains I ate a couple of cheat meals still could see veins in my delts chest and arms my only problem was after injections the area use to hurt like hell i am a very clean person I don’t blame the products I think my body wasn’t use to sus250 the only test I use was Test E other then that the HGC got my “boys” back down and running in 3 days

    Good packing can fit easy in a mailbox so no need to travel to the post office

    Great gains with the sus250 my soreness I believe was from never taken sus

    HGC right on point you will see results in 3 days

    I wrote my review on my phone so cut me some slack lol

  32. Shipped next day, recieved well packed order in 2 weeks! So nice to have a source like this to rely on :). Very pleased and will do business with again.

  33. Received my order in 7 Days, very discrete. First pin with prop was smooth, much better than previous experiences. Still can’t believe the incredibly fast turn around, will do business with again in the future.

  34. My first order from them they are outstanding. I’ll let u know how the dragon pharma test and deca are in a few weeks.

  35. Well well well!!!! Thats lightning fast shipping!!! Kalpa Test Prop checks out on Kalpa Pharmaceuticals site. First order and will NOT be the last!!! Thanks keep rockin!

  36. Received package promptly! Super fast shipping time. Great communication throughout the process. Pinned their Dragon Pharma’s Enanthate and Deca 300, and no real pip so far. I would never recommend another site! I will be using as long as I use these supplements based off of the process up to now 🙂

  37. Review is for Balkan Pharmaceuticals DBOL

    Didn’t need any support, although in the past he has been very helpful.

    Package discreet, came quickly.

    Used it as a taper to begin a test cycle, worked really well, totally blew up especially post workout looked like a monsta….

    Brilliant source, would recommend to others.

  38. I’ve placed a good few orders with 1steroids now and all have been painless.

    Top notch communication, emails at every step of the way. The new site also tracks your orders.

    Packaging has always been very good. No breakages or damage.

    All products top quality,

    1Steroids is a good source, has a wide range of products and those that I have ordered have been gtg .

  39. 1Steroids bring the fire as always. Super fast delivery. Great service. MUCH APPRECIATED!!Great source and service!!!

  40. Have ordered twice from this source and received my products both times in the advertised time frame. I can say that the dragon pharma Sustanon 350 is real.

  41. Time for suzy to show some love for 1steroids i am sure he wont mind lol. ok i have used a variety of 1steroidsț products including kalpa primo, prop and test c, winstrol, anavar, albuterol,and clenbuterol, all have been fantastic and gave me the desired results to help me progress further within my goal which is to be a top national female bodybuilder.

  42. This review is for an order I made a month ago. Communication was fast, and the order was dispatched within days, even though it was small.

    When I inquired if something was available again, I got immediate reply over email.

    I have ordered one vial of test, Arimidex, ancillaries.

  43. I can’t believe this isn’t the top-rated source on Superior to every source I’ve ever used, in every regard.

    Never had a issue with an order that required communication, just general inquiries that were always answered within a matter of hours.

    6-7 days shipping each and every time. Tracking number sent the second the package is shipped, package shipped the instant funds clear. Rarely more than 14 days total from the time I press “submit” on my order until the day it shows up.

    The ketotifen, i have ordered,is extremely potent, kicks in less than 15 minutes. I’ve felt zero sides from the albuterol outside of the excessive sweating (especially overnight), no jitters or heart palpitations.

    The Kalpa Test is the best test blend I’ve ever pinned: minuscule PIP and extremely fast results. Squat went up 55lbs in less than 2 weeks.

    Mast Prop is smooth, no PIP and seeing the results slowly but surely. Might be a BF% issue with me as I’m still at 11% so the definition might need to improve a little for the full benefits to fully manifest themselves.

    THANK YOU, 1STEROIDS. I’ll be a customer as long as this company is in business.

  44. Top source

    Everything clear, e-mails regarding what to do sent on time

    I was afraid I won’t get my package before next week but it arrived today and I’m very happy

    Ordered Kalpa clen, swallowed 40mcg already, legs are sweating, gtg

  45. Third time I have ordered from 1steroids and they are Fast, very fast.

    Communication and support is excellent with very easy to follow email instructions.

    Packaging is safe and secure, items came quick.

    Ordered Balkan TEST E 250 amps.

    This is quality Test with Significant gains in strength and muscle.

    1steroids is 100% honest and legit guy to deal with

  46. this will be my second run of the var… will be on a 8 week cycle …

    I sent my order in received a confirmation they received donation.. no issues at all

    package arrives well within the TA time…

    KALPA VAR.. and I can tell you it is quality without a doubt my trial run gave me great results and 1Steroids is a recommended source

    I used the var for 6 weeks already on a trial run that my guy had so then I had to get some for myself!!!

    I highly recommend the anavar to anyone looking for quality!!!! STAND UP SOURCE

  47. Communication was great with him. Extremely fast and prompt service. The tri-tren from dragon pharma is legit. havent tried the kalpa test prop but have tried the kalpa brand before.

  48. I have ordered from these guys in the past and they were great:

    Recieved needles which were legit and air tight. Test prop was smooth, minimal pip and I had increased sex drive and lifts went up a bit as expected. Their “cutaxyl,” was PHENOMINAL: I had zero pip and the dosage seemed spot on.

  49. So far I’ve ordered three times from 1Steroids. All orders have gone close to perfectly – the only slip up was on my first where I was missing a bottle of Test Prop, which he replaced quickly and without any headaches. After working with him through my first order and getting used to the fact he doesn’t have the time (or maybe desire) to give very long responses to questions – I know what to expect and actually quite like it – send funds, relax and weight for inexpensive, high quality gear. This is what he promises and has delivered to me on all three orders. This review is for my last order, which I’m a bit late in giving.

    It’s a different style of communication than many other sources. Short and to the point. That said, he has never ignored a question and always answered me within 12 hours. And he has not misled me in communication ever. To me this is excellent communication. It may be short and direct but honest answers is absolutely what counts most, in my opinion.

    For this order T/A was 8 business days, well under the time he advertises. It’s packed very well in a way that makes sure bottles will not break or make noise.

    I use 250mg of Test Enanthate a week year round and have seen no drop off from switching over to 1Steroids’ from another source. Same mental clarity, good mood, energy and no drop off in strength or size. On top of this I did an 8 week run of 1ml Sustanon on M/W/F and 100mg of Tren Acetate EOD. Along with .5mg of Arimidex and 4iu of GH both from other sources. One of my best runs ever, gained 18lbs while dropping my overall body fat and maintaining a very clean diet. Oily skin, small acne that was cleared up with OTC acne meds. No PIP. Aggression skyrocketed and the 3 big lifts all up dramatically. My verdict is all three products I used on this run are first class based on my 17 years in the game, plus the clear results in the gym and in the mirror. Highly recommended. The Test Prop I will use at a later date.

    This is a source I hold in high regard. If you value great gear at great prices, here it is. However, if you have the expectation that he is going to exchange messages with you late into the night in friendly chit chat, you should probably look elsewhere. Me, my main concern is getting what I paid for in a reasonable amount of time. So I will continue to happily use 1Steroids as one of my two anabolic sources here in the USA.

  50. Once again, 1Steroids comes through. This was my fourth order with 1Steroids and as always, on time and correct. Not going to take a lot of shit for ordering Tren when I am new to AAS, it is an adult choice for a 45 year old man who is not going to wait until 55 to cycle it. What is important is that it earns all its good reputation and none of its bad. Haven’t had rage, though I have certainly felt the ability, but I can say that my entire frame is just turning to iron. I can taste it in my very breath and I can feel it in my deepest muscles. It’s real, can state that without need to have experience. PIP… WTF is that? Only pain I had was driving a 1.5 to the shaft in my quad… lesson learned. 1.0 works great ed, with 4 of those during the week in the quads and walking just fine… I guess I’m just a freak like that right off the bat. Going to learn the delts soon, but not ready to lose gains, only have one more week before this is supposed to be at max and don’t want to miss that for being stupid. If I don’t have a bit of bite in my muscle, I feel like I’m missing out on something. The test-P, well rated it before. Real.

    Caber, real! Tren gave me boners day one that disappeared on day three. Started the Caber and in about two days, they are back. No reason to fuck about with these things, ordered the Caber, more Aromisin as estro hits me hard and I have chosen Test-P to stack on Tren injection days. Test-C to hold the rest of the week. I’m on holiday this week, then going to post a four-week update on progress, but all in all, I lost four inches in the waste whilst gaining half a stone in weight. Don’t need a rocket scientist. Anavar – The 10mg tabs are easy to rate, they are real. The missus thinks they are candy… keep having to remind her these aren’t chocolate treats, but serious business. Not ready for Win yet, so been eating three of these a day to go with the Tren, and they are a nice add. So, once again, Real. On vacation, I’m going to give a quick whirl on some Test Susp, just to figure out what all the hype is about, but will rate it soon. All I can say is: Whatever is wanted, and then as a result, whatever is needed, it is here. Oh yeah, the syringes… 2.5ml, rubber stopper, great buy!

  51. just made my order hope everything goes well but from the review it looks pretty good will let u guys know

  52. Ordered from these guys, and everything went awesome. I was very impressed with the website, and the customer service. Had a lot of problems with other sites, but not with this one. Will def use again….soon. Thanks 1Steroids!!

  53. Nothing but two thumbs up from my end. Ordered and got the stuff a week later. 1Steroids has definitely gone the extra mile in efficiency of the whole process and was extremely cordial with any questions I had. Got a couple of the dragon pharma products var, the aromasin, HCG, and clomid.

    Started this week and can’t wait to follow-up to tell ya’ll how it’s going but no complaints with the var yet. If everything turns out great 1Steroids will be my source from here on out.

  54. 1Steroids always on it. Great customer service, fastest shipping I’ve ever experienced. Gear is great. I’ve used several of their products, too many too list. Just got the new Sustanon 350, excited to try it out. I’ll update on that in a few weeks. 1Steroids definitely my best buying experience. Right now on 500 Deca, 750 Sust, and 50 Dbol ED. Running Nolvadex and HGC as well. Going on 6 weeks. Going great.

  55. Very powerful and respectable source! Dominating the markets customer service, dispatch and product quality!

    Great communication, always updated on how the order process is. 5/5+

    Great packaging, done 5 orders from 1Steroids and all have passed customs in a hard European country. And nothing never broken or damaged. 5/5+

    Ok, the norditropin nordilet pens are great, no doubt about the quality. The CTS is very noticeable in my left hand. I’ve used the nordilet with 3-6iu ed for about 3 months now. Lost bodyfat and gained size definitely, being able to eat alot more food and not putting on fat. 5/5+

    Ansomone is also very good and the CTS from it was hard to deal with, but a very potent HGH. 5/5+

    Dragon Pharma products always has great quality and i will stick to this steroid brand until they vanish from the market. Which I find hard to happen soon, since the labs quality is superior. 5/5+

    Kalpa EQ and Halo, the eq definitely does it job. The halo gives a boost in strength and aggression. Too bad I dident use halo when I trained mma 🙂 5/5+

    Arimidex also keeps the estrogen levels in check. 5/5+

    Great source and products.

    1Steoids is creditable for his customer service and product line. Sublime source! 5/5+

  56. Been using 1steroids a long time never had any problems highly recommend

    None needed but in the past when i have communicated they had replied within 24 hours

    All legit Pharma grade top quality. Used for pct after a long cycle needed to get all my natural test levels back to normal and hold my gains. Clomid start on 100mg ed for the first week and bumped down to 50mg ed for 4 weeks. HCG 5000 U.I split between 2 injections every week for a month and tapper off. I find running high doses of HCG helps me hold them gains. Tamoxifen 20 MG ed. Over all im very happy with all these products really helped with my recovery.

    Keep up the great service 1steroids !

  57. ordered 3 times now so thought i better leave a review, great source, arrived the next week or so everytime, 1steroids must be near me for it to come so quick.

    great communication, messages me back same day every time.

    been on the norditropin pens for a month now, only 2iu every day, have lost some bodyfat so must be doin the job. the sticker with the use by date was coming off the pen and couldnt see use by date which worried me at 1st. anavars brilliant! hardened up and put on few pounds after 5 days, test isnt for me.

  58. first time ordering from the net and 1steroids made it a good experience.

    there was a little problem with payment but it was fixed quickly and was promised a free pack of proviron for my troubles but i think he forgot because it was not in my package but i got what i payed for.

    was good he responded in reasonably time

    payed monday got gear friday here in denmark

    packaging was ok he made sure it did not rattle in the mail

    all in a good experience

  59. one more thing about these guys went on kalpa’s site to input the products isn number it it came back authentic it just keeps getting better with these guys i love them thank you 1steroids for being on point keep up the good work

  60. I have made many orders from 1Steroids and they are a pleasure to work with. My favorite part is the tracking number you get…. also the Sustaxyl Kalpa is the shit I have been on it with my current cycle for two weeks and everything is on point and I have ran this compound before

    he has great communication always return any questions in a proper time.

  61. Top source great guy.This reviews 9 months overdue but here goes.

    Packaging was good same as other top sources. As far as I can recall delivery was within 10 days of receiving funds.

    Ordered 3x dragon pharma test enanthate.

    Ran the dragon at 2.5ml a week (625mg) for 12 weeks.I loved this test it felt correctly dosed and over the 12 week period made some good gains.

    As far as I’m concerned 1steroids, s a great guy.Has always been there to help me out even though on most occasions there has been no benefit to him what so ever.Just a genuine decent bloke thank you fella.

  62. This review is for Kalpa Mast P

    Communication has always been great the get back to my emails fast.

    My order make it to me with in that 10-14 day time frame. Always wrap good no brining items.

    I love to use mast P when cutting so 1Steroids had a big sale last year on Kalpa line so I went in. Picked up a lot of mast used 1cc every other day for 16 weeks. By that second week it started to show became leaner and hard vains where every where the thing about mast P for me the better my rating is the fast it shows and my diet was on point the whole time. This was hands down the best mast I have used. The oil was smoth and pip free.

    After using this mast and seeing how good it was my next cutting cycle I will be using only Kalpa product.

  63. I switched sources and have been using 1steroids for the past 2 months now, All of the orders have been very easy and smooth, very professional service. There has been a couple of times when there has been an issue with the manufacturer of the gear (kalpa – bad pip) and he has sent out an alternative.

    1Steroids will definitely be my one stop supplier.

    Always very quick to reply to any emails, always on the same day and usually within a couple of hours. Very helpful and friendly. If there is ever an issue even once order has been received 1Steroids is very helpful, not like other sources who ignore you once you have paid for the products.

    All my orders have been professionally wrapped in bubble wrap envelopes and recorded delivery, discreet and never had a problem with damaged or missing goods.

    Would recommend 1Steroids and say keep up the good work, faultless service and big variety of good products.

  64. Just made another order from 1steroids, the first ive made since the website went down the other month. Once again no problems whatsoever. communication was great, all emails answered within a day. Ordered some more generic viagra and its great, works just as it should.

    Made several orders now from this supplier and never had any problems. Would highly recommend them to anyone. My order arrived within 2 weeks, cant really beat that.

    All emails answered no probs at all.

    goods packaged securely.

    generic viagra

    excellent quality, as strong as any viagra ive used before and at a great price too.

    Top supplier, highly recommended. Couldnt rate them any higher.


  65. Ived used 1steroids numerous times throughout this year, wrote a review about my on cycle, now writing my review on my pct, my nads are back after a week of pct (renvex nolva&clomid)

    Excellent communication doesnt ever miss an email for no longer than a couple of hours

    Very discreet, looks like a parcel. Safe and secure packaging

    Pretty good gear, run clomid 100/100/50/50 and nolva 40/40/20/20. Recovered from 400mg tren e & 500mg test e in about 3 weeks already. Testicular atrophy was gone in a week

    Top notch source and proceeding to order the test of my cycle from 1steroids.

  66. 1st review on here a few years ago i got scammed of a online source so buying online was skeptical i bit the bullet and ordered once i placed my order i realised i had sent to funds twice i emailed 1steroids and with in the hour he replyed and even had the decent to ask what i wanted doing with the money 5 out off 5 for me will deffo use again thanks

  67. I have received my second order from 1steroids and thought it will be only fair to leave a review to match his outstanding customer care and communication.

    Communication both prior, during and even post order was awesome on both occasions. information and instructions are very clear and 1steroids, always seemed to respond to anything within a day.

    The packaging was discrete also packaged to help prevent any breakage. The vials ordered and received were all in one piece. Product turn over and delivery was super fast!!

    I cannot comment on the quality of the products from my second order as I have just started the course. However I can on the first order I made, which was top quality. I was coming off a blast on to a cruise cycle so order a few vials of Dragon Pharma’s test e 400. I held majority of my strength I had gain from my blast cycle during my cruise although I lose some size and definition, however this I believe is due to coming off from a blast cycle of Test tren and mast so it was kind of expected (diet also). I like to take Accutane whilst I’m on cycles otherwise I do suffer from acne and oily skin, I ran out of Accutane for a few weeks and quite rapidly my skin and spots started to appear, which resided once Accutane was back. This to me again proved that the ”stuff” was actually in my system and working as it should be. I would also like to add that on both occasions quality of the vials and tops are very good. The oils are clear in colour (depending on blend of course). I Shot 3 mls 3 days ago from the new products, 1 ml of ttm, 1 ml sust, 1 ml test prop in my glute. the jab was smooth and did not hurt or burn at all. I can feel that I have had a jab but it is no way as bad of other brands I have used, and it was 3 mls so I was expecting more pip than I got. Now its all good cant feel nothing.

    When I first ordered from 1steroids, I was slight skeptical about funding through cash in mail as I had not done this for products before so I opted to western union. However this time round I went for mail option and everything was all on point! Cannot really fault anything about the processes and procedures! 1steroids is all legit and good to go, do not hesitate to order.

  68. Overall excellent experience with 1Steroids. Ordered 90 tabs of 1mg. Arimidex (anastrazole) and received shipment within a week to the U.S. and got friendly and helpful communication throughout the entire process. Product packaged stealth and legit Dragon Pharma brand. Tablets work like a charm.

    This is my 2nd order from 1Steroids. Looking forward to refilling my Test Cyp supply from them. They were friendly, cool, and were in regular communication with me. I’m a regular customer from here on out!

  69. done my first order cant wait.

  70. This is my second order from 1Steroids and he came through again. Top notch guy with quality products at great prices!

    Emailed 1Steroids and he replied within 4 hours. Sent funds and my product was in the mail 14 days later.

    Packaging is excellent as always, 1Steroids does a great job stealth shipping. My package arrived in 10 business days and I’m the central US.

    It’s the well known blue hearts and they are awesome. But I don’t have to tell you that, general consensus is that the BR blue hearts are the best you can get. Been using them for 2 weeks and all the effects from DBol are there. I noticed the effects within the first 3 days.

    I will definitely be using 1Steroids again in the future. He is the best!

  71. Review for 16iu geno pens and 45iu nords.

    My first order with him was for the 45iu nords a few months back. He sent them out and gave me tracking the same day. I cant remember exactly how long it took but it wasnt the shortest t/a. But I cant blame him they sat in customs forever. He did his part and couldnt have done better. The second order for the genos was quicker. Once again I got them a while ago so i cant remember exactly but it was noticeably better then the first order. I think it was around 3 weeks. And This past order was the quickest. 14 days from placing the order till delivery. But every time he sends them basically the same day because of the time difference. Cant do shit about the post. But products have always came wrapped up nice, safe and discrete.

    I been using mostly pharm grade gh for a while now. I have a mix of brands mostly genos nords and humatropes. At the time i started with my nords that were straight out of the US pharmacy and ran this for a month before switching to these for a month. Felt no difference what so ever. Same awesome results. Im young so Theres no real anti aging going on for me. But I burn fat like a furnace while bulking literally getting learner while in a sometimes not so perfectly clean surplus. On good hgh I notice my sleep is deep and i dont need as much of it. Then I swathed to a 36iu geno from another source and ran that for a few weeks before switching to these 16ius and same great effects. Same fat burning, sleep. I wish this stuff would help my skin like alot of people say. The gear has been breaking me out bad lately. Im starting to recomp/cut for contest prep next week so I’m excited to run the humatropes. I ran them a while back straight from us phamarcy and they were my favorite gh so far. So its gonna be cool to see how lean I get and how quickly when my diets really cleaned up and dialed in perfectly. As for side effects I dont get any from pharm grade. sometimes if I’m sleeping in a weird position ill wake up with a numb hand or something but no CTS, no noticeably water retention, no swollen hands and feet. All positive results no negative.

    This guy is great to deal with. I was his first customer and he gave me a good price on the nords and I had a little extra cash at the time so i said fuck it I’m gonna give it a shot and I’m so glad i did. Not only can i get pharm grade gh for a great price all of can now. I hope he stays around forever cause I’m not ever going back to running soley chinese generics. The difference is literally night and day threre is no comparison. If you want pharm grade for cheap and one of the best people to deal with give this man a shot. You wont be disappointed. He gets 5s across the board from me.

  72. Bought Kalpa Sustaxyl 350. I’ve only got PIP after a couple of injections probably due to the way I injected because most of the time I got no PIP at all. Spoke to my doc about 20 minutes ago and the bloods came back good so I’ll definitely be using Kalpa products and 1Steroids again. I’d recommend 1str to anyone!

  73. Great quality source, fast delivery and good products.
    im from uk Placed order online, sent payment, received shipping confirmation and tracking code following day! just going to do my 2nd order thank you so much
    All arrived in perfect condition. im so happy

  74. Was my first order with these guys a couple months ago. Was wrapping up a test primo cycle and wanted to kick it up a notch. Also was loosing faith in the pct I had on hand from someone else so wanted to use an alternative source.

    Communication was great. I received timely and concise responses to my questions. Best part was that I didn’t have to ask for further clarification. Have dealt with others in the past that answer questions so poorly you are just left with more questions, but not these cats.

    Received my order quickly, less than 10 days. External Packaging was what I had hoped for. Only knock I have was, that the orals weren’t clearly identified/labeled. Fortunately what i ordered was in different quantities and dosages so I figured it out.

    Was wrapping up a cycle chasing some personal records and decided to throw some Var at it. The var worked great and pushed my bench over 405. That shit is legit. Awesome pumps and great strength gains. HCG did the trick as well. Hit the HCG (5k iu’s split over about 3.5 weeks) a handful of weeks before pct to wake the boys back up and had a noticeable affect on decreasing my overall pct time frame. Did standard clomid pct and it did the trick.

    These guys were quick, had good product that worked, were very easy to deal with, and reasonably priced. I am coming back for more to stock up for my next run. Definately recommend them.

  75. Ordered some Winstrol bulk powder from these guys. Love it!! strength went straight through the roof. the prices are insane and his service is top notch

    product came from overseas so the T/A was a few weeks. No problem.

    10G of Winstrol – very good stuff. ran 50 mg a day for 6 weeks. can’t wait to order more.

  76. I have ordered from this source for almost a year now, every month. I have not had any issues with this source. This source is very quick to take your order, pick up funds, and send shipment after pick up. Couldnt ask for a better, more reliable source imo.

    Very good T/A. This is international, so obviously some things will be out of their control.

    I have ordered the pfizer geno 36iu pens and viagra 25mg.

    I’ve been using the products for almost a year, since March 2016. Started at 2iu, currently at 6iu. Noticeable increase/improvement in:

    -muscle fullness

    -muscle development

    -quality of sleep

    -amount of sleep (and I have very bad sleep due to allergies so this is very helpful)

    -skin (old acne scars clearing up)

    -random tingling in big toe or finger.

    -daytime lethargy (only when running with high dosed tren though). For the viagra, I recommend taking the entire pill or even two.

    I continue to order from this source, and will be making a new order this week.

  77. This is a review for my PCT that I ran, I ordered all my PCT products from 1Steroids, I wanted Pharma grade to ensure the highest quality of PCT and didn’t want to leave anything to chance.

    Outstanding communication and support amongst the best I have used.

    Very secure packaging 10 days delivery to east coast.

    5 x boxes organon HCG 5000ius per bix

    5 x boxes proviron Bayer 25mg

    5 x boxes clomid 50mg

    5 x boxes Nolvadex 10mg

    I ran HCG for the first 10 days at 1000iu a day

    I ran clomid at 2 x 50mg each day for first 15 days

    I ran nolva at 20mg once a day for first 20 days I started my day one after 10 days of my last injection of gear.

    I ran a lighter than normal PCT as I hadn’t run a heavy cycle. I feel everything responded very well, the necessary swelling and increase in size was gained by the HCG. I was very happy with the quality and results of the PCT and feel the quality of the gear was a reflection of that.

    Very good source

    Very high quality gear, 100% pharma

    Great results even for a light PCT

  78. This is the second time I’ve used 1Steroids and I honestly can’t see me using another supplier.

    Superb service and products.

    Received order in less than 2 weeks. As ever I was kept updated as to when the order was dispatched and was going to arrive.

    Discreet packaging,well padded too. The contents themselves were in break seal bottles. All very professional.

    Second time I’ve ran a Tbol only cycle from 1Steroids.

    I’m 3 weeks and already can see results. Vascularity is ridiculous and size had gone up. Some bad back pumps on around week 2 but nothing potassium and taurine hasn’t shifted.

    Cant recommend 1Steroids highly enough. Superb service,great communication. So easy to use and very discreet.

  79. once again revived order .im so happy i found this is 100% legit. great items. well delivery . nice and easy for esquires and contacting . great company . A* keep up the hard work guys .im impressed A BIG THANK YOU

  80. This review is for dragon pharma’s test cyp

    I sent one e-mail question which was answered within one hour.

    The packaging was great.I did the money transfer on a monday and received the order 8 days later.

    I am using this for my trt at 150 mg per week and I can’t believe how well its working.I have been using brand name pharmaceutical test cyp and switched immediately to the dragon pharma.I have been using it for about three weeks and it is on par or maybe a little better than what I was using,seriously! I am blown away by both the product and this source and will continue to order.I have not had a chance to use the adex yet.

    I am happy with the Dragon pharma test cyp and will continue ordering from this source.

  81. This is review for the Dragon pharma’s sustanon that 1steroids was so generous to offer as a promo.

    Always top notch. Luther always replies to email and pm in a timely manner. No communication was needed in this order.

    Packaging is always on point and ta is always reasonable. I believe it was about 2 weeks for this order.

    Been on for about 8 weeks now and the quality is as I expected from Dragon Pharma (top notch). Was running it at 600mg we and kicked with tbol from another source. Now doing brief cruise at 200 mg ew and still feel amazing (great sex drive, good aggression in the gym and great recovery).

    I have used 1steroids several times and his gear is always legit and he is just a stand up guy. Thanks 1steroids for being a top notch source.

  82. Amazing source, 3rd time using them and always a smooth and easy process, would definitely recommend!

    I have never needed to contact them/get support on an order as it has been shipped and delivered within 1 week every time!

    Discreet and well protected packaging, just looks like any other order!

    This time (i have used their test before) i ordered 3x Dragon Pharma Enanthate 250MG

    1x Dragon Pharma OXYMETHOLONE 50mg x 100 tabs

    1x ANASTROZOLE – Arimidex – 100 Tabs

    I knew the test was good to go as i used it for a ten week cycle last time and i blew up! Right now i’ve been using the oxys for 8 days and i have already gone up 8lbs, strength is through the roof and my pumps are just getting crazier by the day!

    Quality gear and a easy to use website, with simple ordering/delivering! Will be returning to 1Steroids for the foreseeable future! Thank you for keeping my mind at ease with this stuff fellas!

  83. Just came back on for a look since iv ordered since my last review but my last review got shot down for lack of info on quality of gear so here is a updated version. I have ordered 5 times with 1steroids since January this year. Got a bottle of Caber free with last order which was very nice of them thanks.

    Communication with sales team is very good i have no problem

    just looks like any other parcel that would be delivered and after payment picked up usually delivered next week so 7 days in total transit in UK

    i used the Airol cream as i had bad acne from coming of tren, the cream really drys up your skin making it scaly and dry. combined with accutane i took 4 months to clear what was severe chest acne which i have had before and took 9 months without meds to clear.

    Kalpa teston is just as good as dragon pharma test e which i was using before but couldnt source so ended up with kalpa testoxyl 2ml a week while tren blast, 3ml a week with deca blast

    Kalpa prop, same story as above couldnt source cooper but just as good pain free pins i just use prop for the banter i love to throw it in after big workouts 1ml

    Kalpa trebol im loving it right now im only 2 weeks at 1ml every 2nd day. waking up absolutely covered in sweat the bedsheets are soaked its savage, mad dreams and little fits of rage through the day. looking harder and more vascular now. 4 weeks ago i looked 5 months pregnant with deca, trebol is fookin amazing.

    Dithyron t3/t4 i use i tab per day which iv been using since january so it keeps me hungry and now mixed with tren im hungry as fuk all the time.

    used arimidex at 1mg per day but had lumps under nipple was building so now switched for letro 2,5mg ed but looks like it could be prog related gyno i have.

    MT2 i have had 4 shots and a few sunbeds as i live in Scotland and we are pasty fuks most of the time so im lookin like a sun kissed huslter, makes you feel a bit sick after shot but no big deal.

    i have been on cycle for over a year now blast n cruise, gone up and down in weight and strength as expected but highly recommend using pharma grade steroids over any UGL any day. pay the money and get the good stuff, forget the cheap bedroom lab shit its not worth putting that shit into your body.

    Also i love tren even though it leaves me scarred with acne, i said id never do it again bro but im back on it yeeeeeeah good bye hairlines im receding hard jus now. starting to see the side effects of abusing the roids for so long on the outside, on the inside who knows.

  84. I’ve just recieved my 3rd order 🙂

    Great product range, especially pharma grade test.

    I’ve ordered;

    20ml balkan sustanon

    20ml dragon pharma boldenone

    10ml dragon Tren acetate

    Emails come straight through

    Package was very professional, Jiffy bags, printed label, proper courier

    5 weeks into sust and eq @500mg of each per week. I kickstarted with 100mg oxy so I got rapid weight gain and since stopping, my weight has stayed as the sust/eq has kicked in, I’m on restricted calories, dropped cals by 1000cals per day, dropped Oxys, and my strength, libido, and weight has gone up.

    Pip is bad but worth it for great gear

    My new favourite source, won’t go anywhere else now, top source, I can see why they have such high ratings, well deserved.

  85. The best so far Quality excellent, always on time. I never have any “fear” of what I am getting OR if it will even show. THIS IS MY SOURCE! Thanks

    Within 7 days (total time) from paid to product at door. Packaging was secure and I believe impossible to damage. Box taped on all sides and ends.

    Ordered so far: Sust 250, Deca 250, Drol, Tren 200

    Been on this cycle for about 7 weeks and started really noticing between the 2 1/2 to 3 week period. Pumps excellent, Strength the best in years. Body fat decreasing while cuts and hardness consistently emerging.

    Whats great about these results first at 54 results are harder to come by. Also all the strength increase while gaining LBM (up to 244 lbs) at 5′ 9″ all done while reducing calories. I Know this only happens with good quality gear Period. Will remain on this combo for 12 weeks total then really shred it.

  86. Cycles been over a long time so this is a well deserved little late review.

    Replies within 24 hours, easy to understand and polite. No complaints.

    Delivered within a couple of weeks, package looked like a standard parcel.

    2 dragon pharma tren ace and 1 test prop

    I was using another UGL’s tren ace at 150mg E2D’s and once I ran out of than I followed up with dragon pharma’s tren. Less than 2 weeks I noticed drastic change in my body, muscles pumped, drier and around bigger. There was no PIP with any of the dragon pharma products and I was pleased all round. Will use again.

  87. Communication excellent, delivery super fast and sent using recorded delivery so i could track it. I’m very happy and will definitely use again. Thank you!

    The communication was excellent and i received updates by email the moment i paid to confirm money received and then again once the item was sent. The item was received the following day and sent using recorded delivery. One very happy customer!

    Packaging was discreet and secure and item sealed and undamaged.

    Ordered Anavar and just started using them

  88. Excellent customer service, great product. No PIP from Dragon Pharma stuff at all. Using this stuff mid cycle and feeling the effects already. Highly recommended source.

  89. Received second order today. Also received order for a friend of mine that was so impressed with my gains on my current cycle he ordered the same thing sustanon and dbol.I’m up 14 lbs. and lost 6% body fat.I still have a month on left on this cycle.I won’t be starting the test e and deca cycle till September so I can’t comment on the new gear till then.But I did verify lot numbers on Kalpa pharma site for the Sustaxyl.The trouble this guy goes through to stealth package is amazing.Will be using this source again!

  90. I have ordered from this supplier twice and both times have been on the money!!! This guy not only has the best prices and REAL pharma goods but he is one of the most professional and reliable person I have had the pleasure of doing business with.

    Communication and Support is top notch!!

    Everything was packaged the best way possible to ensure that all items arrived in perfect condition!!

    Ordered geno 36 iu pens ( 10 pens each order) and T3

    I have been using this suppliers product for the last 7 months and while I have not gotten blood drawn I can tell you the pens are real. How you ask? I am a trainer in my 40s, (at this age you have little or no hgh on your own) after 7 month of 5 days on 2 off my body fat is much lower and skin is tighter and best of all I sleep much better.

    This guy is the real deal!!! I will never use anybody else!!!

  91. I have ordered several times from and used their products throughout my whole cycle. I was weary about ordering from the internet but used to get a trusted reputable source. 1Steroids is ranked #1 in and for good reason. the Delivery process is so fast. Communication is excellent and then the products I used (kalpa) work!!! I will definately be using 1steroids for my next cycle and will be recommending them to all my gym buddies.

    The packaging was perfect. 1st class signed for delivery. In discreet packaging. I had to pick one order up from the post office as I wasn’t in to sign for it and it wasn’t one bit suspicious.

    Used only kalpa for my whole cycle and know that it works. Started with dianabol at 30mg a day for 4 1/2 weeks. Pumps and strength were crazy and I felt happy all the time. Put on loads of weight fast. By the time the test kicked in I had a bit of oily skin and felt horny ALL the time. Strength and endurance kept rising and i was hitting PB all the time. Had a bit of acne on shoulder on the last few weeks of cycle but didn’t bother me. They wasn’t boils. Just red pimples.

    would not hesitate to use 1steroids again. Thanks again and keep u p the good work!!!

  92. First order was a success. Order came in 7 days, despite me requesting to change the address. Communication was excellent. I try not to bog down the sources with questions but the few emails I sent were responded to within a reasonable time frame. I’m pretty in tune with my body, and after many cycles I’m sure the SP Sustanon and SP Masteron are doing what they should.

    Product quality seems to be spot on based on feel. At least the sust is kicking in, maybe the mast/winny are keeping me a bit dry; all at the same time. G/F is loving the test kicking in.

    Thanks again for the quick turnaround and great communication. Keep up the good work.

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